Offense stumbles in Indiana’s 13-7 loss to Penn State

Indiana’s offensive struggles continued in a 13-7 loss to Penn State Saturday at Memorial Stadium.

The Hoosiers have now lost four in a row and are winless in the Big Ten.

IU totaled 221 yards, converted only three of its 17 third downs and punted on 11 of its 16 possessions. The Hoosiers have only one offensive touchdown in their last 10 quarters.

Indiana’s lone score came from its defense when safety Mark Murphy intercepted Penn State’s Christian Hackenberg and returned it 47 yards with 3:57 remaining in the second quarter. The touchdown stands as the Hoosiers’ first defensive score of the season.

But Penn State answered on the first play of its ensuing drive when running back Bill Belton went straight through the IU defense for a 92-yard touchdown run to tie the game at 7-7.

Indiana quarterback Zander Diamont played better than he had in each of his previous two starts, but he alone could not spark a stagnant offense. Diamont completed 13 of 28 passes for 68 yards. He was intercepted twice — once on last-second heave to end the first half and again late in the fourth quarter to set up the Nittany Lions’ second field goal of the day.

The true freshman was more accurate through the air and more efficient on the ground, using running back Tevin Coleman as a decoy at times. But Diamont did not get enough help from his receivers, who had three key drops, including two on third down in the second half.

Penn State kicker Sam Ficken hit two field goals and had another blocked by Bobby Richardson. His 27-yard connection gave the Lions a 10-7 lead five minutes into the second half. He hit another from 28 yards to close the game.


  1. Everyone loves to make excuses for coach wilson. Must be nice to have no standards yet be paid so well. This season is over, bowl hopes gone with this loss. He will get another year because of the injuries, however I see no reason to believe he will wver take indiana to a bowl game. Remember the BGSU game? Wasn’t that long ago.

  2. From this game, I’ll choose to focus on IU’s improved defensive performance, maturity and toughness. If you watched the game, there’s no need to comment about IU’s freshman QB or the offense. It is what it is. But we should be pleased that IU is finally fielding a competitive defense. Again, IU’s defense played well enough to win the game today. In spite of today’s loss, that is good news.

    Only criticism I would choose to offer is that IU’s kickoff return unit seems to need a lot of work.

    Just beat Purdue.

  3. Just beat purdue? Lol wilson must have the easiest job in America if that’s the only expectation we have. This was not a great penn state team ok? Could the media be softer on wilson? The guy will never take indiana to a bowl game. 5-7 is the peak with this guy. Keeping a guy just for the sole sake of stability is a joke.

  4. I don’t know where this is Wilson’s fault. I’m not sure of any college team that can win with a 4th string QB. This team is clearly different with Sudeld and after the injury how could anyone expect this team to consistently move the ball. You can’t be upset about anything from here on. This isn’t the same team and expectations are thrown out the window. It’s just nice to see the defense put up a nice game for a change.

  5. Yeah, that Zander is some kind of special talent. Geez, he looks like a middle school kid out there. Enough of the excuses already. Wilson is in his fourth year and his team is as pathetic as ever. Great defenses don’t give up a 92-yard run right after your team takes the lead. Meanwhile, other teams have shown that you don’t have to pass in order to move the ball, yet the Hoosiers can’t muster a running game remotely capable of putting their opponent on their heels, which – by the way – might make it possible for little Zander to actually complete a few passes. Next week OSU will pulverize IU, after which we will be subjected to yet another round of blather about injuries and inexperience. This program has more holes in it than a brick of swiss cheese, and the one common denominator is our overmatched head coach.

  6. Clearly diffwrwnt without Sudfeld? People have a short memory. Maryland and BGSU games were very telling for this coaching staff. Stop with the excuses already. Giy makes 7 figures ok? Keep some perspective.

  7. The offensive problem started last year with transfer of Qb and then 2nd Qb in spring or summer plus loosing 2 of your best (physical) receivers. Difference between 3 win season and 6 or 7 or 8 win season this year. Lack of love for iu fb from 2 or 3 of those players. However, Iu should of had physical receivers in line to step up.

