Crash report released on Devin Davis accident

A crash report filed by the Bloomington Police Department reveals that Devin Davis jumped in front of the vehicle driven by Emmitt Holt leading to Saturday morning’s accident outside Memorial Stadium.

According to the report, Davis had been drinking prior to the accident, but was not cited.

Holt told officers that he had just pulled out from Gate 5 of the Memorial Stadium lot when Davis suddenly jumped in front of the vehicle, a white 2012 Jeep Liberty, near the corner of Gate 6 causing the collision. Holt immediately stopped the vehicle to check on Davis, who was unresponsive. There were three female occupants in the car with Holt at the time of the accident.

The collision occurred near the entryway to Gate 6 on the north side of 17th street.

The crash report states that Davis suffered an incapacitating head injury.

Hallie Johanningsmeier, 20, was sitting in the backseat when the accident occurred. Johanningsmeier said the group was coming from a party when Holt dropped off Davis in the stadium parking lot.

None of the occupants expected Davis to emerge in the road, according to Johanningsmeier. She said it looked like Davis was trying to jump onto the front of the vehicle. The vehicle sustained damage to the front fender and the windshield.

“He was just trying to be dumb,” Johanningsmeier told The Herald-Times. “I have no idea what was going through his head.”

Johanningsmeier added that Holt was shaken up by the incident and that she hopes people don’t blame the freshman for what happened.

“It wasn’t just any random person, it was one of his teammates,” Johanningsmeier said. “He was scared. He didn’t know what to do. I want people to understand it was an accident.”

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  1. Well if IU and Crean didnt have a recruiting problem BEFORE the Davis-Holt incident it probably has one now. In the Morning Chat ;I counted 3 EXTERNAL writers hammering at either Crean,The IU Program or Both; 1 of which was written in the Louisville Newspaper,Indianapolis and Ft Wayne…..this has suddenly become “Season on the Brink” 2,0

  2. I guess I’m confused as to why they should be sat for the entire year… I mean, this seems to say, definitively, that the fault lies with Davis. He is underage as well, so I believe he should be punished for breaking the law… and maybe the extent should be based on his level of intoxication.

    Holt however, had the equivalent of 1 or 2 beers in his system. He was not at fault in the accident, and it’s clear that a 0.000 BAC wouldn’t have prevented anything. I think a 3 game suspension is plenty sufficient, for breaking the law (that 95% of 18 and 19 yr olds break in this country every weekend).

    Not sure why this would affect recruiting either. UNC, UConn, and UK have been under the microscope for years, and for much more damning things than this and no recruit seems to give a crap.

  3. @Geoff – did u even read Jeremy’s column today? CTC is on thin ice because of these accumulative issues. With the story of one teammate running over another being a headline on ESPN all day, the program is becoming a bigger embarrassment off the court than it was on the court last year. CTC needs to show that he has control of the program. The consensus is he isn’t a good X’s & O’x coach so if he’s a liability with off the court issues as well then it’s time to go.

  4. I have been listening to Dakich on the radio for the last 2 hours and he of course has really critisized the culture of the IU program at this time. I agree with what he says, this all started last year with Hannah Perra and then the off season with Yogi & Robinson. It is quite apparent that there is absolutely NO player leadership on this team and CTC has done little to stop this problem. Dakich mentioned that if he would have done something like that when he was playing, Randy Wittman & Ted Kitchell would have kicked his ass. They were the leaders on the team and made it known that those type of actions the day before a game ( although it was a scrimmage) were not acceptable!
    Many X-players including Brian Sloan, Mark Robinson and Tom Coverdale during the radio show all agreed with Dakich about a lack of serious discipline at IU. They all mentioned that the fear of the coaches reaction to such an incident prevented these things along with the strong leadership of older players.

