Fred Glass comments on IU men’s basketball tonight

Herald-Times reporter Mike Miller spoke Monday evening with Indiana University athletic director Fred Glass about the recent spate of suspensions for behavioral and disciplinary issues regarding the men’s basketball program. A transcript of the conversation follows:

H-T: I presume you spoke at length with Coach Tom Crean in recent days about the accident involving Devin Davis and Emmitt Holt and the pending suspensions?

FRED GLASS: “Yeah, really extensive (conversations.) We obviously focused, initially, almost exclusively just on Devin’s condition and making sure how he was doing … and, of course, that has continued.

“But it has increasingly included addressing the issues, the disciplinary issues. As Tom mentioned on the (Monday night Tom Crean) radio show, this thing with Troy (Williams) and Stan (Robinson) went back to this summer. They’ve been dealing with consequences of that ever since the problems occurred this summer, and it was always going to entail the suspensions here at the beginning of the season.

“Then we did discuss the things with Emmitt (Holt). So, you know, those are team decisions, coach’s decisions, but I support what he’s doing 100 percent.

“I just also want to say, as a lifelong fan of IU basketball, and now as the AD at IU, I’m just disappointed and really angry about this serial bad behavior on the part of some of our players. This program has just come too far to fall back now. And Tom and I are not going to let it fall back.

“I saw some tweets from Derek Elston, Jordy (Hulls), Cody (Zeller) and Verdell (Jones) and those really hit home with me – using words such as ‘privilege’ and ‘higher standard’ and ‘hard work’ and ‘accountability.’ And (we’ve seen reaction) from even players before them, but those are Tom’s guys who helped bring this program back.

“We owe it to them and every former player at Indiana, and to Hoosier Nation, to represent Indiana basketball the right way. And we’ve had some guys not do that. And we’re going to set about doing everything we possibly can to get this where it needs to be.

“We can’t guarantee outcomes, but we can sure as heck guarantee consequences. And we’ve been doing a lot, but we’re going to ramp up and do even more.”

H-T: Can you identify any point where things seemed to start to go awry for the men’s basketball program, or any specific reason for it?

FG: “Other than the injuries to Devin, I think the biggest shame of this thing is … these player decisions, these player behaviors … too many guys doing the wrong things has overshadowed what really has been, I think, so many good things for this program.

“Bringing it back from where Tom found it when he came in the door. Really, Tom has embraced our traditions and this whole ‘It’s Indiana’ thing. He gets it. The academics, the guys graduating early, the four straight 1,000 APRs, producing guys such as Cody and Victor who are not only Top 4 NBA draft choices but are the sort of kids you’d want your daughter to marry.

“You know, kind of appropriately so, people forget about that when you have these issues where these kids are doing just stupid, stupid stuff. And that’s disappointing.

“Is there a common thread in this? I don’t know. I’m not psychologist or sociologist enough to say that. But what I do know is that we’ve done an awfull lot of stuff – programming stuff, education stuff, speakers, former players, internal and external discipline and punishment, relentlessly setting expectations.

“Tom talked to the guys for 30 minutes on Halloween about being straight and not screwing up and watching out for your teammates. He talked about how we are our brothers’ keeper.

“But we still had some problems. So we’re going to have to do more of what we’re doing and also do some different things, too. You can’t just keep doing the same things and expect different results. And we’re going to be ramping it up more and get Indiana basketball represented the way everybody wants it to be represented.”

H-T: Have you talked with Tom about his future at IU? Is he in trouble?

FG: “Tom is absolutely not in trouble. Tom is the solution. He’s not part of the problem. Look what he brought it back from, when this place was a mess from head to toe. I’ve identified some of the things he’s done from the academic side and the character side and the tradition side, and all that.

“So we’re in lock-step in terms of getting this thing where it needs to be. And neither one of us can guarantee outcomes. I mean, a 20-year-old kid may do something stupid tonight. May do something stupid next week. I don’t know. But we can be very clear in identifying and enforcing consequences. And we’re going to do that.”


  1. Oh the irony of reading this while watching ESPN’s halftime show talking about Ray Rice’s suspension while on the scroll is the news of IU’s suspensions rolling by. I didn’t think there could be anyone more tone deaf than Roger Goodell during the Rice episode but Glass’ words are right in front of me.

