Marshall’s 4 second-half scores lead Ohio State to 42-27 win over Indiana

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Indiana gave Ohio State a scare, but couldn’t complete the upset bid in a 42-27 loss to the No. 6 Buckeyes before an announced 101,426 at Ohio Stadium.

Ohio State receiver Jalin Marshall caught three second-half touchdown passes and returned a punt for a score that put the Buckeyes ahead for good. With the win, the Ohio State clinches the Big Ten East Division title.

Indiana remains winless in the Big Ten and plays Purdue next weekend to retain possession of the Old Oaken Bucket.

Tevin Coleman broke Vaughn Dunbar’s single-season rushing record when he broke free on a 90-yard touchdown run that gave Indiana a 20-14 lead midway through the third quarter.

But Ohio State regained the advantage late in the quarter after stopping IU with a three-and-out inside the 5-yard line. Jalin Marshall returned Erich Toth’s punt 54 yards through the middle of the field to put Ohio State on top 21-20 with 2:20 left in the third.

The Buckeyes followed with 28 consecutive points before Coleman’s third touchdown of the day, a 52-yard run with 1:13 left to play, capped the scoring.

Coleman finished with 228 yards on 27 carries, also running for a two-yard score for Indiana’s first points of the afternoon. Coleman now has an IU single-season record 1,906 yards.

Ohio State scored three plays into the game when Ezekiel Elliott. 65 yards for a score. Ohio State followed with a 65-yard drive on its second possession, which ended on a four-yard touchdown pass from J.T. Barrett to Jeff Heuerman.

Trailing 14-0 in the first seven minutes of the game, Indiana used a big play from Zander Diamont to keep its second drive alive and get its first points. The freshman scrambled for a first down, zigging and zagging over the middle of the field before breaking free for a 53-yard gain. Coleman dove into the end zone from two yards out on the following play to cut Ohio State’s lead to 14-7.

The Hoosiers caught a break moments later when Michael Thomas fumbled a catch on Ohio State’s ensuing drive, giving IU auspicious field position at the OSU 31. Indiana settled for a 30-yard field goal by Griffin Oakes.

In the meantime, Antonio Allen intercepted J.T. Barrett on back-to-back drives. The second pick came on a tipped ball near the goal line. Allen brought it back 19 yards to the IU 21, where the Hoosiers began a seven-play, 59-yard drive that ended with a 37-yard field goal from Oakes.

Indiana’s defense stopped Ohio State on its final five drives leading into halftime, outscoring the Buckeyes 13-0 and outgaining them 213-99 over that span.

Diamont completed 11 of his 27 passes for 114 yards. Shane Wynn finished with seven catches for 93 yards to lead IU. Ohio State outgained Indiana 527-395. Barrett completed 25 of 35 passes for 302 yards and four touchdowns.


  1. I think wilson’s seat just got a lot hotter!! No way indiana should’ve lost today needs to go for it on 4th an 3 with 4:43 left in game an down just 8 TD an two-pt cov. Ties it an who knows what happens!! An refs MISSED a huge block in the back on that punt return!!

  2. 42 points?!?! Again the MSM whitewashes our awful defense and lack of program progress under Wilson. Because I don’t follow moral victory stats, can someone tell me if Wilson’s record is above .500 when moral victories are factored in?

    From an institutional perspective there is no reason Louisville’s football program should be so far ahead of IU. The difference has been coaching hires.

  3. steve, you’re delusional. If anything, today’s game bolstered the argument that IU should keep Wilson. His seat got cooler, not hotter. Everything is relative to expectations, and today Wilson’s team exceeded almost everyone’s expectations. IU has not beaten OSU in football since 1988. You need to take a deep breath and find your perspective. With the exception of IU’s freshman QB, IU played very well today. And as Harvard suggests, if Sudfeld had been playing, IU could have won this game. Wilson enhanced his position today, he did not damage it.

  4. Come on Aruss, were you watching the game? 14 of those points were a direct result of special teams (punt return) and a terrible interception thrown late in the game by IU’s freshman QB. IU’s defense played well today, and certainly good enough to win the game. In the third quarter, at Columbus, in front of 101,400 fans, midway through the third quarter, IU was winning the game. If you don’t have a quarterback who can sustain drives, no defense is going to stop an OSU offense for 60 minutes of football on their home field. IU’s defense has a long way to go, but it is getting much better. You need to stop letting your frustration warp your perspective. When Sudfeld and Covington went down with injuries, the only potential victory left for IU in this season was to beat Purdue.

  5. As one who’s advocated “Nuking” the program, that first half was some of the most enjoyable IU football I’ve watched in years. With essentially no QB, no depth for special teams, and an ever growing defense, we made OSU fans boo their own team…….at home!!!

