Hoosiers shoot past Delta Devils in opener, 116-65

On one hand, Indiana did what it didn’t do a year ago during Friday night’s season opener against Mississippi Valley State.

On the other hand, the Hoosiers did exactly the same thing as they did last season.

But the former — hot 3-point shooting — combined with a significant talent disparity, was more than enough to overcome the latter — a rash of turnovers urnovers — in a 116-65 win over the Delta Devils at Assembly Hall.

IU finished 11-of-23 from beyond the arc but started 11-of-14 to surpass last year’s season-high of 10 3s made in a game with 14:32 still to play. It was also the impetuous for the highest scoring output of the Tom Crean era, surpassing the 107 points the 2011-12 team posted against Howard nearly three years ago.

It is also the most points scored by an Indiana team since putting up 117 on Dec. 10, 1993 against Tennessee Tech.

In the first half, IU’s 54 points were offset by 13 turnovers that led to 12 MVSU points. It was a familiar story for a team that struggled to protect the ball a year ago, committing more than 15 turnovers per game, and was coming off 18 turnovers in an exhibition game vs. UIndy on Monday.

It was a different story in the second half, though, as IU coughed up the ball just twice in the first 15 minutes and six times overall, the last four coming from the reserves.

Freshman James Blackmon Jr. paced the Indiana offense with 25 points, the second-highest debut in program history behind only the 33 points of Eric Gordon in 2007 vs. Chattanooga.

Another freshman, Max Hoetzel, was next with 19 points, many of them late. Nick Zeisloft added 16 points, while Robert Johnson and Yogi Ferrell scored 15 apiece. Hoetzel was one rebound shy of a double-double, while Hanner Mosquera-Perea finished a point shy after grabbing a career-high 12 rebounds in a career-high 21 minutes.

Jordan Washington scored 17 points to lead MVSU, while DeAngelo Priar added 11.

Indiana returns to action Monday against former IU coach Mike Davis and Texas Southern at 6 p.m. in Assembly Hall.


  1. And Blackmon….? 7-10 /3-4/8-9 25 effortless points. Probably the best guard in the country…Maybe the closest thing to the next Allen Iverson. Better enjoy his play this season… Could be the best backcourt in the country.

    4guards would be proud of this bunch…

    Lunardi really got this one wrong.

  2. holy shiznit! how much fun was that? max might be the recruiting steal of the decade. he looked like the second coming of larry bird. now if he can raise his release point and quit shooting from his chin. mark my words, this guy is the real deal.

    april surprised me with that corner shot. maybe he can help this seaason after all. johnson looks big ten ready, like blackmon. johnson has a strange habit of drifting about 2 feet left on 3 pointers from either wing. it’s because he leans left on his jump. also tends to jump 4 feet forward on his three’s but not as much his last 2 games. makes it work somehow but worth noting as his misses correlate to the direction he drifts in the air.

    tim grunwald is the early fan favorite. the reverend crean should tell him to lift his knees when he runs. after watching max and april i’m excited to see holt as i figured them to all be project guys. i figured wrong.

    there may be hope yet for this season. one more thing. MAX! MAX! MAX!

  3. “……a rash of urnovers?” Was this multiple spilling of urns due to an Assembly line malfunction at the Creanatorium?

  4. not trying to kill the excitement, but as the old saying goes…they where only playing MVSP……Not convinced this is a BIG 10 team yet!! i figure the basketball program will not have a banner year, but they will be exciting….no way this team is much better than last years team….too many freshman.

  5. iu79… sure, it was only MVSU, but it was also only our first game, and we were without 2 starters from last years team, and 2 of our interior presences. 116 without 3 of our impact players.

    I understand its only MVSU, but here’s what else happened around college basketball last night:

    MSU barely escaped Navy… one possession game and Navy’s ball with under 20 seconds. 64-59

    UK, with 2 line-ups that would be ranked in the top 10, only beat some team named Grand Canyon 85-45.

    Arizona only beat Mt Saint Mary’s 78-55

    Wisconsin only beat Northern Kentucky 62-31

    Kansas only beat UCSB by 10, 69-59

    UNC only beat NC Central 76-60

    UF only beat William and Mary 68-45

    I mean we had the 2nd largest margin of victory in all of college basketball last night, scored the most points since 1993, and did it without Williams, Robinson, and Davis.

