1. Hey Jeremy I spoke to you last night before the start, I was the big guy with the gray beard! My thoughts on last night? 2 words- BLOCK OUT! Fundamental, yet nobody and I mean nobody was doing any of it! Result= 22 offensive boards and I don’t know how many 2nd chance points. Point # 2- Dribble dribble dribble-too much dribbling in the second half especially, by Johnson and Yogi, and not enough crisp passes and ball movement, along with a lot of standing around on the offensive end! When we play like that we are pretty lame! And # 3- Turnovers reared it’s ugly head again! We have got to learn to value the basketball, and we just didn’t do it last night! If we improve in these 3 areas, I think we can be a pretty decent team, if not it is going to be a long year! That’s my take!

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