Indiana beats Lamar, 85-72

Two nights after beating a ranked Southern Methodist University team, Indiana managed a 85-72 score against Lamar Saturday at Assembly Hall.

The leader of five Hoosiers who reached double-figure scoring, James Blackmon had 21 points and six rebounds, including a 5-of-7 success rate from 3-point range. Yogi Ferrell added 19 points and 3 assists.

While the Cardinals shot 5-of-23 on 3-pointers, and they turned the ball over 12 times, Lamar produced 48 points in the paint and were able to hang with the Hoosiers.

Lamar’s 6-foot-6 senior forward from Jamaica, Tyran de Lattibeaudiere, led the Cardinals with 18 points and eight rebounds.


  1. #1 Sleepwalked through game. Defeats the purpose of scheduling these types of teams if you can’t blow them out to get experience for guys like April. We need a non conference schedule like PSU but then again Fred Glass is one of the worst AD’s in the country.

    #2 Freshmen offensive output may be surprising but their awful defense isn’t. Should get better during the course of the year but right now we are brutally bad on defense. JBJ’s defense will probably be the only thing that keeps him at IU another year before heading to the NBA.

    #3 Yogi is not a leader. There is nothing in his IU resume to this point (on or off court) to say he exhibits excellent leadership qualities. The difference between another mediocre season and a good season is whether or not he’s one of our top two ppg guys. If he is then we’ll have another garbage year.

    #4 I wish we could transplant Colin’s basketball IU to either Hanner or Troy. You look at all that athletic ability then see Hanner’s awful timing when he leaves his feet to make a play or Troy’s out of control decision making and it’s maddening to fans.

    #5 I thought if we win out heading to the L’ville game we’d be ranked but after this performance there is no way.

  2. I had hope after the SMU game. Now I’m not so sure. Good to see Devin Courtside. That the only plus I walk away with tonight.

  3. Aruss, while you make some good points, you also whiff on a couple. Primarily #5, because voters aren’t going to pay attention to the details of a Lamar game. They’ll see a the IU brand, a spotless record, and wins against SMU and Pitt – that will be enough.

    Have you seen the scores that a lot of ranked teams have had? UF beats every cupcake by single-digits it seems. How IU wins only matters to us at this point.

    I also agree that Yogi hasn’t really displayed much leadership to this point, but he has made plays when they’ve needed them, and I don’t see any reason, with as much guard play as we have, that he can’t be the 2nd leading scorer. He’s an excellent driver, a very good shooter, and makes FT’s… so it makes total sense for him to be a quality scorer at the college level. He plays at least half the game off the ball, so it’s nothing like last year when he just pounded it into the court and then fired up crap late in the shot clock.

  4. Brandon – then you weren’t watching Holt. He should have given you a lot of hope. He is very fluid. Very composed. Made good decisions both offensively and defensively. Looks the part. He should quickly gain trust with the coaching staff and earn more minutes. Loved what I saw out of him.

  5. Aruss, did you just say “Fred Glass is one of the worst ADs in the country”???



    Do have any idea what his overall resume is in the sports industry? Have you paid attention to the developments in other sports: Soccer and Baseball notably?

    Get a grip man.

  6. #1 Went out to dinner with my wife…Only heard parts of the game on the radio while driving to, yes, Red Lobster. I like the coconut shrimp…Give me a break. My wife gets the salmon, but I still think it looks rather gross.

    #2 Felt a built guilty…Guilt is not a good emotion. Love and appreciation are stronger. My wife is a very good woman. Don’t know why in the hell she puts up with me. I should have changed the radio station to some music…She enjoys music. I disregard her inner beauty, gentle kindness, honesty, and her decency. The least I could do is let her have a break from my sports.

    #3 All these holidays…Seems like we just go through the motions anymore. Give thanks to someone that has truly believed in you and been by your side. Remember the good times and keep hope that more are in the future for those that your own arrogance has caused you to take for granted.

    #4 Life is quick.

    #5 Husky Tom- Happy Thanksgiving.

  7. Holt’s 1st outing was impressive. He is farther along than Troy was at the same timeline. With all the scoring help Yogi has on the floor his overall game is much better than last year and offers him better opportunities to put up #’s. I am impressed with HP not committing stupid fouls. He is making progress on the learning curve. We did out rebound Lamar.

  8. That was the kind of non-conference game that messes with the mind. HMP progressing 4/6 and 1 TO. Awful game for Nick, Stan 1/6 & 2 TO’s. High energy but reminds me of Yogi couple yrs ago. Drives the lane and gets stuck. CTC up’ing his game. 43 substitutions (33 prior game). Most come after a rebound or foul shot. Two yrs ago, seemed as if a player made a score, he was sub’ed out. Appeared to be too many ‘no pass – just drive to the basket’ plays. Orlando Magic coach last week was asking his team to make 4 passes before attempting a shot. Memories of the General?

    “Yogi not a floor leader”. Don’t see that. He’s not a shoot-first guy this yr. Scores with the flow of the game and he’s too good not to rack up 15-18 points a game.

    If Blackmon continues with his offensive numbers this year, he’ll go first round. NBA will take the points and be happy to work on the defense.

    I also had salmon last night at Chili’s.

    Back to the game. Lackluster first half. Start players #7 thru 11 for the second half for 5 minutes, than let the starting 5 try to win the game. Love to see the second team get some game time.

  9. What young team doesn’t have improvements to make at this time of year. Like my wife said last night , this team is fun to watch.

  10. This team is fun to watch was also said about last years team at this point. Heck some were saying lasts years team was better then the zeller one. I sill think it will be a long year in the big ten and i will stick with 8-10. Hope i am wrong.