    I’m fine with Glass hitching his wagon to CTC and following him out the door. The UM fans got rid of their AD and soon their football coach. It’s time for Hoosier Nation to be heard…Doyel, Kravitz, Peegs and Price have sounded the horn. #NoMore

  2. How can Tom Crean possibly look a future recruit’s parents in the eye after the crap that’s going on under his watch with the Men’s Basketball program? How is he any different than Kelvin Sampson or Bob Huggins? Tom Crean MUST go. And he must go now. Bob Knight is sitting somewhere laughing hysterically at Indiana and it’s “zero tolerance” edict.

    And then to take the teeth out of the suspensions by including the exhibition games? It just gets better and better (or worse and worse, depending on your perspective).

    Tom Crean doesn’t get it. IT’S INDIANA.

  3. “…sort of kids you’d want your daughter to marry.”

    What an asinine, sexist, and backward statement. This man never left his 1970’s dorm room. He thinks Indiana’s traditions are built on crosses, billboards, big boxes of sparklers, and halftime ceremonies to get the Bobby roaches crawling out of the walls with their checkbooks… He is the ringmaster of a bozo circus act.

  4. Really, 4 games including the 2 exhibitions, ridiculous! I agree with Hank, even if it were 4 games regular season, that is not enough!!! It should be no less than 10 games without a doubt. If you are trying to send a message, send it!! I am not sure 10 games would be enough. This is equivalent to the 2 games Perara got last year and we all see how that turned out! Did you notice that the 2 game suspension ends right when SMU is coming to town, hmmmmm? Strange huh? Funny how that works out? As we might expect, just when a very good team is coming to town. This whole thing just reeks!!

    Yes sir AD Glass and coach Crean, way to send a message, ridiculous!

  5. Fred Glass, Tom Crean, and a tub of Vaseline….Mike Miller will never know what hit him.

  6. Harvard for Hillbillies. Based on your last comment, you, along with anything your ilk could reproduce, would certainly not be a candidate for my daughter to marry. You can not control the decisions a18-20 year old kid makes. But I pity them for the consequences and I’ll bet they don’t make the same mistake again. Obviously the consequences have not gotten through to some of the kids yet. But I’m betting its about to get a whole lot clearer.

  7. the obnoxious, selfish, down right jerk off behavior of holt, williams, and robinson makes me so angry. These idiots have no clue how blessed they are in life, and they go and do this with a wonderful opportunity.

    for the first time in my life I’M sick of IU Athletics. Football sucks, basketball team is full of a bunch of morons. Done with it all for a while.

  8. I’ll offer very good odds for large amounts of $ AD Glass, Coach Crean and his staff get the ship redirected quickly with the institution of stiffer consequences and make the poor behavior only visible in the rear view mirror. What Glass had to say was about words being put into actions.

  9. This is all completely visible fans. This is irresponsible behavior. It is not coincidence that we’ve had 4 players (Yogi, Stan x 2, Perea & Williams) confound the program with their poor decisions. And poor decisions off the court equal poor decisions at practice and on game day. Simple as that.

    Now, we don’t know what Davis’ BAC was yet but Holt had 1 beer in his system, which is illegal. Period. Like it or not, it is illegal in all 50 states.

    Poor decisions are plaguing the program and it is a culture engrained at the top. It is too bad it takes these kinds of debacles to put the microscope on a program that is simply average anymore. That’s right, Indiana basketball is average. The coaching is below average….in the Big 10! Think about it.

    Is Crean better than Izzo? No.
    Or Motta? No.
    Or Beilein? No.
    Or Ryan? No.
    Or Tubby? No.
    Or McCaffery? No.
    Or even Gross? Maybe???
    Or Collins? Jury’s still out, but something tells me he’s pretty good.

    How can we have an elite basketball program with a below average conference coach?
    I love his recruiting, morals, focus on academics and cheerleading but beyond that he’s so-so. Is that what we want?

    This is all just more pressure & evidence that Crean isn’t right for IU and what we have always stood for. I’m sure Crean is torn up by all of this, but he’s the boss so he owns it.

