Hoosier Morning

The IU women’s basketball team turned to points in the paint and an Indiana freshman record eight steals by Tyra Buss to roll past Valparaiso, Jon writes.

The lineup is going to change and the playing rotation begin to take shape for IU basketball against SMU, I wrote.

Drops by the Indiana receivers are derailing Zander Diamont’s efforts to improve, Mike writes.

Rookie Noah Vonleh has shown some positive signs in his first week of action with the Charlotte Hornets, Scott Rafferty of upsidemotor.com writes.

With an eye on the college football playoff, Ohio State will have no mercy for Indiana, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Tevin Coleman becomes the latest talented running back to challenge an Ohio State defense that has struggled against the run, Bill Landis of the Cleveland Plain Dealer writes.

Quarterback injuries have dealt Indiana’s progress a setback, Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch writes.

Collin Rahrig was done with football after high school, but now he’s a fixture on the IU offensive line, Sam Beishuizen of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

I just can’t help myself — a selection inspired by a certain IU women’s basketball freshman. Here’s “Magic Bus” by The Who, live at the Isle of Wight.


  1. Here are the 3-on-3 groupings for Thursday’s game. Hopefully we’ll pick up a few more participants this week. The rules are you choose 3 players, as directed in the groupings, that you think will have the highest combined statistical impact. The groups may change from game to game.

    points (1), assists (2), def rebounds (1), off rebs (2), blocks (1), steals (1), TOs (-1)

    Group 1 (choose 1) – Yogi, RJ, JBJ

    Group 2 (choose 1) – HMP, Zeisloft, Troy

    Group 3 (choose 1) – Stan, Hartman, Max

    Good Luck!

  2. JBJ, Troy, and Hoetzel

    NEW AND IMPROVED.HARVARD CONTEST !!! Who has the most statistical impact?
    Pick one name from each grouping:

    Group 1: Those players that Geoff refers to by first name(Yogi, Troy, Stan, Max).
    Group 2: Those players that Geoff refers to by initials(RJ, JBJ, HMP).
    Group 3: Those players that Geoff refers to by last name(Zeisloft, Hartman).

  3. I want to start a pool of the Scoop commenters & Live Chatters who have the biggest meltdowns after IU football games.

    Results measured in Richter Scale readings.

  4. Not sure about the meltdown winner, ..I do have elusive footage of Tsao rallying all Wilson supporters for a response to the football terrorists.

  5. Nope…I originally wanted to type “exclusive” video in post #5…I made a typing error(my poor vision caused me to click on the wrong answer in spell check and I selected “elusive” instead of “exclusive”). Then again, if the video is puzzling to some, couldn’t it be rather elusive or imperceptible concept? Illusive would mean unreal or imaginary…I’m pretty sure that I didn’t imagine the YouTube clip.

    Nonetheless, my intention was to go with exclusive video….(as if it were solely special to my knowledge and now I’m deciding to share it with the Scoop audience).

  6. Not sure what that means…Then again, I’m grateful you straightened me out on basic math and percentage computations…which I also discharged in the outer limits of your mind..

  7. How many less would you like as to not tip the balance of your comforts with your desired orientations?

  8. Couldn’t find a bevy of midgets…But if you have a fetish for that sort of thing, I did find one very hot midget with her top off.

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