IU tops Texas Southern in Mike Davis’ return, 83-64

There were no revelations about Indiana basketball on Monday evening, but perhaps from here the answers will come.

IU played its final game without its three suspended players, knocking off former coach Mike Davis and Texas Southern 83-64 at Assembly Hall.

Questions about the Hoosiers’ ability to defend and rebound remain after two non-conference games. The only thing settled is Indiana’s ability to score.

Robert Johnson led all scorers with 21 points and added five rebounds and six assists. Yogi Ferrell chipped in with 20 points, seven assists and four rebounds and James Blackmon had 19 points for the Hoosiers (2-0).

Hanner Mosquera-Perea was the fourth Hoosier to score in double figures, pouring in 12 points along with five rebounds and five blocks.

Tonnie Collier came off the Tigers’ bench to lead the team with 16 points.

Texas Southern outrebounded IU 34-32, including 12 offensive boards. Forwards Troy Williams and Emmitt Holt, and guard Stan Robinson will be available to return from suspensions for Thursday’s game against No. 22 Southern Methodist.

Monday marked Davis’ first game in Assembly Hall since resigning as IU coach after the 2006 seasons. Public address announcer Chuck Crabb strayed from his normal script during pregame introductions, asking the sparse 6 p.m. crowd to welcome the former coach back to Bloomington. Davis smiled and waved as those in attendance offered a standing ovation.

Davis emerged from the visitor’s tunnel with a smile in the minutes prior to tip-off, winking at a group of fans behind the Texas Southern bench. He greeted the gameday workers at the scorer’s table and embraced the IU coaching staff.

Indiana outscored the Tigers 24-11 over the final 9:43 of the first half, shooting 62 percent (18-for-29) from the field and 5-of-6 from 3-point range through the first 20 minutes.

IU held a 44-29 halftime advantage. Blackmon, who had only two points in the first half, scored 17 points over his final 18 minutes on the court.


  1. I attended this game (in the 12th row, so I know what I’m a talking about).

    Flashes of brilliance from James Blackmon, who most definately does have a sweet shot. Other than that, not much to root for unless it’s Hanner catching the ball.

    On this website I’ve read that Max Hoetel is as good as Larry Bird. Uh, they’re both white, if that’s what was meant.

    Texas Southern U. is not a strong team this year but within 5 minutes they almost closed it to within 10.

    We sure did not get out on the ‘fast-break’ much against this powerhouse.

    I don’t think we’ll win a game on the road except at Northwestern.

  2. They counted the 2 exhibition games as part of the 4 game suspension. I wouldn’t call that “punishment”.

  3. I have a different take. Johnson better than advertised…Zeisloft a leader and shooter, gem..Hoetzel and Hartmann playing like veterans…Perea getting better w every game…Blackmon can take a game over anytime w his confidence and shooting…this looks more like a team than last years at anytime. When we get Stan and Troy back…sky is the limit. This is a highly underrated squad. Sat row 8 sec D behind Andy Katz and he was impressed…don’t care for him but he was impressed!

  4. We certainly have a revolving door of world-class guards…I dreamed of what last year’s team could have done with a 3rd-year Zelller….I dream of the added work around the rim, the finesse, and versatility this team could have used with a 2nd-year Vonleh. We’ve certainly had banner-worthy talent since Zeller’s arrival…It just hasn’t worked out in terms of guys staying that one extra year mixed into a new wave of talent…We just seem one player short to get over the hump…..We’ll see. Troy Williams might prove me wrong by providing that piece of the puzzle that could change things dramatically….Believe we’ll have trouble with teams that have quickness and depth inside……Be tough going for Hanner on an island. Not sure if Hoetzel and Hartman can be the next Green and Abernathy combo.

    We also took a big hit losing Devin’s inside game, boards, and savvy instincts….Basically, all those “what ifs” and “what may be” become rather trivial matters…This season could have easily had a very tragic shadow hanging over it…Devin had some true guardian angels on his side. Everything from here on out is icing to be added to a very thankful cake. Hard to get negative knowing how fortunate we all are to get up the next morning. I hope are young men can find some humility in all of that.