  8. If a coach is in his 4th year and unsuccessful (unless there is 1 successful year along the way) then he has to take most of the blame. They are his players and they are losing. If an injury destroys the season, it’s his fault if there’s no one to fill in. It’s Wilson’s 4th year.

  9. to iulongaog #13 you are correct these are Kevin Wilson players and they are very good players…Kevin Wilson is recruiting quality three stars recruits whereby Bill Lynch was recruiting two stars recruits….Kevin Wilson has built the foundation for a very good program…are we so quick to judge and want to change and go back to IU football of 5 to 6 years ago!!Bill Lynch nearly wreck this program….all i can see from the outside is a very positive program on the way up!!! These players are playing very hard and there are no off field issues (IU basketball)…Like any true Chicago Cub fan, i can honestly say without any problems…i cannot wait to see IU football next year…..the potential for this team has nothing but upside (provide no transfers and no career ending injuries). look at your potential starting lineups…a NFL caliber arm QB in Nate Sudefield (with able backups Covington, Diamont and Stevens),…a NFl caliber RB in Tevin Coleman(able backup Redding and Mister) and good WR in Simmie Cobb, Dominique Booth and J-Shun Harriss) a offensive line that is basically intact……An a Defensive that should be much improve with all the freshman and sophomore playing….i can only see improvements for this team…i just hope we have a good recruiting class this year with all the loses!!

  10. Completely agree with IU79 and we need to support this process. There’s no doubt we are talking about good kids who are good football players and will become a good football team. There is up side and concrete reason to expect success. Those who come on this site to merely bust b_lls are going to continue to do it because that is the extent of their stupidity. Some legitimately critique, though I haven’t seen much of them and I expect they too will eventually become supporters. Hopefully the dumb___ brigade will go elsewhere. Hoosier fans will not give up.

    Change anything. Yes, Mr Glass, please don’t turn ths is into a carny sideshow…it disrespects IU football and athletics. This is not about ‘show’ and ‘promotion’. It is about quality and competition. Impressing noone with fireworks, booms, etc. Focus on competitiveness and quality

  11. Of course IU has a frosh QB and the receivers are not nearly as good as last year’s, so the depth problem that is so familiar to IUFB has led us this should not be a complete surprise, folks. But Diamont now has several games under his belt and looks utterly lost. Presumably he was being prepped since August to fill in for Sud at any time. He should be much more capable by now. Tre and Sud didn’t look this lost when they were newbies. One has to wonder 1) what the heck has Wilson been working on with his back- up QBs since August, 2) what the heck did he ever see in Diamont to offer him a job, or 3) both. Given that KW had no qualms about juggling Tre and Sud between the QB jog earlier, I wonder why he seems so attached to Diamont instead of giving Covington a shot at it. Seems that Covington couldn’t do any worse.

    Any comments from any posters who were wanting to extend KW’s contract? His shortcomings as a head coach are showing and those who question his ability have plenty of ammo, especially when considering how crummy special teams have been for his entire tenure. I think he just doesn’t care about the kicking game very much; the apparent attitude is “just give us the ball and watch out!” But canning him now would be a big mistake. A seven year contract looks pretty wise right now. It would have been silly to expect a straight upward trajectory in the won-lost department (which we have had until this season; Rutgers and Pee-yew are beatable so with luck IU might get a plateau instead of a dip). Give Wilson the next three years (as originally agreed) to right the ship or crap out.

  12. Bill- not sure what you consider different but I kinda take a look at this when I determine different:
    Sudfeld- 192 yds @ game; 61% pass completion
    Diamont- 34 yds @ game; 46% pass completion

    I don’t see Wilson’s name on the depth chart so I’m not sure how he or the coaching staff is responsible for the change in the passing game.
    And for people (Chaz) to think that you can win B1G games just by running the ball, you’re out of your mind. I’d like to know which teams those are and how they compare to IU’s horrid passing game. You at least have to have some threat of being able to pass. The offensive blueprint is gone.
    As a side note: Both Maryland and Bowling Green are 6-3 with MAC teams now beating B1G teams more regularly, so those losses aren’t quite as surprising as they looked going in.
    Simply changing head coaches doesn’t fix the problem:
    -Cameron .327
    -DiNardo .229
    -Hoeppner .391 (gets a pass)
    -Lynch .388
    The big difference is that this staff is getting better recruits. And all this takes time.

