Eastern Washington stuns Indiana, 88-86 #iubb

Indiana let a double-digit second-half lead slip away in an 88-86 loss to Eastern Washington Monday at Assembly Hall.

Eastern Washington guard Drew Brandon and IU’s Yogi Ferrell each had 27 points. Troy Williams added 19 points off the bench for Indiana. The loss is IU’s first.

Indiana led 41-35 at halftime and extended that advantage to as many 12 points five minutes into the second half.

The Eagles entered play as one of the best 3-point shooting teams in the nation. Rather than settle for perimeter shots, Eastern Washington attacked Indiana on the inside and finished with 48 points in the paint. Eastern outscored Indiana 16-4 in the paint over the final 10 minutes.

Indiana had a three-point lead with two minutes left, when Troy Williams jumped through traffic to complete an alley-oop dunk off a feed from Ferrell. Brandon answered with baskets on each of Eastern’s next two possessions to give the Eagles a 79-78 advantage.

Eastern Washington finished with only six 3-pointers — none bigger than its last. With 36 seconds remaining, Brandon drove across the paint and kicked to Parker Kelly, who drilled the open 3 to put the Eagles ahead 82-78. Kelly added a pair of free throws to extend Eastern’s lead to six.

Ferrell answered with a pull-up 3-pointer in transition to cut IU’s deficit back to three with 22 seconds to play. The teams traded free throws until the Eagles owned an 86-83 lead with 14 seconds to play. Indiana took possession and Ferrell drove to the basket against two defenders, missing on a layup with seven seconds on the clock. Williams swooped in for the putback, but couldn’t finish. Brandon grabbed the rebound and took a foul with four seconds left.

Brandon hit both shots at the line before Blackmon sank the final shot of the night on a 3-pointer with 0.4 seconds to go.

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  1. Have never seen a more selfish Indiana point guard at the end of close games. Amazing how Yogi thinks he has to do it all on his own. I am one that is darn tired of watching it. If Crean cannot get hold of it then he is not the coach we need.

  2. At least we have Geoff’s many contests to look forward to…..

    Unfortunately, statistical impact and making this all about stat leaders does tend to ignore coaching deficiencies….And poor decisions often never find the stat line…

    That kid that got his nose knocked off by Troy sure hit a big shot for Eastern Washington….

    Did not see this coming….We young..We got some major ball hogging…We got too much dribbling from the point guard…We got a coach that caresses clipboards…We got a kid from California that brags of being Mr. Big Shot, but during games he’s Mr. Bricklayer…..Hanner? Do I beat up on Hanner? Nah….I knew when Dustin was calling this kid the next ‘Hakeem the Dream’ that things were just getting goofy in Bloomington…Hanner was part of something and some bigger purpose, I guess…But I never kidded myself that it had anything to do with basketball…

    Clipboard Crean……turns everyone into Hakeem and Kareem…Tijan Forever..More jokes. More Bleacher Reports.

    Congrats to Eastern Washington….Disciplined. More hungry. Authentic coach with some knowledge.

  3. Never thought it was going to be a good year but I heard the same old stuff. Fun to watch,etc. This is no NCAA team. Crean needs to go.

  4. chuck, what choice does yogi have when no one is running plays or setting screens? the las vegas over/under on indiana setting weakside ball screens? one

    blackmon is a shooter supreme, no question. he is also the worst transition defender at the guard position i have ever seen. jogging back on defense while everyone else on the court flies by. trying to make steals in the open court. double or triple teaming rebounders instead of getting back on d. also a terrible passer. for my money, hartman is our best defender. very aware and well schooled in fundamentals. needs to play more and happy he is on the court at end of game.

    our team defense is just awful. what, is ball-u-man not taught anymore? stay between your man and the basket? deny one pass from ball? do these time tested principles no longer apply?

    johnson was a turnover machine. between tequila shots i have him unofficially for 6. definitely 6.

    i can tell when a player is thinking/seeing the game and max needs to play more. hanner? not so much. at the critical juncture of about one minute left to play and eastern launching a three from the right wing, hanner sets up to rebound ball side when 80% of the rebounds will bounce weakside. weakside was wide open and that venky guy went there–ball game over. that falls on coaching because rebound positioning shound be auto pilot at this point. btw, hartman always boxes out.

    rev. crean, you better let max play because he sees the game, like hartman. he just needs experience.

