1. Upgrades needed almost everywhere ;if it be recruiting, coaching, or improving (much-needed) personnel/players and coaches you already have.

  2. Could you be softer on this coaching staff? What does Wilson make? It would be nice to have a 7 figure salary with almost no expectations. This team when healthy lost to BGSU and was embarrassed by Maryland. Is this defense really improved or is this just an awful Michigan team? This coaching staff has show me nothing outside of one nice win at Mizzou. This program looks an awful lot like the previous 20 years of IU football, the conference is just down so the score might seem closer than they were historically. This is some awful analysis guys. I’m embarrassed for you. Kansas State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Duke, Missouri etc have all turned their programs around at certain points….you just need to make the right hire. It’s not rocket science. IU has never hired the right guy, named a IU HC who has gone on to be successful somewhere else (even a small program)? That’s pretty telling.

  3. I’ve also read a lot of about keeping Wilson for the sake of stability. Stability for the sake of stability makes no sense. If you keep Wilson and he doesn’t go bowling in the next 2 (or even 3) years, then you just wasted another two years so the program could be ‘stable’….that’s not the kind of stability you want. I’m not saying fire a guy after a single season or anything like that but a lot of the talk about ‘stability’ is irrational. This is Wilson’s 4th year and I feel like people treat is as though he hasn’t been here that long. 4 years isn’t 5 mins alright? Even without the injuries I don’t see this team as 6-6. What makes people think they will be 6-6 next year?

  4. Bill I couldn’t agree with you more. It was evident after the second year that “Winning with Wilson” was an empty phrase. It’s one thing to lose, another to have a loser’s mindset, and that stench continues to hang over Memorial Stadium. Was there ever a doubt that IU would lose to a bad UM squad? The occasional good win against a major program provides no relief from the poundings this team inevitably takes. Don’t count on another win this year, and it’s not simply because Sudfeld was injured…….

  5. One major change or if you want to call it improvement in both bb and fb is that iu pays a lot more for each win. In each of these sports coaching salaries plus facilities upgrades has greatly increased. Great gig for Glass and those under his umbrella protected from the rain.

  6. Hey Tsao, I’m just waiting for you to attack Bill, Chaz and t for their comments criticizing Wilson. And to think that all I did was call for last year’s defensive coordinator to be replaced while supporting Wilson. I’ll bet three of the comments posted above criticizing Wilson, or the hiring of Wilson, must have made you apoplectic by now! When will you start slinging your famous insults at them, calling them “terrorists,” “unpatriotic” and “an evil force?” When will you write that these three Hoosier fans are “not smart enough” to understand the finer points you make about Wilson’s vision, plan and leadership? Come on now, show the Hoosier nation that you’re a man of principle and consistent in your defense of IU’s coaching staff. Demonstrate that you’re not a hypocrite and just obsessed with attacking me because I exposed you as a person of low character.

    By the way, I don’t agree with the criticisms of Wilson made by Bill, Chaz or t in the posts above, but I understand their frustration and respect their right, as Hoosier fans, to express their displeasure with the state of IU football. I can disagree and debate with them without attacking them with juvenile insults.

  7. How cute!….Podunker’s Jihad (hire yourself some mercenaries, quote them text out of “The True Way” and burn and plunder everything down in your path. Hey Podunker, hate to break your heart but the tale about the 31 virgins is b.s., (so put your wallet and passport away).

    Thanks for your love notes Podunker, and glad you found some friends you can play with but…you know….’long live death!’ is not in my Hoosier culture… But as you said Po, to each whatever tickles your corduroy.

    (I think that’s cute, write a comment asking why those being critical (Chaz, Bill and T) are not being ‘attacked’, while using it as a shield so you can use what they (Chaz, Bill and T) said, while pointing your finger at them, curling your quivering lower lip…and crying, ‘I didn’t say it Mommie, they did!!). Priceless Po!

