1. I vote to replace Miller now! The kid filling in was pleasant and delightfully amusing…..
    And Jeremy actually appeared to enjoy himself…..Chemistry is a good thing.

  2. Nice fill in work. Vote for three on occasion, like when Zach used to video bomb the Scoop Chat back in the day.


  3. Great job, Sam! Good to hear some real insights into IU athletics instead of the company line that Miller usually distills. Can you catch the red eye to Jersey and do the ScoopTalk there as well?

  4. “I wasn’t born in 1993…” and that’s how you mic drop. Walk off shot in your first at bat. That wry smile just made it all work. Well done Sam.

  5. Nice to actually watch basketball. With IUFB’s collapse and all the off court issues with IUBB, seeing us pound a terrible opponent felt better than it should have.

    Harv, saw in a previous thread that things have been tough up in Chesterton. My best and hopes that you get a little sunshine soon.

  6. Double Down-

    Thanks for the kind words…I haven’t lived in Chesterton for decades, but thanks none the less.

  7. JBJ is as advertised. Gorgeous stroke. More importantly, his pacing and rhythm is about as calibrated as any senior, let alone freshman, who I have seen. He’s quick, but never in a hurry. He moves well away from the ball. He’s going to be a thrill to watch this year.

    I was impressed with everyone overall. There just seems to be a better overall attitude at this point, too. It’ll be interesting to see who is going to emerge as the leader of this team, but the image of a group of rudderless, selfish knuckleheads does not seem to jive with what I saw last night.

  8. hey harve, you know how I hate predictions… well, i’m going to give you one anyway. Rock solid… by no later than January, Mr. Confidence, Max Hoetzel, will be dating Ms. Thang, Tyra Buss.

  9. Did not even know we had a game Friday. That’s how excited I am for this season. Its great we won but I wont even begin to get excited until we beat a real team.

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