  11. Last years team WAS NOT fun to watch. I don’t think my dog came out from behind the couch until June. Since the 2011-12 season IU has lost 31 games, 15 of those coming last season. That was then and this is now. All we can ask for is an improving , competitive team. For the most part, over the last four seasons that is what we have been getting.

  12. Geoff – according to your hamfisted logic, O$U shouldn’t worry about the football score against IU hurting them in the playoff committees mind. I was spot on my post game Talking Points Memo.

    CreamCrimson – I stand by my comment about Glass. AD’s are measured on football and basketball. Maybe you haven’t noticed the sorry football season that’s mercifully coming to a close or the off the court issues of the last year with our basketball team.

  13. Sloppy win, with weak defense and really bad rebounding. Do these kids understand the meaning of the term “block out?” A lot of that can be attributed to some strange substitution patterns and a lot of freshman. But hey, we’re 4 – 0, which is better than a stick in the eye.

  14. I think your on to something. I blame every interception, 1/2 the missed tackles, 2 missed FG’s and 1 injury to Fred Glass’s poor play.

  15. Wait a minute. I thought we were talking basketball over here. The circular firing squad of football commentators is holding court on another page.

  16. aruss… sorry. i thought you were talking about basketball in your post. now that i know youre talking about football, none of your points make any sense.

  17. Doont get enamored with the offensive output of JBJ….and the NBA. Dont forget about the twins at kentucky or the remaining guard from national Champs UConn. Freshman SF/SG for NBA purposes Kelly Oubre. there are many out there in “Basketball Land” that could stay or go NBA.Besides JBJ still has to face Big 10 Competition.

  18. So nice to turn on the TV to college bb. No baseball, or golf, or NASCAR and can ignore the last of football. Doris Burke calling the Notre Dame/Providence game. She knows bb, intelligent and articulate. So much better than Vitale. A player named August on one of the teams. Be a good addition. Would have an April and August. Had a Scott May, but could be tough to find a June & July.

  19. Pretty easy to conclude JBJ won’t have any trouble with Big 10 competition…Count it. He’s just too damn talented…And he has too many weapons around him to not have a big season…Far different set of dynamics than what Yogi had last season…Guys can play to their strengths with such depth and firepower….Robert Johnson, Yogi, Zeisloft, Stan Robinson.. Throw in a couple forwards that may start to drain more long balls? There is no way in hell you shut down the Hoosiers backcourt by shutting down JBJ…..Heaven for any highly talented shooting guard is full of assist angels that can also rip nets…. James Blackmon has found shooting guard heaven. Ball can move like a hot potato.

  20. Not to mention, Yogi is not the only guard that has skills to penetrate….Johnson is slippery quick and has shown some very advanced skills getting to the basket…Kick-out heaven, as well.

    Often the mid-major and smaller schools have very adequate and talented backcourts….I don’t expect the Big 10 to more strain…If anything, our guards may shine even more.

  21. .I don’t expect the Big 10 to [add] more strain….

    Unless we literally go on deep freeze, we’ll be tough to put away(even by squads that will have far more paint dominance)….Troy will add a nice bit of havoc to that paint equation..

  22. And don’t forget Holt…..Though I didn’t get a chance to watch last night, It sounded like Holt may be a pleasant surprise and more than advertised. Things are looking up for Hoosier Hoops.

  23. “Talking Points Memo” ???? Holy _____, Aruss has entered full blown dementia…have you figured out Aruss that absolutely no one reads the ____ you serve nor takes your thoughts seriously? Even Dustin would sort of “ohh yeah” your ‘Stalking Point Memos’, preferring the embarrassment of someone actually believing they got past the ‘sender’ line to having to deal with your spittle. I still shake my head in amazed amusement when I remember the time you offered your services as consultant to Dustin…I could hear the laughter as they read it around the sports desk. No more Aruss, the newspaper business is undergoing and trying to resolve a major crisis: no, it’s not the impact of technology on circulation…slowly, the industry is regaining its balance and figuring out ways to retaining its economic space. The worse impact, your case is a good example, is the access technology provides mental buffoons like you who think they are ‘virtual copyboys’.

    I have yet to read a comment by you I take seriously. Yet, I continue to wonder where you get the nerve to tell a solid reader/commenter (commentor) like Hoosier Clarion, whose comments are always thought provoking to refrain from making them. Just to give you an idea; I have and haven’t hidden the fact with many of Podunker’s content, and truthfully, mostly of a tone nature. However I read him paying attention and do so knowing he’ll often curdle my blood…still, I read him expecting that whatever he wrote, I’ll have to consider. I absolutely never, never see a comment under your name that I don’t expect to read some amusing idiocy I consider a waste of cyber space.

    A clue…the world of journalism has many kooks, glad they’ve never come down to taking you seriously; now that would be a crisis of content.

  24. TTG – if your intent was to personally wound me then mission accomplished, sir. I’ll be taking a break from posting here to reflect. I’ll resume posting my thoughts after the bucket game. #iufb

  25. Anybody catch the Ky game? Where would an opposing coach start drawing up a game plan? Calipari is wrong. Believe Ky could win an NBA game.

    Don’t like the uniforms worn by West Virginia (and others). Looks as if they have had a tracheostomy performed.

  26. Kentucky is very good.might be the 1st team to go undefeated since i.u.{damn,i hope not!!!}—–BUT,—- there is absolutely NO WAY— U.K. could beat ANY nba team!!!!

  27. Some of the Vegas guys toyed with a line if UK played the 76ers and the 76ers would be favored by 16 points. I think this stretch of 3 games in 5 days is a good test for this young team. We will see tonight how their legs hold out, especially toward the end of the game.

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