Indiana suffers its first loss in 65-61 overtime defeat to Indiana State

As the buzzer sounded and Indiana State’s 65-61 overtime victory was complete, Teri Moren walked to the back of the IU handshake line and waited to greet the players she used to call her own.

She leaned forward to hug each player and staff member that passed her way, saying both hello and goodbye to a program she helped build over the previous four seasons. When it was all over, after they shared their final embrace, the Sycamores walked back toward their bench and cheered the milestone win as an announced crowd of 3,287 filed through the doors of Assembly Hall.

For Indiana (5-1), it was an uncharacteristic performance that reeked of poor guard play. The Hoosiers committed a season-high 22 turnovers — six by Larryn Brooks and five from reserve Alexis Gassion —and shot only 33 percent from the field.

Indiana’s ability to shoot consistently from 3-point range has become a staple of its first five wins on the season. On Sunday, it was largely absent, with IU connecting on only 23 percent (6-of-26) of its deep shots.

“A lot of numbers on the stat sheet are the reasons why we came up short today,” Moren said. “But there’s always lessons to be learned in losses — far more than you gain in wins sometimes. We’ve been winning by (scoring) a lot of points. We’ve yet to be in a situation where our backs are against the wall.”

Indiana was able to get by with its mistakes and poor shooting early in the first half because ISU was plagued by many of the same issues. The teams combined for 39 turnovers, and the Sycamores matched IU’s 33 percent shooting.

Jasmine Greer supplied 18 points for ISU, while Amanda Cahill led Indiana with a double-double — her third of the season — of 13 points and 18 rebounds.

“She had a good night,” Moren said. “It was her supporting cast (that didn’t).”

The Hoosiers led 27-20 at halftime and boosted that advantage to as many as 10 points with six minutes left in the second half before the Sycamores answered with an 8-0 run over the next three minutes. Indiana had five turnovers over the final five minutes of regulation, including its fourth which led to a game-tying 3-pointer on the other end by Alexis Newbolt with 1:26 remaining.

Indiana had a chance to win it in regulation, but turned the ball over on a shot clock violation when Brooks and Tyra Buss tossed up a pair of hurried shots that missed the mark. ISU, which never led in regulation, finished the second half on a 12-2 run.

Gassion opened the overtime scoring with a jumper, but the Sycamores scored the next six points, including a 3-pointer by Grier that gave ISU a 62-58 lead with 1:21 left.

“That was the backbreaker for us,” Moren said.

Karlee McBride cut Indiana’s deficit to one when she went off a screen and sank a 3 with 28 seconds remaining, but more misses and turnovers doomed Indiana in the waning moments.

Moren said she wanted to keep the focus of the day on her team, not herself. She believed the game, which was her first meeting with ISU since resigning her post as Sycamores coach to join IU in August, was overhyped, as a large and loud contingent of Indiana State fans made the trip from Terre Haute and took over the building late in the game as the Sycamore seized momentum.

Indiana State forced IU to adjust on the fly, and the Hoosiers couldn’t do so. The Sycamores turned it into a physical game and took away center Jenn Anderson, who scored 16 points in Indiana’s last game against East Tennessee State.

On Sunday, Anderson went 4-of-10 from the field for eight points.

Let the lessons begin.

“I think it’s really great for us to have one of these games now just to get us ready for Big Ten (season),” Brooks said. “I can tell you right now that’s how it’s gonna be every night when we get in conference play. … You never want to lose, but I think we’ll take a lot of things from it, learn from it and move on.”


  1. You fail to mention the taunting going on by ISU players toward our IU coaches and bench throughout Sunday’s game…..totally inappropriate and quite disappointing. One ISU player did get a warning from one of the refs in the 2nd half, but the blatant (in your face) taunting continued. I can handle losing a hard fought game against a good team, however, I have a problem with such poor sportsmanship. Coach Moren, her staff and our IU team handled this behavior from the ISU team with class.

  2. I did not notice the taunting during the game, guess I was to busy watching the actual game being played. The thing about what Hoosier Fan is referring to is something we will face on the road in numerous Big 10 arenas. Fan reaction at Purdue is always like that and also at Michigan St., seeing this for the first time this year will help prepare us for future conference play on the road.

    Our poor shooting was one of the reasons obviously that we lost but, in my opinion, the turnovers were the main reason! I heard on the postgame show as I was driving home that Indiana St. scored 20 points off of our 22 turnovers, that is back breaking! Cahill is a stud!! She just continues to play her game each and every time out, steady as running water, and to think we get 4 years of this. As she continues to get stronger with our strength and conditioning program she will be one of the premier players in the league!

