Report: Indiana suspends Williams, Robinson due to failed drug tests

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman is reporting that Indiana has suspended sophomores Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson due to failed drug tests.

In September, Robinson entered a pretrial diversion program stemming from an April arrest for consumption of an alcoholic beverage by a minor and possession of false identification.

UPDATE: 7:31

Crean says Robinson and Williams will sit for four games. He also announced that Emmitt Holt will sit four games for his role in Saturday’s accident with Devin Davis.

UPDATE: 8:08

Williams, Robinson and Holt will serve their four-game suspensions immediately, beginning with Thursday’s exhibition against Northwood. The trio will miss exhibitions against Northwood, Indianapolis, and regular season games against Mississippi Valley State and Texas Southern. They will be able to return for Indiana’s game against SMU on Nov. 20.


  1. Yep, this could cost Crean his job. If not in the immediate future, certainly within a year. And since we’re demanding resignations, we should ask Glass to resign as well. I mean, IU football is not having a good year and the basketball program has just imploded, so isn’t he responsible too? Hell, since we’re cleaning house, let’s demand McRobie resign. Ultimately, he’s the leader in charge of Indiana University, so the buck stops with him, right?

  2. HT Guys. The kid who transferred Marquette. Talked to him lately? This stuff the reason he left? Phone call time.

  3. Robinson and Williams should be dismissed without question and without delay, but how is Crean responsible for them failing a drug test??

  4. Could this week get any worse? It is quite obvious that our coach has absolutely no control over his program! Keep slapping players on the wrist for their indiscretions and this is what you get! Can this program be any more out of control? AD Glass needs to do something of consequence since the coach can’t seem to control the team.

    Let’s see now, 5 players in the last 9 months with alcohol issues and now 2 players with drug issues. That’s basically half of the roster that can’t adhere to rules. I don’t think I have ever been so embarassed by the school I have followed for 60 years?

    This program is going to hell in a hand basket because the coach has no control over his team. I am a women’s season ticket holder and have been off and on for 20 years. If you want to watch a team that works hard, makes great grades and is absolutely on the upswing, come out and watch these ladies this year. It is a team you can be proud of and does things the right way! Can’t wait for the season to start. I will proudly attend ever home game and cheer on these girls with enthusiasm! Follow a team that deserves your support.

  5. Elston, Hulls and Zeller just posted angry tweets about this group of idiots we have playing for IU. Time for a change at the top.

    @Podunker – your nonsense isn’t helpful. You know there is a problem with the program. Whatever denial you had before should be gone with the failed drug tests.

  6. jeez. this is really silly. the solution to all of this nonsense is to simply allow all college kids to consume alcohol, because they’re going to do that regardless- and the more vigorous the efforts are to forbid it, the more effort they’re going to make to drink illegally. lower the drinking age to 17 and make it legal for them to consume alcohol, and build up a framework of rules around when and where they can drink instead of outright forbidding it.

  7. I don’t think Coach Crean has ever gotten used to the Big Ten atmosphere that can be overwhelming with issues on and off the court and be covered so intensely in the media. This is an important sports conference to the media etc.and they put their big dogs on it for coverage.
    At Marquette, a Jesuit college, they would call in the priests to help keep the kids in line. No such help
    here and it’s all out in the open, most of the time.

  8. This past summer my kids and I took a cross country trip from Seattle to Indiana that ended in Bloomington. My boys participated in IU basketball camp. My older son Jun has Down’s Syndrome but is a very gifted athlete in his own right. I was impressed by the way Derek Elston worked with him and I made it a point to say thanks. Additionally, there was a point when all the campers were to find a partner and Jun was left out. Coach Crean immediately saw this and partnered with Jun for the next ten minutes. My other son had a less enthusiastic player coach for the camp, one of the freshmen this year. I guess it speaks to the contrast we are seeing. The old guard was something special who appreciated their time at IU. The new guard seems to think we owe them something and the rules don’t apply. When I was at IU I had the privilege of meeting a couple of the players. I say privileged because they could have been total dicks due to the status they had on campus but they were down to earth and a pleasure to interact with. I remember when Sharon Wilckerson beat up his girlfriend. Next day he was watching IU on his TV in Jeffersonville. I am a coach and the repeated behaviors such as this would cause me to remove these “men” from the team. Look, we can lose with you or without you! So disappointed.

