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Mike Davis officially returned to Assembly Hall for practice Sunday night, and he’ll make his public return tonight as Texas Southern visits Indiana, Mike writes.

Most of the things we learned about IU football against Rutgers were things we already knew, Mike writes.

A tough call on Indiana set up Maryland for the game-winning goal in the Big Ten Tournament title game Sunday, we reported.

Former IU coach Mike Davis doesn’t just want to get Texas Southern in the NCAA Tournament, he wants to take them deep into the tournament, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

A Q-and-A with Mike Davis, from Jordan Littman at Inside the Hall.

What Todd Yeagley called “a knee-jerk reaction” by the ref set up Maryland’s decisive goal in Sunday’s Big Ten final, Andrew Vailliencourt of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Victor Oladipo returned to the starting lineup for the Orlando Magic on Saturday, Josh Robbins of the Orlando Sentinel wrote.

Rutgers coach Kyle Flood had 25,000 reasons to smile after the Scarlet Knights gained bowl eligibility with a win over Indiana, Keith Sargeant of the Newark Star Ledger wrote.

IU scored just 13 points on seven possessions inside the Rutgers 40-yard line and more advanced box score stuff, from Billy at puntjohnpunt.com.

No more excuses, Kevin Wilson is not getting the job done, Justin Albers of AllHoosiers.com writes.

For Mike Davis, “Return to Innocence” by Enigma.


  1. Anyone interested in playing a little game with me? I’m naming it 3-on-3 (original, i know)… here’s how it works – you pick 3 hoosiers from tonight’s game from different groupings that you think will have the biggest statistical impact. You add up your score and see who wins.

    Group 1 (pick 2) – Yogi, Robert Johnson, JBJ, Hanner, Zeisloft

    Group 2 (pick 1) – Hartman, Hoetzel, Burton, Priller, April

    Scoring: points (1), assists (2), def rebound (1), off rebound (2), steals (1), blocks (1), TOs (-1)

    Anyone feel like keeping a cupcake game interesting and playing with me?

  2. I have a feeling I’m going to win this game’s 3-on-3…

    Not even you Harvard? Can I get a coachv or a HC to play along?

  3. Hey oIUg… awesome… but you’re already breaking the rules. You have to pick 2 from group 1 and 1 from group 2. You picked 3 group 1 players…. FOR SHAME!

  4. Podunker, it’s not so smart to think I’d be so stupid to take a ‘yes’, ‘no’ approach to your post which is there for no other purpose than to suggest your next ‘fire whomever’ post…your fourt or fifth since I’ve been reading The Scoop regularly (2-3 years). You are no doubt the single “Most Destructive Voice” of Hoosier followers. You have, in my opinion, been a treacherous, (that’s a near-synonym of treasonous), malignant voice with respect to every coach at Indiana who seems to tickle your belly-button.

    You follow a clear and constant regression (nothing is ever a progression with you) almost by the week: “I support Woody Woodpecker” (week 1), “I question Woody Woodpecker’s decision” (week 2), “We have to examine Woody Woodpecker beak” (week 3), “Woody Woodpecker is not the best voice for the cartoons” (week 4) “Woody Woodpecker has to go” (week 5), “Why isn’t Woody Woodpecker being thrown out on St ate Road 37″(week 6), “Woody Woodpecker should be thrown naked on a bunch of used, fluid soaked hospital garments from an Ebola Hospital” (week 7)….

    I doubt there’s many IU fan/bloggers out there who disagree about your extremist views of nearly all Hoosier coaches (at some point or another)

    There’s clearly a bunch of problems with IU’s management of football. I doubt if Glass, Wilson…Mallory, Pont or anyone else candidates eventually talk to when ‘selling’ them on the IU program, if anyone mentions fans like you, frustrated wanna be managers (loan company managers?) who will shake the rug the moment some bad experience hits. What has almost bummed me out is the speed and vengeance with which you reap bad karma on those few still willing to lead Hoosier teams. Who would do this?.

