Record-setting 115-54 win in opener for IU women’s basketball

The Indiana women’s basketball team opened the season and the Teri Moren era with an emphatic 115-54 win over Gardner-Webb Saturday afternoon at Assembly Hall.

The Hoosiers placed six players in double figures, led by Tyra Buss’ 18 points. She was joined by Taylor Agler (17), Larryn Brooks (15), Amanda Cahill (15), Karlee McBride (15) and Alexis Gassion (11).

Indiana set single-game school records for points (115) and 3-pointers made (16). The 61-point margin of victory is the second-largest in school history and largest margin against a Division I opponent. IU also collected 18 steals, the fourth-most all-time and most since 2007.

The Hoosiers started the game on a 28-2 run in the first 5:38, making all 11 field goal attempts, including six 3s.

See game highlights here.


    1. Geoff,
      I believe Denise Jackson would be the benchmark, as part of IU’s only regular-season Big Ten championship team in 1983. Here’s her IU Hall of Fame bio:

      A native of Miami, Florida, Jackson won basketball letters from 1981-84 …1st team All-Big Ten in 1983 and 1984 and District All-American in 1983 and 1984… two-time Wade Trophy finalist… IU Female Athlete-of-the-Year in 1983… Indiana’s all-time leading scorer with 1,917 points and all-time leading rebounder with 1,263 rebounds… averaged 15.6 points and 10.3 rebounds in her career….led team in scoring two years and in rebounding four years… shares IU single-game rebound record with 22

  1. I think I’m going to be searching out women’s games to watch this year (and beyond). Buss is exciting and everyone on the roster is either a freshman or sophomore. Not sure where they are picked to finish in the B1G but this ought to be a pretty darn good team in a couple years. Good year to have the B1G app and watch IU a lot!

  2. Thanks Jeremy… I’d be shocked if Tyra didn’t surpass that scoring mark. Probably will end up being the leader in 3’s, FT’s, and steals as well. Potentially assists?

    How about a stat line of 18 pts, 7 steals, 5 assists, 4 rebounds, a block, and only 1 TO… not at bad start to a career.

  3. Buss is the real deal without a doubt! There were people a couple of years ago on this website that doubted her ability because she played for a small school and played against players that weren’t necessarily highly skilled. Critics said she would be an OK player and that all the records she set in high school was against below average competition, well I wonder what those critics have to say now? I realize it is only one game but, all you have to do is watch her play and you realize that she is going to be special! I really doubt she will break the career scoring record because she is surrounded by a ton of other highly skilled players. She is a great unselfish player and you will not see her match the type of scoring age accomplished in high school. The players around her a very good and she is a terrific team player. Now she might break the steaks record without a dought, her basketball IQ is very high and it really helps her defensively.

    This team can really shoot the ball. They of course will not score like they did today very often but, they have a bunch of girls that can flat out shoot it! As I have stated before, their lack of size down the road will be a problem. The 4 freshmen have really increased Grier depth dramatically! We had a pretty good crowd today but, we really need to get more people out to watch these kids. It’s a real shame that the students don’t show up in force for this team. A large student presence would be huge for this team! Go Hoosiers!

  4. My spelling leaves a lot to be desired in my previous post. Should be “scoring she accomplished”, “the steals record” and “increased their depth”. I must slow down in the future and type as well as these girls are playing!

  5. Mike… simple math tells me she breaks the record. She’s clearly the most dynamic player on the team. She’ll get minutes no matter what. The only thing that holds her back is injury or transfer.

    1917 points, divided by (28 x 4) 112 games = 17 ppg for her career

    thats assuming she’s healthy and the team only ever loses in the 1st round of the B1G tourney and never makes the dance. Apparently, Ms. Jackson found a way to play 125 games back in the early 80’s.

    Her range is unlimited… deeper than any guy is allowed to shoot from. She’ll score no matter what.

    I just don’t see it not happening.

  6. I am excited for Tyra Buss, but let’s not crown her the best player in IU Women’s Basketball history just yet.
    I have been VERY impressed with her ability to drive and pass the ball to other players. She is unselfish and an absolute joy to watch. She is 2 out of 8 on three point shots.
    But to be blunt, we haven’t played anybody yet.
    Time will tell whether she is merely a very good player, a great player, or one of the best ever.
    Either way, I’m extremely happy she chose IU. This is going to be a great ride for the next two or three years.

  7. Another big thing about Tyra – her steals. In the first half yesterday she had at least 4, don’t remember exactly – and she did something similar in the first game as well – as well as tipping the ball away several times to other teammates.

    Agree that she is the most dynamic player on the team so far, which is saying something with Larryn Brooks for a teammate. Her line would have been even more impressive yesterday if CTM hadn’t sat her quite a bit. It’s intriguing to think where she might be in 2 or 3 months – or 2 or 3 years!

  8. As good as Tyra is, the key to this years team when it comes to conference play will be the continued improvement of Amanda Cahill and Jenn Anderson. They must stay out of foul trouble and rebound at a strong level. Our lack of size is our Achillies Heel.

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