    I was not an angel in college but I wasn’t a dumbass either.

  9. Terri Moren is a bright spot with good group of girls. I hope she stays through all this nonsense because she is the most stable thing iu has in basketball and fb right now. Give her a raise and extend her contract if she shows some solid success.

  10. Uhhh Mr.Pfunk. Coach Pfunk. You any good? We may have an opening.

    And ohhh good. This is “Breaking News” on rtv6.

  11. How is Robinson still on the team? Is he trying to break Jameis Winston’s record for transgressions? Holt has been here less than 3 months and nearly kills a teammate. He should be gone as well.

    These exhibition game suspensions are a joke and he players are probably laughing at CTC while getting high in the dorms.

    We pounded Sampson’s players as low character thugs but whatever they were alleged to do was never a headline on ESPN. This group is the worst characters I’ve ever seen wear an Indiana jersey and I have lost any interest in following them this year. But I will continue to call into CTC’s radio show and ask him why he thinks he deserves his job.

  12. Knight was good at handling these kinds of situations before they got so out of control even though he could get out of control himself.

  13. I don’t know what to say about the drug tests at this time but I will say this, As the report states Davis is the the one most culpable to what happened that night and from what I have been told around campus.

  14. Knight made sure he was emotionally out of control enough for the whole team so they did not have to worry about bad behavior among themselves. If he had this kind of behavior even not to this magnitude by a player or players consequences were swift and probably off the team unless you were lucky to get some sort of second chance. A great fierce assistance of a leader for many many many years.

  15. First Lauren Spears, now the implosion of the basketball team culture. Hey. Maybe being one if top party schools in the country is not such a good thing.

  16. The first 14 years of the 21st century have been a sad state of affairs in to many ways for iu bb and fb with the exception of 2 short run of highlights in bb that did not end all that well, hardly any in fb….what is going on especially in bb is really really sad. Knight was not so bad after all. A big ass yes, but not so bad and he could lead

  17. Exhibition game suspensions are a complete joke…..

    The slap on the wrist to Perea was also a complete joke. He should have experienced much harsher penalties.

    This is Robinson’s second offense..He should be gone. Playing for Indiana obviously doesn’t mean sh_t to this kid.

    I question Ferrell’s leadership by even hanging around with Robinson and getting involved in the Kilroy’s incident. This is the well-educated, Park Tudor, chosen one that was ideally situated to be the rock and mature leader of the team. It was a sign of things to come…and it was handled with more slaps on the untouchable wrists of protection afforded by the ‘good Christian family’ image that funded the defeatism and excuses….

    Obviously, the stellar passing grades are coming because these young men are taking the types of classes that don’t involve the same devotion of study hours as needed for boozing and bonging….

  18. I agree. Go get Alford at next chance if he would even come. Iu might be talking interim coach soon. Is Stevens tired of pro ball yet? Iu better get a leader with discipline qualities that recruits that quality of player with 4 and 5 stars by his name with 3 star players mixed in.

  19. 15 miles North, trust me, you would not be dissapointed following the women’s team. They do things the right way and play extremely hard all the time. No prima donnas, great girls that appreciate being college players. They won 21 games last year and have their leading scorers back this year with a terrific class of freshmen. Come on and jump on the bandwagon, would love to have you. Not only that, $5 entry fee and seating is first-come-first-serve, you can’t beat it!! Go Hoosiers!!

  20. It is all catching up now. This is why many big time (5 and high 4 star) recruits have turned their backs to iu.

  21. I have quickly become a Moren fan. Indiana state says excellent things about her and she gives excellent interviews. She seems to be no nonsense. She has an excellent record as both player and coach. Her players including Buss interview what they can do help the team win. They are on board with coach Moren, attribute to her leadership.

  22. I think Aruss should be fired for multiple over-reaction transgressions.

    Holt isn’t at fault.
    Robinson parties… whoopty doooo.

    You’re naive if you don’t think players are drinking and smoking on every single team in college basketball. At least our players seem to be doing extremely well in the class room. Perfect academic scores for a few years running and most players on track to graduate early.

    So glad Aruss won’t be watching the team this year. Means we get a year off from having to listen to his stupid and redundant post game comments.

