Suspensions don’t come easy for Williams, Robinson and Holt #iubb

They weren’t allowed to warm up, dress or even sit on the team bench.

No, suspended Indiana players Troy Williams, Stanford Robinson and Emmitt Holt weren’t afforded the same allowances as their teammates for Thursday’s exhibition against Northwood.

Instead of playing, they went to work.

IU coach Tom Crean said he had the three players watching the game from another location, where they charted the action. Each of them had roughly 30 seconds to speak to the team at halftime and another 30-45 seconds to chime in after the game.

“I want them to learn a lot of things,” Crean said. “I want them to learn that not only is it a privilege to play on the court, it’s a privilege to be out there supporting your teammates, and for any of you that ever participated in athletics, in a team sport, not an individual sport maybe but a team sport, that hurts, too, and I may change my mind on that as we go down the road. We’ll see. Obviously they’re going to sit out four games, but it hurts when you can’t be out there to support your teammates and be a part of that.”

Crean said that he could reevaluate whether or not he allows the three players to join their teammates on the bench over the final three games of their suspensions, but added that he will not adjust the amount of games they’re due to miss.

Not including Williams, Robinson and Holt in game day activities comes in addition to the penalties the three are serving behind the scenes. Crean has said he prefers to keep that punishment within Indiana’s locker room.

“There’s a punishment here, but at the same time you want them to get some internal discipline and to learn a few things along the way and understand that they can still impact their team,” Crean said. “They’re not impacting them in a positive way by not being out there, but we’ve got to find a positive somewhere in that so that they continue to learn and improve.”


  1. I say
    Blah, blah, blah…..missing these 4 games is nt enough…especially for Robinson
    Charting plays is hardly something to make one understand

  2. I wonder what the team rules are. Doesn’t seem like some of the players are afraid of the consequences as they continue to break the rules. Are bed checks, random drug tests and background checks soon to be a part of Indiana basketball?

  3. 4 games is about right for Holt. It is apparent that he was taking his cues from the older players. A true freshman should get some slack in a first time offense. However, there is an obvious culture of ignoring the rules and selfish behavior among many of the returning players that needs to come to a screeching halt. 4 games, especially exhibition and cupcake opponents, is just a tap on the wrist for Williams and Robinson. They need to sit a lot longer and be put on a zero tolerance leash. Violate the terms and your gone. The same goes for Yogi and Hanner if they reoffend. Unfortunately, I believe the ultimate responsibility rests at the top of the program with Coach Crean and AD Glass. There doesn’t appear to be the same level of no nonsense discipline or consequences coming from either of them – it still seems to be more about wins and NCAA appearances than integrity. Guess we’ll know soon how all this plays out but, if I had to guess, I’d say this is not the last time we’ll be talking about these concerns.

  4. OK…. But just do or implement these kinds of things and quit making everything public (Blah Blah Blah) as far as in house consequences like bragging or making everybody feel good about what players are doing to better themselves as they go along with consequences. It does not make me feel good at all regarding IU bb. It just seems scatterbrain all the time regarding choices and consequences with IU bb program. Coaches lead the way and players follow with their actions both, on and off floor.

  5. IU is currently getting neither wins (I forgot Northview, Northwood, North Whatever) or NCAA tournament appearances plus still having these problems. (Problem double-down). IU football team seems to not be having these same issues. Seems as though KW feels if player is not in with the team near zero tolerance except FB team needs to win a couple big ten games.

  6. This is where the athletes bill of guts at IU can bite them in the butt. It says x amount of discipline for x infraction. Well if you like on to much at some point wouldn’t IU be violating its own established rules? I am guessing Crean got the extra game for Williams and Stan because they agreed but technically they have violated what is outlined in their rules for just punishment. The athletic dept cornered themselves by creating this bill of rights and now they have to live with it.

  7. If the student discipline guidelines are written in corporate-speak, they define the minimum, leaving options for selective variance.

  8. See that’s what i am wondering 15 miles, how exactly are we supposed to take the athlete bill of rights? Is it a guideline? A guaranteed minimum of punishment? I would love to know just how strict they need to adhere to the bill and what wiggle room they have to up any punishment. If its guidelines couldn’t it also be construed they could take away privileges to such as the right to finish their degree no matter what. I just think this bill needs more clarification on the punishment and awards side. Seems relevant at this time, from punishment stand point now and even what rights the players have down the road, say if someone is not playing here next year.

  9. Omega, The IU sports website has code of conduct standards found under the category of athletics. Quick glance – looked somewhat comprehensive

  10. I have seen that but what good are they if they can deviate from the set rules they have already laid down?

  11. “3 games” are a minimum. Crean addressed that at the press conference Wednesday. I agree that Holt getting 4 games sounds right. The other two failed two drug tests…TWO! How stupid do you have to be. I would have booted Stan for Half the season and probably given Troy 8 games. They’re not bad kids, they just don’t understand discipline.

  12. They are tested randomly and Pot can easily stay in the body and be detected for weeks in urine and months in hair. They could have partaken once and failed twice.

  13. Here’s the real hypocrisy….Mtich McGary was suspended for an entire year(what would have been a senior year) because he failed a pot test given by the NCAA during March Madness….So what’s the message….? Slap on the wrist if you do pot/illegal drugs under your school’s watchful eye…? The guillotine if you smoke a joint with the President when he’s filling out his brackets?

    Exhibition games are a joke…They are glorified scrimmages…Cupcake games are also a joke….Serving a suspension while playing :”Grand Canyon” is also a joke. When players violate rules, the suspension should involve high profile games(games that get big viewership numbers)….If you knew you weren’t going to get your ass on the ESPN or CBS stage, I’ll bet all the pot retail outlets in Colorado that these young men would not risk their chance to be in a nationally televised game over getting high for Halloween. Prima donnas get their real high via attention in front of huge viewership audiences….

    At minimum, there should have been four “official” game suspensions….Crean is protecting his own ass by letting them serve suspensions during games that are meaningless in the Win-Loss books. There is no discipline in protecting your own “weak sauce.’ You have to let them know that their actions impact the team….If the cost was going to be losses against worthy opponents in official games, the peer pressure is far different to clean up your act.

    And better put those reefers away on the eve of March Madness….Oh, never mind…the NCAA relaxed that rule after they made an example out of a dynamic, small town, Indiana kid that vaulted into the national headlines by taking the NCAA tournament by storm the previous season….Now you can smoke the weed , piss into an NCAA test tube, and it’s o,k. to watch a game with Clinton or Obama…Just don’t inhale if you’re from Indiana and you enjloy making 3-way calls to recrutis..

  14. Pretty frustrating to read this board at times. People.b*#ch that they a want know what discipline CTC is dishing out behind the scenes. Then, when he talks about it when asked by the press, they b*#ch about what he says a does.
    it just gets real old.

  15. I posted when the 4 games suspensions were handed down that it was very ironic that the suspensions end just before SMU game which will be a BIG game for IU. H4H is correct, suspensions carried out for games against Podunk St. are meaningless! I don’t always agree with what H4H posts but, in the instance he is correct!!

    As I stated before, can’t wait for the women’s exhibition game tomorrow (Sunday), get to watch players that truly appreciate playing basketball at a major institution of learning and absolutely take enormous pride in the name on the front of their jersey!! Go Hoosiers!!

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