    CTC sent the wrong message last year when he only held out Perra for 2 games! Drinking and driving is most certainly a very serious problem in our society, not just among young people! A very serious precident should have been sent last year after the Perra incident and he was simply slapped on the wrist. Over a 9 month period this is now 5 players out of 13 on the roster that have now been associated with alcohol related incidents. This is unaceptable for this program! The old adage that ” Boys will be boys” is crap!!! If that is so, how many other Division 1 programs have had 5 players in 9 months had a problem like this related to alcohol?

    We are all incredibly concerned about the health of Devin Davis but, at the same time, this should have never happened and perhaps a little leadership from the older players could have prevented this. Also a strong message from coach Crean last year by installing a much more severe penalty in the Perra incident may have shown that this will absolutely not be tolerated. Obviously, coach Crean’s actions last year or should I say lack of strong action has not gotten through to the players as evidenced by the Ferrall, Robinson, Holt and Davis incidents. It’s time for coach Crean to step up and lay down the hammer so to speak!

  5. MikeC

    The problem with your commentary is the police also determined that Holt’s .025 had nothing to do with this event. Zero. So the drinking and driving stuff is moot. DD was acting out of control and jumped into a moving car and there is nothing Holt could have done.

  6. Really Jim, it doesn’t matter who was at fault! You are missing the whole point! There is obviously a problem down there! Again, 5 players in 9 months involved in drinking incidents, this is the norm? OMG Jim, you don’t think that drinking has become an issue? Regardless of who’s fault the accident was, we still have 2 more players drinking the night before the scrimmage. Will this end any time soon? Will these kids ever get the message that the supposed leaders on the team and the coach can’t seem to get the point across that this simply can’t happen?

    Jim, 5 players in 9 months is 5 to many, period! That’s over 1/3 of the current roster. We are becoming the laughing stock of the college basketball world. Coach Crean has to find some way to get his point across that this is unacceptable! It is time for him to man up and set down discipline that will make these kids realize that this can’t happen again!

    Jim, don’t tell me you are a fan that thinks this is OK? After all, we need all the players to compete and win, right? Crean has to change the culture and do it quick!

  7. Agree with most of the previous comments. We don’t know the total sanctions placed on Perea,, but as everyone has mentioned – it was not enough. Would be ironic for Yogi to step up as leader on . Benching them for a season would not accomplish much . They would be free to transfer, so what was accomplished?
    Only suggestion I would have. This week, redefine what standards are expected from the team. Standards need to be public. No more of the behind the scene punishments, such as Perea. Understand the need for student/player confidentiality but program creditability is needed. Once these standards are presented, imperative for quick action. Future recruitment. Parents would be for standards. Can’t see where recruits would have much of a problem. Hard to compete with NC and ghost classes. You figure the top 25 -30 recruits a year have little to no interest in the education. They just need to spend a year getting showcased to the NBA scouts. In other words, hell if I know.

  8. @Geoff

    Easy to say UK has issues and been under the microscope, but what are you referring to? I don’t see any player conduct issues coming out of Lexington – do you?

  9. How about just issuing a zero tolerance policy when it comes to alcohol from this point forward. For those players who haven’t used their one time free beer drinking party pass, too bad it’s expired.

  10. IU has always been known as a party school…Allowing players to be out on the streets in vehicles at 1:00 a.m. is certainly opening the door for bad decisions…But it’s the NCAA that is the total joke…Applying broad generalizations to all Sampson’s players/ex-assistants as the IU poster child for names like “thugs” and “wreckers” did nothing to foster personal responsibility and leadership…Target practice has been the Crean way..Uneven hands of justice has been the NCAA way…
    And now we refuse to accept that every young man can screw up and do foolish things…Some can even be so foolish to enroll in fake classes while feeling no sense of cheating themselves….