  23. IU BB is pressure packed, with high fan expectations based on passed, excellent, team performances. I’t looks as if this team of players and coachs may not be able to handle it?

  24. really t… because players here drink and smoke weed? you know where 5 star players end up fairly often??? in the NBA, where recent polls suggest over 80% of the players smoke the skunk.

    your comment stands out in this sea of stupidity as quite possibly the most dumb.

  25. I keep wishing that we are just around the corner but the corner seems to get further away. Are other Big 10 teams having these kinds of problems?

  26. I don’t doubt that most basketball players party….But these guys are getting caught so often that it makes me wonder if their objective is to get the coach axed. The guy recruits you halfway across the country and this is your way of thanking him…? Indiana makes these kids a household name and this is their way of putting Indiana in the headlines(because they certainly didn’t make much noise on the court last season)?

    I’m pretty sure Crean is feeling rather abandoned by his choice recruits…

    Let’s keep in mind the stellar performances in classrooms for the UNC athlete….To think undemanding classrooms and soft curriculum isn’t the norm for many select college jocks/prima donnas(anyone ever hear of D-Rose?) makes you also very naive. Let’s not necessarily think that the embodiment of character is found in a strong grade at UNC, UK…or maybe, even an Indiana.

  27. The past couple of years iu is not getting recruits they targeted, especially big men. Plus the big kid from Wisconsin left. I do not expect everything to be perfect and you get everything you want. However, not enough is working, iu is not getting its share of targeted recruits especially bigs, and the team is out of control.

  28. It also shows in games. High expectations are not being achieved for iu bb or have bb expectations been lowered to same level as fb. At least fb behavior seems okay or they haven’t been caught.

  29. You guys can fight and squirm all you want….Tom Crean is here to stay. Too expensive to replace him…. Might as well PARTY ON !!! I heard Mrs. Glass is baking up a triple recipe of some delicious brownies for an upcoming Suspension Party….It’s a recipe she located via a tweet referencing Joyce Meyer’s .new cookbook on sweets entitled ..”Sweet Weed of Nazareth..”.

  30. Sweet Weed of Nazareth…? Hmm…Now there’s a new blogging name with quite the upside…

  31. agree with geoff. wonder if you get suspended for testing positve for weed if you play for u of colorado or washington. could be a good recruiting angle for those schools

  32. Do we really want to watch placid basketball players on a collective reefer buzz…? Should we just make a Pharrell Williams song our new fight song…? Instead of Flags! Flagggggggggggggggggsssssssss!, we’re going with Drags!..Draggggggggggggggggsssss! We’ll it would be sorta fun to watch the designated senior section at Assembly turning into comatose Puffers of the Magic Dragon Concessions sales would likely skyrocket with ‘cotton reefer candy’ being at the top of the list….
    Not totally sure if I’m on board….Then again, I think the experiment of legalization could already be witnessed in watching Steve McClain seemingly always in a brain dead pot cloud…But you gotta ask yourself one question….Do we really want to unveil that it’s always been Indiana hiding the ‘Reefers of Mass Destruction?’

  33. The players under Knight drank and smoked a bit, they were just better at getting away with it. I partied as well ( out past curfew before my first Big Ten Championship final). The difference is, we all had a sense of the consequences. Yes from the coach, but mostly my personal performance. I’m not sure what these kids are thinking, or what they’re learning in high school, but part of being a successful student athlete was, yes, getting away with stuff. Knowing how far you could go without suffering significant consequences. This seems to be a lost art these days.

  34. Drug testing has been in place for a long time and is not the 1st time IU players have been subjected to the protocol instituted. If there had been frequent amounts of abuse it would have shown up before now. But the Halloween behavior of this weekend is taking a toll. Williams needs to be disciplined immediately and absolutely but Robinson must be expelled. He is not worth the effort. I’ll give near anyone a 2nd and even maybe a 3rd try of leeway but Robinson has proved he will tread all over the opportunity. The positive side is it does appear up to the present timeline Yogi and Hanner have learned from there run ins with the law and Coach Crean and staff. So it cannot be said whatever has been done to correct poor behavior in the past is not working.

  35. I am confident that if Crean can not get a handle on the off-court actions of some of his players then he will either dismiss them or be fired. This will surely play out of the course of the season, so everyone slow down and stay tuned.