  5. Was an ugly game. Bad loss. May end up as an eye-opener for the kids. What a great win for E. Washington.
    But Yogi being selfish? Really? Not seen the play-by-play yet or the box score, but Yogi was the guy out there with the ability, skill and the experience. He almost pulled it off single-handed. And probably at CTC’s instruction. Don’t thing anyone played tough defense all game. Kind of surprised by the number of times Blackmon got beat while on defense. I guess I might need to tone down my expectations for the season. Wonder how much we paid them to play the game tonight? Need to start adding an escape clause in these non-conference puff games.

  6. I’m just waiting for the Louisville game. Tonight was just some new kids learning and growing in their first Big Ten season. Leaders need to step up. Wins against SMU, a tough Lamar team, hopefully they’ll learn how to power through and win these “sleeper” games. Upperclassman should be aware, there are no “sleeper” games. Live and learn.

  7. Never been this embarrassed watching a game in the 43 years I’ve been an IU fan. What a waste of talent. Great shooters but except for Troy no one moves without the ball. I am so tired of watching the same lame halfcourt offense that this team has played for the entire TC era. No one plays defense or knows how to box out for rebounds (again – same old TC basketball). TC did a great job of getting the program out of the mess KS left it in but he is not going to get IU back to elite status (and I don’t consider losing in the sweet sixteen with the talent we had being elite). Now we cannot even field a team with a center, two forwards and two guards). How does a program in a major conference not have a player over 6-7 with any talent? This team will be lucky to win one or two big ten games. Not even through November and my college basketball interest is over. Just tired of watching a bottom feeding program.

  8. Steve, could you get on here fast enough to shred the “Fun to watch” comment? You were just waiting for the first loss to run that one up the flag pole. What… do you think this team was going to go undefeated this year? It’s way to early to talk about the NCAA or the NIT. Tom Crean isn’t going anywhere. It’s called a “Buyout”. Wise up. If you are not interested in watching this young team grow and develop then don’t watch. And by the way ,there will be plenty of games that will be “fun to watch” this season.

  9. CTC cant coach a half-court offense;they stand around with thumbs up their butts waiting for something to happen. Unless they can get out and run they havent a clue what to do.Yogi still making bad freshman mistakes as a junior. Matador defense all the way around,no one on IU played man to man defnse…it was more like IU player being an escort to the basket. Finally,Fans get used to seeing a 3-2 zone or a 2-1-2 matchup zone…both of which will cause the IU players to stand and wonder and CTC to scratch his head and wonder HOW to attack it
    And what good are April and Priller if all they can be are scholarship eaters and fodder .

  10. Typical Crean coached team. Can’t do anything in the half court and very long lapses in defense. Coaches never seem to change their stripes. They will upset a couple people this year, but as in years past they’ll continue to lose games they shouldn’t (like tonight). He will only take IU deep into the tournament if he lands another D Wade.

  11. that was a good loss for IU- played well, but EWU was still better.

    the loss is good for them- make those mistakes early so that, come conference time, they’re ready to play.

  12. well, its official… i’m done with Crean. also done with HMP and Troy. Gotta be the worst defensive performance in my 35 year history of watching IU games. Also has to be the most ridiculously stubborn, and/or stupid, coaching performance I’ve witnessed.

    Yogi was NOT the problem. He competes on both ends. Hanner never competes. Troy only competes when he thinks there’s a dunk coming. JBJ has issues on the defensive end, but at least he’s only 5 games into his career.

    Stan competes. Nick competes. Rob competes. Colin competes. Max competes.

    Where the F was Holt tonight??? Here’s an idea let’s just let those borderline D1 players waltz into the lane all night without any rim protection. Let’s see if we can collect the necessary boards against bigger older players with 5 guards for the majority of the game.

    Crean is officially on my S list and I hope that he is asked to leave after the year so he doesn’t screw up the talent he’s assembled any further.

  13. hey tom, you ignorant slut, any particular reason that I have seen a single screen set for Blackmon in 5 games? 33 minutes tonight… only the best shooter since Alford… probably shoulda tried to get him open once or twice. There are ways to do that… even in a motion offense.