    Lots of teams were playing cupcakes last night. Only 2 of them hit 100 points. Only 1 other team won by more than 50.

    if you add up the margins of victory for MSU over Navy (5), PSU over Morgan State (13), Northwestern over Houston Baptist (7), and Illinois over Georgia Southern (9) you’re still 15 points shy of our 51 point margin over our cupcake…

    last year’s Hoosier team never beat anyone by 50.

    It was an encouraging game.

  6. Robinson may have a real fight on his hands for minutes..Only got to catch a few segments of the game, but .I was very impressed with Robert Johnson….Didn’t realize the young man was so solid…Johnson plays like a savvy veteran….Very deep in the backcourt and Johnson adds nice size to the mix.

    I like Johnson, Yogi, Blackmon, and Nick Zeisloft on the floor together….Any combination including three of the four…Blackmon is a given permanent starter.. All active…All solid…All very capable shooters.

    Williams and Robinson in the rotation would have likely suppressed the output of points/margin of victory..


  7. The Indiana “savior” and real “impact player” making this squad far more dangerous than last year’s team is Blackmon….When you have a versatile natural scorer of that talent level and surround him with speed and other very capable shooters/distributors, it opens opportunity for all.. Blackmon will command a ton of attention and others will fill their stat sheets as a result.

    Best guard we’ve had since Isiah. ..and that’s not intended as a slight to Ferrell. It’s just obvious that the new big name on campus has arrived….Once again, Crean’s coaching acumen will not be under such a brutally intense microscope because he has been saved by an Indiana kid…..It just happens to be a guard rather than a 7-footer.

  8. I agree about Robinson… but you never know… the biggest leap that players generally make is between their freshman and sophomores years. I guess it all depends on how much he was working on his game and his body over the summer versus chillin with his boys and smoking L’s.

    I’m not sure there is anything that Stan did better last year than Rob does right now. Certainly Johnson’s game has more dimensions to it. Not a bad problem to have though, with this many guys pushing each other for P.T.

    It really is going to be interesting to see who Williams replaces in the starting line up. I’m guessing its Rob… but I think I’d actually like to see Troy and Stan come off the bench – not only because it feels like proper disciplinary action, but also because I thinks it’s better for the chemistry of the team. I think Troy is great as a 6th man because of his energy and versatility. Nice to have experience coming off the bench instead of just freshman. Be interesting to see what happens after monday.

  9. Johnson is a tenacious defender, too.

    Hopefully Stan sees this as motivation to keep his butt in Cook Hall vs Kilroys downing threes instead of $5 pitchers of Long Island Ice Teas.

  10. Gordon was explosive to the rim, but didn’t command that sweet and confident stroke. Blackmon is silk.

  11. Harvey – How do you think Remy would have fit in on this team? He of the 5 points, 4 assists, and 3 rebounds in 23 minutes last night… I don’t think he would sniff the floor. Pretty sure he knew what he was doing when he transferred to Xavier.

  12. You’re probably right…But I also don’t think Remy would have sniffed the booze fumes off the sidewalk at Kilroy’s….Rock solid young man and just a good kid(based on very unscientific observation).

  13. well, I don’t know if we’re quite at the point yet of saying that Blackmon is better than Gordon was. Gordon averaged 21 ppg as a freshman… over the entire season. He made 70 threes. He scored 28 in an upset of MSU… 22 in an upset of Purdue… 23 at Michigan… 23 against a very good Wisconsin team.

    Let’s wait and see more than 1 game before we start anointing him GOAT status.

  14. And any kid that hits a huge shot to put a dagger into hearts at West Lafayette, will always own a soft spot in my heart…..He also saved our ass against VCU. Crean doesn’t have one of those glorious Sweet 16’s without the ice in Remy’s veins when Hulls couldn’t bring the ball up……How can anyone ever forget Crean jumping down Jordy’s throat on the sidelines while Remy just quietly went about his business?

    Remy came into situations with very little minutes under his belt and bailed us out of big games….

  15. Geoff-

    There was no bigger fan of Gordon than Harvard….There are different styles here….They’re built to do different things….I just don’t think Gordon will ever have the sweet stroke we’re already witnessing from Blackmon….And Blackmon just doesn’t look like the kind of baller that will get easily rattled….Cool as a cucumber….Smooth as silk. Net ripper.