  36. Im going to say it : I told you so. I told you last year that there was a bad environment in the locker room. I said “perception is the reality”,which follows the old advice: If you want people to believe a lie make it big enough and tell it often.Crean has control ,Crean is a good coach.CTC Has no more control of this program than a bus driver asleep at the wheel.There is/was a reason so many “experienced” players transferred out last year. Theres a reason his recruiter left for Louisville to take same position( wasnt even a promotion).Its time for Hoosier Nation and trustees to get involved and serve notice to Glass ,like what happened at Michigan.Another question that should be asked: Why was Curt Miller “retired” so quickly and Tom Crean still around.

  37. If you fire Crean now, then the season is done and we are back to the first 2 years of Crean. There would be players that leave immediately, because whether you believe it or not some of those boys came to IU to play for Crean. I do feel that Crean is coaching for his job. Remember winning tends to cure all ills and brings on amnesia.

  38. And you guys thought this year was going to be different. What a joke he suspends them for two exhibitions and a couple of cupcakes. Yeah that will really get the message across. Is it any wonder top recruits do not want to come here. This program is just as big of a mess as it was under sampson.

    Remember though Its Indiana Its Indiana. In crean we trust! LOL.

  39. The 4 game suspensions are fitting for drinking 2 beers. I would expel SR and make Williams discipline so suffocating it would make him think he was in prison..

  40. People who use drugs and alcohol can be deceptive and I’m sure these events caught the coaching staff off guard as it would if it happened in one of our families. The coach did the right thing last night so lets give him a chance to get a handle on this. There is wisdom in the words of post #43, Robinson should be gone. I still think zero tolerance is the way to go with alcohol and drugs. Either they want to get high or they want to play basketball. The choice should not be that difficult.

  41. Perhaps doing to Crean what was done to Coach Knight. Fire the AD and hire an AD to clean up. Fire Glass and hirfe an AD to light a fire under Crean with a magnifying glass ove him.Whatever Glass owes Crean can disappear with Glass’s firing;Crean wont have Glass then to cover his assmenoquestions. Oh and BTW I dont expect Dakich to drop his verbal “appraisals” any time soon either or the Indy Star ,especially if the season gets off on the wrong foot.

  42. Geoff – thank you for being the one reasonable person on this board. The histrionics are hysterical in the amount of overreaction. The players obviously should face consequences, but the idea that Stan should be off the team for having metabolites in his system because he went to a bar with his PG Yogi Ferrell is beyond stupid – as is the fire Crean now mentality (of course many of the people who are saying this have been saying this for 6 years).

    Harvard – as a guy who was a student athlete at IU and struggled very hard to work, compete and get good grades in very hard classes, the inference that we got a pass on schoolwork is beyond the pale. I was in the gym 6 hours a day, 6 days a week – had a course load of 16-19 hours each semester – was punished if I got a B by coach – and since I had a partial I had to work 2 hours a day 4 days a week so I could eat. I knew some of the Ball players and they had as many hard classes as I did. You know not of which you speak and deserve nothing but derision for making such a unfounded, untrue comment as you made. You sure are good at pointing out the faults of others, and I have been around enough people who behave like you and Aruss do – and to a one, each actual person I know that is so quick to question the morality and discipline of others are always the people that completely lack any modicum of self-discipline. I am even less religious than you claim to not be – but there is a good idea in that old good book about not pointing out the speck in your brothers eye when you have a beam in your own. You would be well served to heed that advice.

    Oh – and get bent for having the temerity as a non-athelete to even question our commitment to IU, scholarship and hard work. You wouldn’t be able to make it through one of my practices, let alone a grinding 3 month season plus year round training required. Its always some guy who sits in mom’s basement eating chips all day that questions the work ethic and commitment of athletes – and my guess is that you are no different. Enjoy the type 2 diabetes and size 44 pants.

  43. With all due respect, gymnasts are never going to be in the same discussion as b-ball players and football players…Gymnasts don’t bring in the huge dollars that fund these mega sports marketing machines that line the pockets of the school and the NCAA….Nor will the politics and ugly protection ever enter into the realm of those sports outside the two major moneymakers: Football & Basketball,. My Lord, do you really need more examples than whores on boats for Miami football players….children getting raped in Penn State showers…and fake classes for invented passing grades at UNC..? Do you honestly believe that sort of corruption and despicable behavior kept under lock and key for decades would ever enter into the world of balance beams? I totally respect your dedication and the work it took for you to rule your world on a trampoline, but it’s not why people pay to own the Big 10 Network…Those humble days are gone.