  14. All the off-court issues and now this….just wow. This is Crean’s 7th year. His players, his system, his nonsense.

    RAM – Grow up. Fans have the right to criticize Crean. Guy makes over 2 mil a year and has a ridiculous contract. He did not earn his paycheck tonight (and frankly he didn’t all of last year). Fans just want to win given the crap they’ve put up with in this program over the last 20 years.

  15. Well, that did not take long. First loss and already some are calling for Crean to be fired. Just a slight difference between the fans’ expectations for Football and those for Basketball at IU.

  16. geoff

    a couple of years late to the party but you finally came around on crean. you are spot on about screening for blackmon. jesus, knight would have blackmon sprinting past 2 or 3 acreens for jumpers. what a waste of talent. just wait until the big ten teams decide to shut him down

  17. Crean, as usual, poorly coached this game. He was out coached and his team outsmarted, again. I should be used to it by now. For those who watched closely, EWash set high ball screens on nearly every possession. And, the shoot the 3 well. Coincidence???

    The description of Crean having a “motion offense” is truly absurd. The only “plan” is to play fast, dribble drive, and hit an open 3 pt. shooter or throw it up at the rim and hope Williams jams it through. There is NO effort to get anyone open, including arguably the best 3 pt. shooter in the country. What a debacle.

    There is justice in EWash’s really good coach and his smart kids playing to their strengths winning this game. It is a true basketball fan’s delight. Poetry almost.

    I posted weeks ago that IU cannot be “elite” without having an “elite” coach. Our coach is in the bottom tier of the big 10, or 14, or whatever it is.

    This team is young, dumb, short, can’t play defense, and is poorly coached. How many wins does that amount to in the Big 14? Maybe 7?

  18. I’m waiting for the “Eastern Washington” is a ‘Quality Team’ comment (though some above have come close). They are Eastern Washington ‘fer God’s sake’ and this is IU at home. Not only shouldn’t the loss have happened, this game shouldn’t have been close. If a coach at Indiana (or any Big Ten School) can’t recruit athletes and then coach them to beat Eastern Washington, then there is a ‘significant’ problem. To rebut the next comment, I don’t care how experienced Eastern Washington is in comparison to IU, it’s Eastern Washington. This shouldn’t have happened.

  19. I’ll keep most of the players when I arrive next year. I love Bloomington. I’ll have a lot to work with and I’m excited to bring Indiana basketball back from the depths of h-ll

  20. Troy Williams is really effective on offense. I suspect WIll Sheehey would have averaged 25 points per game with this team just running the baseline.

    Troy Williams played one of the worst defensive games I have ever seen for IU. Please, somebody watch the tape and tell me how many points TW’s man scored off of a bucket or an assist after Williams played matador defense, ON PURPOSE, going for the block. That for me was easily the difference in the game. TW’s scoring was easily offset by the number of buckets he gave up.

    He was not the ONLY one guilty of failing to keep his man out of the lane by moving his feet, but he was the most guilty and the most often guilty.

    How the hell can someone (Crean or ANY of the coaches), not start getting on someone about this.

    This post comes from a fan who has been very understanding of the issues faced by CTC in getting the program back on track.

    Hopefully a learning experience.

  21. Few had anything to say when IU played a good game against SMU just a few days ago, but after a bad loss tonight the detractors are everywhere. “Never been this embarrassed in 43 years”…”Worst defensive performance in 35 years”…good grief that is so over the top. No doubt Crean has not done a good job of recruiting lately, and no doubt he is not a good strategist late in games, but for now it is what it is. We knew it was going to be a rough year months ago, thus expect more of the same until someone comes aboard who possesses size and skill around the basket.

  22. wow chaz you’re so wrong. Crean has done a great job recruiting lately. He’s had 4 consecutive classes with a McD’s AA. He has 2 currently on the roster and 6 top 100 recruits, as well as Holt, who would have been next year. I expected, and still expect, good things from this team. This WAS the worst defensive performance I’ve ever witnessed. That is not an over the top statement. We gave up 88 points to a mediocre low-major. They shot 52% from the floor. We allowed them easy access to the rim all night. When they didn’t score they were collecting 15 offensive rebounds.