    It will be interesting to see how we perform on the road Wednesday night? One thing that concerns me is the weakness of our pre-conference schedule which I hope does not bite us in the butt when conference play starts? We really needed a game like this to prepare us for the future, the first 5 games we played didn’t help us at all due to the weakness of the teams we played. I hope that next year’s schedule will be a bit stronger in the pre-conference. Go Hoosiers!

  3. MikeC, you always have a solid, reasoned analysis of the women’s game.

    I’d stay away from the term ‘stud’, though.

  4. The thing I came away with from the game, especially in the final minutes of regulation was that it seemed that ISU knew where the ball was going ahead of time resulting in steals/turnovers. Could feel the win slippin away. I believe being familiar with Moren’s offense helped them defend. Amanda and Jenn continued to play well and I finally got to meet and get my picture taken with them. Made this old man’s day.

  5. Well Chet, I am trying to remember the last freshman post player who has started out the way Amanda has and there is no one I can remember and I have been attending women’s games since the mid 80’s? Trust me, she is a stud! Whitney Thomas was a tremendous post player but, not this good when she was a freshman and she was only 6′ tall. Amanda being 6’2″ and a much better outside shooter than Thomas makes her very difficult to guard. When she gains another 15 lbs. or so to give her the bulk Thomas had, she will even be more difficult to stop. She always seems to be where the ball is, that is a trait not many players have! I am telling you Chet, if she stays injury free she may wind up as the best rebounder we have ever had! She is a coaches daughter and that speaks volumes in it’s self. Yes, this girl IS A STUD!

  6. Yeah, well, if I referred to my 6 foot tall daughter, a D1 heptathlete, as a stud you’d need my dental records to identify my body.

  7. Chet, you make me laugh. I am sure you know your daughter better than you know Amanda but, let’s call Amanda a studette 🙂 She has the work ethic and talent to be a tremendous player, let’s leave it at that. Go Hoosiers!

  8. She intimidates the Hell out of me and everyone else. She’s six feet tall, gorgeous, an Ivy League grad, currently working on her doctorate. While she threw the javelin and shot put in the hep, she now runs marathons. Earned her first black belt at 7. Sang at Carnegie Hall when she was 15, the palace at Beijing at 16. I’m pretty sure her Mom made her in a lab.

    Actually, her Mom is kinda freaky like that, too.

    Fortunately, I’m her Dad and she loves me so she’ll probably spare me when she takes over the galaxy.

    Like all of her species, she somehow thinks she hasn’t done enough for mankind every day. I can’t even imagine what that’s like.

  9. Chet, you sound like a guy I would like to meet. I raised 4 boys and loved it! I was not lucky enough to have a daughter but, have coached high school girls softball and an adult women’s softball team for 20 years, love women’s sports!! Women’s basketball is the bomb as far as I am concerned. I have a couple of grand-daughters that are a little like your daughter, incredibly intelligent, concerned about the environment, they read everything that is written and want to become involved in science in the future. I know they are going to do incredible things in their future!

    H4H is way to funny also, I had a lava lamp when I had hair in the 70’s 😉 But, back to basketball, we really need to get more fans out to watch these girls in the future. Had a decent crowd of a little over 3.000 Sunday. No reason why we can’t get over 5,000 a game? I am really disappointed that the students don’t come out to support this team especially when you consider they get in free when they show their student ID? Boggles my mind. we have the highest student season ticket attendance in men’s college basketball (over 9,000 that pay to get in) and can’t get 100 out to watch the girls, bummer!! Go Hoosiers!!

  10. MikeC, 2 boys and one girl, the baby of the family. I also have quite a few kids that I coached who are all young adults now. The ones I’ve been able to keep up with seem to be doing pretty well. It’s funny, the ones who were the biggest PITA are often the ones who make the most effort to stay in touch.

    Harvard, we had a lava lamp in the house. Can’t remember which kid wanted it but it was important at the time.

  11. John, I always sit on the East side of the court in the section directly above the bleachers. I sit just South of the 10 second line in the second row, I am usually by myself and sit in the second seat in that row, I am bald on top with a little white hair around the sides. I usually get there about an hour before game time. Oh yes, I will be wearing glasses. Hope to see you Sunday. BTW, are you related to Amanda?

  12. My wife and I have been to all of the home games so far, and as spectacular as Tyra Buss has been at times, I have been very impressed by how consistently good Cahill has been. So far, she is averaging a double-double a game, and is always around the ball. Our future is definitely bright if she improves over the next four years!

  13. John, it would be an absolute honor to meet you and talk basketball. Sunday, perhaps you could come over and sit with me, I would love to watch the game with you. When I saw your last name on the post last night, I had a hunch you were Amanda’s dad. Looking forward to Sunday, be safe on your drive over.

  14. We are happy at Indiana State with the coaching change. Have not talked to anyone that follows the team that is not. Hope Moren does well for you IU foks.

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