1. Jeremy-

    Good thoughts on Devin….I felt that you conveyed something easily missed…I do think Devin’s return to Assembly Hall may have played into the aura of sorts.. Obviously, Devin’s teammates want nothing more than to have him back, but there’s likely some very tough emotions going on…There’s happiness and gratefulness..There’s probably some distancing from a certain amount of having to look deeper inward where grabbing some defense mechanisms becomes a natural way of dealing with life’s random hands of fate striking so close….It’s a worthy distraction and it’s important that they get a chance to work through those emotions. Such truths sorta slap you hard in face..You momentarily relinquish the bravado and then push back again; Thoughts now tested of their fortress..Early deceptions of the heart secured in the bosom of the youngest blossoming spirit now fight to reclaim the fading springtime of immortal existence. Denial becomes the defense and a bit of air is let out of the lungs. Too be young…How grand to feel all those conflicts and let it all end in celebration and smiles? Victory on the scoreboard was quite secondary in their hearts tonight.

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