    I have been patient with Crean long enough. I’ve said for 2 years now that this was his make or break season. Now he has his guys, that are capable of playing his style. while I have never considered myself a Crean apologist/supporter, many people on the Scoop have been accusing me of that for years. Well, I’m sticking to my word. I can’t watch this type of talent be so blatantly terrible on defense. I can’t watch Crean refuse to pack in the paint, or protect the rim with a little size, or not pressure the ball and deny passing lanes with this kind of quickness. Do SOMETHING!!! instead it’s just a bunch of kids running around, occasionally competing to keep their guy in front, generally looking lost, but sometimes switching, and sometimes allowing Yogi to get iso’d in the paint by the opposing center with no one dropping to double on the catch, and usually not aware of who the top scoring threat is and closing that player out with a purpose, or better yet making sure they don’t catch the ball, and certainly never blocking out, even though they spent 90% of the game in man defense.

    yup, that was some class A, over the top BS tonight from Crean and Troy and Hanner. I feel bad that the freshman are allowed to play that way. It’s not their fault.

    Offense has potential, simply because we have quickness, shooters, and talent. We will be able to play with just about anyone. But I’ve officially lost all hope in Crean. He’s the joke that a lot of people around here have been saying for years. He should strictly be the head of recruiting and allow anyone else the world do the coaching.

  23. “Now he (Crean) has his guys”. Huh? He’s had “his guys” for quite a while, and his ongoing problem has been controlling turnovers and having enough quality big men on the roster. Geoff, please tell us how the Hoosiers plan to “pack the paint” with such a small team. Have you forgotten that Crean was scrambling to find some bigs – somewhere, anywhere – as recently as the Spring? Perea has not ever demonstrated that he is capable of much of anything on either end. He had zero rebounds against SMU, yet the difference that night was a 2-1 ratio of assists to turnovers. With the roster turnover in the last two years Crean got caught “short” in more ways than one. That game showed what was possible only if the Hoosiers play under control, but that will be a tall order as the season plays out. I also think that Yogi has never demonstrated the floor leadership qualities this team so desperately needs and has been lacking since Oladipo left. To be clear, I agree that this particular game should not have been lost, but this was nowhere near a doom and gloom, loss for the ages event. I feel that Crean will eventually either burn out or be bought out, and I would be surprised if that didn’t happen soon. I just wish that the faithful would show the same level of intolerance for our clueless football head coach, who continues to hide behind his excuses.

  24. “I also think that Yogi has never demonstrated the floor leadership qualities this team so desperately needs..”

    I have to agree with that statement….But I also think that everyone on the floor can lead and demand the same out of each and every teammate.. There’s rarely fire in the belly of a Crean team. Yogi has a lot of talent, but he just doesn’t seem to command much respect from his teammates…I don’t know the root causes for that…..I don’t know if the coach ever conveys a message that this is ______’s (fill in blank) team to run..

    A lot of talent…Some aggressive scorers…But a lot of very passive personalities that don’t want to disturb the politics on the floor. It’s almost as if they are committed to something they can’t separate from basketball…They never get mad as hell…They don’t like to punch back when punched(metaphorically speaking)… Talent without toughness….That’s the repeating theme that I see in Hoosier hoops over the last six years.

    Our guys rarely get technical called against them…Our coach rarely gets into referees to the point of a technical slapped against him.. It would be nice to see some fire in eyes…I realize it can be emotions that can cost you a game..But I’m just tired of zombies…I’m just tired of guys playing the game as if some alien force dropped pods in the locker room and body snatched the real signature of a Hoosier team…No emotion..No guts…No collective spirit…No anger..No demands of each other on the floor..No communication…No pats on the backs to fellow teammates …No chatter…No screaming to get some help from a teammate if your man has beaten you on a move to the basket or through a screen…No resemblance to the type of floor accountability and communicating that the candy stripes have always represented…..and, thus, the talent and the potential fire that should boil out of that talent and turn individuals into teammates appears to be taken for granted.

  25. 4 wins and 1 lose on way to 15 win and 16 loss season if they stay together and play well close to their potential.

  26. Tim, if anyone knows that fans have the right to criticize the coach it would be me. Apparently you have not been on this site much over the last 5 or six years. Tom Crean is 77-32 over the last four seasons including this one and has won a Big Ten championship AND been to the Sweet Sixteen Twice. Is that part of the “Crap” you are tired of ?