  8. No Tsao, they’re not my friends. I just can’t pass up the opportunity to point out your hypocrisy and selective outrage. My criticism of Mallory last year was no more negative than many of the comments written about Wilson, by a number of people on this site, in the last two days, but yet you refrain from attacking them. And what’s with your continued references to “terrorists” and “Jihad?” “Burn and plunder?” You should know you’re losing it when you trivialize such heinous behavior as a means of trying to insult someone on a college sports blog. Obviously the immorality of that escapes you. But I appreciate you reinforcing that you are a man of low character and sounding more unbalanced.

  9. When a team is down to what is really a 5th string QB, it’s really approaching complete lunacy to find much criticism of Wilson as a coach at this juncture of the season. Maybe it will help Diamont to get this experience now…..But every announcer I’ve heard has commented upon what their pair of eyes witness; a very nervous and frazzled QB that is doing nothing to impart his confidence or presence into a game…He’s having trouble seeing downfield…His scrambling is often more erratic than necessary…. Even if we had the receiving crew of last season, I doubt it would be helping Diamont grow into Big 10 football any faster..The young man has been thrown into a fire and he’s doing his best to pretend he ain’t getting scorched….He is doing the best he can, but if you truly pay attention, it’s pretty obvious this team is completely defunct because of the QB situation…It’s why we’re getting burned…It’s why momentum can’t find a home. The first backup transferred…Another solid backup transferred…The starter, Sudfeld, goes down with a season-ending shoulder separation while barely into the Big 10 schedule……Chris Covington has slightly more than one game to get his feet wet and goes down with an ACL injury….It’s just a lot of bad luck.. And now we put a 5th string QB that is cocky where cocky can’t live…He lacks physical readiness and there’s nearly zero maturity/presence at the position…He does a lot of bouncing around and has the energy of toddler in a playpen, but every defense quicly realizes they can put all their efforts and eyes into our running game..

    It is what it is…It’s a turn of nasty fate at a time our team would have, otherwise, been poised to breakthrough the gate…The play hard..The defense is appearing far more active… I saw some pretty fierce hits delivered against Michigan bodies. But when the key position in your offense has imploded due to unforeseen transfers and injuries, it’s asking a lot of a team where losses in personnel throw exponentially more wrenches into an improving, but precariously thin and unstable rebuilding equation….

    Long story much shorter….Pretty much what Andy Graham said in the ScoopTalk.

  10. Most on here are calling for Wilson’s head and job. Okay, smarties you get to play AD today. If Wilson, isn’t the answer, then who is? You have to be realistic from an availability standpoint, salary standpoint and quality standpoint. Are you ready for IU to now get the reputation as a coaching revolving door program? If that is the case, then you will never get a high quality coach to come to IU. Wilson has recruited back to back top 50 classes, that has never happened here. I will admit that player development has been lacking, but we are still playing a lot of sophomores and freshman. I just love how everyone will call for a coaching change and then when it happens will complain about, “why did we get this guy?” Can’t please them all I guess.

  11. Post # 1 not a criticism targeting KW, just a fact. I am for keeping Wilson for his full contract to see what happens. This season its like he took a QB sack. I am for seeing if he can still turn it around. However, QB situation should never come to current state. This problem happened before Sudfeld injury….. Not only lack of QB to step in but even when Sudfeld was playing lack of physical wide receivers to step up to take take place of Hughes and Latimore. Other good teams have this capability when players graduate or leave for NFL.

    When Wilson first took IU job it looked like he was bringing in a good assistant coaching staff (from Boise State etc) but it never materialized. They backed out. The Mallory scenario was a trap job. Next year defense will be quite a bit better. Offense, do not know. We will see.

  12. I’d like to eat hand massaged filet and Australian lobster every night too, but.

    Brent Pease was the only Boise ST. coach to accept an offer from IU returning to BSU less than 2weeks later to become OC when Brian Harsin left to be co-OC for Texas.

    Actually KW has made fine coaching selections proved by the fact many have been hired away. Frey, McCullough, Inge, Patton, Joseph and Knorr all had suitors or will in the near future.

  13. not Maine lobster??? you really want stuff sent halfway around the world, when you can have better, more fresh lobster, while supporting the USA? I thought you were patriotic HC!

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