    We make examples out of guys like Sampson, because there is no way in hell we can truly take the hard look in the mirror and be truthful about what is being protected and who gets to keep their hands in the money bucket.

  44. Oh, and my mom in her 44 pants could kick your sad miniature ass on her last day of the cancer that took her….Get over your damn self. You don’t know my life…but I’m pretty sure it could never stack up to your 4-11 resume.

  45. 4-11 resume….That’s priceless…I do sometimes even surprise myself. Mom, could you send down some more cookies and a clean pair of underpants…?

  46. HH. Have you ever heard somebody telling a joke, or a story, and start out by saying “stop me if you’ve heard this before”? You need new material.

    “You know not of what you speak and deserve nothing but derision”. Thank you OldIUGymnast.

    Guess we can attend the exhibition game on the 6th. I plan on attending to show support for IU BB. CTC will have his hands full, but I’m confident he will handle the situation. I still believe these are good kids getting used to freedom. Don’t think we will see 3-4-5 game suspensions in the future. We’ll see kids who still ‘don’t get it’ off the team.

    Mike C – planning on attending the 11-9 Woman’s game. Never been to one before.

    Geoff – stop being so rational.

  47. 15 miles North, I certainly hope you enjoy IU women’s basketball, trust me, it’s the best bargin in town. Of course the exhibition game is free but, when they play for real it’s $5 for adults. Last year we averaged a little over 3,000 a game with around 4,500 for a season high. Hoping the attendance continues to increase. These ladies deserve it! I am sure the crowd Sunday will be small as is usual for exhibition games. I am a women’s season ticket holder and drive from Kokomo for every home game (200 miles round trip). I love it, last year I saw 23 of their 33 games including 5 road games. Enjoy the Hoosiers.

  48. Aruss, you referenced “helpful” in post #9. Helpful? Did you mean to imply that any of the comments made on this string, or this entire blog are going to be helpful? Who will they help? What problems are the comments and opinions posted on the Hoosier Scoop going to resolve? You’re comment allows me to infer that you’re taking yourself a little too seriously. My comments in #3 were not meant to be helpful. And the comments you or anyone else post on this site, or any other blog, are not going to be any more helpful than my comments are/were. Nobody cares what we think or say, Aruss, so take it easy. IU has numerous experienced and highly paid people that are responsible for resolving these types of problems. And I’m quite sure they won’t be calling or e-mailing either you or myself to ask for our opinions or advice before deciding what course of action to take going forward. But I have found that if you write a considerate letter to McRobie and/or Glass, they receive the letter, may read it, and may even respond to it. Believe it or not, I have gotten responses to a few (not all) of my letters over the years. But not once has any IU Administrator ever referenced any of my comments posted on The Hoosier Scoop.

    On a more serious note, the old leadership model was such that when something went wrong in a leader’s scope of responsibility (organization, department, military unit, etc), that leader was responsible for the subordinate that made the mistake, and he/she was held accountable. Generals, Admirals and many senior military officers throughout time have been held accountable, even demoted or forced to resign their command when one of their subordinates made major mistakes. I guess that principle, like old fashioned discipline, is no longer in vogue. Goodness knows we don’t often see today’s leaders held accountable, or take responsibility for the mistakes made by their subordinates anymore. Unless of course those mistakes violated Political Correctness. I guess the buck does not stop anywhere any more; it just keeps getting passed around.

    Hey, I know. To make us all feel better, maybe Crean should hold one of his assistants responsible and throw him under the bus because five basketball players have had a few beers and/or smoked a little weed over the last nine months. We demand a sacrifice!