  10. Meek….! J____ C____!!!! Question1 is answered with 7 paragraphs, 20 lines, some 350 words…and Glass calls it “this thing” twice, never once mentions he’s dealing with drinking and drugs by four players, some of them repeat offenders, some seriously injured as a result of the illegal drinking because one jumped into an automobile or got run over by the other drinking driver…and not once in the seven paragraphs, 20 lines and 350 words does our Athletic Director use the term ‘drugs” or “narcotics” or “drinking” or “alcohol” to describe this “THING” which caused the “bad behavior” (my six year old grandkid exhibited bad behavior today, he turned over his four year old brother’s potty over and put his hands in it)… and then says he and Crean will fix “this”! Embarrassing to the University of Indiana. If I were McRobbie, I’d walk over to Assembly Hall, walk into Glass’ office and announce to him that I, McRobbie, will quadruple the suspensions, suspend Crean for four games for failure to lead and I McRobbie will coach the basketball team for that period even though I know nothing about basketball being a rugby-loving New Zealander but know a hell of a lot more about leadership and molding men…and then for good measure I’d dance a Hakka in Glass office to make sure he gets the point about character (no kidding!).

    God…four games!!! And, this is a great, great answer by Glass (you’ve lost the Mr. in the process kid), ” “Other than the injuries to Devin, … these player decisions…overshadowed…so many good things for this program, ” such as their choice of cognac and some really, really good blow …; stop handing us the IU fan, b.s. you’re handing out here. Most of us IU graduates have a pretty good idea ‘how far back’ you’ve allowed us to fall! Four games??? You’ve got to lay off Robinson’s and William’s stash, Glass.

    And Meek, did you really ask, “[H]ave you talked with Tom about his future at IU? Is he in trouble?” What was that about, the piece of wall-whatever that fell off at Assembly Hall last summer. What every truth-seeking, probing reporter would ask….!

  11. Hoosier Clarion, there is no IU fan I respect and see as an example of integrity than you. On this one, we disagree and pretty profoundly. I am very afraid there’s a bad atmospheric mixture surrounding the basketball program right now (it caught me by surprise as well) and I am beginning to fear that leadership within the Department of Athletics may be a fountain spring. Hope you are right and I am wrong; nevertheless, I believe if enough of us ask some quiet questions and share factual information, discussing with each other and with responsible Administration, we may be doing our Indiana a great service, either establishing there is no great concern in our programs, or identifying problems before they become insurmountable.

    I hope we meet at some meeting.

  12. Geoff, (if it’s the same Geoff…in Mass/Maine??) I thought you were a smart guy. Jon just finished saying he’s done with IU “for a while”, and you want to goad him back?? Let it go.

  13. A couple years ago MSU had 4 players get into similar types of trouble – Payne & Dawson, Appling, and Nix – you know… making bad decisions like drugs, and fights, and skipping class (oh, and alleged sexual assaults).

    Somehow they made it through, and Izzo dealt with it without kicking guys off the team.

    Listen (AwinZ) I’m all for rational arguments as to why Crean should get replaced, but I think the current issues are weak sauce. Stick to the basketball reasons as to why he should go. You make good points that he may not even be in the top 10 coaches in the conference… But this other crap happens everywhere. We obsess over IU basketball, so this seems all very huge, but outside of IU no one even cares.

  14. TTG, Nothing shows the metal of a manager as clearly as handling a crisis. Glass and Crean are focusing on behavior modification and will be instituting a beefed up protocol to reach that goal. That is good management acting toward a desired result.
    Devin Davis injury was caused by DD. No authority or informed poster has stated Holt ran into, onto or over DD causing the incident. The injury though being tragic is moot as to what consequences are leveled. Those consequences come directly from the under age consumption of the 2 offenders. Having consumed a very realistic maximum of 2 beers each I would say a 4 game suspension is on target knowing full well there will be other disciplines not known to us that will be instructional(ly) forced onto them towards good behavior on into the distant future.
    Now as I understand it the failed drug tests took place this Summer. We are just finding out about them. Here is where I would say Robinson should have been expelled and Williams needs to learn to walk a straight line even with his pants being on fire. In other words jack him up so he can’t even believe he did what he did. But Glass and Crean are not consulting me. So in this instance I’ll set firm and see if SR can indeed not earn strike #3 and watch Williams flourish or shrink under the weight of the discipline he is enduring.
    But believe me when I say I know these are not good times for the BB program but successfully resurrecting acceptable behavior from such poor individual decisions of young players will very soon restore the shine the program requires. Frankly this is not a big undertaking from my vantage point to get your arms around for the AD and Coach as many on here want to create.

