Diamont frustrated with results, confident in progress

Kevin Wilson posed the question, but he didn’t require an answer.

Not yet, anyway.

The Indiana football coach wanted his words to sit and marinate with his young quarterback, a question that was less interrogative than it was a challenge.

“Can you look at yourself every day and say you’re getting better?” Wilson said he asked freshman quarterback Zander Diamont during Saturday’s 34-10 loss at Michigan.

Because that’s the mantra of his Hoosier program. With Diamont it takes on greater meaning, as any chance for Indiana’s further success this fall hinges on his ability to develop quickly.

For his part, Diamont says he’s staying confident while he learns to handle the pressure and the demands that come with running a Big Ten offense. The results have been slow to show after he finished Saturday’s game with only 24 yards on 5-of-8 passing. But he’s not at a point where he’s willing to dwell on statistics, good or bad.

Through the first two games of his college career, Diamont is only 10-for-23 for 35 yards.

“It’s frustrating,” Diamont said. “I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t. But I’m just gonna keep trying to improve. That’s all I can do. We have a saying: stats are for losers. I keep trying to not look at the stats and keep working, keep watching film and that’s all we can do.”

Diamont admitted that it’s a trial-by-fire situation — one he’s slowly growing more comfortable in. Then again, his day was on track to be cut off midway through the first half.

Wilson, unhappy with the early lack of production, briefly went with backup Nate Boudreau with the Hoosiers trailing 17-0. But Boudreau suffered a shoulder injury on a third-down sack by Michigan linebacker Joe Bolden, ending both the drive and Boudreau’s day.

Although Wilson did not have an immediate diagnosis, he said Boudreau’s injury is not believed to be as serious as Nate Sudfeld’s season-ending separated shoulder.

“The way Zander started we were going to go with Nate,” Wilson said. “He took a hit — not a big hit but he got knocked — so that’s why we went with Zander. We’ll see how it plays out. We’ve got a lot of work to do. We talk about it, but … he’s getting bigger and stronger. We’ve talked about it, he will sense the more he plays what his issues are, and what he needs to work on short-term and long-term to get himself where he’s playing better in the future. We’ve got to play a lot better in the future.”


  1. …”Because that’s the mantra of his Hoosier program. With Diamont it takes on greater meaning, as any chance for Indiana’s further success this fall hinges on his ability to develop quickly.” The first and the second sentence seem to contradict each other; and, may disagree with what Wilson stated.

    What Wilson seemed to be talking about is that [for Diamont] there are ‘short- range’ and ‘long’range’ issues and his comment seems to indicate his preference to separate them. I agree and think it defines the dialectic IU football finds itself in; a dialectic borne from the urgency of winning while not providing a proper foundation to win.

  2. 35 yards….hilarious!! And that includes a bye week of “coaching” and “preparation”!! More proof that KW is simply awful.

  3. I watch the game and my comments would be:

    1. There are three factors in the low passing yardage. One is the number of attempts, the second is the percentage of passes completed, and the third is the number of yards per completion.

    He only got eight attempts and completed five of them for a percentage of 62 1/2%. That’s not terrible.

    He averaged about 5 yards per completed pass. Ok.

    So the major factor in his low passing yardage was the small number of attempts.

    Most important, I thought he looked a lot better than he did against Michigan State.

    2. So give the kid a chance to throw the ball. The offense was too one-dimensional. It was nothing but running.

    3. In particular, cut the wildcat crap. Every time they tried the wildcat play, nothing worked and they turned the ball over on downs.

    4. Coleman, our truly great running back, really had a lousy day. He started off with two fumbles one of which turned into a michigan touchdown. So we were playing from behind all day long. That didn’t help any.

    5. Speaking of running, actually, the kid, Diamont, had a pretty heady 35 yard run, which was, I think, the longest Indiana play from scrimmage all day long.

    So, bottom line, give the kid a chance.

    And, to Wilson’s credit, I think he is doing so.

    And his apparent strategy of building Diamont’s confidence is, in my humble opinion, not only smart, but the only choice.

  4. Let’s acknowledge the defense is showing significant improvement. They played hard the entire game.
    The O line needs to play up to their potential to give the QB more time.

  5. I presume Zander is a good, young man. But whoever gave him a scholarship needs their candy stripes revoked. I’ve got grand daughters with better arms. C’mon Wilson…no qualified back up QB’s is unacceptable.

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