1. Eversince Williams & Robinson has returned this team has looked horrible. No Perea, No rebounding, No passing, No teamwork, and No Hustle. Go back and watch the first 4 games without Williams & Robinson and you will see a completely different team. WILLIAMS AND ROBINSON ARE A DISTRACTION TO THE TEAM, STEVIE WONDER CAN SEE THAT. BENCH WILLIAMS AND ROBINSON CREAN, UNITE THIS TEAM AGAIN.

  2. I really had no expectation that this team would achieve much this year. Let’s face it the NBA draft has stripped IU of a lot of talent that they could have used for the last two years, but that’s another issue. What is most depressing to me is IU’s defensive intensity. IU has at least 4 extremely quick guards who are getting beat on the dribble drive to the bucket. Crean’s solution is to go to the 2-3 zone which is a weak response at best. I really have to question how much individual attention is given to man to man position defensive skills. Some of these kids, like Blackmon and Johnson, look like they have never learned how to defend. Ferrell doesn’t rank much higher.

    I knew from the beginning of this year that rebounding and inside play were going to be challenging for IU. To counteract this weakness, you have to be aggressive with the perimeter defensive guard play. You have to be able to double down on inside passes to the post. I saw none of that last night.

    I fear that IU is going to have one of the worst seasons ever. I dread the start of the Big Ten season. It is going to be ugly.

  3. Watched the game 4 times today. HMP held his own & looked pretty good for the first 11 minutes.. Sub’ed out and never really got back into the game mentally after that. The ‘all-guard’ thing is going to be tough. Might work if our offense never misses a shot. So, give some minutes to Holt/Priller(?)/April. If that is what we have, give them the minutes and experience. Might as well do it now.

    Interesting suggestion over ITH. Soon as the Purdue game is over, bring over Darius Lathan. 6’5″ & 325 lbs. Was a Indiana high school bb all-star and won a state championship his freshman year. Would that be allowed at this point in the season? FSU a few yrs back used a similar wide-body and it worked for short periods of time. Talk about ability to block-out and taking up space under the basket.

    VCU coach after loss last night, ‘too many of his guys were believing what the media was writing about them’
    The loss would bring them back to earth and would end up being a good thing.

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