  15. Coaches and ADs say “These kids will do stupid things.” Actually, they are not being stupid. They aren’t expecting to be punished, and guess what? They aren’t being punished. Winston is still FSU’s star QB, UNC still has its titles, Robinson still wears candy stripes.

    Coach, if you want to have control over future players, you have to set firm limits on current players. Robinson should be off the team. The new rule should be, one drinking, drug, or academic honesty violation and you are done.

  16. One can easily see how Glass and Crean have landed at IU….Complete opportunists and PR experts…..They are being asked jello pudding questions by a jello pudding team of local journalists. I actually think their character is far more despicable than the mistakes made by some players…They are master manipulators and master deflectors….They cover each others asses like used car salesman teaming up with his corrupt sales manager….I don’t see either of these men ever leading any IU sports program into a place of respect and validation earned by way of honesty, accountability, and expertise.. That’s why they’re always chasing the past…That’s why they’re always excusing the mistakes today by way of thinking we should kneel and kiss their toes because it’s better than those previously labeled corrupt souls….These men aren’t winners….They are not leaders. They are not leading by example..They are reactive rather than proactive…They are true masters at spin and extending their own contracts..They are hand-in-hand in a system of cronyism at Indiana like never known before….Power and greed because grace and humble truth is simply not in their vocabulary. Mike Miller is not equipped to deal with the best trained snakes Hoosier money can buy. He’d been fine with Kelvin Sampson…He’d been fine putting Kelvin’s ass to the fires where no institutionalized protection could ever be found for his sorry state of existence at IU…Crean and Glass will never know such an island.. They have constructed a monopoly of something far more sinister than a couple beers…They are the joke..They hold their untouchable noses to the air and sell such carnival blow that immature reporters and unsophisticated fans eat it up like apple pie in Aunt B’s kitchen.

    These are men that are experts with boys and unseasoned journalists….They have yet to be in a ring with mature minds and men of quiet example that can see right through their same and uninspiring routine. They blow their trumpets of faith and never stop with the reminders of the old demons….It’s sad how so many just roll over like a dog and stick their legs straight into the air the minute they hit playback on the tired old spiel…

    Crean was on the committee that brought in Glass….Nothing like hiring your own boss.

  17. Mark Twain had the perfect quote for the situation with Fred glass/Tom Crean ” Its easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone they been fooled” Wake Up IU Trustees and realize you and Hoosier Nation have been handed a “Bernie Madoff” of college basketball

  18. I feel Crean is coaching for his job this year. However, winning tends to cure all ills and brings on amnesia to the critics and fans. If they come out hot, this will all go away in a hurry. MSU had this same issue a few years ago with some of their better players and Izzo didn’t kick anyone off the team.

  19. While I don’t agree with those who say that this should all be laid at Crean’s feet, I will say this: Stan Robinson should not be on the team. I would point out he is getting the same suspension as Troy Williams, who committed the same crime but did not have a previous offence, and Emmit Holt, who has no previous offences and whose only “crime” in this case did not even merit an arrest.

    Stan’s problems run much deeper. As I argued following his arrest at Kilroy’s, the thing that stood out about that was his arrogance; just a few months after one of his teammates committed a serious alcohol related crime and in effect put the whole team on probation, he clearly believed he could commit a related crime in broad daylight and get away with it. He knew that nearly everyone in that bar would recognize him, but rather than believe this would guarantee he would get caught, he obviously believed his status would protect him.

    Now we learn that he has failed not one, but two drug tests. After the Kilroy’s incident, one should have been enough by itself to merit a lengthy suspension, perhaps even the end of his career at IU. A second one establishes him as a serial offender who either can’t or won’t live up to the standards of an IU basketball player.

    What Stan has shown — and it’s hard to not suspect Yogi and Troy as well, and perhaps Perea and others — is that he is more interested in petty and superficial pleasures than in honoring the institution that places him in such a privileged place to begin with. Being an IU basketball player seems to be about what he can get from it — status, girls, a permissive lifestyle — rather than what he can give back to it. Getting caught with a beer is one thing, but this ongoing sequence of events connects all too closely with the culture of entitled, spoiled athletes we see in so many other places. Cody Zeller said it best in his tweet: being an IU basketball player means giving up a normal student life, but pays off with something even more important. Stan seems not to get this, and as much as I like him on the court, I do not think he should be allowed to continue.