  13. For all of you geniuses who really believe that IU football is on an upward trajectory I ask you to please explain why Wilson deserves any slack. This team was not moving forward going into this season, even before the great Tre decided to leave. Injuries are a fundamental part of the game, yet for IU to be lacking in depth is inexcusable. Wilson was not prepared to respond to any kind of injury to Sudfeld, as we have seen, and that is his fault alone. Lastly, I give “Hep” one example to think about. November 10, 2012. Wisconsin, led by its HOF quarterback Curt Phillips (who?), comes into Btown and proceeds to demolish the Hoosiers 62-14. The Badgers pound out 605 yards of offense, with the lofty total of 41 via the pass. Phillips attempted only 7 passes. My point is after nearly four years at the helm Wilson still hasn’t figured out how to put together a consistently competitive team, and comparing him to the likes of Cameron, DiNardo, and Lynch only reinforces my point that IU football will never be taken seriously until Glass steps up to the plate and brings in a proven head coach. Injuries and transfers are not an excuse. Quit cutting the guy slack.

  14. Like the effort, particularly on defense. Wilson certainly in no jeopardy short term. He gets AT LEAST one more shot with a legit QB situation.

    Can Diamont see over the line? Can he consistently throw accurately over 20 yards? I get he was supposed to be a project and never see the field this year (at least), but how can you explain the need to dumb down a D1 offense to these levels?

    Need to pull out one more if at all possible to avoid a B1G win shut out. Would be nice for team morale.

    Coleman, please don’t go NFL! I’ve stated that before, and some have suggested they’re not worried with Devine and other prospects waiting in the wings. But, the WRs (even with Sudfeld) took a noticeable step back after losing top flight talent.

  15. davis: covington isn’t getting a shot because he is out for the season with an injury. wilson already said he was “hands down” better than diamont. try to pay attention before mouthing off.

    i think wilson should get another 2 years. changing coaches every 4 years isn’t helping. indiana isn’t like other programs. it’s the bottom of the barrell. changing the culture and improving recruiting will take more time. hell, the first year or two barely count in recruiting. although it sometimes doesn’t seem like it, i think i see improvement in the defense. the size and athleticism look better but those guys are still young.

    at the end of last season we had 3 good qb’s. there is your depth. can’t blame wilson for 2 of them transferring because they felt they had to start elsewhere. do you really expect a team like indiana to have more qb depth 3? sure, ohio st has 6 good qb’s but that is my point.

    kofi hughes turning pro was a huge blow. he had the size, experience and talent to rack up big numbers and would have been the man this season. whoever convinced him to go pro should be strung up by the b—-. hope he enjoys being out of football. his football days are over. what a waste. wynn too small to do it alone even with a good qb. cobbs, booth, and harris will be good in time but to small and just not ready.

    if roberson, coffman, and hughes don’t leave early i say we were a bowl team this year. wilson gets a pass this year.

  16. Coach Wilson will be HC in Bloomington long after Chaz is no longer a fan. The only programs that can continue successfully after losing their starting QB are the upper crust teams. Been watching Ohio State lately? When a program is being built up from the low level IU was in everyone understands(except Chaz)the biggest personnel issues are with depth. It took almost a decade for Wisconsin to build their power running game. I really do not know if IU can win another game this year but this season is making a statement in 2 areas, the D has and continues to improve and if you use an unbiased eye ZD has improved from MSU to Meatchicken to PSU and he will be improved again against RU.
    coachv well stated and you are so correct about Kofi Hughes.

