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Tom Crean’s under fire because his message hasn’t hit the mark, but Yogi Ferrell says its the players’ fault, Mike writes.

If there’s one rule Kevin Wilson holds fast to, it’s holding onto the ball, Mike writes.

Senior Dylan Lax is the glue for the No. 2 IU soccer team heading into Senior Night vs. Michigan State, I wrote.

A disconnect between Tom Crean and his players has Indiana in disarray, Gary Parrish of CBSsports.com writes.

Tom Crean set himself up to fail from the start, Chris Korman of USA Today writes.

Winning can cure a lot of ills, but doing so is no sure thing for Indiana this year, Josh at bigtengeeks.com wrote.

Tom Crean’s biggest problem is on the court, not off, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News writes.

The outrage of Hoosier fans is as much about wins and losses as arrests and accidents, Adam Himmelsbach of the Louisville Courier-Journal writes.

Win and win big is the only way out of the current IU basketball struggles, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

The frustration in Bloomington goes back to the Sweet 16 loss to Syracuse, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Indiana basketball fans are hurt, and for good reason, Alex Bozich of Inside the Hall writes.

Penn State is focused on stopping Tevin Coleman, who reminds the coaching staff of Darren McFadden, Audrey Snyder of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette writes.

The IU football defense is improving, even if it is just baby steps, Sam Beishuizen of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Think this about sums things up at the moment — “Free Fallin’ ” by Tom Petty.


  1. Korman could spend a 1000 years in the state of Indiana and still not understand. His only attribute is he is prolific enough to throw volumes of mud on the wall so as occasionally something may stick. One of the new media personnel that have destroyed interest in the printed word.

  2. …also Gary Parrish was fed sour grapes by ex-manager Tyler Devitte…he acts like a little boy pouting on Christmas Morn…you can wrap fish with that story too…Parrish should be ashamed, pissed and learn to dig deeper…

  3. Interesting articles by Korman and Parrish. Both writers contribute fuel to the notion that Tom Crean is NOT the same person that his “image” projects. He has several glaring deep rooted “issues” that probably cannot be fixed: 1.) something badly missing in his game coaching skills, and 2.) something badly missing in his ability to gain true father-like connectedness and respect from his players.
    Both these issues were quite apparent even in the Cody/Victor era, although those two truly classy athletes never gave public voice to their true feelings and opinions of their coach.
    My theory is and has been that these missing elements in Crean’s coaching acumen have to do with two different yet perhaps related things: 1.) He did NOT have a normal father/son relationship with his own dad, from whom he is still estranged. By his own admission, his dad was never around during his adolescent to adulthood years, in fact, dad had abandoned the family by that time. 2.) He himself never actually played basketball on a team, not in high school even, although he was a bench warmer during high school, and NOT on a championship level team. He was never on a college team. So all his his deep basketball instincts are on a second hand level, learned from observation, his time with Izzo particularly, instead of participation.

    These two deficiencies in Crean’s personal development have left him with problems that will continue to haunt him as he goes forward, especially as he tries to prove himself in a high profile Division 1 program. He lacks the genuine INSTINCT for the game in progress, because he himself has never been there. So his game coaching has to rely on theoretical instead of instinctual knowledge, and that is what we see with his muddled decisions during the more challenging games. He also has no GENUINE fatherly connectedness to the young men in his charge, since he himself never received that from his own father. Therefore his relationships with those who should TRUST and RESPECT him as a true father figure/coach is also not within his reach. He has learned to “act the role” but most of these young men quickly see his father/coach role is NOT GENUINE but somehow a LEARNED ACT. That would explain the “disconnect” between Crean and his players.

    As with many successful appearing but deeply lacking, flawed people, he is very successful at salesmanship. That is a skill that CAN be learned, and he is very good at it. He sold himself to the IU decision makers who hired him, he sold himself to the fan base, he continually attempts to sell himself as a GENUINE Christian, and he certainly sold Cody Zeller. That was at the top of Crean’s successful salesmanship as Indiana’s great savior. It took some time before the multitude of not so nice actions started to crumble his façade. And now here we are–Crean still selling and spinning, but the IU Basketball team remains buried in a heap of mediocrity, the result of his mostly phony self-presentation that he IS COMPETENT enough to bring IU back to the glory days suggested by his EXHORBITANT SALARY.

    It’s just my theory, guys, so take it for what it’s worth. This has been my take on his shortcomings for several years now, as I’ve tried to understand what about Crean seems not quite right. Sadly, if my theory is even remotely a factor in the history of the last seven years, there is no cure except to accept our losses of another 7 years of not quite making it, even with incredibly good players. IU will have to move on to a new coach that has a GENUINE INSTINCT for basketball, and a GENUINE ability to connect with his players as a beloved and respected coach/father figure.

  4. …I’m quite sure since he was not mentored by his biological father his ability to connect with his players never occurs…inject the name D. Wade…hows that fit your agenda?…or that he has no instincts to be a good Father to his own biological children…ask his Son…or his lack of being a star roundball performer handicaps his coaching acumen learned only from casual observation skills while working for only 1 HC…certainly Ralph Willard agrees…in a pigs ass…

  5. no mendacity,

    agree with most of what you say except try “connection” instead of connectedness as that isn’t a word.

    speaking of education, another flaw for crean is believing an old, gray haired fairy in the sky controls what happens in your life. working at an institution of higher learning and believing in fairy tales instead of evolution is a true “disconnect”.

  6. I just pray that Crean’s coaching will finally evolve into some tiny percentage approaching his tweeting proficiency….Survival of the Twittist? If the Holy Ghost State was going zone, I’m pretty sure he could turn a chalkboard into a flying carpet and penetrate some lengthy and highly active clouds defending the everlasting rim of light….

  7. always with the beautiful writing. now get your ass up to the most recent post and get on my side about zeller.

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