Indiana falls 34-10 at Michigan

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Devin Gardner threw for 220 yards and two touchdowns, Indiana’s offense stumbled yet again and the Hoosiers’ losing streak in Ann Arbor continued in the Wolverines’ 34-10 win Saturday at Michigan Stadium.

Indiana has now lost 19 straight games to Michigan and has not won in Ann Arbor since 1967.

Michigan, the Big Ten’s least productive offense, accounted for 404 yards, while IU totaled only 191. Indiana experimented with a Wildcat approach to little results, while Zander Diamont completed five of his eight passes for 24 yards.

Tevin Coleman ran for 108 yards on 27 carries, marking the 10th consecutive game in which he’s rushed for 100 yards.

But Coleman struggled to hold onto the ball, fumbling twice in the first quarter, with his second fumble of the game setting up Michigan’s first touchdown. Coleman took the handoff on the first play of Indiana’s second series of the day and tripped as he went through the middle, dropping the ball for the Wolverines to recover.

Michigan used six plays to find the end zone — the final one a six-yard pass from Devin Gardner to Keith Heitzman. Officials stopped to review whether Gardner had passed the line of scrimmage when he tossed the ball, but did not overturn the call on the field.

The Wolverines scored 14 points off two Indiana turnovers, including a late fumble by Diamont.

Gardner was statistically effective, completing 22 of his 29 passes with first-half touchdown throws to Heitzman and Amara Darboh (12 yards). He also threw two balls that should’ve been intercepted by Hoosier defenders — including one potential pick-six that was dropped by IU linebacker Flo Hardin — before Chase Dutra intercepted him over the middle of the field late in the second quarter.

Dutra returned the pickoff 39 yards to the Michigan 12, but Indiana couldn’t pound it into the end zone. The Hoosiers ran three plays, including a curious attempt at trickery on third down when Coleman took a direct snap and pitched it to Diamont instead of the other way around. Griffin Oakes came on to attempt a 25-yard field goal, but bounced it off the left upright.

Michigan led 17-0 at halftime.

Indiana didn’t record its first points until Oakes hit a 38-yard field goal midway through the third quarter.

D’Angelo Roberts added IU’s final score on a three-yard run with three minutes remaining in the game.

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  1. Two weeks to game plan and you come up with 8 pass plays? If that and what Michigan’s pathetic offense did to our D doesn’t shake your confidence in our coaches to the core then you don’t care about #iufb.

  2. Aruss, I think IU’s defense deserves credit for playing tough and showing signs of significant improvement. I give credit to Knorr. Given the circumstances with IU’s offense, the defense displayed mental toughness, and they never quit playing hard. Yes, they should have had two additional interceptions, and they still have a few players that don’t know how to tackle, but they’ve improved. Throw out the last TD (after the onside kick) and the one scored after Coleman’s fumble, and IU’s defense did reasonably well in a tough environment. Had IU had its normal offense today, the defense played well enough to allow IU to win this game.

  3. Podunker….beings u r throwing out Michigan TD’s let’s just throw them all out and now … IU wins…10 – 0…..yesssssss 🙂

  4. Come on, Bob! What world are you living in? Even you must know that if you can’t score points, you can’t win. And the more opportunities the other team has on offense, the more likely they are to score points. IU’s defense is not great, but it played relatively well today. IU’s defense is not why IU lost this game. IU had a total of 24 passing yards today! When a team’s offense can’t score points, or even maintain possession beyond 3 and outs, even the best defenses will eventually get warn down. Coleman’s fumble, Diamont’s fumble, and the failed on-side kick late in the fourth quarter made for easy Michigan scores. Did you really expect IU to hold Michigan to less than two touchdowns on their home field?

  5. The bottom line remains unchanged. IU football is second rate at best, incapable of putting together a consistent effort on both sides of the ball for sixty minutes. THIS IS INEXCUSABLE! All we hear from KW are excuses and babble. He may be able to recruit – given what we read – but the results are what matter, and the numbers speak for themselves. Glass should already be on the lookout for an upgrade and be ready invest in a coach rather than seats in the south end zone.

  6. The IU offense has been suffering from a want of receivers (compared to last year’s studs) all year; no wonder IU threw only eight passes now that a frosh QB has been pressed into service. How can giving the ball to the best runner in the USA be a bad coaching call? The IUD has improved. I’ve been writing all along that there’s bound to be a hiccup on the upward trajectory of the program, and this year looks like it.

  7. I’m calling you out on that one, davis. Holding a lousy UM team to “only” 34 points is not an improvement. This team still gets steamrolled at the will of virtually every quality opponent as well as many average opponents. KW is not the answer.

  8. KW better pray Coleman doesn’t declare for the draft after this year. That would almost certainly mean another a second straight year without a legit chance at bowl eligibility.

  9. I’ll stand all day long arm and arm with Po, davis and TTG on this 1. I am damn pleased with what I cypher from the D’s steady improvement under Knorr’s coaching and KW’s leadership to get it better. davis said it best about our present and available offense “how can giving the ball to the best runner in the USA be a bad coaching call?” and I’ll add against a team who has given up too many rushing yards this season. It is easy to see most people who are hollering for heads to roll may actually view the games but don’t know what the hell their watching take place.