  20. A few observations:
    1. It’s interesting and fun to watch a feeding frenzy. Nothing like a little blood in the water to bring that about?
    2. I wonder, if Crean had won a National Championship at IU, would there be such a chorus of people calling for his termination right now? Knight had a lot of players that made similar mistakes during his tenure, but I don’t recall anyone ever calling for his resignation until his teams proved incapable of making it to the final four, and his personal behavior became unacceptable to an ultra PC IU President.
    3. We older fans have to understand that to today’s kids, there’s not much difference between alcohol, pot and a few other drugs. It’s all the same to many of these kids today. So, in today’s world, there’s not much difference to these young adults between blowing a positive BAC and having pot show up in one’s blood or urine test. It’s all the same to them.
    4. Part of the problem is that IU increasingly relies on recruiting kids that grew up no where near Indiana. They obviously don’t understand the tradition and standards established by their predecessors, and the expectations placed on them to honor and uphold them.
    5. How IU and The Hoosier Nation behave through these “scandals,” and how IU treats Crean in the meantime, will have a direct impact on the quality of coaching candidates IU will be able to attract when Crean is no longer coaching IU basketball. These college coaches know what today’s young men are like. They’re realists, and deal with this (and far worse) behavior on a regular basis. If IU mismanages this situation, or gives the impression that it is too strident in its expectations of its head coach, a lot of Crean’s critics are going to be scratching their heads and wondering why no top-level coaching talent are interested in taking the IU job. I hope those in charge will do a thoroughly sober (no pun intended) and realistic analysis of where IU currently stands in the world of college basketball before making any decisions about the future of our beloved basketball program.

  21. It’s fun to watch hypocrites that used complete blanket statements like “thugs” and “druggies” to characterize those that made bad choices under Sampson now scramble for excuses, talk of changed attitudes toward pot-smoking and underage drinking, in a search for reason and calmer heads to prevail…..There will never be another blood-fest comparable to the months following the horrific 3-way call scandal.. And only two years ago, Crean was taking a nationally televised game opportunist(like the opportunist he is)to chase Jeff Meyer down at center court and scream bloody murder…Still finding targets to hate rather than forgive and move forward, he sold his pious blow like a giant bozo…., “You wrecked the program!…You wrecked the program!” …Now we watch Crean and Glass do their spin talk….and heir current state of soft penalties and denial only serves to make a bigger joke out of the witch-hunt mentality they wrapped around their flawless blow, resumes, and mega $$$ contract extensions…Every reporter with a microphone got to hear of how Hoosiers were now “praying in locker rooms” and the ashes of “decimation” left at Crean’s doorstep was a constant reminder when the fumbling of big games and his coaching skills were becoming increasingly evident…

    Oh, how I love how all the gatherers of timber for the burning of witches have now learned to let boys be boys and forgive….

    I am more than pleased to know that whatever Kelvin wrecked can’t be put back together with some good weed and Doc Libby’s good Christian heart finding some compassion and realistic voices to now bleed forgiveness rather than the hate that used to feed the old sharks in the water…

  22. Thanks LawguyNA. Leaving the Forum was not an easy or simple decision, and there are still times when I think it would be interesting to see what’s happening. It was always good to discuss things with you, Geoff85, b_side, and others, but a small number of hostile voices had really changed the overall experience for me.

    I see that one of our favorite nemeses has indeed returned, just as predicted! Enjoy your battles with him, and look me up on the main site once in while…..

  23. There is only one “Forum” and there is only one Hoosier Scoop….A game of Pollyanna softball is to play at Inside the Hall…..All comments can be digested on Scoop….Nothing needs to be as purely approved to smell similar to the rose-colored opinions behind the Iron Curtain of Bozich’s trail of censorship po_p.

    I don’t believe they talk of Scoop over at Inside the Hall….I see no reason to talk of their zombies and commies crowd on THE…FREE…Hoosier Scoop… Get over yourselves …Go slather each other in your own familiar closet of protected log-ins, secured identifies, credit card verifications, Pollyanna Acceptance Tests, and all those wonderful exclusive paid membership rights that Bozich affords you to stop the earth in its tracks….

