Hoosier Morning

Undersized Indiana stuck to its guns and shot its way past No. 22 SMU Thursday night at Assembly Hall, Mike writes.

On a night that was mostly a struggle for Hanner Moquera-Perea, he made a play when Indiana needed it most by taking a charge, I wrote.

Ohio State football has its eyes set on Big Ten Championship Game redemption, and Indiana marks the next step, Mike wrote.

Tyra Buss has proven to be more than a scorer with 15 steals in her first two games as a Hoosier heading into tonight’s matchup with Morehead State, Jon writes.

Indiana midfielder Tanner Thompson turned his brother’s accusation of fat into being fit, I wrote.

Troy Williams returned and even an imperfect performance was a big lift for Indiana, Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News writes.

Williams’ suspension is over and his contributions to the Hoosiers just beginning, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

With suspensions over, Indiana enjoyed the soothing balm of victory against SMU Thursday, Dana O’Neil of ESPN.com writes.

Troy Williams hopes to make good on his second chance at Indiana, Bob Kravitz of WTHR.com writes.

IU displayed a bond that was missing last season in a resume-building win over SMU, Rick Bozich of WDRB.com writes.

Give Indiana an “A” after a tension-smoothing victory at Assembly Hall, Jeff Eisenberg of Yahoo Sports says.

Freshman and clipboard holder Zander Diamont has been thrust into the starting QB job at Indiana, Adam Jardy of the Columbus Dispatch writes.

A Troy Williams-inspired choice, “Second Chance” by .38 Special.


  1. Hoosier FB is losing a good staff member, Sr. Dir. of Player Personnel Jeff Sims. He will be the new HC for Garden City CC. This just another sign we have the right man as our HC. He hires coaches and recruits players good enough other programs want them. On the + side just this week he and Coach Frey talked Ohio OL commit Simon Stepaniac into not taking a visit to L’ville.

    Dual threat***Texas QB Chason Virgil has just decommitted form Miss. St. He had planned on enrolling early and they told him that was not in their plans. He is now shopping for a home. I have no idea if IU is looking.

  2. Here are the scores and winner:

    Harvard – JBJ + Troy + Max = 57
    Chet – JBJ + Troy + Colin = 61
    Omega – JBJ + HMP + Stan = 48
    HC – JBJ + Troy + Colin = 61
    oIUg – Yogi + HMP + Stan = 47
    Geoff – Yogi + HMP + Colin = 43

    And the WINNER… with a perfect score!!!

    Double Down – JBJ + Troy + Stan = 65

    Congrats DD

  3. Coach KW is closer than one might think: 1. 1 or 2 Physical receivers (CL like) needed 2. QBs transfers messed KW & IU over, I do not care how you cut it (they both were developing well at IU)….KW needs to catch a couple breaks go his way. 2015 I do think IU defense will finally show up.

  4. Transfers and de-commits affect every BCS Football program, and I believe the data suggests they are becoming more common in this instant gratification society we live in. Overall, I believe Wilson and staff have improved recruiting. But it would be nice to see IU benefit from some more transfers and kids who change their allegiance before signing day. I wonder if Wilson is as aggressive in recruiting kids previously committed to other programs as some coaches are about recruiting kids who verbally commit to IU?

    As for Chason Virgil, was that Missouri State or Mississippi State? If the latter, it’s a very big drop to go from Mississippi State (this year) to IU, but it would be a big get. Wilson needs a couple of big gets in this class.

  5. PO, Robbing other programs is how we got Simmie Cobbs, Darius Latham, Hoss Hoff and a few of more over the last 2 years. Never knew Miss. to be mistaken for Mo.

  6. That Miss ST QB recruit would be good get for IU. He was only listed at 169 lbs. Wilson’s talk on Don Fischer at IU radio show referred to not pressuring kids, however I am sure he encourages and tries to sell IU program. He referred to that as well. Wilson says many of the right and good things. Kids that Fischer interviews in obvious very challenging lack of wins situation; always interview well and represent IU and the FB program well. KW and program just need to get a couple positive breaks recruiting and a couple things go their way rather than the stumbles that have been negative especially within the last year of his tenure.

  7. Geoff-
    Who’s currently ahead in terms of total points rather than individual game(YTD) winners…Do you have the total points standings?
    Stan got 9 last night? That was a very quiet 9.

    I would also like to encourage Jeremy, Mike, and Andy to join in…

    Geoff, DD, and Old IU Gymnast…? Sounds more like the first voyage of the Establishment Yacht Club.. Please pass the “I hate my crappy life” soap while Jeremy double checks the results. Conspiracy oven now on preheat.

  8. Just a random general beef here….

    Geoff has sometimes been accused of name-dropping on Scoop….Actually, I prefer someone that name-drops over those arrogant blabbermouths on Scoop that continually talk about their nameless “friends” and nameless “insiders” that are always ever-so-close to all the movers and shakers within various IU academic circles or the IU Athletic Department(e.g. “I knew people that worked there during the Sampson years. ..”). .Weak sauce.