  10. Sorry D-Bone I disagree on that point.. Redding and Mister are pretty darn good.My thoughts are that Redding is better than Roberts

  11. CW’s comments to reporters in Friday’s Courier Journal.

    “You guys said we couldn’t be a bowl team. I think at 8-4, we would be. And at 7-5, 6-6.”

    I think more like 3-9 or if we are lucky, 4-8 and no bowl.

  12. how can you not throw a ball more than 5 yards downfield in an entire game? it’s miraculous coleman got as many yards as he did

  13. Rather.

    It is easy to see most people who are looking for a positive spin may actually view the game but are smoking way too much weed.

  14. The only thing I don’t like right now is if they are not gonna throw them just go into straight run mode all out. Go triple option with 2 backs in the game. Put a mix of Roberts, Coleman, redding and Wynn in the back field and let Zander run when needed. Throw in the occasional bomb, wr screen, and what not. This teams only chance is on the ground where RB is now the most stacked position like we used to be. Get them all out there and cater to your teams strengths. I am a firm believer in strength based leadership and we are not doing that enough right now IMO.

  15. Everyone is frustrated with IU’s performance on offense yesterday, but that should not detract from what was an improved performance by IU’s defense. I’ve been as critical of IU’s defense as anyone in recent years, but yesterday they played much better, under very difficult circumstances. What I witnessed yesterday was a defense that played well enough for IU to win, had we had any semblance of an offense. Growing pains will continue, but Knorr is getting his unit to play better and with toughness. The defense is a long way from being finished, but they have improved, and yesterday those young men had reason to be proud of their performance.

    Going forward, we have to hope that Zander improves enough to beat Purdue. He’s got a month of work and three more games to gather the experience necessary to get ready to beat Purdue.

  16. I watched the game and my comments would be:

    1. There are three factors in the low passing yardage. One is the number of attempts, the second is the percentage of passes completed, and the third is the number of yards per completion.

    He only got eight attempts and completed five of them for a percentage of 62 1/2%. That’s not terrible.

    He averaged about 5 yards per completed pass. Ok.

    So the major factor in his low passing yardage was the small number of attempts.

    Most important, I thought he looked a lot better than he did against Michigan State.

    2. So give the kid a chance to throw the ball. The offense was too one-dimensional. It was nothing but running.

    3. In particular, cut the wildcat crap. Every time they tried the wildcat play, nothing worked and they turned the ball over on downs.

    4. Coleman, our truly great running back, really had a lousy day. He started off with two fumbles one of which turned into a michigan touchdown. So we were playing from behind all day long. That didn’t help any.

    5. Speaking of running, actually, the kid, Diamont, had a pretty heady 35 yard run, which was, I think, the longest Indiana play from scrimmage all day long.

    So, bottom line, give the kid a chance.

    And, to Wilson’s credit, I think he is doing so.

    And his apparent strategy of building Diamont’s confidence is, in my humble opinion, not only smart, but the only choice.

  17. Steve is right. I’ve been watching IU football for over 40 years and nothing changes. The numbers always speak for themselves. KW has brought in talented recruits, but can not mold them into a competitive team. Every year wasted makes it that much harder to shake off the demon. Christ, even Northwestern has become a worthy opponent on most Saturdays. Meanwhile in Bloomington…..

  18. Brings to mind a quote of Albert Einstein. Something about the definition of insanity is “doing (watching) the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”.

  19. yeah. run the option with a 155lb freshman quarterback and see how long he lasts. brilliant, omega.

  20. So our present QB goes from 175 to 155? Everything I’ve have read lists ZD as 175 lb. scout, rivals and the IU official.

  21. The Michigan game turned out better than I expected. I thought our defense showed significant improvement and the couple of good “sticks” were something I haven’t seen in I don’t know how many years. We are still undermanned and still a little slow but there were clearly signs of progress.

    The offense is what it is. Don’t know if Zander will develop into a B1G QB…maybe but I doubt it…he’s got some good qualities but is undersized and that’s not something we can change. I was disappointed in the Oline play…they appeared to be mailing it in. I don’t know if they’ve just given up or were perhaps overrated to begin with. Receivers are just plain inexperienced. As for the wildcat stuff, when you’re in this position, you try anything…so it didn’t work…too bad.

    Coleman had what for him was a sub par game, but so what…he’s still a great athlete and my hope for him is that he will remain healthy and go on to a promising NFL career.

    As for the rest of this season, we will not win any more games. Competition is just too stiff to overcome barring a minor miracle. I was hoping for a win at Purdue, but they are vastly improved and at this point, I would have to say that their program is a few steps ahead of IU.

    As for next year,,,tough. If Sudfeld comes back (big if), we might be OK at QB…Don’t know if we can develop a credible running game without Coleman/Roberts. I am excited about our defense. I think they could be close to a credible B1G unit next year. Again, schedule is likely too tough to make to a bowl but if we can stay healthy, we could do as well next year as we anticipated doing this year…5 wins.

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