  49. Goeff has always been rational…He rationalized IU losing to UK in our house…He rationalized Watford making his easy shot while feeding a snidely vision of how he woud never sniff he NBA…Geoff is always on the direct path of rational wrath…Who could forget….”VJ SUCKS!!”…? He rationalized Hulls into being the rightful target of ridicule…Somehow he found some rational room soften the harshness and soak up the tears of Jordy’s senior night speech…He rationalized every bit of spit that anything of skunk oil Seth Davis would put on his armpits to belittle Indiana.. He rationalized UNC as being the model of “elite”… . But where”s his voice now when we’ve learned no classrooms were required for the top athletes with smelly feet? He rationalized everyone as better than IU until it models the neighborhood his own backyard and superior street…He’s rationalized college as merely being a farm camp for the NBA.. What they do at UK is rationalized as being o.k. And no rivalry game scheduled against them…Hell, that’s rational and o.k. too. He’s rationalized away enough to shrink a my tiny brain into a pinch of snuff. ..He takes the fun out of sports by way of completely removing the overachievers that don’t believe in his rational defeatism and the mysteries of victories that can never be explained with his rational basketball thesaurus and rational analytic temples for the draft picks we should see as the only gods of the hardwood…He is rational to the highest degree of bringing death to foolish guesses and just plain fun to let someone cheer in innocence without such vast and rational command of the subject at hand..

    And now is the time for rational heads to prevail…They always do..They always do.

  50. OldIUGymnast; post #52 is priceless and deserves an award. Good for you, sir. And thank you.

    I was not a varsity athlete at IU, but I roomed with a couple football players for two years. Those guys worked their butts off, both in and out of the classroom. Their schedules were incredible. Aside from being able to get the classes they needed ahead of non-athletes, they never got any special treatment, and they always had to go to class. On numerous occasions, myself and a few other friends tried to talk them out of going to class so we could all go out and have some fun. They always declined our invitations and never missed a class unless it was due to team travel for games. I came to appreciate their discipline and incredible work ethic, and soon realized that they were true student-athletes. But then again, neither of them ever had trouble getting a date, and both had more job offers before graduation than they could count. Their self discipline paid huge dividends in the long term, as I’m sure yours has as well.

    Great post. Thanks!

  51. @Everyone – we all need to step back and take a deep breath. We’re headed down the road of another Hoosier Nation civil war. Let’s just enjoy the games and hopefully the results will remove the bad taste left in our mouths from #iufb.

    @Podunker, Geoff, 15 Miles North & OldIUGymnist – you guys should take a timeout and think about the vitriol you are spewing towards other respected posters here. Many of your comments are blacklist worthy at

  52. The wagons are certainly circling….

    I’ve always said that Crean has a lifetime extension….(not the one you consult a physician if it lasts for more than 4-hours). Settle down, all…Let us have our mini witch hunt…can we? Please? Crean’s lasted for 4 years until he reached a long road of final climax in front of Jeff Meyer…The world watched in horror as IU was branded home of King Creepy……He got to conduct his 4-year sacrifice and witch hunt so he could hold that Big 10 banner as a symbol to Bobby that he discovered his first Hoosier stubble he stumbled by way of Cody’s long beard..

    Settle down, all….My witch hunt will be over in four hours. Crean’s job is plenty secure and will last through every last penny his gazillion dollar fortress of protection ’til last dime of endless extension…This ain’t Custer’s “Last Stand” against the Sampson tribe…

    Can I just have four more hours….after that man has skull-(boned) all of Indiana with a microphone for seven years…?

  53. Aruss – So it is vitriol to lash out at an obnoxious, self-righteous, sociopath like Harvard who never has anything constructive to say, is almost universally mean-spirited, and never introspective for insinuating that my two hard won degrees from IU were the result of athletic department largess and getting easy classes? It is vitriol to caution people from being moralistic and judgemental when they clearly don’t have their own house in order? It is vitriol worthy of being banned to tell a man who himself admits to having never been a good athlete to maybe back off on the calling people lazy, morally suspect or lacking in self-discipline when they so clearly lack self-discipline themselves? I am not sure that word means what you think it does, but I am proud of the work I did at IU, even though in my middle age I have a hard time moving the first hour of the day and can’t keep up with my son at soccer practice even though he is only 7 due to the injuries I earned there. And having that blowhard Harvard question my academic accomplishments is beyond the pale. My friends and acquaintances on a number of IU teams were exceptional people with few exceptions. I am allowed to have a starkly different opinion on this than you have. That doesn’t make me vitriolic.

