Stan Robinson apologizes to Indiana fans

Indiana sophomore guard Stan Robinson posted an apology to Indiana fans on his Instagram account Friday morning.

The text of which follows:

“I am always Being watched so every little decision I make is critical. Young ones look up to me. I have to be somebody they can look up (to). I’ve made bad decisions but my bad decisions do not define who I am. At the end of the day I’m a regular person but to be playing for Indiana I have to understand it is a privilege to wear the candy stripes and I apologize #Hoosiernation for the Embarrassment. But I’m ready to move on from that and be a better hoosier!”

Robinson, Troy Williams and Emmitt Holt each have two games remaining on their four-game suspensions. Robinson and Williams are sitting for reportedly failing a drug test over the summer, while Holt is out of action due to his role in the Nov. 1 accident with teammate Devin Davis.


  1. While apologies are always good, for whatever reason they may serve, but I always have a problem with the statement that most apologies contain….” I’ve made bad decisions but my bad decisions do not define who I am. Coming from a behavioral science background, every single behavior we perform defines who we are.

  2. Really, Mr. “behavioral science background”?What does that even mean? You took a sociology class and considered a behavioral science major because it was an interesting class.

  3. I simply find it comical that people make that comment..for example……if ya take away my bank robberies, my DUI’s, my criminal behavior, and focus on all the good things only, that’s who I really am. In reality we ARE all the behaviors put together.

  4. Larry, I think the phrase is used to establish accountability for his behavior to the populace ;you shouldnt misconstrue it to be used to “hide” a pathological inability to accept his behavior.

  5. So, his use of the term means entirely something else? Why? Because he’s an athlete? I have nothing against any of the players in these incidents, again, I find it funny when anyone makes that statement because all of our decisions bad or good do define us. And I don’t think I misconstrued it to hide a “pathological” inability to accept his behavior, after all, it’s the only incident I’m aware of. I feel he’s simply pleading for the fans to not hate him because of the seriousness of the incident, rightfully so for him, yet, it’s not just the good decisions that define us.

  6. Larry you are right. Stanford should have come out with guns blazing and stated he is proud of his poor decisions and ultimate behavior, that’s who he is and he likes it that way. How’s that fit your sheepskin?

  7. The kid came out with a heartfelt sincere apology and people pick it apart…wtf is wrong with this world. Go cheer for UK.where this behavior is always covered up. I bet you that crucify this kid for the apology are a lot of fun to watch a game with. Move on!

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