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  1. From the n endzone we see

    Terrible special team play.
    QB aiming instead of throwing and often falling short
    4th down punt formation TOs in the last two minutes that save time for the other team

    Get the ball to TC every imaginable way in the second half and win this game.

    Please don’t lose to this horrible pu team.

  2. As I said a couple weeks ago IU will make a turn in fb for the better w/defense in their current situation; ironically.

  3. Congratulations to IU FB! Happy for IU seniors, underclassmen, coaches along with frosh IU QB who has improved each game under a very challenging situation and played as well as to be expected today.

  4. Emotional day for me. I’m bedside with a close friend of mine who’s been battling cancer. We watched his Arizona Wildcats beat ASU yesterday. Today, he got to cheer on my Hoosiers vs Purdue. He said it would rather do 4 more rounds of chemo than watch football of this caliber again.

    Anyway, for such a brutal season, I’m really proud of the way our team showed a lot of heart. We can analyze and bring recriminations later, but I’m going to have a whiskey with my dad and enjoy holding onto the Bucket.

    Tevin Coleman, I’m sure gonna miss ya, man.

  5. Tim, I wish you would have stuck around when we had something to cheer about. I can tell you’re just a frustrated fan. We all are, but express it in different ways. Hang in there, bud. Today was a good day for us.

  6. Was Diamont’s parents at the game? Been a good game for them to attend, especially after the son’s first game.

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