  17. As a 10 year season ticket holder, IU graduate, and longtime supporter of iU athletics, for the first time in 10 years I almost stayed home to rake leaves instead of attending the IU – Penn State game. Havn’t missed a game in over ten years. I applaud the hard work and effort the players are putting forward and their dedication to the program. From the moment Nate Sudfield stepped on the IU football field I felt he had the talent to lead us to a bowl game. Do you remember how he came off the bench as a freshman and almost led us back from a big deficit against Ohio State? The Ohio State fans that were joyously celebrating around us for most of the game suddenly became quiet and scared. I, like many IU football fans thought this would be our bowl year. With all this said, coaches, programs, businesses are mostly judged and evaluated by the bottom line. The bottom line is this program took a step back this year. The growing amount of empty seats and empty parking spaces in the parking lot speak for themselves. How many years will we continue to say “Next Year I think we can go to a bowl game.” Four years ago our slogan was “Win Now”. I still have hope for the future of this program, but i must confess i still live a little bit in the past with the memory of coach Heller. Not just a great coach, but a great person and family man. He brought excitement to the fans, players, and students. He was engaging and was appeared to be very media friendly. Yes, to worked through a few losing seasons, but you could see he was building something. One of his hand picked assistant coaches was able to complete his goal of taking the team he put together and leading the team to Help’s vision of “playing 13”. I sat on the front row f section 3, leaning against the wall as watched Austin Carr’s game winning field goal against Purdue sail through the uprights, sealing IU’s goal of playing 13. This is what we miss. Bottom line, winning with good kids.

  18. …I clearly remember before a Coach Wilson team even played a game he was asked what the offense would be like, he stated “the offense can only do what the OL can block and the QB can execute”…it is pertinent to understand that and the + side is the D will not let the wounds be as deep as the 1st season…

  19. Apologies also to kicker Austin Starr. Showing my age little bit. Austin Carr was an ex Notre Dame and NBA basketball great. Do want to clarify that IU does in fact have great kids. The goal is to win with great kids. Terry Hepner was not a salesman. He was a fierce competitor, but also a tremendous leader, motivator, and compassionate human being. He was the type of person you loved. He was a people person. His faith made you believe, not just hope.. IU was his dream job and it showed. Do you remember what the student body section looked like when he was here? He was a proven winner. This is what IU misses. These are the qualities that we need back. I will always support IU athletics and put my trust in the powers to be. I do hope that next year we can be blessed with good health and another year of game experience athletes that help turn this program around.

  20. Greetings to all classy folks here who can’t disagree without getting personal. For the sake of comparison, the only B10 school I can think of who endured a run of futility similar to IU was NW. For the record, NW went 59 years without a conference championship before Gary Barnett ended their misery in just his THIRD year at the school. Like IU, NW was a doormat for over 20 years before things changed. I understand that it’s not possible to have quality depth at the QB spot, but KW had plenty of time to develop a plan to address the possibility the Sudfeld would get hurt at some point. Again, the results speak for themselves. After investing millions of dollars in facilities, the only way IU is going to convince the college world that they are serious about football is to seek out the best coach they can find. KW was and is not that person.

  21. Davis, depth has been the root problem of Indiana football. We have successfully recruited top players, but when it came to numbers we would have maybe 20-30 competitive players, a mid-level Big 10 program 30-40 and the rich guys 45-60. Easily seen when you look at scores and where they went in the 2nd half/4th quarter. That’s when you compete with your third team guard, second team defensive end, 3rd team LB….One area where I think a good job is being carried out is that CKW has managed to recruit between 15-20 solid football players per year (after his second year in Bloomington). The freshman and the sophomore class now number around 30+ solid players, some 5-10 solid juniors and 4-5 playable B!GT level seniors. Still young but with the bulk of the team in the first two years and with lots of playing experience in KW’s system.

    Beginning next year we become the experienced team, and a truer measure of the state of our program. Is this optimistic, only so far as my point about the difference in quality numbers in comparison to the rest of the B1G.