    But we must protect the flawlessness of our sanctimonious painted portrait…So, instead of recognizing a problem and attacking the problem(rather than an old target, it’s easier to simply trivialize drinking and driving …? I get rather tired of Crean’s bedside concerns…He threw kids to the streets with far more force than Devin ever threw himself into Holt’s SUV…Crean threw them with all the reckless force a drunken fool drunk on his own pious ego as formal judge and executioner…He used his squeaky clean windbreaker and symbols of faith to make a public crucifixion and a permanent public condemnation that labeled l an entire team as full of degenerates….He lined them all up on the street and aimed at their names to be forever demons in the hearts of Hoosiers…We burned their uniforms and made them symbols of something no mortal man should have the power to decide.
    And now he can’t look in the mirror and take responsibility for his team….? Now we scream bloody murder because the man that went bonkers screaming of “wreckers” on a nationally televised game at Michigan has found his casting of the first stone aiming back right between his perfect, puritanical, witch-hunting eyes…

    Penalties are just dandy…But it is the witch-hunter mentality that has brought us here.

    All young men will make mistakes….But a grown man entrusted to build character decided the best way to impart values was by taking aim rather than moving forward…For most of his methods are rooted in excuses…The faults are never in the mirror and his favorite distraction was always taking at the horrible deeds of the past rather than fostering the idea of forgiveness and personal responsibility. ..

    And whether you choose to believe a savior recruit, a few high NBA draft picks, and a couple Sweet 16’s, has moved the program forward, I have always known distraction and target practice has been this coach’s modus operandi…Drinking and driving deserves to be trivialized rather than taking an honest look at just how immature our leaders have behaved in front of 18-year-old children.

  11. Just like Dan D. said, Emitt Holt was going to play his first scrimmage in front of the Indiana fans on one of the most marvelous hard wood courts in the history of the game, and what’s he doing? Drinking and driving. Send his punk — back to west virginia. don’t want trash like that on this team.

  12. Just pray and search for a new target……

    Man, oh, man.. These little distractions are just what the NCAA ordered to keep UNC out of the headlines..Gotta love how this “incident”(and are former “incidents” with Perea, Ferrell, and Robinson) now takes front and center stage on the ESPN ticker….Thank you, Tom Crean. Thank you for selling such flawlessness that when true “wrecking” happens the fools calling themselves NCAA executives and “objective” national journalists waste time on crucifying IU kids….Heaven forbid adults raping boys in showers or adults constructing programs that allow going to fake classes at UNC should capture a headline much more than Golic talking of how he lets his dogs tongues replace washing dishes on a Mike & Mike show…

  13. Well Jim, #13 sums it up nicely. I agree with you and thank you.

    Jon, I suspect your ignorance is the only thing that prevents you from realizing how shameful comment #12 was in referring to a young man as “punk —” and “trash.” Your comment is disgusting. Please tell me you’re not a Hoosier. As for Dan D, me thinks he is demonstrating some serious hypocrisy on this matter. “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone.”

  14. What was the line in that Costner movie? “If you build it, they will come….? ” You built the sanctimonious flawlessness Mr. Crean…..You held it up higher than the highest cloud. And now it has come knocking. Is that purity and forgiveness calling..? Or is that a raven disguised as a cute twitter bird singing a gentle goodnight lullaby? Build it and they will come….Now, try to live up to it without taking aim.

  15. “He who is without sin among you, let him be the first to throw a stone.”

    Where and the hell was that line when Crean was doing the hate game cha-cha on ‘Dancing with the Wreckers Stars’ with Jeff Meyer…? Talk about total hypocrisy coming to town….? Did Jamarcus Ellis die for all our Hoosier sins? This is what comes to town when you teach target practice rather than personal responsibility and forgiveness.

  16. I blame the three lusty broads in Holt’;s vehicle….Devin was attempting to simply impress some evil and seductive temptresses of the night. It is time to pray and burn the witches truly responsible for our perfect boys venturing into the dark sins lured from the teasing eyes three giggling girls looking for their next NBA meal ticket. Hell, what young man wouldn’t be jumping onto hoods in wild frenzy while watching his teammate drive away with a chance at the ultimate 3-point shot for a church-shackled East Coast choir boy baller attempting to hijack his Indiana scoring column ..? Temptress wreckers!! ….I blame the temptresses…

  17. Wow – confirming once again that moving out of Indiana was a wise move. I love it that Tom Coverdale is complaining about discipline and drinking. That dude was drinking all the time. Lots of my Btown people saw him out. I got loaded a couple of times in the summer with a couple of well known IU players when I was a senior and they were freshmen. I have seen Coach Knight pick up a player at Kilroy’s and yell at him with the cops standing right there – but it wasn’t in the paper and nobody got arrested. Mr. Holt may have had a whole beer about 30 minutes before this incident if he blew a .025 – and that assumes that the breathalizer had been properly maintained and recently zeroed out.

