Hoosiers hold off UNC-Greensboro, 87-79 #iubb

Indiana owned a 22-point lead a minute into the second half.

The Hoosiers needed every bit of it.

Four nights after failing to guard the dribble penetration, Indiana’s defense failed in a different regard. This time, yielding 14 3-pointers to UNC-Greensboro.

But five scorers in double figures, led by 24 from freshman James Blackmon Jr., were enough to narrowly hold off the Spartans in an 87-79 win Friday before an announced crowd of 12,285 at Assembly Hall.

UNCG outscored Indiana 45-37 in the second half.

Despite the gulf in talent, the Spartans shot their way to relevance on this night. Indiana outrebounded UNCG 39-26 and shot 50 percent from the field. But the Spartans were 14-of-23 from beyond the arc, including a 7-of-9 mark from 3-point range over the final 20 minutes.

UNCG got as close as six points from tying Indiana in the final minute.

Blackmon missed a double-double by one rebound. Yogi Ferrell added 15 points, while Robert Johnson and Troy Williams each scored 11 points. For Williams, it was his first start of the season.

UNCG’s Nicholas Paulos and Clay Byrd combined for 12 3-pointers. Paulos scored a team-high 24 to lead the Spartans. RJ White, UNCG’s top scorer, was held scoreless and fouled out late in the second half.

Indiana sophomore forward Devin Davis made his second appearance at an IU game on Friday since being released from an Indianapolis rehabilitation center.


  1. a win is a win. i hate that. might as well say it is what it is. right, chet?

    blackmon is probably the worst defensive player i have ever seen. either he has his back to the ball or his back to the guy he is guarding. he should never be in the game on defense during crunch time. guess dad was not much of a defensive guru either. kinda weird because he has a nose for the ball and boards well.

    someone on here recently mentioned how poor williams is on defense so i paid extree attention to him, uh huh. he was right. you know that heel to heel defensive slide thing? williams never heard of it. crosses his feet so often he is easily crossed over. negates that whole wingspan thing crean talks about so much.\
    most aware player on the floor? hartman. he should be getting starter minutes. in fact, i would play max and colin over troy and hanner. zeisloft seems to be finding his level and it’s not good. he was supposed to bring stability and help with the turnover thing, right? he’s making as many bonehead passes as anyone. and on this team that is sayong a lot.

    oh, and holt, the guy the game is too fast for? haven’t seen enough of him yet but early returns say he looks like a regular rotation guy. we will see but he may be better than hanner right now. good call, crean. about as good as all the times you said hanner will play in the nba and hollowell is the back up point guard. bawahahahahaha!

    and crean should be fired tomorrow for wearing a striped tie with a checked shirt. ugh

  2. If we cant hold leads against ewu and greensboro the big ten teams will feast on us all of them. I dont get the Holt move I thought he was doing pretty good. Why not give him more time. We will definitely need him in up coming games.

  3. agree bob. holt gave us an immediate inside presence and crean can’t see it. holt also blocks out, something crean complains about. all of zeisloft’s minutes should be going to hartman, too.

  4. the “fan disillusionment” is from Crean talking about LAST years team not communicating on defense…this NON communication on defense rests on the staff…it was a problem last year and from the “talk” is again this year;and as correctly pointed out, too much to buy out Crean but by the time he ruins IU….his recruits will be of the “desperate nature” since most will look and see someone whose only affinity to “Coach” is a label and nothing more.

  5. Military placed me in Illinois for many years,still have family there, Illinois won Las Vegas Invitational last night beating Baylor.Dont look now BUT Groce is building something to the West. he already has a top calibre recruiting class for next year Crean’s worst nightmare is building . Thats why I said he will bankrupt thje recruiting talent before he leaves.

  6. Well then. Did anyone see any positives we can take from this game? How about allowing points in the paint? any improvement there? Should we just shut down the program out of disgust and become Kentucky fans or what? Do we not allow any learning curve for this young team or just trash them after every game?

  7. RAM…….as was pointed out by a writer for ESPN…. youth is no longer an excuse since most major programs are headed by young players. I mean how many young players does Kentucky or Duke or Kansas or UCLA have.

  8. Agreed, having FR & SO on the team are no longer excuses. Many of the top college teams that get the best recruits also lose them to the NBA after a cpl years. They just reload with FR, still stay in the top 10 year after year.

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