    Your point about qb’s and why KW didn’t give Diamont enough reps. Truthfully, I thought perhaps you missed some reading. The order of qb’s would have been (more than likely) Sudfeld/Roberson, Coffman (personally, I thought Roberson would eventually win out; but, first Coffman and then Roberson, apparently beaten by Sudfeld or at least promised only a share, decided to transfer. At that point Covington, Diamont and Cameron were only incoming freshmen. (Covington was a superb high school athlete, good enough that he was also considered a candidate as a linebacker- not a strange consideration for bigger qb types since reading the play is such an important skill in both.

    By summer, after Coffman (2B) and, more unexpectedly, Roberson(1B,2A) left, the qb corp is Sudfeld, Covington(then #3 behind Roberson) a clear # 2; Diamont (#4), …(to include Cameron as #5. During the early season, the senior qb, a walk-on was (deservedly) given mop-up duties and a sort of prime shot should Sudfeld go down. As it worked out, the very same day Sudfeld went down; Covington, by then the clear #2 with a lot of Wilson faith in him (could run, “great” arm according to KW) goes down as well with a knew and all of a sudden we are jumping to the top freshman, the #4 or #5 in the pecking order, Boudreau falls out of consideration (should surprise no one if you are looking past November) and Diamont is moved up and begins taking snaps in practice(see below).

    When practicing nearly if not all coaches in the country give about 75% of the snaps (or more depending the complexity of the offense and the absorption rate of the individual qb); about 25% to the #2 and a few here, a few there below the #1 an #2…none below the #3 who normally work with a GA. Only Lions and Little League football tries to split snaps even among ‘all qb’s’, mainly driven by the coach’s need to avoid the mom’s squealing/squeaky voice.

    With Diamont it was even more so. He was never in the plans for 2014. He was literally sidelined to be physically built to Big Ten levels. He is a small kid (weight wide) and no one wanted him hurt before he could fairly take the blows. But the plan was, all along, sideline him until next year as a redshirt. He was not supposed to get any reps at all; but simply, learn to understand the overall mega-design of the offense by watching practice and helping keep designs and stats in the team box in the pressbox on Saturdays while sending love-notes to assistant coaches. And, he was expected to learn the system by watching 30+hours of film otherwise. But…until Covington goes down in the quadfecta, there were no plans for Diamont-snaps and Cameron was little beyond a rumor. They were redshirts storaged for 2015.

    Davis, I don’t see why this has been so darned hard for folks to understand. Like a rabid Hoosier fan which you know I am, I was ‘hoping’ (emphasize the religiosity of the word ‘hoping’) for a break out year that would label us ‘dangerous’ (I still thin that could happen in a game or two), but I never even came close to the expectations I read about here. What surprises me is that I know you know football. My highest expectation was for this group to be held together, as a group of mostrly freshman and sophomores that they understand and accept their potential as just and only THAT, potential. And that they become the students of the game that KW’s philosophy of football requires.

    They are as good a bunch of young players as Indiana has ever recruited. (I still remember what it was like to see our freshmen standing next to Michigan State freshmen (or was it Ohio State) back in the day when freshmen team games were scheduled…it was comical enough to literally get a laugh out of us (“damn, we got to start feeding ours lots of meat loaf made of 97%bread white and one meat ball for taste”, said an IU Offensive Coordinator-line coach).

    Believe it or not Davis, I do see it coming and know enough about it to know three things (from the beginning of the year). 1. It ain’t gonna happen this year (we’re just way too young). 2. Begin expecting it next year. 3. Cover weaknesses in the receiver corps. We’re fine, in good shape everywhere else. We’ll have four (count them, qb’s), 3-4 RB’s (I’ve seen Mister and I don’t know that the present RB is going to leave 4. Our defense is in the hand of a fine, fine teacher and strategist who has worked and has good experience at bringing out potential. It will be an ‘established ‘ defense, not unlike MSU’s when fully developed and manned.

    The most important issue is whether we, US, Hoosier fans understand we need to support, be patient and expect to win only at that point where we are playing good football offense and defense. It will come and it can’t be hurried.

