Indiana spent over $232,000 on seven-day trip to Montreal

Indiana coach Tom Crean and his players talked at length this preseason about the value of the program’s August trip to Montreal.

Indiana dedicated plenty of resources to make it worthwhile.

According to an expense summary obtained by The Herald-Times, the trip cost Indiana’s athletic department $232,170.58.

IU took 35 people to Canada, including players, coaches, managers, team physicians and support staff. Airfare to and from Montreal cost $69,159.47, hotel accommodations for six nights totaled $129,800 and transportation on the ground cost IU $665.

Hotel costs include additional space rented for team meetings and team meals.

The department was billed $29,331.62 for meals, which included catered breakfasts, lunches and dinners. IU also spent $3,214.49 on “miscellaneous” expenses — costs that could include anything from cultural experiences, entertainment or replacement equipment, etc.

None of the costs incurred came from Indiana University’s general fund money.

Teams may take a foreign trip every four years. They’re particularly useful for basketball purposes, as the NCAA affords programs extra practice time to teams during the summer. There is also a cultural element to the trips.

According to Forbes, Indiana is the fifth-most valuable college basketball program in the nation, with profits of $16.9 million last season.

“The Montreal trip for us this summer, where we got the ten extra days of practice and a chance to go over there and play five games, which were all extremely competitive, was very, very good for us and helped our team in many ways,” Crean said at Big Ten Basketball Media Day last month.


  1. How does that compare against Wisconsin’s trip to Canada the previous year?

    Now, I think it’s legitimate to view athletic program’s expenditures, especially when so many parts of the so many universities are being examined under the financial microscope for ROI. I just wonder if we would have heard about this without the current circus going on.

  2. Ever been to Montreal, Ryan? Also, depends on what is going on in the area at the time. Ever priced out a hotel room in Indy during the 500 and the week after? About a 300-500% difference.

  3. Hotel accommodations aren’t limited to the room fees. Things like rented space — meeting rooms, ballrooms, etc — and incidentals are also factored in. Also, there was a very large pro tennis event going on in the city that week, which I’m sure contributed to a rate hike. The closest hotel I could find to downtown Montreal was at the airport — a 20-25 minute drive away.

  4. So we have a baseline. With Hawaii next year(?), maybe a Scoop contest guessing the Hawaii total?
    Winter could get a shirt from Mike and a generic baseball cap?

  5. $618 per person per night ? Been in hotels all over the world and NEVER come close to that expense , Open Championship at St Andrews included. ….tennis tournament ? Montreal is a MAJOR city…20-25 thousand seats at a tennis tournament max….makes no sense other than someone spending other peoples money. 20-25 minute drive …takes that long from east of Bloomington to memorial stadium on a football saturday

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