  5. looks like we will sink or swim with hanner. he looks serviceable at worst. at best? will be fun watching him develop. ray tolbert…i remember him. pretty nice player.

  6. #1 Stop trying to impress us with your seat locations.

    #2 Yogi is the key to this team. If he plays a pure point guard role and doesn’t try to “get his” or over dribble, this team of shooters can be good.

    #3 Hanner needs to just focus on rebounding and defense. There are no dominant post players in the B1G to fear.

    #4 With the 3 players coming back, it will be interesting to see if CTC goes back to his moronic sub patterns like last year.

    #5 I really hope we schedule MD’s team every year and I hope his son becomes good enough to play at IU. After all the highs and lows of his tenure at IU, it is really weird to look back at that time as the good old days.

  7. I should add they share the ball well…great ball movement. My seats are awful…I upgraded from a scalper so my daughter could see better…one time deal.

  8. This is the current state of IU Mens Basketball. Its been many years ago, one could not wait for football season to end to begin IU national recognizable status basketball season. Now, except for a couple seasons it starts in fall…2 or 3 FB games into season, IU fan cannot wait for BB season to start. Then, after few games into BB season IU fan cannot wait for next year’s FB season to start (with some good men’s baseball between) and it rotates from year to year.

  9. I think we won’t win on the road because — partly due to my seat location– we sure do get the call at Assembly Hall. I don’t think the refs will allow Yogi to travel every time he catches the ball on the road, and that’s going to hurt his explosive ‘first step’ to the bucket. Once again, we need to see this team play on a non-homer court before we realize they’re not going to beat anyone straight up.
    Again, TSU was very close to being within single digits with around 5-6 minutes left, and TSU is not a good basketball team by any stretch of the imagination.

  10. I don’t mean to just single Yogi out for preferential treatment by the home-game refs! Hanner raked guys (nice hands!), IU held guys, even James took a couple of baby steps on a drive to the hoop. This team is not fundamentally sound and if that does not become apparent soon I’ll be very surprised. SMU should be a good test; I hear they have more than one guy who’s taller than 6’7″.

  11. It’ll be interesting to see this team roll with Troy and Stan back. So many glum faces. Hard to count this IU team out of many games with JBJ, Yogi and RJ on the perimeter. Terry Hutchens likened JBJ to Tevin Coleman. It is only a matter of time before he breaks through and starts lighting it up.

    Still, our Junior PG had almost half of our turnovers last night. I guess we’re beyond the point of hoping that Yogi can take care of the ball.

  12. Not at the game. Unable to watch it. Could not find any place in Orlando tuned to B1G channel. Per the box score, shot 67% on 3’s. Only 56% on the line. Nick took only 4 shots – made all 4. IU outrebounded. We are missing Davis, as noted by Harvard. Issues; team chemistry with return of ‘the 3’. Can Hanner make it through the season w/out injury? That could be key for the yr. IU plays 9 teams currently in top 25. This could be a really, really good team come Feb/March.

  13. At the game last night, James Blackmon was sort of gliding around, letting the game come to him, and in a flash of brilliance he hit consequitive 3’s (his 2nd and 3rd 3 by my recollection). On the next offensive series, the excellent player Robert Johnson got the ball, Blackmon was wheeling behind Robert and open for another 3. Johnson took the ball to the hoop (it does not matter that he did not score on the play).

    IF (and this is a huge IF) this team gets the concept that our only hope is to ‘feed the fire’ once James starts hitting, then we have a chance.

    I happen to like Robert Johnson, James Blackmon. I agree with Double Down in that it will be interesting when the starters return.

    Still, I don’t think this team is capable of winning on the road.

  14. does anyone know if the reverend crean recruited zak irvin? i don’t recall him being a target. i just can’t understand why he isn’t playing for us.

    1. coachv,
      Yes, Crean recruited Irvin and offered him early at the same time he offered Davis and Hartman, but between the “Movement” and those two committing early, there really weren’t any open roster spots or playing time for Irvin. Not unlike what happened with Gary Harris.

