Monday’s game moved too fast to play Holt, Crean says

Tom Crean thought about playing Emmitt Holt in Monday’s 88-86 loss to Eastern Washington.

But the Indiana coach decided against doing so because the speed of the game was at a level that Holt may not have been prepared for. Crean said the game moved at a pace that was already tough enough for the players that had grown used to playing considerable minutes over IU’s first four contests.

For Holt, who served a four-game suspension that spanned two exhibitions and the first two regular season contests, the game was moving too fast for someone without much prior experience.

Holt, a 6-foot-7 freshman forward, has appeared in only game, logging five minutes Saturday against Lamar.

“Now, if he’d have played the last couple of games considerable minutes or hadn’t missed the four games, that’s a whole other story,” Crean said. “But that game was moving so fast that — again, playing small was not the wrong way to do it. Our mistakes came more out of switches and lack of communication. But Emmitt will be very good for us. We definitely need to get him in the rotation.”

Crean also said he gave no consideration toward playing 6-11 freshman center Jeremiah April.

“The game was moving much too fast, and it was too much perimeter-oriented for Jeremiah in that game,” Crean said. “Again, he’s making strides. He was in here early that morning working with us. He was in here that afternoon not only for a walk through but for extra work. He’s going to get better and better, too.”


  1. Soooo what if UNCG is fast paced were gonna wait to play Holt against PITT? CTC makes no sense to me. We play at an up tempo pace. I understand he missed a few games, understand he’s a freshman but I’m sure he did not miss practice and conditioning. How can he not be played??

  2. Am I reading right? Perimeter game? Was Crean at the game? I wouldn’t call 48 points in the paint, perimeter game, I’m starting to wonder about that guy….

  3. When we did see April he looked decent…not getting him minutes now will only hurt us down the road. Big guy under the basket who can catch, pivot, and rebound. Am I missing something?

  4. What do we have to lose playing Holt and April. The game moves to fast for HMP. He only has 5 rebounds in the last several games and doesnt defend. Just maybe Holt and April could learn quicker Would make sense to me to get them some experience before the big games start.

  5. Nobody seems to have observed this, but it seems to me that the addition of Williams and Robinson has been subtractive, not additive, at least in terms of the total team.

    I am not suggesting that they are not very talented players, especially Williams, but in my experience, it is often the chemistry issues that determine success.

    And that makes me wonder if these guys, who have been obvious problems in terms of drug usage, are also problems in terms of team issues.

    In this regard, note the decreased performance of our two fabulous freshman guards. Note also Yogi acting as he did last year and taking things over instead of working with his teammates.

  6. “Now, if he’d have played the last couple of games considerable minutes or hadn’t missed the four games, that’s a whole other story.” See, it’s not Crean’s responsibility–it’s Holt’s fault for not playing and providing a post presence against EWU.

    @WestCoast Hoosier–I noticed that too, except Williams has added a few highlight dunks to his resume.

  7. Those comments by Crean are ridiculous. The game was not moving too fast for Holt to play. He should have been in the game, at least for brief periods of time. The interior defense was so poor, he could have not done any worse, and if anything, been a big improvement. As far as April is concerned, if he could play at this level, he would have been in the game. It had nothing to do with the speed of the game.

  8. My, how the mighty have fallen…….

    Only a few years ago, Crean was mostly regarded by the IUBB fans as someone SO great for IUBB that he was almost untouchable. The few early critics were usually drowned out and stomped to death by all the Kool-Aid drinkers.

    Today it is rare to an occasional Crean defender/apologist commenting anywhere. On this fairly sophisticated fan site, it appears there are NONE left.

    Even the always unpopular football coach KW still has several legitimate defenders left, to argue with other commenters on behalf of CKW. Crean has NONE !

    It seems that EVERYONE in the kingdom has finally realized that “the emperor really doesn’t have clothes” ! If there were any folks still left who didn’t believe the TRUTH about Crean’s glaring inadequacies, this last press conference removed all doubt. Nothing but empty, meaningless words, and blaming everyone but himself.

