Hoosier Morning

Tom Crean knows what he would’ve done differently on Halloween night, but he’ll keep sending the same message to his team, Mike writes.

The Indiana basketball team and coach have to prove things are different going forward, not just talk about it, I wrote.

The undermanned Hoosiers host Northwood tonight in their exhibition opener, Mike wrote.

“Bullet” Ben Raimondi finally got the call to the IU Athletics Hall of Fame, Andy wrote.

Being inducted into the IU Hall of Fame marks a homecoming for Adewale Ogunleye, Andy wrote.

IU offensive lineman Ralston Evans is back and better than ever three years after a gruesome knee injury, Mike wrote.

Michigan State kept stealing No. 2 Indiana’s momentum and ultimately stole a win over the soccer Hoosiers on Senior Night, I wrote.

Missing Texas Southern game is Crean’s idea of “sterner” punishment, Gregg Doyel of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Tom Crean has earned the right to at least try and straighten out the mess at IU, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

An actual basketball game will be a welcome relief for Tom Crean and Indiana tonight, Kent Sterling of KentSterling.com writes.

Listen to a discussion of Indiana’s messy situation on the Eye on College Basketball podcast, via CBSsports.com.

For Crean, zero tolerance isn’t the answer to IU’s off-the-court issues, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

A Q-and-A with Indiana sophomore safety Antonio Allen, from Sam Beishuizen of the Indiana Daily Student.

It wasn’t just the defense that let IU soccer down vs. Michigan State, but an errant offensive effort, Michael Hughes of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

In honor of tonight’s exhibition game, here’s Emerson, Lake and Palmer with “Pictures at an Exhibition” live in 1971.


  1. This Doyel(new man)must have attended the Krapitz school of journalism. I do not think he can spell BB or IU.

  2. He is kind of disappointing. Not sure if he finds it easier to pile-on than construct a story on his own. Or maybe he’s just trying to get his readership #’s up. His first story concerning small Indiana town and sports was good. Guess that was it and creativity is gone.

  3. At least we’re relevant again….Every Establishment guy on the block is talking about the Hoosiers again….Yippee! Belch.

  4. STERN
    adjective, sterner, sternest.
    1. firm, strict, or uncompromising:
    stern discipline.
    2. hard, harsh, or severe:
    a stern reprimand.
    3. rigorous or austere; of an unpleasantly serious character:
    stern times.
    4. grim or forbidding in aspect:
    a stern face.

  5. purpler: more purple than the regular kind

    difficulter: more difficult

    can’t just add er and ness to any word you want. that doesn’t stop people from doing it out of stupidity and a lack of education. in crean’s case, both.

    you will find all manner of botched words in the dictionary because if enough idiots say it, it will get there. see: sticktuitiveness, reaffirm, connectedness, tenaciousness

  6. I just go with what sounds convincingly appropriater to my ear. Most of the time it’s probably wrong…..I have a graduate degree in Idleness….and a BS in Slothiology. coachv sometimes gets under my skin too….But then he told me that my writing was beautiful and a new dawn entered into my Aquarius….Now, all of my grammar mistakes fall somewhere between Saturn and Uranus….If it weren’t for the red squiggly line that alerts and appears under words like “coachv” in these boxes, I would be SOL…(and I don’t mean the Mexican beer…I generally go for Bohemia or Corona Extra). What can I say…? I just simply enjoy writing…But rarely do I enjoy writing simply.

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