Devin Davis expected to be transferred to Indianapolis hospital #iubb

Indiana forward Devin Davis is expected to be transferred to an Indianapolis hospital to continue his recovery from a head injury, according to the IU men’s basketball Twitter account.

IU coach Tom Crean spent most of Friday morning with Davis, whose father reports that the sophomore is “very alert” and ahead of schedule.

“I am happy to report that Devin is making rapid progress towards his recovery,” IU team doctor Larry Rink is quoted as saying in a tweet. He is advancing rapidly in his rehabilitation. The Hoosier Nation would be proud of Devin.”

Crean offered an update on Davis after Thursday’s 94-70 exhibition win over Northwood, saying that while Davis is recovering from a “traumatic brain injury,” doctors are expecting his condition to show continued improvement. Davis has been held at IU Health Bloomington Hospital since the accident early Saturday morning.

“I think he spent a lot of time sleeping, but at the same time he’s getting a lot of therapy, physical therapy, speech therapy, those type of things, and I’m very proud of the way our players are not only going up and seeing him, but going up there and spending some real quality time now that he’s starting to get where he can do more,” Crean said. “Going for walks when he goes down the hallway (Wednesday) was a big day. He went for two walks. That’s kind of where we’re at right now.”


  1. Great to hear Devin’s making huge strides. Having studied special education while working at a group home for developmentally disabled adults while at IU– where two of the residents were normal functioning before suffering head trauma– you appreciate how devastating TBI can be. Devin’s very fortunate to have made the progress he has thus far. This is great news! Best of luck in your continued recovery.

  2. Every IU fan it has to be ecstatic at Devin’s rapid recovery and hope it continues and that he is able to return to a productive life and hopefully even a basketball career.

    But one thing that has been missing from the coverage and the discussion is an explanation of what he was doing on that fateful night. I think we are all almost afraid to ask. Plus, when his life was in danger, it seemed harsh.

    But, as he recovers and is out of danger, it is a question that people have to have in the back of their minds, at least.

    I am reminded of the Darwin awards, joking awards given about 20 years ago each year to “people, who through their stupid and inane actions kill themselves, thus improving society by removing their genes from the gene pool.”

    I can remember reading some of these and laughing at the nearly “terminal stupidity” of some of these people. At the time, I never expected to have an experience like this where someone that I care about (although I don’t know Devin personally, I still feel the connection most of us do it as Hoosier fans) put themselves in that kind of a position.

    But the question remains, how could a guy seemingly as bright as Devin with so many wonderful things going on from what I have read and a smart kid, do this kind of thing? The only credible explanation I can come up with is that he was drinking and the old line about kids being kids and making mistakes.

    But lots of kids make mistakes without doing something that literally could be considered fodder for the Darwin awards.

    So what happened? What was going through his mind? I’ve read that he was wearing a Halloween costume, dressed up as a superhero. Was he in costume and simply acting the part? Did he think that he was literally a superhero?

    If he did, Devin, take a note, buddy. No drinking for you, ever. You get to have a life as a teetotaler. And I say that speaking as someone who cares.

    You’ve got way too much “on the ball,” literally and figuratively, to do something like this ever again. Please!

    May you have much success in your life. May you return to IU basketball. May you have a great career there. May you be a professional athlete if you want.

    But stay away from the sauce, buddy!

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