1. Andy – I never quite understand why you’re so easy on this program. Think about this, if IU could somehow beat both Rutgers and Purdue, how bad does that BGSU loss look now? They lost that game with a mostly full roster. Wilson just gets a pass for an entire year now? C’mon man, how does losing every week help sell papers or get site traffic to the H-T? You as much as anyone should be annoyed at this train wreck of a program.

    Is the defense really getting better? I think they were ranked 99th in total defense coming in to today, so they might move up some spots but this is still a really poor defensive team (Iowa put up 45, and 34 to a really bad Michigan team). Yes, the defense played well today but they still lost. Can you blame fans for getting tired of the constant “we lost but….”?

    This is Wilson’s 4th year, no one should be getting a full pass in their 4th year. If IU goes 4-8 or 5-7 next year then the program has just wasted another year on a lame duck coach. From his press conferences to his decisions in close games I see no reason to believe he will ever be able to win 6 games here. How many games has be won where IU was within a score in the 4th quarter? Very few.

  2. Bill, the overwhelming majority of Hoosier fans think exactly what Andy has been writing and agree with both the good and the bad he sees in IU football. But folks like you live in a generally frustrated world and have little to look at that sees a future, so a loss like today’s or Bowling Green impacts your psychology. The rest of us are, we are willing to see them develop to a point where Diamont grows in poise, where a Cobb ‘sees’ that ball into his hands and a defense devastated with the lack of talent that came from the Lynch years and the impact of age differences grows and allows 3stars to become 4 stars inside an IU shirt.

    But that really bothers you. There’s nothing else in your life when losing fades away, is there? Poor sap.

  3. Lol. That’s hilarious. You take it so personally that you attack my character based on my critisism of IU football. How soft are you? This is literally one of the worst programs in the entire nation. A loss at BGSU impacts my psychology? That’s one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read. That was a horrible loss, no way around it. If you can’t see that then you should just watch middle school football from now on.

  4. Losing to BGSU was a horrible loss? At 6-3 they are looking like a pretty decent football team to me. You should know as well as anyone by now that MAC teams aren’t rolling over for B1G teams anymore. The days of walking over MAC teams is over. And by all means Wilson should get a pass on this season. This team’s success hinged on two things Running and passing. If you haven’t noticed, the passing game is gone. Thus this team is going to struggle to score points. No coaching staff in the world is going to change Diamont into a world beater.

  5. Bill, the BG loss was awful. But you can’t harp on that while ignoring a huge win at Mizzou the following week– they basically cancel each other out. The Hoosiers were right where most of us we thought they’d be when Sudfeld went down with injury. A bowl game was still very much in the picture. But losing Nate was probably the worst case scenario given the lack of QB depth/experience after the transfers. You can’t put that all on the coach.

  6. I agree with Andy.

    Diamont’s receivers dropped at least 3 very catchable balls including Simmie Cobbs, who dropped that big one that was right in his breadbasket on a big play.

    And, the team took a ton of penalties that killed drives.

    You can’t blame Xander for that.

  7. Punjab. We were not where most thought we would be when Nate when down.
    Many had IU beating Maryland (we were dominated) and Iowa (we were losing) while most thought we would at least split. Our offense had to carry us this year and it was quickly evident that this years receiving corp was FAR below last years group as they could not get seperation, catch balls in heavy traffic etc.

    Beyond this year we are certainly not where we thought we would be at this point after the KW hire. Almost funny to think of all the posts on different sites that thought KW would win 7/8 games, in Wilson’s first year, with LYnch’s players because of superior coaching,

    I do agree that KW is not to blame for lack of QB depth. At the end of last year it looked like we had great depth with Natend two very good backups. Let’s hope Stevens keeps his pledge or the long term outlook at QB is looking shakey.

  8. Bill, post #2 is a classic case of “projection.” Be prepared for more personal attacks involving amateur psycho-analysis from Tsao if/when you criticize an IU football coach. He can’t just disagree with you and debate the issue in a respectful, mature way; he needs to attack you, call you names, mock you, and try to diminish you to other participants of The Hoosier Scoop. He is a Scoop tyrant who tries to stifle anyone criticizing Wilson or his staff. And what’s really fun is to watch the little tyrant lose self control when you stand up to him and push back. He becomes unhinged, throws a temper tantrum and really ratchets up the personal attacks. A year ago, in response to me criticizing Mallory’s performance as IU’s Defensive Coordinator (coaching the worst defense in college football), when Tsao concluded that he could not stifle me, he finally resorted to calling me a “terrorist” and questioned my patriotism. Since then, he has labeled me “an evil force.” Forget reason or facts that you bring to your argument. They will be dismissed in favor of his superior insight and understanding. As you recognize, Tsao takes it personally and therefor feels compelled to get down in the gutter and respond with personal attacks and juvenile name calling. And as you also realize, that’s a sign of a soft person with low character. I find it funny and enormously entertaining.

