1. In line with the talk, ” I have never been so fearful as I am looking forward on this 5 and 1 IU team. A quote of BK might be in order, “….sit back and…”, else resolve oneself to enjoy the maturation process of the young players. It must be a lot of last year’s fan disillusionment being carried over to this team.

  2. the “fan disillusionment” is from Crean talking about LAST years team not communicating on defense…this NON communication on defense rests on the staff…it was a problem last year and from the “talk” is again this year;and as correctly pointed out, too much to buy out Crean but by the time he ruins IU….his recruits will be of the “desperate nature” since most will look and see someone whose only affinity to “Coach” is a label and nothing more.

  3. Could this be a chemistry issue?

    I notice that since Williams and Robinson (and Holt) have returned to the team, things have gotten worse.

    And Williams and Robinson had problems with the failed drug tests.

    And sometimes, it seems to me, that Robinson in particular is hogging the ball when he is in. It is almost as if he is trying to demonstrate that he belongs on the floor.

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