    I ask myself; ‘Do they understand that the only chance we have is with those who still believe there’s a possibility?’ of raising something respectable. “What are they (folks like you) offering?’ ‘What are you offering Podunker?’ ‘Anything besides your worse take’?, ‘How did Indiana fail you that you are so committed to its total disappearance from the football map? And, ‘ its shamed, embarrassing dismissal from the B1G?’ ‘Is your dislike of Hoosier fans so damned intense Podunker?’ ‘Contribute something, anything Po;…anything that is not a vision of pulverized, muddied, shamed Hoosier uniforms laying in an odorous heap in the middle of an empty Memorial Stadium’

    I was raised to believe in possibilities, search for solutions, believe that hope exists in well natured people who try hard. I don’t believe that Hoosiers football coaches and players, or East Los Angeles residents are all desperate, hopeless, bums incapable of overcoming huge challenges; even those created by their own defects, and that sometimes what they need is someone saying; (like they do in the 82nd) even when they are forced to pick up the pieces,’..All the Way’, regardless of the odds and simply because they believe in…each other. I will believe we Hoosiers can do it even when there’s only two of us left….heck, I even believe in you having possibilities, you do’-do’.

    I know, you can’t wait until you read how I would answer Albers’ blog piece on the Hoosiers. I read it, processed, thought about his specific point (agreed with the indiscipline shown by the penalties and especially those that took us out of position to score or created scoring opportunities for Rutgers) and note that openly without letting it go into doubts about being a Hoosier or doubts about the excellent mind of Kevin Wilson and the progress he has made as head coach and the fact that he is having to rebuild Mt. Arararat because folks like you have stripped the Hoosiers to the point they are sniveling, frightened little creatures afraid of their own shadow and afraid of who and what is around the dark corner,… lest it be you. Albers??… he makes some points; and in some pointed arguments he seems to have too sharp a blade out for Wilson to be very fair for a professional’s evaluation. Whether he intended it or not, he became just one more ‘b’chin pamphleteer’.

    Aren’t you glad you asked?

  5. Thanks for the laugh, Tsao. Your continued exaggerative and simple minded interpretations and selective and over-the-top attacks provide me with great entertainment. It’s so easy to push your buttons.

  6. Tsao, you’re so filled with cynicism and rage, and so blinded by your disdain for me ever since I goaded you into exposing your low character (“terrorist,” “unpatriotic” “evil”) that you’re incapable of even interpreting and/or representing my opinions accurately. It’s starting to eat you up, Tsao. But for the record, since I first subscribed to The Scoop, I have called for two IU coaches to be fired. Those were Lynch and Mallory. In both cases, the proper IU authorities shade my assessment. I have never suggested, implied or called for Wilson to be fired. In fact, I have continuously justified why Wilson should be given more time in his current job. If you’re capable of it, you need to try a little harder to suppress your rage and read what is written. The really funny thing to me is that your attacks on me are so much nastier, by orders of magnitude, than any criticism I’ve ever written about any IU coach or anyone else. Do you even realize the level of your own double standard and hypocrisy? I’m beginning to think you’re incapable of achieving that level of awareness. But boy is it fun to witness.

  7. Tsao, in case you missed it from a few days ago, I posted this on another thread/string. Just for you, because you’re so special.

    “Tsao, since you have long since revealed your character, you may be the most cynical person I’ve ever encountered. You seem to always interpret things in the worst possible way, at least with regards to comments you disagree with. And you jump to the most outrageous conclusions imaginable. But what you should be most disturbed about is how you attribute the worst motivations to others. I think that’s the “god complex” that RAM referred to in #66 above. I find it funny, but others find it ridiculous. Maybe it was all those years working as a journalist, or maybe its just self loathing on display.

    Sometimes, things are not black or white. Sometimes, a question is just a question. Sometimes people can see both the positive and negative aspect of a situation and comment on both sides of it. Most people are not all bad or all good, and certainly none of us are perfect.

