Lamar coach: ‘Scott May is not going to come through that tunnel tonight’

While Indiana is expected to beat teams like Lamar, there are much different expectations for a team like Lamar coming into Assembly Hall.

But Lamar head coach Tic Price had an interesting response when asked whether his players would need to overcome any sort of intimidation factor playing the Hoosiers in Bloomington.

“Our kids are so young, they don’t know,” Price said. “They know about Indiana, and I think they respect the tradition here. Right before the game I said ‘Scott May is not going to come through that tunnel tonight. Isaiah Thomas is not going to come out through that tunnel tonight. That’s the ghost of the past. We gotta play the here and now. That’s what we did, but we played a very good basketball team tonight.”

Lamar did not show any fear against the Hoosiers in an 85-72 loss. While Indiana head coach Tom Crean talked after the game about his team’s inexperience and how it might have hurt the Hoosiers on the defensive end Saturday night, Price also felt like his team is going through a “maturation process.”

“Every team in the country goes through adversity. This is our time,” Price said. “We finally began to get a rhythm.”

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