  27. Ram, Last 4 seasons by your own account vs. what IU standards should be including how they perform, yes it is prettry CRAPPY.

  28. Those of you old enough remember the days when being an IU fan was really fun and we could expect to be in the tourney every year. Things sure have changed and so has my passion. Hopefully one day they will find the right coach to get us back to where we need to be but these are dark days indeed and help is not on the way. What you see is what you get going forward.

  29. I have a lot of Q’s about that 2nd 1/2. JBJ’s D is marginal but he normally neutralizes that with plenty of offensive opportunities and scores, where was the drive and kick to Jr. particularly in the 2nd 1/2. Hell he got 1 at the end of the game and hit that last shot. It isn’t like he went cold. How about setting 2 screens per 1/2 as designed plays and make Yogi responsible as to when their used and calling the signal out to implement them.? I don’t know about HP. He can jump center, he shows some positives with the ball in his hand on the offensive end but where is the positioning, rebounding, the blocks, the D. T-Roy sure has the alley-oop chemistry down pat. Maybe Crean should threaten him with more suspension time if he does not pick it up defensively. Just joking but maybe not. He is on the move without the ball and the 1 most consistently at it. We need Hartman, Max and Holt taking more of HP’s minutes. Where was Holt last night? I am beginning to feel what many of you have bitched about. Looks like the Frosh and even to some extent the Sophomores are going to have to figure out a lot of this stuff on their own. Still can’t believe we aloud that team 88 points and 49 were in the paint.

  30. I think that the coach’s philosophy is closer to Paul Westhead than RMK. That change has made it hard for many of us who have been watching Indiana Basketball for 40 years or more to wrap our heads around. The defense definitely needs to improve.

  31. Glad we went out and got three big men in the spring who are sitting on the bench and probably will play little if any this year. Great use of the grant TC! He just cannot stand to have an open grant.

  32. Oh golly gee, Tsao! There are people criticizing IU basketball players and the IU Basketball coaching staff in the comments written above. That’s so terrible! That so unfair. Are these people “evil,”, Tsao? Are these people “terrorists?” These people must be “unpatriotic,” Tsao. How dare they criticize these nice young men who work so hard and are trying their best. It is indefensible that anyone would question the competence of IU’s head basketball coach. You had better start typing your personal attacks and calling these people names so you can put a stop to all this negativity, Tsao. Otherwise, team morale might decline and recruiting might suffer, along with falling attendance at home basketball games. I anxiously await your outraged comments attacking these “treacherous” people and trying to silence their criticism on The Scoop.

  33. CTC is pathetic. That sentence took me longer to write than we spent playing defense over 2 hours last night.

    There is not a single player on the team that could be called a below average defender. The shortcomings of this team are glaring – and with staff – will never be corrected. Their best defense is standing there – like fans – and hoping the other team misses wide open shots. Sadly – hoping for great offense ( actually hitting a lot of shots – which is different than great offense ) is an absolute must every night. But -even that isn’t a guarantee to win.

    One issue from late in the game was this. JBJ sat out about 5 of the last 6 minutes of the game last night. He was actually subbed in and out 9 times from the 6 minute mark. Obviously – our d***as* coach was subbing him out for offense/defense purposes. The po*p flinging in any monkey house is more coordinated and well thought out than any plan CTC has ever devised. Here’s the problems that issue created.

    YF – who some suggested was ball hogging had little choice based the scenario. JBJ missed the majority of the offensive possessions as he was on the bench. Could have really used him scoring a few buckets along the way as the lead was getting cut into and blown. JBJ is a terrible defender – which makes him probably the 3rd or 4th best defender IU has. He can’t be on the bench as this team blows a 10 point lead over the last 5 minutes of this game. The thought of removing any IU player for being a poor defender would mean we would have no players on the court.

    One more note for now – that I think will be telling of this group or at least an individual. TW picks up loose ball a half court – JBJ breaks out 15 feet in the clear by himself – TW doesn’t give up the ball – and drives while being guarded all the way in for a dunk. This play bothers me. TW is far from a competent ball handler. The play shows up as meaningless because we scored. But luckily for TW – he had a much shorter and slower defender not really attempting to make a play there. The lack of kicking it ahead to an open teammate is not a great sign of things to come.