  24. Thanks, Harvard. I was just about to slather, but your kind and insightful importuning has cause me to rethink it. If you have any other suggestions, please let me know.

  25. “importuning” …So you know how to restring a guitar…? Yippee.

    Huh…Don’t know why my links to pictures didn’t work above….Nothing sinister involved…(The “Forum” was merely a link to a picture of the Los Angeles Forum and the “Scoop” link was intended to open a picture of the Statue of Liberty).

    My apologizes for not being more welcoming….It’s my way of showing admiration….I now Neil before you…You may proceed to approach and choke…It will all be on film for ESPN in a about a month…But their will never be footage of whores on a boat with Miami football players, UNC athletes smoking pot in their dorm rooms while they’re supposed to be in fake classes, or Jerry Sandusky searching for extra locker room towels…(never mind).

    Crean is a good guy…He means well…I’m actually feeling a bit sorry for him today. He’s simply now just another victim of the prima donna world that athletes command….I’d kick them all out and start from scratch. Hire Jordy Hulls as the coach…Bring in some capable assistants.,,,Name Steve Downing as the new AD. Can’t do any worse than IU Football in most glorious heyday.

    How the chips fall..? I really don’t care…It’s the rest of you that gives me grave concern…You invest so much….Guys like Tsao and Podunker..and Clarion….I simply wish they could laugh more….Maybe they do..Maybe they do.

  26. I think we should have a good, old fashioned debate on this site. The questions considered should be, “Is it a college coach’s responsibility to prevent his/her players from drinking alcohol and/or consuming illegal drugs while under an athletic scholarship?” “What should the punishment be for violating the law regarding the underage consumption of alcohol and/or use of illegal drugs?” “Is it too much to expect a student athlete to refrain from using alcohol (until turning 21) and/or illegal drugs while under athletic scholarship, when so many of his or her peers consume these substances on a regular basis?” Should the punishment for a student-athlete be more severe for violating the laws pertaining to alcohol and/or drugs than the punishment delivered to any other student for the same violations?”

    No agenda here, just curious to see where my fellow Scoopers stand on these questions.

  27. Podunker-

    You’re right…McRobbie’s kid was doing pot…(if I recall correctly, it was quite a large amount of weed)..Nobody cared. We only cared when it was a Sampson thug/druggie….It added to the fun of the witch hunt….and the blood in the waters.. and the labeling kids as lifetime failures and degenerates….Load them on the bus. Who could forget EJ’s interview that threw them all under the bus for their pot-smoking in the privacy of their own dorm rooms? It’s all about getting the right hands in the money bucket….Nobody is going to be tearing up their season tickets now…This house is clean as the Pope’s basin..

  28. My problem with Sampson’s players was that they had earned 19 F’s in one semester and had openly rebelled when an assistant coach was required to take over coaching responsibilities. Obviously, they were not taking the student part of “student athlete” seriously. They wrote their own tickets out of IU, but that’s ancient history. Nobody cares about that anymore, HH, so I suggest you move on.

  29. Harvard for Hillbillies got savaged on another thread on Scoop but I’d like to state for the record that I feel he speaks the truth and does not sugar-coat it. It’s been suggested that we watch the season and judge it on wins and losses. If we win more than 1/2 the games in the Big Ten this year I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

  30. I’m not sure Fred Glass can look at this from an objective standpoint. Just a couple years back, he gave Crean a huge contract extension (which is starting too look like as much of a mistake as the one Notre Dame gave to Charlie Weis). So in some ways, by blaming Crean or giving a scathing review of him would be admitting his own failure. And dudes in high places don’t like to admit failure.

  31. Glass can’t fire Crean over this, so it would boil down to IU writing Crean a huge, multi-million dollar check to buy out his contract. That’s not going to happen.

    We have no idea what Glass has said to Crean behind closed doors. We have no idea how Crean communicates to his players about upholding the rules. I would have liked to see stiffer penalties, in the form of longer suspensions (i.e., eight regular season games), but after last year with HMP and the others, the precedent was established. To increase the number of games now would only create another type of problem. But going forward, Crean should announce that the penalties for this type of behavior are going to be much stiffer. Crean needs to instill some serious pucker-factor in these young men. If demanding respect for IU Basketball does not work, instilling fear may save one of their lives.