    I had a good friend who fell off of a motorcycle and died at University of Michigan his first week there on the Gymnastics Team. Great guy – but just like every other 18-25 year old, we thought we were invincible. It is a miracle that we didn’t die 20x. Hopefully Devin Davis will make a complete recovery and have a little more respect for his on mortality. But you moralizing, sanctimonious idiots really should try be as introspective as you are willing to beat up kids being kids.

  18. For all of you “boys will be boys” and “all IU players drank in my day guys”, can you name another NCAA team today who has had 5 players make headlines getting in trouble in the same time period? You can’t.

    @MikeMiller – I see you can track down a 20 year old coed for tough questions but why can’t you get answers from Glass and CTC about accountability and the scrutiny these off court issues are bringing to IU?

  19. “But you moralizing, sanctimonious idiots really should try be as introspective as you are willing to beat up kids being kids.”

    Could you please tuck that note into Tom Crean’s sequin-covered clutch purse made of Sampson thug skin…?

    Let’s also keep in mind that the NCAA imposed a 1-year suspension and made Mitch McGary into public enemy #1 for registering one reefer on the piss–o-meter of our national sanctimoniousness “never inhale” BS… . But now we’re going to trivialize athletes drinking and driving because the money machine of booze advertising that funds ESPN, college, and professional athletics…?

  20. “@MikeMiller – I see you can track down a 20 year old coed for tough questions but why can’t you get answers from Glass and CTC about accountability and the scrutiny these off court issues are bringing to IU?”

    Bingo…We have a winner.

  21. Growing up in Indiana and remembering watching the Keith Smart shot to put us up for good still gives me hope that someday our Hoosiers will do it again.
    The past couple of years have been down and yes kids will be kids but living in NC and hearing the news on the academic scandal looming over UNC the fans are still positive. I have to say that the one thing that gets me hot quick is hearing the negative comments, predictions on what will happen, the “what ifs”, etc from “Hoosiernation”. The history is still surrounding IU and will always. There is good and bad. The last thing the program needs is fans who are negative fans who don’t understand that there are unfortunately idiots that make the whole program look bad. Yes I think something needs to change, but for the kids that are innocent on this team and for the ones trying to change, hearing their fans so negative is the worse thing for the program. Let’s stop the negative talk and stand behind our team and their leaders, for Devin, his family, and the best fans in college basketball.
    Oh crap! I just heard about Robinson and Williams. Dang!

  22. so what’s the scoop with Troy Wiiliams and Stan Robinson being suspended by Crean for failing drug test? Per ESPN. Any one else hear that?

  23. let me remind all that i was the first to suggest this was probably devin’s fault goofing around and emmitt was blameless. as always, i am the sobering voice of reason.

  24. Aruss (and Harvard) – apparently you should both be apologizing to Mike Miller. Not only did he track down a 20 year old coed, who is probably much more insightful and interesting than any canned and thoroughly planned responses from administrators, but he got you that administrator Fred Glass as well. Aruss, you’ve over-reacted and been wrong at every turn on this one buddy.

  25. Here we go again the “sky is falling”. I wish the hell I was paid a $1 for every beer I saw Dakich drink at Nick’s when he was playing for Coach Knight and he and many on here act like it has never happened before in the history of the program. I guarantee ole Dan was not the least bit afraid of RW or TK catching him. But it does make for a sensational topic on his radio gig even if he is lying. Dakich please send me an estimated amount in check form and I’ll be pleased.

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