Commits Morgan, Anunoby want to bring positive change to Bloomington

Juwan Morgan and Ogugua “O.G.” Anunoby told The Herald-Times Tuesday that they are still planning to sign with Indiana when the November signing period opens next week.

The 2015 IU commits say they’ve discussed with each other the recent events surrounding Indiana’s basketball program and are ready to arrive in Bloomington and make an impact.

“Whenever we talk, it’s usually about IU,” Morgan said. “We were saying it’s been crazy with all the stuff going on and everything. We’re ready to get there and make a change on and off the court.”

Morgan, a 6-foot-8 forward from Waynesville, Mo., is ranked No. 87 in his class according to the 24-7 Sports Composite. Anunoby, a three-star prospect, is a 6-foot-7, 215-pound wing from Jefferson City, Mo.


  1. This is a huge problem: 4 star recruit = 80, and another 3 star recruit = 78. Where else are they going to go. This is ok if IU adds the rest of 2015 class 5 star and high 4 star recruits or IU is going to win about half there games and lose about half. IU will struggle to win half their games in big ten. The struggles IU is having currently are not with a winning program, but pretty much a losing program struggling to play in middle of big ten and not going anywhere in the NCAA tournament. Many of IU wins will come against lowly pre-season opponents to pad record to reach even mediocrity. Recruiting is now a huge problem. Blackman comes after KY gets done playing with him. Now, IU has to compete to get average and is losing out on the high star recruits. They go to Kansas, Duke, Syracuse, Ky and not all leave for NBA after one season.

  2. OK. First attempt went nowhere. Try this again & not use a apparently questionable word or two.

    Welcome to town guys. 6’8 and 6’7 not bad. I like their attitude. And much better than hearing something like ‘sorry, changed our mind’.

  3. After some of the reactions of the fan base, and the penchant some people have for making stuff up, I sure have a lot of respect for these guys honoring this commitment. I would be unwilling to put myself out for this kind of abuse. Thanks guys!

  4. Double Down’s 2-week, self-imposed, suspension for acting as a math tutor while hanging out with Troy Williams and Stan Robinson…..surely must have expired by now. I wonder if ’15 Miles North’ is his twin brother…(the Tim Leary ranch comment sold it).

  5. Come on HH. Starting to worry me. I’m sure you are a intuitive type guy. I took “15 Miles North” from one of your posts. Points directly to who I am. Come on.

  6. Looks like Inspector Clouseau is on the case again.

    I’ve been halfway around the world, often in places without internet access and don’t have much time for commenting on the Scoop. I just returned, but in reading through the comments, I can’t say that I’m all that enthusiastic to engage right now.

    Anyway, JP or MM can verify that I’ve only commented on under one screen name.

    Been commenting around these parts for some time. Would have thought you’d know me better than that. Your third or fourth accusation of aliasing that has been entirely discredited.

    You owe me an apology, Harv.

  7. Take it as a compliment..!5 Miles North of Credibility is pretty creative….

    My apologies, Double Down….Miles appeared just around the time you would have been back from your self-imposed ban. My imagination/paranoia got away with me….Maybe he’s Husky Tom….Maybe he’s Ron(the guy that used to like t-shirt girl ads. I think he was from Martinsville)…Maybe he’s Reggie(formerly Puke is the Worst)….Maybe he’s Ben under the influence….Blogging is one big mystery.

    Not to change the subject….But does anyone remember the blogger/poster/commenter that used the screen name “Southport65?” If my memory serves correct, he came on here a few months ago and told the Scoop family that he was fighting the hardest battle of his life…I think the recent events with Davis sorta reopened the knowledge we all push to back of our thoughts at time; just how quickly all things can become rather irrelevant except for health and those we love..Southport-..If you’re anywhere out there, I just wanted to say that I’ve thought about you many times and I’m hoping you’re doing better and still fighting.


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