    How’s the boy? Still charging opponents a $1 to let them live?

  22. ADD 1-Lest I confuse, I thought the qb positioning would be Roberson/Sudfeld as 1-2, 3. Coffman, 4. Covington, 5. Diamont(qb-in-wait) 6. Cameron(qb-in-wait) through 2015. So you see where we are. A fifth qb running the games and a 6th qb in reserve. That’s ok…it defines the depth we need to have and sustain over the years.

  23. Chaz, I agree with you. KW is not the guy. I do agree with some of the other people on this site that KW has brought in more higher rated recruits than some of our previous coaches, but where has that got us? That only tells me that previous coaches have gotten more out of lesser talent. Even before Sudfeld got hurt, we lost to Bowling Green and struggled against an Indiana State team we destroyed a year earlier. I still don’t know how we beat Missouri. We played a great game that day. When 2 of your 3 wins come against Indiana State and North Texas, that’s not good enough. This isn’t his second year. This is year four. The results should be showing on both sides of the ball. We can only pray that Sudfeld does not get hurt next year. QB recruit Stevens from Death Central recently visited Penn State and apparently was seen on the sideline of the Notre Dame bench. Look at all the qb’s that transferred from IU in the KW era. Not just Roberson and Cam Coffman. After Wilson’s first year two other qb’s left and one big time recruit withdrew his verbal commitment. Dusty Kiel and Wright- Baker left and Gunner Kiel (who was rated as the number dropback quarterback in the country) decided to go elsewhere. Probably received some inside advice from his relative Dusty Kiel. Not that any of these qb’s might have taken us to the promised land, but i’m starting to see a disturbing trend. Why do QB’s keep leaving. I hope i’m wrong, but I think the depth we have a QB this year will be the same next year. If so, we are one injury away from another tough season.

  24. Great comments Coachv and, of course HC, appreciate your perseverance and your honesty. Actually the hardest thing to deal with in the losing side of IU’s program is the down in the mouth pessimism and constant ‘shaking of the rug under Hoosier hopes’. This program has to be built (you can’y rebuild what has collapsed) carefully from the bottom-up, and in slow and determined steps. I’m willing to put skin in the effort and so are a lot of others. If you are not and have doubts, better to find another college to cheer for…we will do this andn support the work and effort by Coach Wilson and believe it will succeed. That simple.

  25. Having watched the Pack and Bears game last night I am relieved IU has Diamont and the Bears have Cutler. I wouldn’t hire Cutler to clean fish let alone play in the NFL.

  26. The winning teams demand results, period. Losing programs makes excuses. To tolerate a season like this in the fourth year will say volumes about where the athletic program is. The program is better than when Wilson took over but not where it needs to be. I just can’t get Bowling Green and Maryland out of my head and neither should anyone else when evaluation Wilson. Beating Missouri showed we had the talent, but it did not show up at BG or Maryland, who’s fault it that.

  27. Chuck and Chaz, I’m in agreement with you guys on your current assessment of IU football. Glad to see other’s are seeing things for what they truly are. Just a side note to clear something up, Kofi Hughes was a senior and graduated from IU last year. He did not declare early for the draft like Latimer.

  28. Wilson was hired to turn around a program that had been suffering from decades long underinvestment and lack of institutional support. Teams scheduling IU counted on a cake walk and most of them were right. Four years later, while we’re not winning, we are putting a better, more competitive product on the field. Can the program win under Wilson…maybe…maybe not, but the man is doing a very acceptable job under the most trying of circumstances. What truly amazes me is the quality of athletes he has recruited. Seriously, what athlete with designs on the NFL would even consider IU for college? Coleman at any other B1G university would be a Heisman contender if not outright winner. He comes to IU and is probably not even under serious consideration. As important, our FB program does not appear to have the same character issues that our storied BB program is experiencing. I attribute that to Wilson’s leadership. I am further impressed with the skill development as well as the enhanced strength and conditioning. All these factors point to a more competitive program in the years to come. So, I applaud Wilson’s performance. That said, I’m not entirely convinced he’s a game day coach, but hiring a proven game day coach with the condition of the program four years ago would have yielded nothing absent the building effort under Wilson.

