1. lot of pressure on crean tonight. can you imagine what will happen if iu loses again? all hell will break loose.

  2. Very early on in this one, but for Crean to say Emmit Holt could not handle the pace of the Eastern Washington game is not really holding water. In this game, he looks competent enough to warrant a regular spot in the rotation. Anyone else see somthing different?


  3. jeremy,

    try indecision. no such word as indecisiveness. you are trying to become a journalist, right?


    dead on about holt. he looks very comfortable playing this very fast game

  4. Eastern Washington was a masterfully prepared cupcake with a rich center…..UNC Greensboro is a soft powdered doughnut with obvious hole in the middle.

  5. Unless great improvements occur on the defensive end, realistically looking at 13-14 wins tops. No way we make the tournament.

  6. Was watching a pretty good movie about a train wreck. Almost saw another when I switched over to the game.

  7. chet

    hope you kept the receipt for your education. might want to look up the definition of literally while you’re at it.

  8. This is the team we see in Crean’s 7th year? Lol, just wow. Lot of holes in the roster…and who created the roster….

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