Davis seriously injured, Holt cited in accident


Indiana forward Devin Davis is in serious condition at IU Health Bloomington Hospital after being struck by a car driven by teammate Emmitt Holt early Saturday morning.

Davis, 19, was struck just moments after exiting the vehicle. Holt, 18, was cited for illegal consumption and operating a vehicle with a blood alcohol content above 0.02. Holt had a BAC of 0.025.

According to Bloomington Police, Holt dropped off Davis in the Memorial Stadium parking lot before exiting to travel west on 17th street. Witnesses said, for unknown reasons, Davis entered the roadway and was struck by the front passenger side of Holt’s vehicle, a white 2012 Jeep Liberty, with damage coming to the front fender and windshield.

Davis was found lying unconscious on the north side of 17th street with a head injury at approximately 12:45 a.m.

An Indiana spokesman said Crean has been at the hospital with Davis and his family all night since the accident and is expected to be there throughout the day.

“First and foremost, our thoughts are with Devin and his family, and we pray that his condition improves in the coming days,” IU coach Tom Crean said in a statement. “An injury to one of us is an injury to all of us, and we are devastated by the news. We will continue to support Devin and Emmitt in every possible way, and I know the Hoosier family will come together to rally for these young men. We are working to gather additional information on the accident.”

Davis, a 6-foot-7, 230-pound sophomore, appeared in 29 games last season as a freshman, averaging 2.4 points and 2.6 rebounds per contest.

Holt, a 6-7, 225-pound native of Webster, N.Y., was originally planning to spend a year at prep school in Vermont before signing with Indiana in late August.

Saturday’s Haunted Hall of Hoops event went on at Assembly Hall at noon, but the scheduled open practice and scrimmage was canceled. Members of the Indiana team, with the exception of Davis and Holt, were on hand to sign autographs and take pictures.

Approximately 400 fans were lined up outside when the doors opened, with more joining the festivities, which included games, crafts, candy and a costume parade. IU officials said all 2,000 autograph cards printed for the event were picked up by those in attendance.

Davis and Holt become the fourth and fifth IU basketball players in the past nine months to be involved in an alcohol-related incident.

Hanner Mosquera-Perea was arrested on charges of Operating While Intoxicated causing endangerment on Feb. 14, while Yogi Ferrell and Stan Robinson were both arrested on April 25 on charges of Minor Consumption of an Alcoholic Beverage and Possession of a False Identification.

At its regularly scheduled Saturday afternoon press briefing, the Bloomington Police Department told reporters that there would likely be no further updates on the accident until Monday.

The only update on Davis’ condition Saturday afternoon came from Dr. Lydia Ferrell, Yogi Ferrell’s mother, via Twitter shortly before 3 p.m.

“Devin is doing much better. Resting comfortably. Still cautious. Keep the prayers coming. #iubb,” she tweeted.


  1. Godspeed to Devin Davis. Hope he’s OK and makes a full recovery. Tom Crean did a fantastic job of getting this program back on its feet after the Kelvin Sampson era (somebody remind me again — why the heck did we hire that guy?). But jeez, there’s been come crap go down the past couple years that have been pretty embarrassing. Crean needs to get control of this program or Fred Glass might want to start looking for a new coach.

  2. Even when one of our players is down SERIOUSLY, and one of our other players is an idiot for causing it, we STILL have to throw out the get rid of Crean card… SERIOUSLY?? Get a life people, this is more than about Basketball, someone is seriously injured, and we should support everyone involved, including the idiot who did it. Praying for full recovery for BOTH of them…

  3. College kids = College kids is a basic truism. Tough for us, tough for IU, tougher for the 2 younguns involved.

  4. First nothing but prayers to Devin Davis. I can only hope that he makes a full recovery to live a decent life, forget about basketball right now.

    Gimme a break, you are a fool it you dont think Crean needs to be blamed for this. After all that has happened the last year his players should fear the wraith of God if they make another mistake. Multiple DUI, fake ID’s, no hitting someone with a car. I know for a fact the players have designated drivers to drive them around, why are they not using them.

