Live blog: IU women’s basketball vs. Valparaiso

The Indiana women’s basketball team is coming off a program record 115 points Saturday and will face Valparaiso, which scored 91 points in its opener against Butler.

Let’s see how the Hoosier shoot it following a performance where they hit 12-of-19 3-pointers in the first half and finished with a program record of 16. Should be fun.



F Jenn Anderson, F Amanda Cahill, G Tyra Buss, G Taylor Agler, G Larryn Brooks


F Sharon Karungi, F Jasmyn Walker, G Jessica Carr, G Abby Dean, G Lexi Miller

First quarter

Tyra Buss started the game with two drives to the hoop to put IU up 4-0. Then, with 18:59 left in the first half, Larryn Brooks hit a 3-pointer to put IU up 7-0 and force a Valpo timeout.

Amanda Cahill and Jenn Anderson got into the scoring action around the basket to put IU ahead 11-2 with 15:57 left in the half.

In the next minute, Tyra Buss would hit a layup, steal the ball and hit another layup to put IU in the lead 17-2.  She has 12 of IU’s 23 points and four steals with 11:55 left in the game. Karlee McBride just got a steal and an and-1 opportunity. She hit the free throw, and IU is up 24-4.

With 4:47 left, Tyra Buss now has 16 points and five steals, while Larryn Brooks has 10 points.

At 3:33 left, IU has a 37-17 lead. IU has had four turnovers in the last minute, a couple of transition buckets for the Crusaders.

HALFTIME: Indiana 44, Valparaiso 24

Hoosier have shot 54 percent from the field (19-of-35) and 30 percent from 3-point distance (3-of-10). Freshman Tyra Buss still leads the pack with 16 points and five steals. Larry Brooks has 10 points, along with a steal, two rebounds and an assist.

Valparaiso shot 31 percent in the first half, including 22 percent (2-of-9) from 3-point range, and turned the ball over 13 times.

One area of concern: In the first half, the Hoosiers had seven turnovers to four assists.


The Hoosier could manage only four points in the first 4 minutes of play, both baskets by forward Jenn Anderson.  Both teams have three turnovers to start the second half. It’s 48-30, IU.

IU would then go on a 13-4 run (including a 11-0 run) to push the lead to 61-34. Two freshmen playing tough. Tyra Buss drove to the basket and took a hard foul following her seventh steal. She would convert on the and-1. Amanda Cahill then fought for a couple of offensive boards and a basket.

And the Hoosiers are harassing Valpo on the offensive end. Six steals this half, including back-to-back steals by Taylor Agler. She has five. Buss has eight. Agler’s bucket on the first made it 79-43, IU with 3 minutes remaining.

Maura Muensterman with a block to end the game.

Indiana wins, 81-49.


  1. Another really good performance by our women. Coach Moren’s emphasis on defense is becoming more apparent with each game as IU is now holding teams to a 30% shooting percentage in the 2 games played. This is going to make us a much harder team to play against game in and game out considering out lack of size.

    Again Tyra Buss shows the impact she makes on the floor especially with her freshman record of 8 steals. This now makes 15 steals in 2 games. This team will go as far as their defense carries them again because of their lack of size. We know that this team can score but, there will be games when we play more talented teams that our offense will not be as good and our defense will have to be the difference. This team is learning that now. The offensive balance on this team is truly improved over last year and the depth has been dramatically improved. Good things are in the future for this young group.

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