    Diamont has so much growing to do, but he has passion, and I think his teammates like him, and feed off of his energy. Loved the Coleman run. Number 23 on OSU thought he had him, and Coleman ran right by him and the OSU defense.

    I would say they showed improvement today.

  6. Comment from the Columbus (OH) Register:

    ” For three quarters, it was difficult to tell which team was playing for a national semifinal spot and which entered with a five-game losing streak and no chance for a bowl appearance. Indiana looked to be the superior team through much of the quarter and earned its first lead of the game when Coleman, on the heels of a 307-yard effort last week but mostly bottled up by the Buckeyes, burst 90 yards for a touchdown at the 7:17 mark to give the Hoosiers a 20-14 lead. The play was a fairly simple handoff around left end but was exquisitely blocked by the Indiana line and was helped immensely when Tyvis Powell took a woefully poor angle. The Buckeyes were then forced to punt again, but when Cameron Johnston coaxed his line-drive punt to die at the 1 it may have changed the course of the game. “

  7. There was a 3rd and 2 that I thought we should have went for……I think we had the lead at the time and were in OSU territory. I sorta figured what the hell do we have lose. Wilson was a bit more conservative today..And maybe not going for it on short yardage after we had taken the lead just as conceivably bit the Hoosiers momentum as the OSU punt noted above. We weren’t going to a bowl…We had lost five straight games…We put a real scare into the Buckeyes when we took the lead…We had them a bit stunned and on their heels…We had the OSU fans booing their own team…and then we go conservative? Maybe even attempt the long field goal(probably around 55 yds) and put us up by 9 if successful….

    Again, if I recall correctly, the Hoosier punt went into the end zone and OSU started at the 20 yd. line.

    Bottom Line: I would have liked a little more gambling as the game tilted to a Hoosier advantage midway through the 3rd.

  8. Having Diamont drop back for a pass is gamble enough.

    Next week against Purdue, if I were Wilson, I’d tell Diamont, “unless you find a receiver wide open, I want you to run the ball. If you can’t run the ball, get out of the box and heave into the third row of seats.”

  9. Take away the first five minutes of the game and most of the fourth quarter and IU wins the game. That’s some logic, yet another example of how KW’s defenders delude themselves.

  10. Correction: I obviously meant 4th and 2 in the above post. .Diamont threw some good balls in the first half……We had OSU going a bit backwards…Just thought we had had nothing to lose on a 4th and 2, up by 6 points midway into the 3rd quarter, and 10 yards into OSU territory. Were we playing for a respectable final score or playing to win? I realize hindsight is the best sight, but OSU managed to turn it on late anyway…It’s conservative football that gambles when you’re behind…It’s aggressive football that gambles when you’re unexpectedly ahead and on the cusp of shocking the world…That’s not when I let up off the accelerator.

  11. Chaz, I can hardly be accused of being a “Wilson defender,” but your comments suggests that you expected IU to win this game. No one else did! Most people thought it would be an epic blowout. (What was the line on this game, 30 points or more?) Given that IU had a 20 – 14 lead in the middle of the third quarter, in Columbus, against the sixth ranked OSU Buckeyes, IU played much better than most people expected. And they never quit. They actually scared the crap out of OSU through three quarters. Given that IU does not have a legitimate QB right now, the quality of play for the rest of the team is an indication that IU’s coaching staff did a great job preparing the team for this game and coaching them during it. For IU football, that unfortunately, is a sign of real progress.

  12. Harvard, I agree with your point and would love for a good journalist to ask him that question; especially based on your logic about taking a chance for a big payout.

    Podunker, your comments cutting down Diamont are absolutely uncalled for; and, absolutely insulting. It’s one thing to say he makes mistakes, even say that he gets skitty when pressured, or that he is not yet ready for B1G team against the likes of an Ohio State. Those would be acceptable comments. But, it is entirely an abomination when you ridicule the man as a player, saying he has no future, and by making comments such as your pretend mimicking of CKW: “I’d tell Diamont, ‘unless you find a receiver wide open, I want you to run the ball. If you can’t run the ball, get out of the box and heave into the third row of seats”, while stating Indiana is playing without a ‘legitimate qb’.

    Comments such as these are exactly what I meant in describing you as a ‘treasonous’ vermin. Can you not figure out a way of being critical without being abusive? Diamont has done a hell of a job going from-literally- a redshirted quarterback clipboard holder this year- as KW had planned originally- to representing the Hoosiers with a lot of pride. His improvement is nothing short of gutsy and noble, words I suspect you have no notion about.

    You need to apologize to him and retract the abuse you throw at Diamont.