    “The game was too fast”, indeed ! That explains everything that is wrong with Crean’s coaching………

  9. Another admission of IU severely lack of talented forwards and centers and lack of ability to recruit them and lack of ability to coach them…the program has fallen apart from what IU standard should be.

  10. Firstly, Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

    How about a fun little thought experiment for all the real and armchair coaches out there. If you were given Indiana’s exact roster, how would you build an offensive and defensive approach for your team?

    Make John Wooden proud.

  11. Happy Thanksgiving… That being said, this is complete garbage Crean.

    Coachv, you beat me to the punch. your comment was exactly what I was thinking when I read Crean’s quote.

    DD – I may get back to you on that, but I would take considerable time and I have family obligations for the foreseeable hours. Maybe tonight after mama and baby are in bed.

    Everyone enjoy their friends and families and hams and turkeys. I hope everyone is in good health and spirits.

  12. He’s living on another world, in a time zone that runs parallel to ours but different. My 2 grandsons know more about how to make people better than he does. Unbelievably stupid , ignorant comments.

  13. First of all, I would like to defend Stan Robinson. The staff changed his shooting hand this summer and it appears the young man lacks confidence in either hand. Setting up shots and shooting off the dribble with R hand may still be foreign to him. The “despiration duo” (April and Priller) will make room for OG and Juwan. Only reason the “game moved to fast” was because the inability for IU to rebound with front liners and allow defense to cover back. CTC Still cant coach against a zone. I would like to see start (since theres nothing to lose with a small team) experiment with this : Yogi,JBJ, Holt, Troy, and HMP.

  14. West Coast Hoosier, ya’ think? Glad somebody broke it down to a missing team. And, yes, from what we’ve seen Williams and Robinson (you can add Ferrell to that equation) define why this team does not function and what Tom Crean does not get about basketball.

  15. There is a reason we play these no name teams. To get the players ready for BIGTEN play. They can not do it without playing time.
    If it is too fast them do not recruit. Kentucky recruits and plays freshman.
    Wake up Crean. This is the reason we have lost all big men to NBA.

  16. Moved too fast for Holt? Isn’t the coaching philosophy based on a running game? Then why recruit one that “the game moves to fast for him”?

  17. Why as this stage in ones career (Div1) would you change a shooting hand? Especially if you felt strong enough to recruit him to begin with?

  18. Myron Medcalf of ESPN wrote this after EW game:Now, he has an elite point guard (Yogi Ferrell), a high-scoring freshman wing (Blackmon) and some solid reserves who shouldn’t allow Indiana to lose to mediocre mid-majors. Yes, he has a lot of young players, but that won’t pass as an excuse because the entire Big Ten is rebuilding and some of the best teams in America are anchored by underclassmen.

    That’s why Eastern Washington matters.

    Maybe this will ultimately be viewed as a meaningless blemish come Selection Sunday. But perhaps it’s a sign that Crean is struggling to connect with this group. Maybe it’s proof that, dating back to last season, the coach hasn’t found the proper formula to help his players realize they can’t show up for SMU and then fade late against Eastern Washington.

    Time will tell.

    But these are the losses that doom bubble teams. These are the losses that turn administrators and fans against coaching staffs. These are the losses that breed speculation.

    And the latter is the last thing Indiana — and Crean — needs right now……and like I said last year “perception is reality”….Thomas Bryant is a big man IU needs and has whittled his choice down to 2; but appears only thing IU will see of him is the Syracuse uniform he will wear. IF Crean cant refute the speculation and perception by “coaching” this team ; he is too big to fail (with his cost of contracts) but the program isnt …his inability to adjust and coach will bankrupt this program of recruited talent because who will come IF the coach cant show wins,if its speculated his time is “short”,and he continues to lose to mid-major teams

  19. Indiana bb started to struggle toward the end of Zeller and Olidipo year after teams scouted them first half of season. Teams started to figure out how to play them and what was working first half of season did not work as well by end of that season.