    You reference loyalty. You’ve never known anyone more loyal to IU than myself. But my loyalty is channeled to the IU faithful, or as we call it, The Hoosier Nation. My loyalty is to the fans who long for the day when they can celebrate and take pride that IU Football is successful, or at least competitive. My loyalty is to the current and future generations of IU students, most of which would love to have something to look forward to each fall weekend. I was fortunate enough to be a boy living in Bloomington when IU went to the Rose Bowl. I want every person in The Hoosier Nation to experience the joy and excitement that everyone in Bloomington experienced during that magical season. I was fortunate enough to be a student on campus when Corso’s team beat a highly ranked BYU team for IU’s first ever bowl victory. Tears of joy rolled down my face when that field goal beat Purdue, allowing Hep’s team to play 13. I want every IU student to experience the fun and celebration that my youngest daughter experienced that night in Bloomington and during our family trip to Tempe to cheer for IU against Oklahoma State. And I fully confess that I am far more loyal to The Hoosier Nation, the alumni, the current and future students, and IU fans in general, than I am to any university employee, including a head football coach. I loved Bobby Knight and had the pleasure to meet and speak with him on several occasions. But I love IU and IU basketball a lot more. I like Wilson and remember how excited I was when he was named IU’s head coach and when he defended his new program against that moron sports radio talk-show host who was mocking IU football. But I love IU and The Hoosier Nation a lot more.

    I hope Wilson turns the corner at IU and gets a big fat contract extension and builds something special over the next ten years. But if Wilson can’t accomplish that, regardless of the obstacles confronting him, then I’ll look forward to IU finding a coach who can. I’m rooting for Wilson to succeed, but until he produces a winning season, a lot of loyal Hoosier fans like myself will continue to have some doubt. Expressing both hope and doubt, as things evolve, does not make anyone disloyal. Whether you approve or disapprove, it simply makes them a fan.”

  8. Wow…I just realized that I somehow missed Hanner’s name on the group 1 list…I dozed off during the second half…Pretty sure Geoff won with the huge game from RJ.

    Damn..Robert Johnson is impressive. He’s got great range and he lures guys to sleep with a burst of quickness not expected. Really aware and plays the game upright.

  9. Thanks for playing guys… this should get more interesting now that we have 3 new players joining the fold. Here are the scores:

    Geoff – RJ, JBJ, Max = 71
    oIUg – Yogi, HMP, CH = 71
    Chet – JBJ, Z, Max = 48
    HfH – Yogi, Z, CH = 63

    Perfect team would have been RJ (39), Yogi (33), and Colin (14) = 86

    btw, 15 Miles North… thanks for the compliment, but why didn’t you play?

  10. I need to go double or nothing. I still like my team. I believe that Zeisloft will make huge contributions that will never show up in a box score (of course, that WAS the game). Did you notice him on the bench or during timeouts? He was teaching those guys how to be a college basketball player. He was always in someones ear pointing things out on the floor. He was a good find.

  11. Z was a great find. Just what the doctor ordered for this particular team. Not only is he smart and a leader, but he has a toughness that has to rub off on the younger guys. They know that he has their back. He is pretty damn pure too.

  12. If we do this for every game, will there be a $25.00 Trojan Horse gift certificate to the winner at the end of the season? I would have won this round if I hadn’t inadvertently missed Hanner’s name on the first group. Yogi, Hanner, Hartman = ? pts.

  13. Sure we can do that Buckets…

    If you look at the scores, you’ll see that oldIUgymnast picked the team of Yogi, Hanner, and Hartman… It was a tie at 71. I’m glad you didn’t choose that team. I mean there is nothing, absolutely nothing, worse than a 3-way tie. It’s like kissing your twin sisters.

  14. Twins would be awesome – just not if they were also your sisters.

    And woohoo! I tied! That was fun Geoff – lets do it again Thursday!

  15. I quit reading Alber’s FB articles some time ago. He has it together in BB but has no idea about the chess pieces(or the board)in a FB program. In FB he has to go for the big bang as he can’t think deep enough to understand how what happens is impactful or not .

  16. I will post the 3-on-3 groupings for Thursday’s game in the Hoosier Morning section each morning. You can go to to today’s Hoosier Morning in a few minutes to see the new groupings.

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