    In the end it comes down to these players do not fear any repricussions from Crean. The players should be so afraid to do something so stupid that they would never do such a thing. Crean was brought in to make this program the opposite of what Sampson had. Right now it doesnt look much different.

    First and foremost, lets just hope that Davis makes a full recovery. But to think that Crean will not have to answer for this is foolish.

  5. .02? what’s that, like one lite beer? can’t wait for the details on this one. i guess that’s one way for holt to get more playing time.

  6. Sure, it is absolutely Crean’s fault. No one I ever knew while I was at IU in the 60s ever drank a beer when they were underage. It is so easy to post material as you do, which is at least as stupid as drinking a beer when you are underage, when you hide behind anonymity. Get real, get a life, and wish for the best for all involved.

  7. reports say after being dropped off in memorial parking lot, davis for unknown reason re-entered 17th st and was struck. it sounds like it could be davis’ fault so let’s not throw holt or crean under the bus yet. for all we know davis was fooling around and tried to jump on holt’s car.

  8. Who recruited these kids? Who told them if they came to IU, they would get a free education? Who (hopefully) told them when they put on those candy stripe pants that they’re representing the basketball program and their university and they should do so with dignity? The bottom line is that one kid who had been drinking hit another kid with his car — seriously injuring him. And the coach is the one who brought them to campus. LIke it or not, he’s responsible for the program and these things don’t reflect well on it or the school. I’m not necessarily saying get rid of Crean. But he needs to get control of this program.

  9. I partied with former basketball players at parties and in the bars. But they were mostly smart. They used the rides that IU atheltics provided or made sure they didnt do anything that would get them in trouble like DUI. This is not about being a college kid. I did my fair share of drinking at IU. Its about doing things the right way. Use a DD, be smart. Everyone knows that the last thing this program needs is another drinking related incident. Even with little BA level, its all about perception.

  10. Actually i am going to take a step back on this, pray for Devin and Holt, and let the story come out some more before making final judgement. My anger at the idea of another alcohol related issue for this team got me mad, but it sounds like Holt may have not been at fault so i think it may be better to just calm down and let this story unfold.

  11. I am praying for Davis and his family. I am also praying for Holt and his family. There will be plenty of time to use this accident/incident as another cudgel to attempt to advance whatever one’s agenda is. But until news of Davis being released from the hospital with a prognosis of a full recovery, our thoughts should be with him and his family.

  12. what has happened to the BB program at IU ?….on going problems off the court…guys drinking all the time…getting run over by cars…Holt kid been there for maybe a month….i think this guy is headed back to NY…I smell another season down the tube….this has to affect the other players …can’t believe what i am reading….another train wreck of a season people……smh……

  13. I think the last incident in the Big Ten similar to this was at Illinois. Jamar Smith and a highly rated recruit out of Proviso East in Chicago, Brian Carlwell. Unfortunately Emmitt will prob face charges. Uggh. Thoughts and prayers for Devin. Scoop crew, is there an orientation that IU athletes go through to educate them on these types of scenarios?


  14. the seriousness of the injury to this young man aside…..this team will not recover from this…..this season is pretty much down the tube…….

  15. Wow! And to think that I was attacked for being negative for writing that I agreed with iufan23 that IU would probably not beat Michigan this week. In relative terms, Bob’s post #17 makes me look like the King of Optimism. I can’t wait to see the Hounds of Hoosier Scoop descend on poor Bob for being so negative.

  16. Well it’s clear these guys have learned nothing from last year. How dumb do you need to be to act this way this time of the year? CTC’s high character BS manifests itself thought the actions of his players and not his tweets. I’m completely disgusted with the state of our program.


  17. We all hope Davis recovers but there is no leadership on this team. Crean can’t babysit them 24 hours a day and shouldn’t have to. This should be Ferrell’s team but he has set a poor example. Hopefully Zeisloft will step up and show these juveniles the way.