  34. It is what it is. Contract extension was big mistake. It seems like IU’s desperation for BB success and wanting to cure BB ills has done some pretty dumb things in the 21st century. Examples: Davis interim to HC (not that Davis was bad coach just not @ IU level/just dumb). Wisconsin was going thru same scenario at same time with winning interim coach before hiring Bo. Then IU makes worse decision by hiring Sampson (even with no breaking of rules he was not a very good coach). It was ok to give Crean a chance (not for it or against it but ok with it) but stupid to jump at first taste of success which was quick to take steps backward. This coincided with contract extension as blue chip recruits among others backed away to blue chip schools after observing IU play. Yes, Blackman came to IU after KY got done playing a little with him. So now has been competing like the FB program against lessor schools in several cases to get recruits to come especially big men. With the current regime by what IU standards should be but obviously are not 14 years into the 21st century it is what it is and no hope for what it should be. Regime change possibilities knowing contract barriers on all sides are the following Wichita State HC/he has excellent situation there so would he even come to IU, Alford, Stevens/probably not tired of Pros yet. Iu is on way to 15 win and 16 loss season with a winning season here and there and you can expect the same year after year until competent no nonsense coaching regime successfully stabilizes BB program. IU should seldom rebuild but rather reload. Now IU BB is rebuilding to much for what IU standards should be

  35. Indiana played NO defense last night…in fact their defense looked more like an “escort service to the rim”Setting screens work primarily against defenses that man to man based but i thought I saw some matchup zone properties on the perimeter last night.HMP needs to play with his starting teammates , even if he isnt up to the job just yet:hes NOT going to learn spending too much time on the bench.Crean needs to figure out how to attack zone defenses…wait didnt we hear that after the Syracuse blowout in NCAA’s and last year as well.Obviously ,by Einstein definition,Crean is insane: doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results.CTC by example cant coach defense ,this year OR last. He obviously cant coach against zone defenses..If they get 15 wins this season it will be by opponents not showing up.Zone diet here they come

  36. I don’t think the frustration is about one loss. This is about an intelligent fan base starting to realize they are drinking the kool-aid. It’s about the part of the fan base that wanted to believe that Crean was the coach to not only restore wins…but class to Indiana basketball. Now the ones who were more than willing to let Crean have a pass see a program with lack of leadership, control, discipline, and strategy. We watch a coach chase after the next prize recruit instead of coaching the ones he has. The next D Wade as opposed to the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. When did IU basketball become an NBA farm team? Yes Coach Crean won a Big Ten title. I personally have a feeling Cody Zell would of won a conference title anywhere. I also think Victor Oladipo and his work ethic would of shown through hadhe gone to Eastern Washington. I personally do think Brad Stevens is the answer. Yogi…Zeller…and most other players would still have come here had he been in charge. If Stevens had been at IU in state recruiting would of been a breeze and the talent maximized. I just hope someone with deeper pockets than I realizes it before he ends up somewhere else.

  37. t, you are right. it is what it is. And as fans we are going to have to play with the hand we were dealt. It’s out of our control but we have a team here NOW. If you don’t want to support the coach ,fine I understand. but support the players who are trying to make it better.

  38. That is a fair assessment. That is why it is important to get a no non-sense coaching regime in to successfully stabilize BB program for long term success or 14 years into 21st century is going to turn into the first quarter of 21st century fast.

  39. Is anyone really surprised? Crean never addressed his inside play this year. HMP is a back-up player at best. Can’t time his jumps, can’t box out and has very poor hands. Priller and April were last minute desperation moves as no other highly rated bigs wanted to play for Crean. Priller and April will not help. Holt possibly can if given a chance but nevertheless, an embarrassing situation as Indiana will continually get destroyed in the paint this year.

  40. Not surprising at all. Process has taken hold by style of play, culture which has led to player transfer and not being able to recruit blue chip forwards and centers after Zeller. Loosing recruiting battles to other big time programs. It is not just Cream but whole staff is lacking ability to handle big time program. However, IU has not been a consistent big time program for quite some time now.