  13. What are some of you imagining? IU hung with OSU for approximately two and a half quarters, which is about what IU does against most decent teams. In the end they beat themselves, which again is what they do. Nothing’s changed, no matter how one wants to spin it. You folks speak as if the Hoosiers have never played a close game in Columbus. Finally, throwing stardust around and spreading good vibes – as some suggest – isn’t going to magically transform IU into a contender. Geez….

  14. I don’t know if I’m spinning it..I do know that Diamont sometimes spins like an overly anxious top trying to avoid a rush of giants not quite so close as his young toes think…..He played with heart and had nothing to be ashamed.

    We also knocked some Buckeyes on their asses….Points were given up when the game made it’s major tilt late…It happens…The score was not indicative of how aggressive our defense played. There was some obvious hitting that they’re not used to seeing from Hoosiers….

    I’ve gotta get to bed….Leave the feeding of the chickens to Clarion.

  15. I actually thought the program took a step forward yesterday. IU hung tough against a team that is so completely dominant in talent that it begs the question if we should even have played them. Think about it…there are conservatively 30 to 40 athletes on OSU’s roster that are potential NFL candidates, though admittedly far fewer will actually realize that dream. Nonethless, how many of those caliber athletes do we have? 10 maybe and that’s being charitable. Our defense has come a long way…has a long way to go, but is definitely making strides. Our offense is sputtering because the scheme is highly dependent on an experienced QB which we do not have at this point.

  16. Thought the hoosiers played much better than I expected. Great effort by the hoosiers. Here is my frustration with the game decisions. After IU took the lead on coleman’s 90 yard run, IU forced ohio state to punt. Punt was downed on the 1. Where was Coleman? Why are we passing on first down on our own 1 with no Coleman in the backfield. On the first pass we almost throw an interception. Zander drops a shotgun snap and then on 3rd and 10 there’s a mix up in the backfield between zander and the back up running back. Terrible play calling and terrible time to take Coleman out of the game. Also, a team that has been somewhat conservative in the passing game since Sudfeld’s injury suddenly decides to be aggressive from it’s own 1 yard line. Wilson would later say that the ensuing punt return was not so much the turning point of the game, but the punt that was downed at the 1 yard line. Then, after the punt return for a td, IU gets the the ball back and again, no Coleman in the backfield. With the ball on the 25 and now behind and still no Coleman, we get conservative and run the ball two times in a row and then throw a pass on third and long. 3 and out. Brilliant coaching. The blowout was on. O know Coleman made a long td run, but between the 1 play drive (his 90 yard run) he had 2 ohio state possessions to rest. So during a four possession stretch (2 for osu and 2 for iu), he played one play. He our horse, he has to be out there, especially during the most critical stretch of the game. What other successful college coach would make those game day decisions.

  17. Speaking of Xavier…Remy appears to be settling in very well at his new school…Averaging double figures and 27 mpg. over the first three games…..Remy Remix !!

  18. Excellent post, Xavier (#21). Was wondering the same thing. And not just the possession backed up in our own EZ, but the ensuing one as well (as you point out). It’s unbelievable virtually no Coleman there. Even his presence alone makes our anemic passing game better, if you’re going to try and come out throwing from your own goal line.

  19. Tsao, Po’s advice to Diamont would be good for any young QB. It’s simple and easy to follow. Please quit the name calling. And Chaz is right on about “where the heck is Coleman?” Maybe a breather is needed after a long run that doesn’t score, but these twenty-year-olds are supposed to be in top shape. Can’t believe that KW is resting Coleman, it must some weird reason.

  20. Diamont is trying hard. Diamont is getting better. But Diamont is not a legitimate Big Ten Quarterback right now. Do you disagree with that assessment or is it just that your delicate sensibilities have been offended? I guess the truth hurts your feelings, and the truth is that Diamont is a more effective runner right now than he is a passer. It’s not his fault. It’s not a character flaw. He simply does not possess the skills or experience to play at this level right now. Few freshman do. Diamont needs another two years of work before he’ll be ready to lead an offense against Big Ten competition. If you take off your rose colored Pollyanna glasses long enough to really watch Diamond play, it’s hard to draw any other conclusion.

    And once again, your name-calling and the over-the-top insults you direct at me are vile, and far more corrosive than anything I’ve ever written about anyone on The Scoop. Criticizing a coach and stating the obvious about a player is not in the same realm as calling someone “a terrorist,” or “evil,” or questioning their “patriotism.” You’re like the guy who just spilled a bowl of oatmeal down the front of his overalls who’s criticizing a guy for having a piece of lint on his suit. You have long since lost your perspective and your inability or unwillingness to recognize that, while very amusing to me, makes you a special kind of hypocrite.

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