  18. You can’t coach people to not make bad choices if they don’t know the difference to begin with. For most of the BK era IU had the luxury of attracting high quality recruits. However, lest we forget, BK had his share of troublemakers – – including several who got into trouble the year after the memorable undefeated season. Was TC not dealt a losing hand when he came to IU because of the damage that took place over many years before his arrival? Last year aside he has made IU basketball competitive again. Yes he is not necessarily an outstanding X and O guy, and yes he has lost out on too many big time recruits in the Midwest of late. That said, no one can question his drive and commitment, and the improvement academically speaks for itself. Unless TC dished out the liquor that was consumed there is no way he is responsible for the actions of kids (and they ARE still young people) who should have known better. As a fan, I suggest we all quit worrying about what this will lead to on the court, hope that Davis will not have permanent injuries, and focus on why Glass hasn’t already put the football coaches on notice!! The ongoing futility and embarrassment at Memorial Stadium is far more troublesome and inexcusable!!

  19. Bob, your post #17 went bad when you wrote, “the seriousness of the injury to this young man aside…” There is no “aside,” Bob. Nothing else really matters! I would gladly have IU forfeit all of their basketball games this season in exchange for Devin Davis making a full recovery! And if forced to make that choice, I believe Tom Crean would make that trade without hesitation. In fact, I believe most Hoosier fans, if forced to choose, would exchange the season for Devin Davis making a full recovery. When a young man’s life is at stake, who really cares about a teams’ wins and losses? Please, for just a little while, we should all suspend our concerns about IU’s basketball season, and pray for Devin Davis and his family.

  20. It appears ,after the incidents of previous years with CTC, that a 12-step counselor needs to be hired and class time set up for an AA program.

  21. Was anyone suggesting that Bob Knight should be fired when Landon Turner was paralyzed in a terrible automobile accident back in the 80’s? We don’t know all the facts, so let’s just hold off a bit before passing judgement.

  22. It just does not get any worse than this! I am not sure if Indiana Basketball for 2014-15 can survive this tragic accident! Many will say that “you can’t watch them all of the time”. That is actually NOT true. There are ONLY 13 kids to watch! With all of the basketball staff and athletic department staff, you actually CAN watch them all of the time that they are in school and in Bloomington: 1) put all 13 of them in nice rooms with 3 bedrooms for 3 kids, or 2 bedrooms for 2 kids, very close to Cook Hall, within walking distance; 2) have each player have to park his car in a secure parking lot, with all car keys held by a coach; 3) have each player have to report where they are going and check in by 11:30 PM every night to a coach; 4) assign one staff as a chaperon for every group of 2 or more who are going out; 5) arrange for rides for the players to and from events, classes, etc. Yes these are extreme measures. Yes the player’s freedom of action will be curtailed. But no mother or father will get the call that Devin’s parents got Saturday morning! Indiana was lucky that Yogi and Stan were not driving. We were lucky that no one was injured by Hanner’s DWI. We are now devastated by Devin’s injury and Emmitt’s arrest. Coach Crean needs to take drastic action, but it may be too little…too late!

  23. To post #27, if you do what you suggest no recruits will attend IU. You have to allow the players to be students too. I have two sons at IU currently. Thry are 180 miles from home. We pray that they use good judgement. They are both of legal age but don’t abuse alcohol. In fact, I know for a fact that they prefer to be driven to Kilroys or some other watering hole forcing them to walk back home to their apts. As parents we constantly ask them to make wise choices but to make sure that they behave responsibly. Above all don’t drink and drive and don’t ride with anyone who does. I hope that all students at IU use good judgement and behave responsibly, but I know that is naive. I think DD may have just be joking around when he went back onto 17th St. Perfect example of how a fun evening can turn tragic with a slight lapse in judgement. Yes, I’d prefer our IU athletes would exhibit good judgement especially since they are so visible. The thing that is needed now is prayers for DD and his family.