    If you can’t reinforce your arguments with an actual name of your so-called informant/friend/coworker willing to go down on their sword for what they know from their “insider” world, then please shuddup. I don’t care about your mysterious insiders. Without any verifiable statement and verifiable name within IU’s Athletic Department willing to back up your claims, it’s simply empty hogwash in your empty gonads. It’s hearsay. It is the reckless home of rumor and slander. Verify or shuddup with your claims based on faceless and nameless informants.

  9. HERE IS THE FIRST 3-on-3 Game groupings for Saturday’s game.

    Not sure if there will be a Hoosier Morning tomorrow, but if there is I will re-post tomorrow as well.

    Group 1 (pick 1) – Yogi, JBJ

    Group 2 (pick 1) – Stan, Nicky Buckets, HMP, Robbie J, Troy

    Group 3 (pick 1) – Max, Holt, Hartman, Priller, April, Ritchie, Burton

    Scoring – Points (1), Assists (2), Def Rebs (1), Off Rebs (2), Blocks (1), Steals (1), TO’s (-1)

  10. And to add to #12….

    Mary Willingham was willing…She was willing to have the wrath of an entire school come down on her. She did not remain mysteriously nameless when the integrity of UNC’s academics were used and abused by the Athletic Department hellbent on winning at any cost.
    It’s too cheap and too easy to always blame Sampson. Someone could have intervened…Someone could have stepped forward and put their career on the line when the classroom was being desecrated of its integrity for the sake of victories. Don’t give me this “honorable intentions” garbage ten years after the fact. Don’t’ give the hard-hitting interview with Eric Gordon after the witch hunt is over. Let’s see the letters and the documentation sent to the AD…Let’s see text message records and emails sent to Sampson. We sure had plenty of 3-way calling evidence when it came to recruiting… Let’s see the suggestions to put players on academic probation…Let’s see the oversight and warnings. If you can’t bring it, then please shuddup.

    It’s too cheap and easy to scream of 19 F’s….Where was the screaming at the first five F’s? Where was the screaming when we begged these kids to wear the candy stripes when all knew the classroom had never been a high school priority? Where are the names of those that looked over their high school transcripts and gave them carte blanche to attend IU? If you can’t give the names, then here’s my offering from my “friends” on the inside: They knew these young men were going to fail. They wanted them to fail. They wanted the coach to fail. They hired planned failure with all intent to get to a coach that is a puritanical, righteous, carnival salesman, blowbag fraud that secured his credibility, not as a quality coach, but on the wings of the planned past failures….Begging academically unprepared kids to come and wear the candy stripes, setting them up for failure, are motives beyond sick ..They are motives anchored in demeaning kids you knew would struggle…They are pissing on young men via institutionalized discrimination and rules designed to condemn rather that foster success. They are motives far uglier and far more sinister than anything invented as a fake classroom at UNC.. That’s what my “friends”: on the inside told me.

  11. Wow! that’s a lot of words spent defending my name-dropping… I guess it’s good to have publicly agreed with you on the Sampson thing all along. 🙂

  12. Uh HH. Degree of hypocrisy in #12? What is the difference between quoting ‘unidentified’ sources and your consistent verbiage of Crean’s discarding of Ron Patterson? Remy?

  13. 15 Miles North of making up truths about Wilson at UNC-

    We all have degrees of dysfunctional lying and hypocrisy in our make-believe internet worlds…Sometimes we want to build Crean into an even more powerful saint by making up shtuff about the neighbor/coach across the street…Therefore, I think it’s time you make up some shtuff about Crean and equal the playing field.

    “Doo-doo to your neighbor as you would have them doo-doo on to you.”

    That’s a quote from Puke: 357 Hemi/Standard Block Edition/Dual Exhaust…It’s a quote from an invisible source strangely identifiable to many, many, many followers . When we attempt to judge people by our make-believe, invisible world, book often referred to as THE Book(doesn’t that unidentified source-force sound even more powerful when we call it “THE” Book…? Sorta like THE Ohio State Buckeyes…or THE Harvard for Hillbillies), I think we’ve given to ourselves the magic hypocrisy wand.to pretty much judge all based on the largest, concocted unidentifiable source in the world….And, boy, oh boy…We sure love to use that magic wand to stand in grandest fashion before the world(sometimes even at center courts and podiums) with THE only invisible source that matters and justifiably label those we take aim as the “losers” and the “sinners.”. “19 F’s!!!!!!!!!!” Did it not rain down upon the sinners from the heavens? But where is the rain for our sins? We can’t find one tiny drop of honesty and humility to fall upon our shoulders for such hypocrisy…? .How strange that thing we call THE Good Book.

  14. As of right now we only have Chet entered into tonight’s 3-on-3 contest… Anyone want to give him a run for his money?

    My team will be: JBJ, Troy, Max

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