    As to your comments in #1, I disagree with a few of your points. First, and most importantly, Wilson won’t be a lame duck after next season (his fifth at IU). He’ll only be a lame duck after the 2016 season if he has not produced a winning season by then. Secondly, IU’s defense is showing signs of significant improvement. In both the Michigan and Penn State games, IU’s defense played well enough to win both games had IU produced any semblance of an offense. Knorr was a major upgrade at DC, and you have to give Wilson credit for that. Lastly, while I share your frustration about IU losing, keeping Wilson is the best hope IU Football has of getting on the winning path. Replacing Wilson now would be stupid, and an unmitigated disaster for IU football. Moral would plummet, recruiting would be a disaster, and IU would be right back where it started four years ago. Wilson needs and deserves another year or two at the helm of IU football. If Sudfeld stays healthy next year, IU can turn the corner in 2015. If it does not, then we can start the debate about replacing Wilson all over again.

  9. I view next year as the make or break year for Wilson. I think it would be a total disaster to keep him another 2 years if he has not gone to at least 1 bowl game. Keeping a coach simply for the sake of the stability doesn’t make sense in my opinion. Stability only matters if the program is making steps forward (going at least 6-6). If Wilson gets a full 7 years or even an extension without going to a bowl game, that would set the program back years, it’s worst case scenario.

    HepGotMe – Yes BGSU it is a horrible loss. If the bar is set so low that you don’t even criticize Wilson for this loss then he has a cake walk of job (makes 7 figures btw, large pay should come with large expectations). BGSU was crushed by Wisconsin and Western Kentucky. Crushed.

    Maryland also crushed IU when they had Sudfeld, so please keep some perspective on this teams ceiling even without the injuries.

  10. Bill, several, good postors up above (hepGot…, DCHoos…, West Coast…, Punjab, RichBeckman, even those parts of Podunker TinkerBell that are not so self conscious that he cries ‘mommie, Tsao’s calling me not nice things’), most of these are saying w’re improving, we are no longer the lost in the Evil Forest and, most had accepted this would be a ‘ramp’ year since, in spite of their talent, 18 year-old freshman have to grow into battling 22-24 year old juniors and seniors. And you see it, for most Hoosiers what was high school experience is now 5 game experience at the highest level of college football and growing. Big difference, they are no longer rookies.

    But most of us agreed, this was the year for being hopeful, learning to be Big10. The two transfers, 3-4 key injuries made a difference…and, for the freshman talent, the experience will be invaluable…that’s for 60-70 percent of our team. Hold off, absorb it like Cognac…even when it is good, work it aorund your mouth and sip slowly. It’s good.

  11. Bill speaks for me obviously and so does Podunker to a certain extent. Tsao would have been proud of me Saturday lol as I sat at the game and listened to the talk all around me and said not a word. 4 men in their 40’s want Wilson gone that sit below us, to the left are an older gentleman and his wife and he wants him out as well, behind us a family of 4 feel the same and obviously I do somewhat…simply he has not gotten it done thus far and this is his 4th year, his players! Funny thing about it is I started to really root for Wilson. I like the way he continually defends our program and I like his “hard ass” nature. My bottom line is these receivers are not that talented, Coleman will most likely leave, the O-line is avg so what can we expect next year? I hope he gets is done, a part of me as I write this thinks Wilson should be here next year, deserves it. For us that pack the stands…it continues to get disheartening…20 something seasons of this losing would get anyone down.

    One of the last times I spoke to Dustin I asked him if he saw Wilson going to a bowl if we saw his contract out and his answer was NO. I agree! Dustin is not the be all end all but sit back and ask yourself if you see Indiana going to a bowl next year and/or the year after. Is an improved defense and an NFL caliber RB enough to keep coach Wilson on? I don’t know. Other question is if he does win 6 or 7 games, does he stay? I have always wondered and pondered that question because he has not had easy and early success and is/was Indiana a stepping stone for him?

    I dream of a team that wins 6-8 games a season, where the tens of thousands that tailgate come in to the game at kickoff and pack the stands. I dream of a clean well run program that I can cheer for because I have been there for them my entire life. I continue to send my 100 bucks to the varsity club and attend every game, I hope I wish I pray…GO HOOSIERS!

  12. J P, I share your dreams about IU Football. And I think most of us on The Scoop do as well.

    The primary reason that Wilson will get another year as IU’s head coach is the buyout clause in his 7-year contract. Glass is not going to write Wilson a check for $1.5 Million to fire him, which is what the buyout would be after this season is over. He’s just not going to do that! Wilson has two brand new Coordinators, and it does take some time to integrate them into the team and to build “chemistry” between the players and the coaches. Knorr has made huge strides in improving IU’s defense, which is still a very young unit.

    We don’t have to worry about Wilson jumping ship to another program any time soon. One winning year at IU probably won’t be enough to justify another school offering Wilson a major increase in compensation. It might allow Glass to justify giving Wilson an extension and modest pay raise, but it won’t tempt any major programs to hire Wilson away from IU after just one year. And besides, if I’m wrong, and some team does wave big dollars at Wilson after he produces a winning season at IU, that would make finding a replacement much easier than if IU would have to hire a new coach after firing Wilson.