  24. “The thing that is needed now is prayers for DD and his family.” Yes! Wolfed is exactly right! Let’s focus on sending our love and prayers to DD and his family and stop jumping to conclusions about what may have happened, or using the trauma suffered by DD as a means of advancing our agendas.

    BeatPurdue, what you suggest in #27 is nonsense. You can’t watch these young men 24/7 like they’re prisoners. And even if you could, that would retard their development into becoming mature adults. Bad things happen to good people some times. It’s called life!

  25. Athletic teams can have any reasonable team rules, especially for “within season” conduct, that they want to set. These rules are ALWAYS more stringent than the rules that the university sets for “all students”. The “slavery” reference is both unacceptable and misguided. Players can leave a program if they find the rules of conduct unacceptable. I attended a university where no students were allowed to have private autos on campus and all students were required to live in campus dorms. We all felt lucky to be attending that university. No one felt like a “slave”!

  26. You forgot Max. I bet we see some lineups with Hanner, Max, Troy, James and Yogi while we wait to see how long Devin and Emmitt will be “out”.

  27. Godspeed to DD. As for CTC resign! Yes resign! You obviously cannot control the young men under your charge. As for the two recruits who have announced for 2015 re-open your recruitment. Harsh words from OSD? No. We have had 4 arrests for drinking since Feb. 14 and DD probably had been drinking too but we do not know yet.Or about the others in the car who were with Holt.

    We only have 13 scholarship players on our team and in slightly over 8 months 4 have been arrested for drinking. Fred Glass needs to pull the trigger now and let Buckley coach the rest of the way this year. I know this will be hard on the program but let’s face it IU is an embarrassment at this point. It is running on the ticker at ESPN like it did for the last arrests. Heck Holt just got there and he is out drinking already.

    I know this will not happen as no one wants to bite the bullet on this deal. We will hide our heads in the ground and try to ignore it but this is exactly why our program is suffering. We do n to have discipline in Bloomington. No structure thus no discipline on or off the court. No due to this a young man lies in a hospital bed in serious condition. Thank God he has not died. The next time it could be worse.

    Can we afford to keep CTC in charge? Sadly the answer is no!

    A very sad and disappointed OSD signs off………..

  28. This should be a wake up call for the whole team. Enough is enough.The next player involved in a alcohol related incident should be sent home for good, period end of story.

  29. ^ Unreasonable. If any coach could stop their athletes from partying, they’d never be able to recruit any in the first place. I seriously doubt Holt consumed alcohol for the first time after arriving in Bloomington. Crean’s not their father, he’s their basketball coach. If you expect these young men, in the prime of their lives, to become monks when they arrive on campus, you’re going to be perpetually disappointed, no matter who their coach is.

  30. BP compared this to the UI incident when the driver blew a .176 and killed someone?
    Holt was .025 which is roughly one beer (I.e the UI players blood alcohol level was not double or triple but rather 7 times higher). What a GREAT comparison.
    I think we should suspend every D1 athlete and fire every D1 coach that had an athlete drink one beer on Halloween Friday (BYU would play Liberty for the national championship).
    Who knows until the facts come out but initially it sounds like DD was goofing around and ran out into the road for some reason.
    Not saying this looks good….it does not…and I agree a kid should never get behind a wheel after even one beer but those that act that like this has not happened at IU, and other schools, for decades are naive.

  31. BP, IU is not a military institution. You like that reference instead? Lock and keys, curfews, etcetera won’t work with today’s kids. Like it or not this is just a sad example of what is going on almost everywhere. Not Crean’s fault!!

  32. OSD, if you are truly an “old sports dude” then you know that booze has always been a part of the world of men’s sports, and a too large part of college life. By all accounts this was a sad accident, not even reaching the minimum legal level of a DUI incident. I suggest you appear to worry more about whether or not TC remains head coach and the cost of not having DD available than the facts which we still don’t have access to. Sure, it’s disappointing and unfortunate that this happened, but far more so for Davis and Holt than for either you or I. Don’t blame the poor choices we read about on the coaches when it’s the kids who need to police themselves.

