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  1. can you guys find out why ohio state just started posession at the 25 instead of the 20 after the touchback?

  2. That was a rule change effective for the last two seasons. Intention is to keep players safer with more touchbacks / fewer collisions.

  3. coachv

    In college the ball is placed at the 25 yard line on a kickoff touchback and at the 20 yard line on a punt touchback.

  4. If we had Sudfeld, we’d be winning many of these contests…I’m pretty sure we could comfortably conclude he would be better under pocket pressure…For what our defense has been called to withstand in the absence of a primary weapon in our offense, they have performed admirably.

  5. Harvard, on this rare occasion, I have to agree with every word you wrote in #4. Diamont, who I’m sure is trying his best, is simply no substitute for Sudfeld. He just looks like a scared rabbit every time he goes to pass. The game just moves to fast for him right now and he has cost IU a chance to win this game. The defense has played very well, all things considered.

  6. Good for Coleman. I’m really happy he got a bunch of yards and TDs today. He is the best running back in the country and the best in the history of IU football. When you consider that every IU opponent is geared to stop him, and knows that IU is not a threat through the air, Coleman’s accomplishments are simply exceptional. He is a very special talent, as evidenced by that 90-yard TD run when he outran OSY’s defensive backs.

    Defense played well enough to win again today. OSU is grossly overrated.

  7. Agreed, Sudfeld is the difference but for all those calling for CKW’s job I hope you have noticed the difference in Diamont from the MSU game today. The way the chips have fallen this year was clearly not in our favor, BUT it is obvious that…
    1) the players have not quit on their coach in spite of the terrible circumstances that have fallen upon them this season.
    2) clearly the defense is showing solid signs of improvement.
    3) Diamont, still raw, has shown a season’s worth of growth in 4 games.
    Again it was not our year but this team and this coach continue to keep hanging on and I believe will turn that elusive corner. I turned on the game today expecting a blowout. Instead I found myself on the edge of my seat in the 4th quater. I am not a religious man but GOD I hope Tevin Coleman stays for 1 more year!
    Go Hoosiers! Beat Purdue!

  8. C’mon, Pfunk. Did or did not IU give up 500+ yards of offense today? Did or did not OSU run off 28 straight points in the second half to take control of the game? Did or did not the final score still show that the Hoosiers lost? Is it true that IU is winless in the conference this year, despite having at least two games they easily could have won? The bottom line is still who wins and who loses, and despite your support for KW he still has not demonstrated that he can or will get his team to win at least 6 games EVERY year. Anything less is not excusable or acceptable.

  9. Chaz,
    A lot of the yards and points you are talking about came late in the 4th quarter after the interception. Did or did you not watch the 1st 3 quarters of the game? This wasn’t an IU team I have seen the last three games. And really what would you expect. If this were baseball it would be like taking the field without a pitching staff. How many teams can win without any pitching? We have no pitching but the bullpen got better.

  10. …and did or did not IU nearly roll up 400 yards on the Bucks D and essentially did it without a decent passing game?…this should help the ramp up to POTFB!…

  11. These are indeed exciting times to be a Hoosier fan. We are at the edge of a great Era of Hoosier football. We need to be as solid with Wilson’s vision and the program he is developing as he is with us in creating the fans and the passion that will fuel his football program! Go Hoosiers. No doubt in my mind!

  12. Hoosier Clarion, Harvard, Pfunk, CoachV, JPat , others with The Faith- 1. The players have shown incredible commitment and have played their hearts out showing they are strong, intelligent,well trained and athletic…the kind of players that we want populating the entire of Hoosier football. 2. The defense has proven they are talented and strong minded enough to face adversity and come out winners. They have made remarkable progress under Coach Knorr…a truly great defensive coach; a great selection by CKW. With an infusion of players identified, selected and recruited by Knorr, maturity and the high standards Knorr has set they will be a defense that scores points and wins games by controlling field position.
    3. These players and the personality of this team seems to be one that does not accept losing. Even though they are very young and not deep enough at each position they continue to believe and play to win; a gift to IU fans. We will remember the season when the defense became The Indiana Limestone!
    4. Some things Diamont has shown, and which will make him a great quarterback and a model of how self awareness and humility mix to mold great qb’s. While he was slated to wait out his first year as a redshirt; when catastrophe struck on Hoosier hopes, he was called on and with almost no snaps nor deep practice as field general this year, he rose to the occasion, took his lumps- physically and psychologically- early and rose above them and early criticism from those who do not understand what makes a football player and a great qb., to be and grow into full command in a 4-5 game stint and make the Hoosiers competitive at the highest level. Proud of this freshman, we can’t help but look forward to seeing him continue to develop here at IU. There is no phase of the game he can not be brilliant at. A great find by Coach Wilson, makes it easy to understand why he went after Diamont and has been so high on him. The perfect disciple for the perfect mentor. (As is also the case with Covington).
    5. Coach Wilson is delivering on what he said he would do at Indiana. He will make the Hoosiers a football contender year in and year out. We are at the edge of Indiana’s greatest football years. Exciting to be around to see and live it. Coach Wilson will sooner than later become a football legend at IU comparable to the General RMK. (Air Marshall Wilson?)

    No doubt…I love where we are.

    Those of you with complaints, (Chaz) please find a hobby that challenges your IQ and entertains you, like watching your pets poop, playing in your sand pit with your favorite truck or wondering if you caused your belly button growing inwards by scratching

  13. Pfunk, et al, we are still witnessing more of the same mistakes that good teams do not make. IU beats themselves more often than other teams beat them. The Hoosiers gave up three touchdowns in 10 minutes with the game on the line. That’s not good football. Take away our one man team in Coleman – and yes, he would be crazy not to take the money after this year – and what exactly are we left with? Sudfeld will be back next year, but it does not change the fact that the Hoosiers more often than not will cave in, be it on offense or defense. Either the recruits aren’t as good as we think they are or the coaches are not molding them into the players they need to be. I stand by my statement that the blame must rest on KW. Even a miserable Illini team beat PSU today and are somehow one win from bowl eligibility. Are they a better team than IU? Hardly.

  14. “We are at the edge of a great Era of Hoosier football.” Umm, that might be taking things a bit too far. I’d settle for being on the edge of a respectable era of Hoosier football.

  15. Is it my imagination, or does it appear this year’s IU team plays better on the road than it does at IU? We go to Missou and win. We go to OSU and give them a scare. I’m beginning to think our young team’s morale and motivation is depressed by the sparse and unenthusiastic crowds in Memorial Stadium. These young players must have thought it was fun to play in front of 101,400 people and concluded, “what the hell, we have nothing to lose, so let’s let it all hang out.” Have we seen that level of effort in Bloomington this year?

  16. …or it’s just enjoying the underdog status and, consequently, playing with more of a “nothing to lose” attitude…

    Diamont seemed to have that freewheeling attitude in the first half…Conservative football tightened him up.

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