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  1. Coleman may not get drafted after all. However, hopefully he stays with program and does not transfer or bolt somewhere else.

  2. iufan23 was wrong. Today’s loss to Michigan was not a “blowout.” But anyone who thought Zander Diamont was going to lead IU to victory, at Michigan, in front of 103,000 fans, on their homecoming weekend, was being unrealistic. Having said that, and having watched Rutgers get shut out today, I think IU might beat Rutgers in a couple of weeks. Of course, Zander is going to have to improve a lot in the next two weeks for that to happen, but it is possible. For anyone paying attention, beating Michigan today was not possible.

    Now, is that being negative? Is that being positive? Or is that just being realistic?

  3. chaz, Wilson is not going to be fired after this year. He’s not going to be fired after next year, either. I believe the soonest IU would even think about replacing Wilson is after his sixth season, which will be after the 2016 season. Don’t drive yourself crazy thinking about IU hiring a “proven winner.” I hope it is not necessary, but if it becomes necessary for IU to replace Wilson, it’s not going to happen for another two years. IU’s administration, trustees, student body and alumni are all used to having a losing football program. There’s not enough people in the Hoosier Nation who care enough about football to generate any significant pressure on Glass or IU’s top administrators. There’s just too few of us that have ever experienced IU winning in football, therefore it is not part of a “Hoosier’s” identity, like winning at basketball is. Therefore, IU’s administrators and trustees won’t be willing to spend (“waste”) a lot of money to buy out Wilson’s contract until after his sixth season. Even then, if firing Wilson becomes necessary (and I hope it does not), IU will write Wilson a check for $500,000 to buy him out of the last year of his contract.

    But let’s hope Wilson produces a winning season next year, and leads IU to victory in a bowl game. Then we can put all this talk about finding a “proven winner” aside and celebrate a sign that IU football is climbing back into relevance. All the pieces should be in place for 2015. Go Hoosiers, beat Purdue!

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