  33. No one is expecting them to become monks, nor to be treated as if they are. But these two (in the very least one of them) broke an already existing law in Indiana that makes under 21 drinking a crime in itself.

    And no, I agree, it’s not Crean’s fault that the two decided to blow off team, school and state rules. Someone (Chaz I believe) wrote: ‘Like it or not this is just a sad example of what is going on almost everywhere. He’s right, how could it not be, if we are so dismissive and uncaring about rules literally protecting life and limb. In some cases some (including Chaz) even argued dismissed the drinking as “not even reaching the minimum legal level of a DUI incident.” Wrong, in Indiana, a person under 21 years-of-age can be charged as driving drunk if the Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) is .02% or above.

    The problem is also reflected in many of the other posts here, conveniently ignores or even justifies violating these rules suggesting it is a part ‘of college life’ or the ‘college experience’.

  34. I remember reading somewhere that Victor was at Kilroy’s once and some girls asked to take a picture with him and he told them yes on the condition that they put their drinks down because he couldn’t portray that image associated with IU basketball. And do we even need to ask Cody’s stance on alcohol?

    I don’t know how the character of players has fallen so fast with the decisions made by Hanner, Yogi, Stan, Devin and Holt but CTC needs to look in the mirror and figure out what’s gone wrong with the team culture. The non stop talk has been about over signing the last few years but should the question “be have the right players been transferring?”

    This is one time I wish Kravitz were still around because we know CTC will only be getting softballs from the HT staff.

  35. TTG, I am NOT justifying kids drinking, but I am also not naïve. If some us are truly as self-righteous as we appear to be on this thread, then we are the ones who need to look in the mirror. How many watering holes are there in Btown? How many liquor stores? What went on around us when we attended college? Everyone please drop the TC blame game. He is no more responsible for this accident than our parents were for us getting a buzz on when they were not looking. And as for the “character” issue, the vast majority of TC’s recruits have been superior to the thugs that his two predecessors brought in. Let it go!

  36. College kids = college kids and no rules, shadowing or restrictions will change that. Not even a military environment can accomplish it. Making mistakes is part of the learning process. These student athletes go to class, get good grades and perform community service as individuals and as a team. Punish them for the mistakes as they occur and move on. You get much tougher and we’ll still be disappointed but it will be with the product on the court-bottom line. Piss on the ESPN slant.

  37. No one expects these players not to party or to be “monks” but they have to keep it off the streets. If they are involved in a alcohol related incident WHERE LAW ENFORCEMENT IS CALLED that’s a problem. This is at least the third time this has happened. It’s basketball season. Are they here to Party or to play basketball?

  38. If drinking alcohol is a problem in college for players has been debated for ever. What i want to hear today is that DD is improving and is going to be OK. We have had 3 grown men fired where I work this year coming to work with alcohol in their system. So you know kids are going to make mistakes.

  39. police reports says davis struck passenger side fender and windshield, not holt struck davis. starting to seem like davis tried to jump on the car. hope this keeps people from blaming holt until facts come out. btw, you can blow a .025 after using mouthwash.

  40. Oh yeah. Kids are going to make mistakes. Especially if they know they are all going to be given a free pass the first time around. PARTY TIME ! Yes we all want to hear that DD IS GOING TO BE OK. We should also want to hear that this is not going to happen again without serious consequences.

  41. Some are calling for CTC to resign…Im not sure that is answer BUT i will say that Fred Glass needs to do with CTC …what CTC should be doing with his players. Any more screwup and you’re gone. BK kicked “Sherrod Wilkerson off the team over alcohol related,Wilkerson was McDonalds All American and a 5 star guard from Jeffersonville. Hell I remember when Coach Knight kicked his son Pat and Mark hayward off the team busfor skipping classes ,,,bus was in Ohio. Crean needs to tighten the ship

  42. I`m not saying they should be given a free pass but it should not be the death penalty. I`m sure every player is given you are judged by a different standard than the average student speech. As they should be and some are still going to mess up.