    Harvard – Yes, I am shorter than the average nearly male my age. Good work – short jokes about gymnasts. Never heard one of those. Har. Heck, I am so short I can play handball on the curb! Hehe. Now, you are correct, I know nothing of your life. For all I know you could be an amazing guy with tons of accolades and achievements. But here is the thing – you are willing to destroy a 20 year old young man’s life over an exceedingly minor infraction. You are willing to castigate a coach who you have never met over things you could never know. If you want the respect that is known as “benefit of the doubt,” which I normally am more than willing to give to people, you need to extend that same respect yourself.

    And just for the record – with about 3 exceptions (one I have a really funny story about – another time), every IU athlete that I knew had nothing but respect for the guys in gymnastics and what we were able to accomplish as athletes. Like I said – it is a stupid sport requiring a lot of painful days and way too many nicks, cuts and fractures – but anybody who makes it to the D1 (or even D3) level of sports has done something that only a handful of our contemporaries did. And to do it at IU where we were expected to perform not just as athletes but as students too was an experience I would never trade. But unlike you, I know a lot better how much pressure is involved and thus am much more willing to have a reasoned approach to what occurred here. Bad luck + bad decision = hurt kid and damaged reputation of the program. If Crean is anything like I think he is, and I have reason to believe he is, the whole team is going to be worked over the coals for this – but the thing is that discipline on a team is not up to the fans. It is none of their business. It is between the coaches who know them and the kid.

  54. Also – Thank you Podunker and 15 Miles North. I have a funny feeling that you both are well aware that we all let ourselves and others down sometimes, and that we all stumble and fall between right and wrong – once you figure that out, it becomes very difficult to accuse someone of heinous behavior, especially when it involves trying to use an ID unsuccessfully (really – why were cops involved at all! Shouldn’t the cop have just called Coach Crean and let him know, and let him deal with it? Remember when cops were grown-ups?), getting a positive result for using a drug that can stay in your system for 20-45 days as a metabolite, and having a beer or less, especially when those someones weren’t even 21 years old at the time. The screwed up, the got punished publicly, and I guarantee they are getting much worse privately. What we should be doing is hoping they pay attention, and that they grow from the experience. I always marvel at people who have never even bothered to try to be great at something trying to knock anyone down who has. I personally think it says more about the moralizers and authoritarians than the people they try to hurt.

  55. OldIUGymnast,
    Your experiences as a Hoosier athlete sound pretty much exactly the same as mine. I also have the scars and lumps as a reminder. Lack of commitment? Special considerations?

    That’s rich.

  56. The old days. Time I got home my Parents knew where I had been and who I was with. At 18yrs old, could not buy a Playboy. Guy said I can’t sell you that , I know your Mother. Small town thing. Yep, cops are different now. And can’t blame them.

    Hey Chet.

  57. Hey Chet! Didn’t know you were an athlete – explains why I like your posts and perspective somewhat! What sport?

  58. Ron – I do blame the cops. They don’t exercise any good judgement and are a far cry from the guys I respected as a kid. They have become scared of their own shadow, authoritarian to the nth degree and armed like they are ready fight WWIII.

    I remember several of my friends in High School (back then I did 4 sports and was near the top in both Gymnastics and Wrestling) who got busted on the side of the road near Ft. Wayne by 3 sheriffs for having a party. The cop asked who was driving – I said me. They made me do the stupid human tricks, which I ended by doing a backflip, and asked me to drive the others home. I literally never drank in High School or until my senior year at IU. When I dropped them off the police had contacted their parents, told them I was dropping them off and that was the end of it. Only one person should have really suffered legal sanction that night – and it was my buddies dad who bought them the beer. There is no evidence at all that the heavy handed tactics of our police are 1. working or 2. good for anybody other than the cops.

  59. I had a rather undistinguished career wrestling for the Hoosiers. I shared a weight class with a Hoosier Big Ten Champ, though. I think that was my biggest contribution. Coach Blubaugh was one of the great ones.