  16. sure, and there is more to being “the best guard since” Zeke than just a sweet stroke. granted, JBJ does indeed have more than that, but we haven’t seen him against great competition yet or in pressure packed situations. I love him, and think hes going to be great, but im just not ready to say hes better than EJ yet.

  17. Pressure-packed won’t be a problem….There’s just a belief…It’s nothing you can teach or practice. Gordon was a phenomenal athlete….but, at times, you could see doubt creep in. It’s creeping into his NBA game currently. I don’t see a false confidence that emanates from Blackmon…He’s not going to run around and say “I’m Max Hoetzel and that’s all you need to know”….When you got it, you know you got it….You don’t need to politic your way onto the court…It speaks on the court with Blackmon. Swagger is not the thing of test tubes…Bird had the swagger as well….Iverson….Dr. J. ….Nate Archibald..

  18. Geoff, As far as Troy and Stan I agree they should come of the bench at least till they can show they can either shoot or score like the youngsters are capable of doing. The 1000% 40 minute all out hustle last night is something also they’ll have to match. Competition in practice for G’s and F’s will be fierce and to us if we could observe them Entertaining.

  19. Geoff, Remy was clearly our best defender and the leader who held that team together (or rather, put it together into a cohesive team;…he not only saved ames but on some kept us from embarrassing themselves. I do not have major feelings about Crean one way or another; but, I do believe the best and smartest basketball player from that team was clearly Remy. Now, if I was playing H-O-R-S-E, I may loook at others. Losing him was a major loss and, had he stayed, he would have been a major factor in boding this very talented group of individuals into a very strong team, stronger than it will be without him.

  20. Agree Clarion…Troy and Stan will have to watch (their own doing) and will likely think…’they may be young but they’re ahead of me’ as us old coots know sometime life has a way of teaching unforgettable lessons.

  21. Remy was not “clearly the best defender” on the team. He wasn’t even “remotely” the team’s best defender. That honor belonged to one Victor Oladipo. And to say he was “the leader that held the team together” on a squad with Hulls, Dipo, Watford, Zeller, Sheehey, Elston, and Creek is laughable. I’ve never heard a quote from a player, coach, or media member to “remotely” back up that statement. Sorry.

    I’m not trying to be a dink TT. Please don’t take my tone the wrong way. But Abell was never more than a bit player. He had a couple moments, and we’ll remember him a little for it. In the end he knew he didn’t have a place here. He won’t finish his career a Hoosier. His only contribution to this year’s team (as a senior, if he had stayed) would have been as a tradition-teacher in practice and on the bench. He doesn’t have the offensive talent to play ahead of Zeisloft, Blackmon, Johnson, Yogi, or Stan… and his defense wasn’t so far ahead of any of those guys to see the floor. He’d be, at best, the 5th guard in the rotation, but probably the 6th.

  22. TTG, If these youngsters keep hustling and improving SR and TW will get out of the doghouse but they will be on a tether.

  23. Remy Abell @23Abell · Oct 26

    Prayers go up for my brother my teammate my friend @VicOladipo happy his surgery was a success. Minor Setback For A Major Comeback

  24. I could be wrong, but I get this feeling that Remy believes everything he believes. That’s always been important to me.

  25. Sorry…somehow I skipped over the post. And, as far as the spelling of Isiah…Isaiah…Isaias…come on Harvard! Every f_ time I write it I think, ‘oh sh__, Harvard’s going to jump all over it.” There!…or is it their!….or is it they’re!

    By the way…just in case…my middle name is Isaiah…or is it Isaias (that’s the way it was before I came to the US and it was changed by some guy in the old Immigration and Naturalization Service of the U.S. who ‘taught me’ to spell it correctly. So, I didn’t really care as long as he let me in; but I swear that as I walked away, I heard a voice, fading away, whisper ‘say hello to Harvard’….

  26. Shame on you, Tsao…Shame on you for going after me when it’s Geoff that chiseled away at your claims…..Probably was more of a hatchet than a chisel….He sorta went all Lizzie Borden on your #23….

    I really enjoyed Remy’s intensity and quiet will….But I don’t believe I ever claimed he was the next Earl the Pearl…or Isiah Thomas….I also never thought Dipo’s name ever belonged in a sentence with MJ….Some people really do get carried away.

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