  20. Jeremy-

    If you allow a troll to bastardize my screen name and use it for their own public form of mockery, then you’ve once again closed the door on the supposed civility and fairness that beloved Scoop prides itself….I never attacked this troll.. You should ban this form of festering pus that wants to be a coward on the run. At the end of the day, it doesn’t really mater to me…But if it keeps up, I will get creative.

    Oh, and I’m not saying you’ve been paying attention much today….Happy Thanksgiving.

  21. now that everyone has come to an agreement about the reverend crean’s ability to coach, i think it is time for all the scoop regulars to acknowledge who was the first to publicly state that here, in only his second season. it was me.

  22. Don’t be so touchy HfH. The handle >0=Harvard has nothing to do with you HfH. It’s related to having gone to Yale. Absolutely nothing to do with you (nor am I willing to allow you the monopoly on the Ivy franchise).

  23. Yes …I was one who came in a couple of years ago pointing out flaws that crean blatantly had during our second sweet 16 run. I was brutally dealt with by the Crean faithful on this site. Anyone who landed Zeller could’ve coached that team. I could have called up the tri north middle school coach and he could’ve gotten that team to a sweet 16. I was his biggest defender up to that point. But that game showed flaws that were way to obvious to overlook. Really if you all remember the last quarter of that season the in game coaching, sporadic substitutions and lack of time outs at crucial times were very strange. It’s was the last quarter of that season that I realized he wasn’t as great as I thought. I hope this ends soon so we can move on. I wasn’t a supporter of Mike Davis but even Davis in my opinion runs circles around crean. He wasn’t good enough so why is this guy? Let’s move on. It’s been way to long for us to wait. I remember being a kid and I was excited with bracket in hand every year growing up picking the hoosiers to take the dance and run with it. We need to find a guy that can bring that back. I hope glass brings in an indiana guy that understands the importance of our former players and the importance of Indiana high school basketball. To be continued

  24. Gosh…..Tom Crean is sure taking a bashing. Now the Ivy League shows up on Scoop for mop-up duty…Now the liberal lady comes to sing to EVERYONE..Now they all want the divorce…It’s empty the bench time..The scrubs gotta get their minutes.

    Well, sports fans of Scoop. My jersey backed down more Crean apologists than you’re ever going to know But you people make me sick….You’re followers and you have nothing original. You’re probably the same crowd that brought his wonderful Christian values to our doorstep…..You didn’t care of incompetence and his fake spiel that should have been obvious to the most naive… Ivy League? You are Kindergarten League.. You are Establishment…You have backbones of jello. Defend the man that you defended…You put him on level of the man on the cross. Now you quit him? Pathetic. The only thing more sad than incompetence sold as gold are those now disloyal. So many new names here…A new one that diced up part of my name and put it in the Cuisinart with the rest of the genuses now breaking their band of gold with Crean.

    I missed the point…We all miss the point. Those young Hoosiers came to IU because they believed in their coach. When we undermine their coach, we undermine their hearts…We should give those kids respect . I think they believe in this man beyond the basketball…Though I’ve spent far too much time mocking those simple beautiful truths, I find myself saddened by the mob mentality now. Maybe we all need to believe more…We commercialize the hell out of holidays now overshadowed by sports and shopping….So little to believe in anymore.. Give this team the same chance as you give entities in the heavens you talk to at night. If we punish the faith of an innocent heart, there really is no hope for any of us.

  25. I will support Crean until I can’t anymore. I start positive with football and basketball but will admit I was at a point last year where I’d had it…simply because we weren’t feeding Vonleh enough and felt the games were thrown off with wacky subbing. I am hoping for the best this year but we will see. I am out of state…anyone know what channel the game is being shown on?

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