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Indiana reports that Devin Davis is improving after teammate Emmitt Holt hit him with a car early Saturday morning, Mike writes.

Yet another alcohol-related incident shows that Tom Crean’s Hoosiers just don’t get it, I wrote.

Inadequate quarterbacking has IU asking too much of its running game and other things we learned from the Michigan game, Mike writes.

IU football remains its own worst enemy, Andy wrote.

Zero Tolerance 2.0 would be the ultimate test to see if the IU basketball team love its coach enough to save his job, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Despite Tom Crean’s efforts, the new Indiana basketball season is starting where last season left off, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

The question is where the IU basketball program goes from here, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Tom Crean should answer for the latest off-court incident by his Hoosiers, Kent Sterling of KentSterling.com writes.

The Indiana men were fourth, the women sixth at the Big Ten Cross Country Championships, IUHoosiers.com reported.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo is staying upbeat after a difficult month of October, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel writes.

Lauren Hill, suffering from inoperable brain cancer, scored the first basket and last basket in what is likely her only college basketball game Sunday, Alyssa Roenigk of ESPN.com writes.

Call it a subliminal suggestion for IU basketball, if you will. Here’s Muddy Waters performing “Trouble No More” live in 1981 at ChicagoFest.


  1. mike miller

    the police report indicates davis ran into the side of holt’s car, not that holt hit davis with his car. big difference, don’t you think? get the story right.

  2. the way it’s worded implies holt had a degree of fault in this incident. he did not. davis threw himself into the car. i want all the journalists to report accurately as holt has taken an unbelievable amount of heat for this. many journalists owe him an apology.

  3. Oh that’s right. Holt only blew 0.025 and was cited for consuming alcohol. No fault here. Could have been mouthwash. Give him a pass. WHAT???

  4. could also have been responsible enough to have been designated driver and had one beer on halloween night. i would be thrilled if my son showed that kind of restraint in college. even as coach i would be “secretly” thrilled if my players only had one beer at a party. not holt’s fault that devin, for whatever reason decided to throw himself into the side of his car. imagine how emmit and his family must feel listening to hundreds of “fans” and journalists calling for him to be thrown off the team.

  5. Ram, quit trying , coachv obviously doesn’t get it! “No it isn’t” , really? So coachv is condoning these kids drinking as long as it’s not to many? Ram, you know what my father once told me? Arguing with an idiot, makes 2 idiots! Just leave it alone, this guy obviously doesn’t get it! The amount of drinks consumed is not the issue, they simply should not have been drinking at all!

  6. RAM, sorry, but you’ve lost the argument with coachv because you’re being unreasonable and basing your argument on a technicality. Technically, according to the law, no one under 21 should ever drink a beer. But in the real world, college kids go to parties and drink beer. Holt drank a small amount of alcohol, but he was not drunk. Technically, since he was not 21, he violated the law. But he was not drunk. Those are the facts from the police report. His blood alcohol level was not high enough to impair his driving, and as the facts are now suggesting, his consumption of a small amount of alcohol earlier that night had nothing to do with DD’s injuries. The police report, based in part on witnesses that were in the car, said that DD tried to jump in front of or on top of Holt’s car. If that is accurate, it sounds to me that DD’s actions had everything to do with the injuries he suffered, and Holt’s consumption of a small amount of alcohol had little or nothing to do with those injuries. I was not there, but I remember being a teenager and horsing around with my friends. It’s not hard to imagine, on Halloween night, a young man goofing around and trying to scare his friends by trying to jump on the hood of their car. In fact, I remember doing that stupid stunt myself when I was in High School. Young men do stupid things sometimes. Most of them live to tell tales about it. Let’s hope DD does too, and that Holt’s future is not compromised by this unfortunate incident.

  7. MikeC, so no matter what the facts are, what you and RAM are saying is that DD’s injuries are the fault of Holt because he was driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.025? It had nothing at all to do with what the witnesses say were DD’s actions? REALLY?

    O.K., so let’s say Holt drops DD off in the parking lot and drives away without incident. He’s driving the speed limit as he goes through a green light at an intersection. But another driver, distracted by his cell phone or something, runs a red light and T-bones Holts car, causing injuries to Holt. By your logic, Holt was responsible because he was driving his car with a blood alcohol level of 0.025 when the other person ran a red light. Is that what you’re saying?