    Let’s resume this conversation a year from now. Hopefully, IU will be poised to go to a bowl game and we can debate how much of a salary increase IU should give Wilson and how many years his contract should be extended for.

  13. JP – nice pot. I also attend about 4-5 home games per year. In the last 20 years I’ve never been there less than 3 games. To your point – I sit with a lot of regulars a the games. I get the same feedback from IU fans. The vast majority would like KW gone now or without a doubt by next year without putting up a winning season.

    Some on here would have you believe that the majority of IU fans support KW when in reality – they are in the vast minority of blind supporters. They also do not understand that you can criticize a coach and still support the program. Criticism is a good thing. It shows you care and would like things changed or the better. Most IU fans could care less who the HC is – how we play ( offensive or defensive minded ) -or who plays QB. Just -WIN.

    I fit that remark. I support KW – but would have no issue if he got fired tomorrow. He has a great deal of faults. Almost – a learning on the job situation for him. I am not big pay a guy 7 figures to learn as he goes along. On the other hand – there are things I like about him. His in game management – staff hires – game planning and some play calling is suspect. However – I like his attitude – his team seems to play hard for him – his attempts in recruiting and his playing youth on the field are positives.

    I would not put the cart before the horse in him having the opportunity to use IU as a stepping stone. First – have a winning season. He would have to do two things in order to get a better job. One – lead IU to at least 2-3 minor bowls in a row. Two – have spectacular year where we’re in the Top 10 in the country and discussed as a possible national playoff team. His win -loss record would exclude him from any better job without what I mentioned. Could you imagine trying to sell him to a major programs alumni and donors. First they’d ask who he was and secondly would look up his coaching record and than look at a calendar to make sure it wasn’t April Fool’s Day. As a OC he has options – as a HC in Division I – his options are IU.

    One side note on the ZD issue above. Using some logic – common sense and the eye test. Beyond this year – it is highly unlikely ZD will ever start a game for IU beyond this year ( barring another emergency scenario like this year ). Forgetting the red shirt options for players and how they will or will not used – the following is the reality. ZD is not a B1G caliber QB. NS will come back and start his senior season. Covington will be the backup. In the brief time Covington played – it was easy to see he is bigger – stronger- has a better arm and is more athletic than ZD. With Covington and ZD being in the same class and KW already stating Covington was “by far” the best QB option after NS – the writing on the wall is clear and logical. Now factor in that each year – KW or IU will be bringing in the best QB prospects they can find.

    It took 2 transfers and 2-3 injuries to get ZD onto the field this year. Tall odds normally. I think he ( if he stays ) – ZD might at best – be a backup QB at IU. Much better talent at the QB position in the B1G has never touched the field. I think you’ll see his only starts in his career – this season for IU. Barring the same type of transfer/injury scenarios we saw this season. My gut says he’ll transfer down to a NAIA or Division ii program down the road.

  14. Bill, I agree with you. Next year is make or break for Wilson. IU Football may not be “losing money” because of the Big Ten Network, but it is hemorrhaging revenue, and not coming close to it’s potential. One look at the sparse crowd inside Memorial Stadium for Saturday’s game against Penn State, and it does not take a CPA to understand that IU’s Football Revenue is no where near what it should be. We’re talking millions a year that IU is failing to capture! What was the attendance inside Memorial Stadium for Saturday’s game? Regardless of what was announced, I’ll bet there were not 30,000 people in the stadium at kickoff! And it’s obvious the students don’t give a rip about their football program, preferring to tailgate or do something else. That’s what Glass must be concerned with! All the stadium and parking lot upgrades and giant flags won’t put butts in seats if you can’t field a competitive team. Glass, if he’s in touch with reality, needs to understand, that between Lynch and now Wilson, IU has lost or is losing an entire generation of alumni who have never had any reason to celebrate IU’s success in football, and have long since concluded that IU football is not worth thinking about, let alone supporting. I mean, IU’s fan support, like attendance at home games, has become a joke. It’s a laughing stock. I was watching the Denver – Oakland game yesterday, and Greg Gumbel was razzing Trent Green about his alma mater’s “powerhouse football program” in the middle of that broadcast. It’s painful to listen to your school being mocked during a nationally televised NFL broadcast. But not only is that painful, it is very expensive, and it has a major negative affect on recruiting. Wilson must turn this around next season, or he risks losing the ability to recruit major-BCS-quality players, and like Lynch, will only be able to sign players being recruited by MAC and/or other mid-major programs. He’s got one more year to turn it around, or the old losing cycle starts all over again.

  15. CRIMSON, #15 was a great post. I especially appreciate your statement, “Some on here would have you believe that the majority of IU fans support KW, when in reality – they are in the vast minority of blind supporters. They also do not understand that you can criticize a coach and still support the program. Criticism is a good thing. It shows you care and would like things changed for the better.” Bravo, and thank you sir. As my High School football coach used to tell us, “if I’m not criticizing you when you make mistakes, it means I’ve given up on you.”

    I will never give up on IU or IU Football. As a little boy, I watched one magical IU team go to the Rose Bowl and hope I live long enough to see them go back.

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