  29. Chuck, be careful with that kind of thinking around here. This is a place where loyalties to Athletic Directors and coaches come before winning. It’s kind of like Indiana’s version of a good old boy network. There are folks on here that think a good cigar still costs 5 cents.

  30. xavier, again, where did DK and EWB transfer to play football? I want to read of their exploits and what IU missed.

  31. I can make this real easy clarion. What IU is missing is fans in the stands and wins on the field. Don’t blame me. I have 7 season tickets, donate to the university every year, and have attended every home game for the past 10 plus years. Right now I’m having a hard time giving some of my tickets away. I live in Bloomington and recently called my sister that lives in Indy and asked her if she and 17 year old son wanted tickets for an recent IU game. My nephew’s response was “who do they play.” Did you see ghe student section on Saturday? Pitiful. Though I am a strong supporter of IU athletics, I’m not sold on the leadership of this team and i’m certainly entitled to my opinion. Read the response from murfman. No words were needed. The numbers speak for themselves. Surely 3 and 9 is not what you envisioned when good ole Mr.Wilson was hired 4 years ago. The improvement of our defense may help you lick your wounds for this season gone bad, but our defense can’t score enough points to save KW. He gets a Mulligan for this season and then he’s gone after next year. The paying fans are speaking without having to say a word. Three cupcakes at home to start next season won’t cover the struggles of another tough big ten season. Our division is too strong. This task is way too big for KW. I’m not sure what the answer is, but I hope Fred Glass finds it before visiting teams start scheduling their homecoming s at memorial stadium

  32. i think kiel is starting for cincinnati. i think wright is playing d2. what people need to understand is wilson could not recruit anyone his first year. high school recruits have established relationships with other coaches for years. second year, still hard to catch up. now he is getting more of the players he wants and the improvement of the quality of recruits is impressive.

    look at guys like scales, gooch, dutra and that db who’s name escapes me. all freshmen. wilson’s guys are all still freshmen and sophomores. give them a chance to mature. doesn’t wilson deserve the chance to coach his type of players? i say he gets two more years.

  33. coachv, the question is, will Wilson and staff continue signing players like Scales, Gooch, and Dutra? As for the QB whose name escapes you, he’s an Indianapolis kid who recently re-opened his recruiting. Why would he do that after giving IU his verbal? He is now being heavily recruited by Penn State. He recently was quoted as saying that his campus visit in College Station “was awesome.” You can imagine the impression that was made on him while sitting amongst 90,000 fans cheering on Penn Sate. Now compare that to what he might have experienced last week in Memorial Stadium, where less than 30,000 people we in their seats at kick-off! If Wilson looses that QB to Penn State, it will seen as a sign that IU’s recruiting is in decline. A coaching staff only has so long in selling recruits on being a part of turning a program around. After so many years of losing seasons and very sparse attendance at home games, most three-star recruits won’t even consider a school like IU, and they’ll decide to play for established winning programs that pack 70,000 – 100,000 people inside their stadiums for every home game. That’s when a program begins to settle for kids that are only being recruited by mid-major programs like MAC schools. Once that recruiting tide has turned, it’s not coming back without a different head coach at the helm.

  34. Chuck, I completely agree with your comment, “The winning teams demand results, period. Losing programs makes excuses.” But that’s just too true for some participants on this site to tolerate.

  35. Chaz- thanks for updating me on the status of Covington, and regret if you thought I was “mouthing off.” But it should have been clear from my post that I agree with you that KW was totally unprepared to handle the QB-injured-and-out-for-season-scenario, and that’s (another) legit knock on Wilson’s fitness as a head coach. But are you saying that we ought to can Wilson now (or at the end of the season)? I think that would be a bad move. If this year and 2015 crap out, then it might be time to pull the trigger.

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