  43. Maybe a good sign for Devin that he continues to receive care at the IU Bloomington facility and has not been transferred to the larger Indianapolis hospitals?

    Head injuries are tough. Get better thoughts to his family and him. Hope IU is providing some emotional support to Emmitt.

    Impact to the BB season is immaterial. Larger and only issue should be Devin. And Emmitt.

    In the future, I agree with the hardline rules being implemented. It’s not CTC’s job to babysit, but these drinking issues are adding up and the punishment needs to be public and effective. What punishment is effective, I have no idea. Off the team? Out for X# games? Need to remember these are kids learning how to function with a degree of freedom. None of them seem to be bad kids, however you would want to define it.

    I’m impressed with CTC staying with the family at the hospital. I believe he has true empathy. And I believe he will appropriately address these issues with the team.

  44. Thought I was done. But we, as IU fans, need to take some responsibility . If and when tougher guidelines are provided that could entail suspension from games, or even the team for infractions, what are we going to do? Bitch and moan or support the program for doing the right thing?

  45. coachv’s comment #48 is the best, most rational comment on this string. I suggest we all read it again and keep it in mind until all the facts come out.

  46. What coachv forgets in comment #48 is according to Indiana code 7.1-5-7-7, it is illegal for anyone under 21 years of age to consume alcohol in the state of Indiana PERIOD. Let’s hope it was mouthwash.

  47. yeah… this sucks. Really hope DD is ok and that this doesn’t end the season for 1 or both of them.

    Listen people, .025 isn’t even buzzed driving. With that blood alcohol content there is no way that alcohol was a factor in the accident (unless Davis was drunk and did something silly, which I’m certainly not insinuating). I hope those people that are so quick to spout off will allow the facts to come out and use reason when making a final judgement.

    wishing you the best Devin. get well quick and start bruising people on the court.

  48. “Holt had been drinking, but was not intoxicated.”..

    I really don’t get that statement…I thought that was the whole purpose. Then again,

    I could see how they may just love to sip Coors Light….I would imagine that it is carefully experienced with all its distinctive sophistication as a vintage ’81 Stroh’s from my own tasting parities back int the day…I’ll never forget that first sip of Stroh’s …Before I started, it was time to stop. How could I not know this was a drink that one must consume with limits and purpose? How could one not leave every college party fully entranced and satisfied with its simple sophistication …? Sitting in our intellectual circles of joyous sobriety..Oh, how I do long for the days of deep discussions probing into the richness of Stroh’s……Such loveliness in a soft yellow liquid with foamy top giving off hints of skunky pleasantness shadowing a surprisingly wake up call to my palate that changed my world…
    This was the good stuff. Finally, I had learned to sip rather than guzzle…College and
    Stroh’s moved me into the discovery of taking my time with a glass.. Why would getting drunk be necessary when these marvelous offering opened my taste world to a complex blend of elephant urine and sourdough starter mix….? We enjoyed these delightful mixtures tapped from kegs or dispensed from tiny little 16 oz. cans always knowing a teacup-sized serving of such superb flavor would satisfy the most interesting college students in the world……

    Intoxication? Hell no. Intoxication was to mar the name on the label…..It was a crime and affront to the masters that put great labors into developing a product for collegiate connoisseurs in convenient 5 gallon boxed packages in a case of 25 cans for $5.99 …I know it’s a lot of money when one can comparatively buy a carry-out pizza for $3.99(breadsticks included), but the memories of such a taste nirvana can never be spoken of in terms of dollars….Long live college drinking without intoxication…Long live the complexity of an 18-year-old palate in search of nothing more virgin than two sips of Coors stolen from a field of virgin hops and savored behind virgin dorm room doors..