  41. So Chaz, here’s my problem… I’ve explained this for a couple years now on this site and I really don’t feel like typing it all out again. I’m sure other Scoopers don’t feel like hearing it again. So here is the very condensed version… in the first couple years Crean had an enormous uphill recruiting battle. He had to sign guys that didn’t fit his basketball philosophy and basically just take any player that would come to IU. So now all those players have cycled out of the program and he is left with only players that he wanted, that fit his basketball philosophy, and have legitimate talent. And if they don’t meet that criteria then it is completely on him at this point and has nothing to do with the issues left over from the previous regime.

    When he was at Marquette he wasn’t successful with a bunch of quality big man. He was successful with a bunch of junk yard dog wings and guards. They played with aggression and were attacking defensive players. My hope was not that he was going to change his philosophy of the type of player that he could be successful with and get more bigs, it was that he would be able to attract a higher-quality wing and guard player at IU and therefore be more successful with his basketball philosophy then he was at Marquette. However it’s clear to me, that while he can attract better offensive talent and/or pure athleticism, he is not adept at nurturing that junkyard dog mentality out of them. It was innate in Oladipo and he was not a highly regarded recruit.

    So all of this comes back to my point that Crean finally has his guys, his players that should be able to play his philosophy, but he can’t get them to do it in a dominant fashion.

    And my point about last night’s defense was not that they should necessarily pack it in the paint. It was that there was no rhyme or reason to anything they were doing.
    They did not pack the paint. They did not pressure on the perimeter. They did not close out the best shooters. They did not have a answer for their post players. But if you want an answer on how to pack the paint, it’s really pretty simple, you just put all your players inside the three-point line and force the team to beat you from outside. You do not need height to position your players in a way to make you beat a team from outside instead of giving up wide-open layup’s time after time after time.

    Here is one thing I’m absolutely positive of this morning… There are at least 25 people who contribute to this comment section that I believe could take clones of Crean’s players and beat him in a game.

  42. Geoff – you are insane to think 25 people on this site could take clones of CTC players and beat him in a game. That is ridiculous.

    The number would be much higher than just 25.

  43. It still boogles my mind to think hanner was going to change and be better. He simply does not have it for this level. Hope is a good thing until reality sets in. Crean was desperate for bigs but signed two projects that wont help. We will be very easy to figure out and in the big ten get destroyed inside.

  44. Steve, et al, this is what really bothers me… While it certainly helps to have quality big men to defend the interior, it is not a necessity. The problem is that Crean has no idea how to do it.

  45. I just caught up and finished watching the game on DVR.

    Whew. Someone go into the coaches offices and burn the “James Harden Defense Academy” tapes.

    I understand that EWU was a great 3 point shooting team, but I don’t understand why Crean made the decision to defend the 3 pt threat and stuck with it after they were attacking us through the lanes and into the paint anyway. Stats have shown that a defense has little effect on 3pt shooting %. It is 3pt % largely out of a team’s control.

    Regardless, when we were getting creamed in the paint, we still had our defenders out on perimeter with gaping holes in the middle. This is a huge weakness, which every team knows about. There are billboards advertising this on the way in to Bloomington.

    Crean said that he wanted our guys to do a better job of stopping the penetration from the top. The rotations on the pick and rolls were so bad, it looked like a slow motion drill in practice. I don’t think I saw a single ball handler get bumped on the hard edge. Actually, Mike Davis’s team attacked us in the same way.

    Defense is not going to be a strength with this team, but they need to do better than this. Against SMU, they were much more active and aggressive. Against EMU, we just stood around the perimeter and watched them kill us with little more than some simple screens.

    This must have been the way Wisconsin felt about their defense when we beat them in exactly the same way last year.

    Upwards and onwards.

  46. Venky Jois is a very hard-nosed kid.. with some marvelous instincts around the basket…(similar to a Devin Davis, but probably more advanced).

    Gotta give credit where credit is due..Can’t put it all on the X’s and O’s of coaching…Many our kids out of the East are just soft.

  47. Butler. Wow. 29 offensive rebounds against NC, who seemed distracted. Maybe attending real classes are hard?

  48. Virginia is the south. 🙂 Maybe if he was from the DC ‘burbs I would give it a pass, but he’s from Hampton.

  49. I know Harvard is just trolling here, but I guarantee you that Holt is not soft. Buckets is going to end up loving that Establishment kid before its all said and done.

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