  32. Behind similar closed doors used to reference a Glass/Crean collaborative rules directive I’m sure also produced some most stringent guidelines for the guilty players to conform to. Why would there not be both coexisting in the IU BB program. I have yet to see AD Glass fail to successfully respond to a crisis. Either presently at IU or before IU.

  33. Podunker, what feeding frenzy? People, IU fans are agitated over three separate but closely related incidents. 1. The ‘accident’ which now appears to involve two players, Davis and Holt and reveal their ilegal underage drinking 2. The revelations that two other, more senior, players were found to have consumed ilegal narcotics 3. the fact that this last (#3) episode was never before revealed until the last two days, adding to the perception that there are discipline/behavioral problems on the team that are not being dealt with 4. A recent (previously revealed last summer, I think) incident in which two of the senior members of the team were arrested for attempting to enter and (presumptively) consume alcohol while not yet of legal age and for showing ‘doctored or forged’ id’s to enter the bar. The fact that these events have all taken place in the last six months or so, were never revealed until these last two days creates the appearance of general lack of discipline that reflects badly on the team, is harmful to the student-athletes themselves and leads to a questioning of the coaches(pl) and AD leadership. I would expect that perhaps some of the team’s parents themselves have some private questions. That’s their kids. I don’t want to dramatize it, but it is not a feeding frenzy, just a question about the safety and integrity of the body of water these kids are swimming in and the capability of the fishing guide to take us safely through the sharks, most understandable when it is our kids.
    2. The same could have and did happen when Coach Knight was in charge. We could and did rely on the fact that we knew he was ‘in charge’ and no small misstep, infraction or breaking of the law by the players would be ignored. In fact, the idea was that the perception by the players was that the mere thought of having to answer to Knight was as strong a deterrent as there was. Even in Alaska, you knew you answered to ‘The General”, and the firing squad was preferable. If I recall, there was a realignment of forces upon return.
    3. Come on Po…we can disagree and become adversaries on lots, but don’t tell me us prehistoric dinosaurs were not as likely to pursue a variety of drinks, drugs and mixes…why do you think they call it Coca-Cola…because cocaine was a basic product of the original drink until…which made it so popular to begin with…come on!!! you remember that perk-up feeling!!!!
    4. Sure….Hoosier kids only like Uwe Blab, Quinn Buckner… Actually, mostly you’re right and it may be that what is impacting the Hoosiers in recruiting is that we are no longer the dominant in-state force we once were. If there’s a discussion to be had it is how do we keep them home when teams like Kentucky and Louisville not only offer much larger inducements (people may read that as they wish), but their schools are much more academically tolerant of ‘academic deficiencies’ like ‘reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic (as in adding and subtraction…, we require, at least, decimal point understanding).
    5. Honestly, the following sentence (from your #23) perplexes me. “…college coaches…are realists, and deal with this (and far worse) behavior… If IU…gives the impression that it is too strident in its expectations of its head coach, [we will wonder] …why no top-level coaching talent are interested in taking the IU job.”

    Actually, I would suggest that anyone who wonders about our holding the highest of standards shouldn’t even consider coming to Indiana because that’s why “It’s Indiana”. Need to remember that this is the reason why we went looking for our last great coach at West Point, not at Louisville (Denny Crum) 80 miles away or Kentucky or South Bend. That’s why a guy like Stevens is so intriguing to us, there is a great correlation between intelligence, integrity and success. It would bother me none at all.

    More important, for now we have a coach. His name is Tom Crean. We do not have a vacancy so it is premature, unnecessary, redundant and counter-productive to be wondering what to do when he is gone. Podunker, he is OUR coach.

  34. Hoosier Clarion, just catching up…(at moments I haven’t even felt like reading about this mess), so I apologize. Thanks for your views on #16 (on Nov 4, around 2:15pm). I do think we need to guide some of this by just making it clear we do keep our interest and an eye on the programs and that’s not about to change. Clearly, from your intervention and many others (HfH, Podunker, TJ,T, Geoff, Arch….) it does matter and we do want to get through this one with heads raised. Too much proud history. Thanks.

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