    Always to be cherished in delicate consumption thy Coors Light…..much like everything at college. These are the years of rounding a palate,..of leather wing chairs, of Masterpiece Theater, of pipe collections, bong libraries, tweets to heaven, designated reefer robes, and crusty slippers of the selfless boy living life in moderation …I bet they were all on their way to a French cooking class at !;00 a.m….only intoxicated by a desire to become the next Julia Child… or someday walk into Kilroy’s Bakery & Pastry School and chat with fellow late night bakers of the homemade early morning croissant….For the love of Coors…For the love of Stroh’s…. For the love of candy stripes we sip our delights…For the love of the Bloomington Campus Police….we shall bake! and we shall carry on united, pure, and sober!

    You have made no horrible crimes. You have proven to be young and foolish. You have proven to be a little reckless…or maybe bordered into a lot of reckless. You have proven to be a very good young men that are on a journey that will always entail making bad choices with, hopefully, more good choices. Nothing needs protected or carefully constructed to hide shame you should not feel.. ..To overly judge you or your parents is only to shame ourselves of the hypocrisy rooted in our own puritanical righteous blow…Life can be intoxicating…Attempt to learn and grow from the digressions into excess rather than digress into nothing but a flawless and perfect judge….All that is sober is not of immorality…All that is drunk is not of decency.

  49. “Davis and Holt become the fourth and fifth IU basketball players in the past nine months to be involved in an alcohol-related incident.”

    And that’s really a false statement….The other passengers in the vehicle(yet to be named and, obviously being protected)are part of the “alcohol-related incident.” For all we know, the alcohol consumption was just beginning. We don’t have any idea where they were headed and if more drinking was in the plans.

    I also understand that all kids make mistakes….But I really believe some form of driving curfew should be part of team rules…(unless there is a personal of family emergency, etc.).
    Even if they are not drinking, they are on the roads, with teammates, and all at risk of encountering a drunk driver.
    And nobody has even considered an accident possibly caused by texting while driving or staring at a cell phone instead of the road ahead….I’ve literally been plowed off a walkway by a person staring at their phone while walking in the opposite direction…Texting while driving is killing a lot of young people.

    Many of my worries concerning my own child at college involve getting into a vehicle late at night….I trust my kid to be responsible with alcohol and technology….But it’s so damn easy to get distracted…It’s the other guy…It’s the other drunk…..Things get more dangerous after midnight….I repeatedly encourage to stay at home if you want to have a couple beers…Don’t wonder the streets after midnight…Don’t get into a car you are not driving after midnight. We can’t imprison them…I can’t expect my kid to not make mistakes. I can only hope and pray that my child be far more smart and aware than I was.. …You get so tired of worrying….school shootings…lunatics beheading coworkers….serial killers…terrorists….drinking and driving….young girls simply disappearing off campus streets. It’s tough as hell to send your kid off to college.

    And I sometimes wonder if the expectations of a “choir boy” image/upbringing, and a rather culturally restrictive and confined/imprisoned lifestyle at home prior to college, can contribute to the likelihood of escalations in the “revelry”…and “drinking” once raw freedom is truly unleashed ….? Just food for thought….

  50. Geoff, The facts are out. Holt was charged with Drinking. HE IS 18. It’s illegal for him to drink ANY ALCOHOL in the state of Indiana. It doesn’t matter if he was intoxicated or not. Nobody is rushing to judgement here. This information has already been released to the public.

  51. DChoosier #38: Do you have a “reading problem”? The BP #27 post makes no mention, zero, nada, of any U of I incident, whatever that may refer to, directly, indirectly, by invisible ink, etc.! You just totally made that up! Read my post first, then comment on it!

    Chaz #39: You guessed wrong! No military Academy in my background, but they are fine educational institutions. I went to a school that gets over 40,000 applications for about 1500 admission slots. No one cares about having a car on campus! They just want to be in the “program” badly enough that having your car in a secure lot off campus meant and would mean nothing! Indiana Basketball does (or should) mean that same thing to many very good-great players!

  52. No BP….. I do not have a reading problem but rather a typing problem.
    The comment was made by PB (not Beat Purdue which I guess also calls himself BP).

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