  60. “Podunker and 15 Miles North. I have a funny feeling that you both are well aware that we all let ourselves and others down sometimes, and that we all stumble and fall between right and wrong –”

    You are preaching a couple sentences of a narrative that I spent far too much time and energy for kids that played for Sampson facing a whole different set of backgrounds while introduced to temptations. I understand…Many screwed up in the classroom as well….And I’m not saying you didn’t do everything the right way, but we’ve seen plenty of examples of prima donna athletes getting a pass when it comes to academics…..I don’t hear the same outrage at UNC..There was far more to the hate that was thrown at kids that came to play for the Hoosiers under Kelvin Sampson’s watch….Not condoning it, but I’m not seeing anyone asking for the diplomas or vilifying the hundreds that have passed through the cracks in a system that has made a joke of the concept of student-athlete.

    I would have felt much differently about Tom Crean from the day of his hire forward if he simply would have shown the same understanding in how any kid can make bad choices during that very tumultuous time period that also involved a very frivolous NCAA investigation over 3-way calling(the rules limiting all such activity dropped the following year)…Those kids were kids tool….Maybe they didn’t come from hand-picked families of what Tom Crean believes to be perfection, but they were still young and deserving of the same introspection all are now crying for…They never deserved such vicious assaults as to call them a “cancer” on the program.

    So here we are today….

    Lastly, sorry for taking the insults too far….My kid participated for eight years in gymnastics…It scared the hell out of me..Went to every practice session..Every flip came with a sense that I could barely watch…always fearing the worst of the worst…Fall the wrong way and snap of the neck..One of my favorite sports to watch during the Olympics is gymnastics…They are unbelievable athletes….which likely makes you a pretty unbelievable athlete…I absolutely cannot get into Olympic hoops….No desire to wave the flag for those I believe should step aside for the amateur athlete …You’re only young and foolish once….And so much growth and maturity can be gained when an 18-20 year old can be part of the Olympic experience….

    Take care. Again, sorry.

    P.S. I didn’t have the drive(and probably not the skill to play college level sports), but I’m still a much better athlete than you may be assuming….Wasted it which is a far bigger sin than a blow of reefer or few brews(drinking without driving, of course).

  61. I don’t think I’ll get any blowback from OldIUGymnast on this. While it’s certainly an experience that shapes you in many positive ways, it’s a pretty big sacrifice that most people probably wouldn’t have wanted to make if they knew everything involved ahead of time. Not that it’s a selection off some sort of menu. You spend most of the childhood you can remember preparing for the opportunity.

    I don’t know what your college experiences were like but if they included much freewheeling fun…well, you can forget that $hit. It’s a lot of work and commitment to achieve a goal that, statistically, almost none of us ever attain. You’d better be a person who appreciates the journey or you’re gonna have a lot of bad days.

    Like a number of experiences in my life, I’m glad to have done it. Did I feel like someone was doing me a favor by letting me work my a$$ off day in and day out? Not particularly.

  62. Aruss… who cares about Peegs? don’t think i’ve ever spouted “vitriol”

    n. noun
    1. Any of various sulfates of metals, such as ferrous sulfate, zinc sulfate, or copper sulfate.

    I think i’d still have the scars in my mouth…

  63. Harvard – I appreciate the well thought out post. I actually agree with you whole heartedly that the Sampson era players were let down by the university. I am not so sure they were let down by Crean. As I understand it, Crawford and Bassett were asked to return, but they both chose to not return. I am not sure what conditions were placed on them or how much of a climb it would have been for them to be academically eligible, but I personally don’t know enough to beat up Crean about it. Maybe you know something I don’t.

    I also think that it was shameful how many Hoosier fans called those players thugs, gangsters and other substitutes for the N-word that have unfortunately become so common. That embarrassed me much more than these recent incidents.

    I also apologize for getting personal and insulting you. I hope you understand that it was coming from an understanding of how incredibly difficult it is to go to a quality University with an expectation to perform as a man, and athlete and student all at once – and while still very, very young. My experience at IU was not universally great – but I would do it over, and hopefully better.

    Chet – I almost chose wrestling in college as well. I got 4 BIG offers (I didn’t make it to state in Indiana because the state champ was in my sectional and beat me by 1 – but I pinned the guy who was runner up in 30 seconds twice), but they all had weight contingencies and I really did damage cutting down to 126 as senior and couldn’t stay below 150 for 4 years and not die. Of course, I broke my neck doing gymnastics, so maybe cutting weight would have been better. Having an undistinguished career is still really, really hard at that level. Hats off to you! My career as a gymnast was definitely equally undistinguished. But I did stick my vault the one time it counted – so I have that! 🙂

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