1. Are we going to be able to comment along with you during the games in the games tracker? That was such fun!

  2. Probably a good decision to drop the LiveChats…..I would also ban Andy from wearing skirts above the knee…..I would also consider banning Jeremy’s helipad haircut….Possibly put in strict gel restrictions as well. And be watchful of Mike abusing the same plaid shirt for every ScoopTalk…Could you employ a plaid shirt moderator …? I realize that Magic Mike mixes it up with different t-shirts and various hoodies, but it’s time to make a move to a different metal coat hanger. And while we’re on the topic of things that need to end(other than Live Chat)…? The revolving set of baseball caps worn that have absolutely nothing to do with Indiana…? Can you ban your huge interest in everything outside of covering IU Sports? I realize that it has nothing to do with your comatose state of objectivity in covering Indiana, but it’s just sorta irritating…and they often clash with plaid shirts. Are you superstitious…? Do you think you possibly put a hoax on your baseball teams by donning those caps during a time period spent talking of a college football team that has been primarily plagued by a century of losing….? I almost see it as your way of having fun..and being a troll..Dare I say that it’s rather troll(ish) to rub in our faces the logos/symbols your “successful ” teams that you so loyally love while smirking over our endless bad luck and difficulties in resurrecting our football program..? But, yeah…go ahead an don your rhinestone undershorts and ban Live Chat..

  3. I like the live chats. Usually turn it off when the complaints and griping starts. Hate to see guys out there playing their butt off and read the negative comments. Guess I changed my mind, deep flush the live chats. Except maybe for the rare no TV coverage games.

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