Hoosier Morning

Emmitt Holt, Troy Williams and Stan Robinson were all handed four-game suspensions by Tom Crean Monday night, Mike wrote.

Things went from bad to worse for Indiana with Monday’s toothless suspensions, I wrote.

The crash report and an eyewitness account both say Devin Davis was at fault in the accident with Emmitt Holt, Mike wrote.

IU football is looking for improvement and answers before Penn State arrives in Bloomington, Mike wrote.

IU is dealing with poor choices from players who should know better, including Yogi Ferrell, Dr. Lydia Ferrell writes.

Tom Crean and his roster are stuck withe each other, and that’s the current reality in Bloomington, Ryan Corazza of Inside the Hall writes.

Crean is failing the Hoosiers on and off the court, and should pay with his job, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

It may be too late for Tom Crean the father figure to regain the respect of his sons, Lucas Corley of WIUX.com writes.

Crean doesn’t deserve to be fired, but he has to regain control, Evan Hoopfer of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Monday’s suspension simply aren’t harsh enough, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

Indiana isn’t getting the players’ attention with these puny punishments, Terry Hutchens of AllHoosiers.com writes.

Ron Patterson caught fire to spark Syracuse to an exhibition victory Sunday, Jesse Dougherty of The Daily Orange wrote.

IU football’s feeble offense has the Hoosiers in free fall, Kyle Rowland of the Fort Wayne Journal Gazette writes.

In what seems to be the consensus of the morning, here’s “Not Enough” by Van Halen.


  1. I agree with Mike on the suspensions and lack of teeth. Right now these suspensions look very weak and self serving and don’t send the message the majority of IU fans are looking for. Crean and the players have lost the privilege of taking care of things behind closed doors. Now is the time to lay out all the punishment for everyone to know. Right now they don’t appear to be doing anything to dissuade the stupidness, whether true or not, and that is not a good thing.

  2. After having slept on it and reading all of the columns, I’ve come to the conclusion that my initial reaction to all of this was wrong. Times have changed and us long time IU basketball fans need to adjust. Our view of IU basketball and what made it special is antiquated and holding on to it will just leave us bitter.

    Hanner, Stan, Yogi, Troy, Devin and Emmitt are the new generation. It’s their time to represent IU how thy see fit. If you look around the sports landscape, pro and college, you’ll see their issues are minor and had no real victims but themselves. CTC introduced a new tradition with the candy stripes and we fans shouldn’t stand in the way of progress. I can’t let a few minor issues stop my interest in IU hoops. My voice is needed on this site throughout the year.

  3. The name BOZICH comes with a protectionist, Pollyanna, agenda….Pasting a link to his blow means nothing..That name has always propped Crean up as flawless…I’m pretty sure we all know why that is…and it’s why ITH is a joke.

  4. “…article from someone not so close to the program”.

    Huh…? Doesn’t his son run one of those good Christian values IU hoops blogs that censors the most mild forms of criticism while being wholly dedicated to “toothless’ coverage of IU basketball? You can’t get much closer than that.

    Mike-…Good choice in the vocab department…Also some good irony…I like calling a guy that came after Jeff Meyer on national TV like a insecure, schoolgirl, drama queen, piranha as someone “”toothless.” Guess all the tiny sharp teeth fell out after implanting them into every “because it’s Indiana” butt cheek he could sink into for all those meaty morsels of Sampson hate.

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