  15. Indeed Hanner needs to keep attempting to perform as he has the last 4 games. I believe him to be more active(active, not better)than Noah was last year. 9 blocks for this vertically challenged team is impressive. Troy will get back to playing a bunch of minutes but Stan does not have what it takes to take minutes from RJ. I suspect with suspensions served Crean will shift this team into 5th gear and the pace will accelerate. My only Q is can Hanner run 35 minutes, game after game? Road games will be iffy but this team probably will steal a couple more than expected just from pure fire power. 17 wins last year. I see 2 more wins this year. Possibly 20 is the # this season. Lot more potent than last year.

  16. Glad the IU fans gave Davis a standing ovations and warm welcome. He is a fine man and I was impressed but not surprised by the grace he displayed in the post-game interview. I wish he and his family all the best.

  17. t; you’re starting to sound a lot like a troll. I think maybe you are a troll. Either that, or you’re the most pessimistic Hoosier fan in the world.

  18. I am convinced of two things after watching last night’s game:
    (1) Hanner MP is vasty improved. His defense alone will be a significant (positive) factor in our success this year.
    (2) We will go as far as Yogi can take us. And for Yogi to take us very far he MUST fix two problems. (a) he looks for his shot too much in the 12-14 foot range. He dribbles and gets open, but as soon as he sees daylight he launches a shot. IF (big IF) CTC can get him to keep his dribble and get more in the lane and create contact it will be an improvement. If not, he needs to draw defenders and make the simple pass to the open man. Yogi could learn something from RJ on this note. That leads to part two. (b) Yogi both makes difficult passes when it is unnecessary and overly risky (DUMB turnovers–not worth the risk/reward) and he fails to make easy passes to buy a better shot. He could do well to watch a week of tapes of the San Antonio Spurs and Tony Parker in particular. Yogi takes the first good shot. The Spurs pass up the first good shot for a great shot. Simple (non-risky) ball movement. If this game is any indication, the failure to make these adjustments will keep us from being a consistent, elite team and instead we will be a team who is inconsistent (big wins and poor losses) resulting in a mediocre record and season.

  19. I sorta believe Yogi’s importance has diminished….Robert Johnson, Blackmon, and Zeisloft would be plenty of firepower on most Big 10 teams. Robinson offers a fourth option.

    If I had my way, I’d probably be bringing Ferrell off the bench…I’d want the maturity/leadership/unselfishness of Zeisloft on the floor as much as possible…And from just a 2-game sample set, I can’t imagine keeping Blackmon and Johnson on the bench for significant stretches….They are both just too damn good of scorers to allow rust to to form.

    Yogi will not dictate how far this team will go…(unless Crean feels Yogi is deserving of entitlement minutes)…Entitlement minutes could cost us and be the only thing that could hamper how far this team goes.

    My starting lineup…?


    Libby Ferrell has been a constant billboard advertisement via her “Crossover” website and Twitter page to sell her son as the irreplaceable centerpiece of this team….Big man on campus is now Blackmon…Steady and mature beyond years 2nd big man on campus exploding onto the scene is Robert Johnson. Cody could have made Yogi a fine hero by staying one more year and bringing home a banner….But the hero days are gone….There is just too much talent in the backcourt to claim anything hinges on Yogi(other than foolish mistakes and by taking too many shots to keep up with JBJ and RJ in the scoring column)….Don’t mean to be harsh…(maybe just a little since he has been responsible for some asinine examples uncharacteristic of a leader with Stan Robinson), but those are just the harsh facts.

  20. Anybody see Kentucky play this evening? Does anyone think our team would be within 30 points of Kentucky at half-time?

  21. Yes I do…good shooting is what can beat UK. The media is on UK jock so bad it is laughable to me right now. Screw UK and Calipari. I sit back at this point and smile. We all know they will be in trouble sooner or later. Ncaa has to finish w UNC and Syracuse first. Also, the weak ass SEC won’t prepare UK for the dance! Go Hoosiers!

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