    The question is, who’s actions were primarily responsible for causing the damage? Based on the statements included in the police report, it sounds to me as if DD’s injuries were not Holt’s fault.

  8. Podunker, the fact that Holt consumed Any alcohol at all makes him complicit (involved with others in a illegal activity such as underage drinking) in this incident. Like I said earlier , they are both responsible. If you want to keep giving these kids a free pass go right ahead. I would like to see them accept responsibility and move on.

  9. I you were the parent of any of those three girls, would you be confident in an 18-year-old kid’s restraint to stop at just one beer before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle they are passengers in at 1:00 a.m..? Podunker- Would you be willing to take that chance with your own daughter? Would you be confident to let her get into a vehicle with someone three years under the legal age and having the perfect gauge of how he’s just drinking enough to get a slight buzz? Wasn’t that a recent commercial that was running on the radio in Indiana? “Buzzed driving is drunk driving..”…?

    It’s called getting a designated driver…It’s called staying in your residence if you’re going to drink and no one is willing to be a designated driver. It’s called obeying the law and taking personal responsibility…Your kid could be he next victim of someone that believes they knew where the limits of their personal “buzz’ behind the wheel could protect the innocent.

  10. Podunker, I did not say Holt was solely responsible for this. I said this would not have happened if they would have not been drinking!! Don’t understand why this point is so hard to understand?

  11. My own kid has been the assigned designated driver….And, personally, I don’t like the responsibly she took on….,Even while sober, to drive with all the distractions that could go along with drunks in a vehicle, is still a dangerous cocktail…I want extra sober eyes on the road….Not just her own. But when my kid did take on the responsibility, I believed her when she would tell me that she didn’t engage in any drinking…Not one beer. Absolutely nothing if you’re going to drive. And absolutely never getting into a vehicle with someone that intends on driving after witnessing their consumption in having a “small” or “insignificant” amount…Take personal responsibility for yourself and don’t even flirt with the thought that you, or anyone else, can know their limits. Call a cab…Call a teammate that hasn’t been drinking.

  12. RAM, I disagree. Just because Holt drank a small amount of alcohol does NOT make him complicit in DD’s injuries. According to the witnesses, he was not impaired, he was not drunk, and that had nothing to do with DD getting injured. It did NOT contribute to the collision. And I am not giving Holt a pass. He was wrong for underage drinking. He was wrong because he broke team rules. He should be punished for breaking the law and for breaking team rules, and I’m sure he will be. But the eyewitness testimonies indicate that he was not responsible for DD’s injuries and that his BAC had nothing to do with the collision.

    MikeC, we don’t know if DD was drinking, so how can you say that? Again, according to the eyewitnesses, Holt’s drinking (a very small amount of alcohol) had nothing to do with the collision. Perhaps, DD had not consumed any alcohol and was just horsing around, trying to play a joke on Holt and his friends, and miscalculated or slipped when trying to jump on the hood of Holt’s car?

  13. Podunker, I heard on the radio today that DD was also under the influence. I also read it was in a police report which was released this afternoon. Our coach is on a very slippery slope, I know everybody says you can’t be with these kids 24 hours a day. But it seems odd to me that there is no other program in the country that has had these kind of alcohol and drug issues over the last 9 months! Half our roster willfully break the rules. Coach Crean is responsible for this, he recruited and brought these kids to Indiana. I am sure during their recruitment he sat in all of these kids living rooms and promised their parents he would take care of them like all other coaches do? Why is it not working in Bloomington? It falls back on the head guy.

  14. MikeC – I guarantee you that every other team in the country has underage members that consume alcohol. I will bet my house, my kids college fund, and my retirement account.

    I’ll start getting concerned about issues when we have physical assaults, sexual assaults, cheating scandals, laptop stealings, multiple failing students, and institutional cover-ups.

    forgive me if I don’t get worked up over these kids simply partaking in the social activities that 90% of their peers on campus are doing all around them.

  15. Po your rational fits perfectly with mine. You’ve explained it correctly. Having raised 3 sons tells me this could just as easily of happened if no alcohol had been involved. I just do not see where the alcohol was of any influence even though I do agree there was a law broken by under age students drinking.

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