Hoosiers get hot from deep and knock off No. 22 SMU, 74-68

Indiana hit 12 3-pointers and James Blackmon scored a game-high 26 points to lead the Hoosiers to a 74-68 win over No. 22 Southern Methodist on Thursday at Assembly Hall.

Yogi Ferrell added 13 points and Troy Williams poured in 11 points in his first game back from a four-game suspension.

This was the Hoosiers’ first test of the season, and also their first game with a roster resembling full strength. Williams, Stan Robinson and Emmitt Holt were all available after serving suspensions related to preseason transgressions.

The Mustangs outrebounded IU 40-27, but those boards were mostly muted by SMU’s 19 turnovers. The Hoosiers scored 19 points off those errors despite shooting only 36 percent (21-for-58) for the game.

SMU forward Ben Moore added a team-high 16 points for the Mustangs, who went 29-for-51 (56.9 percent) and saw 42 of their points come from the paint.


  1. #1 Everyone here owes CTC an apology for questioning him on bringing in Nick Z.

    #2 Yogi – less shoot & more pass. Why is he still getting caught in the air under the basket trying to make passes?

    #3 Looks like Hanner & RJ’s games will be a roller coaster ride this year.

    #4 If JBJ was on Kentucky, he’d be on all the NBA draft boards. I thought listing him at 6’4” was inflated but seeing him standing next to Jim Jackson after the game showed he’s legit.

    #5 This was obviously a make or break game. We lose this and it’s mutiny on the good ship #IUBB. We should be undefeated going into the L’ville game. It will be interesting to see if Miller puts IU in the top 25 on next week’s ballot.

  2. ##1 I like when Nick Zeisloft shoots

    ##2 for some reason I’m interested in knowing how this gam would have gone without Troy and Stan

    ##3 Mike Miller’s adjectives are weird… I wouldn’t say 36% from 3 is “hot”, nor would I say that 11 points is a “pour”ing

    ##4 if JBJ were on UK we’d have lost by 30 tonight, and I would be on my 4 Sailor Jerry and cider instead of my 2nd

    ##5 I actually agree on the make-or-break status of this game… that being said there are lot’s more of them to come.

  3. Robinson has now hit status irrelevant…..Might as well pour in a bundle from Kilroy’s floor.

  4. ##7 ummmm, how come I never heard before that Stanford Robinson decided (based on a Sheehey recommendation) to switch shooting hands mid-college-career??????

  5. It’s way too early to predict great things from this team, and it remains to be seen how good SMU really is. Consistency may be an issue down the road for us, and rebounding looks like it will be a big concern all year. But one thing seems clear– this is a team that NOBODY will want to play with their season on the line. They are dangerous.

  6. #1 Only seven turnovers. None for Yogi and JBJ.
    #2 Only four players scored in the first half.
    #3 Rebounding will be a challenge this year.
    #4 Inside guys leave their feet too early on defense, too often.
    #5 Troy and Stan brought energy.
    #6 JBJ will be one of IU’s all-time great shooters.
    #7 Hanner needs to work on strengthening his hands like Benson did.

  7. I hope an anonymous source drops off every game tape of Paul Westhead’s Loyola teams in front of Assembly Hall this week.

  8. Geoff-

    Too sauced up to give contest results last night? If you’re going to start a contest, you should do everything possible to tabulate the results and provide standings in a prompt fashion…

  9. David you are right about the “leave their feet too early” comment. Hanner needs to work on NOT going for the shot fake every time. But I think with a little more work he will be a great shot blocker.
    We will struggle with teams who have a legit big man.
    I also hate seeing us pull up for a jumper on a fast break. Drives me nuts!
    Our zone needs some work. I saw a lot of guys way out of position on the swing passes. I was relieved when Crean switched to man.
    Overall though it was a good game from a young team. With some experience we will be very dangerous.
    Go Hoosiers!

  10. I think these guys are too young and having too much fun to realize that, according to the “experts”, they aren’t supposed to be very good. This team does remind me a little of the Jay Edwards/Lyndon Jones freshman year. That team was picked to finish 7-8 in the Big Ten and ended up winning it. I think that was the 88-89 season. That team was also too young to compete for anything and ended beating teams they weren’t supposed to. I do like the aggressiveness of driving to the basket as often as they can because that will get them to the foul line a lot and I think we can win some games there. Also, I think our man to man defense is pretty aggressive and I don’t mind them taking some chances now and then to try to get a tip or steal. It is a fun team to watch and as Punjab said, I don’t think there will be too many teams in the Big Ten that will want to play this team come late February or early March.

  11. Interesting how KW’s defenders follow him in lock step after the football team loses week after week, yet TC’s detractors can’t stay silent after the basketball team plays a solid game and defeats a good SMU squad.

  12. ….a good SMU squad [while at home, in front of 15,000 home fans packed into Assembly. and SMU absent two of their top players]..

    Nice Hoosier b-ball win, but you need to adjust your spin, ‘Chaz the Spaz.’ Our football team is dipping into a 4th string QB…..That’s pretty much like Crean trying to get those two glorious Sweet 16’s without Cody Zeller.

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