Tommy Stevens flips for Penn State

Decatur Central quarterback Tommy Stevens has flipped from Indiana and committed to Penn State, according to his Twitter account.

Stevens committed to IU in June, but visited State College last month for Penn State’s game against Ohio State. The Nittany Lions became involved after 2015 quarterback Brandon Wimbush flipped for Notre Dame.

“After carefully weighing out my options, my family and I have decided that it is in my best interest to commit to Penn State,” Stevens said in a tweet. “I want to thank all of the coaches that have recruited me throughout this whole process. I especially want to thank the Indiana staff. I fully believe they are moving in the right direction and I wish them nothing but the best in the future. It was a tough decision to leave home, but I have to do what I feel like is best for me.”


  1. No big shock here knew he wouldn’t stay true to the hoosiers reminds me of gunner the other QB who backed out on his commitment to iufb the year they went 1-11

  2. We get basketball commits because they come in and see 17,000 for Hoosier Hysteria, even though the program is struggling. We lose football commits to a struggling program like Penn State because kids go to their stadium and see 100,000 cheering a crappy team. Kids go for the flash, and our football program just hasn’t gotten to the ‘flashy’ stage yet.

  3. Well, what high school kid wouldn’t want to play in front of 100,000 fans every game? This is one of the major problems confronting IU when they bring in kids they are recruiting. First of all when the game starts, there may be 40,000 in the stands but, after halftime nearly all of the students have left to find a party or some activity somewhere else to have some fun. At Penn St., the stands are full and remain full until the end of the game. And needles to say, Penn St. has a true football tradition. Unless this program starts producing more wins, the fans will continue to stay away and so will high caliber recruits.

  4. This kid has a choice between IU and Penn State. One has seldom been semi-successful and the other has been very successful but down for the last few years. One looks to be stuck while the other, in a state with serious high school football talent and (Sandusky aside) has a serious college football legacy, looks to be slightly on the rise but on the rise none-the-less. Where would you go considering that every college football program (including IU…The recent quarterback switch is a case in point) will toss you aside if the coach thinks that the next guy will be a little better (that one is for the “loyalty and sticking to your commitment” commenters). I hope things work out for this kid and IU gets a quarterback who thinks IU will be as good for him as Stevens thinks Penn State will be for him.

  5. don’t blame the kid at all. why the hell would he want to play at indiana. total garbage program, and i’m an indiana fan.

  6. Did he really back out? Did Gunner Kiel? Did Coffman back out when he transferred? How about Roberson? or Baker? or the other Kiel? At some point Miller has to examine CKW and ask him the tough questions about QB attrition and the part he plays in it.

    Many argue that we need to keep CKW for continuity. The same argument was made when Lynch was given the job and any objective person can see that was an awful choice. Because our recruiting has picked up to being mediocre is no reason to keep a coach. We are most likely missing out on the next Charlie Strong type of coach that is waiting in the wings as an assistant somewhere. I would love for us to make a run at Kirby Smart but the expectations are so low here CKW is enough for most. It sickens me to see Purdue’s hire already having that program pass us up.

  7. Aruss, Jon…it sickens me to read you week after week, spewing your garbage as commentary and your sewer breath as support. I don’t think there can be ten fans out there who would consider either a Hoosier fan. The rest of it, if losing stevens is the price it takes to get rid of you here…it’s cheap. I’ll stay with KW…proudly.

  8. okay Aruss lets look at this recruit…..Tommy Stevens never really wanted to go Indiana University in the first place, i feel he was just another Gunner Kiel, a young kid that could not make up his mind about which school he wanted to attend….if it was all about a winning program and a large crowd than he would have went to Notre Dame……Oh, that’s right the QB (Brandon Wimbush – four star recruit) that had committed to Penn State flipped (decommitted) from Penn State and choose Notre Dame…Sound like to me that Tommy Stevens is just like Gunner Kiel afraid of a little competition for the QB position….for indiana university Tommy Stevens was a great recruit (three star QB) but at Penn State he will be just average…what will happen next year when Penn State gets that four star recruit will Tommy Stevens start looking for a new college…..Recruiting is rough business an i feel that Kevin Wilson has done a good job in finding young man (three star recruits and an occassionaly four star recruit) to attend and play football for Indiana University. Yes, i am like everybody else i would love to have several four star recruits, but i am realistic the indiana football program will have to make some major strides to get four star recruits on a regular bases. for now i will settled for coach Wilson to go out an find a few more quality (young man of good character) recruits that want to attend and play football for Indiana University

  9. If even remotely as good as advertised, Stevens would have had an excellent opportunity to see lots of playing time at IU. Instead, he opted for the greater challenge of a high-profile program at PSU. No matter how one spins it the fact remains that another top talent has looked at IU and said “No Thanks”. Can anyone blame him? I agree with others who suggest that the current coach and his lack of success is a major turn-off for in-demand recruits.

  10. PSU will become more successful into the future and because of that TS will not be there for 4 full seasons.

  11. I look for the day 3 or 4 years from now when the little freshman QB currently @ IU becomes Doug Flutie status.

  12. xavier, Writing me your dissertation in post #40 in the thread (Offense Stumbles in IU Loss) and identifying it as real simple shows poor recognition skills. In all those words you chose to use I could not find the answer to my Q. Where are D. Kiel and EWB playing collegiate FB? Now, for your benefit, that is real simple.

  13. The bloom is officially off the rose. This was the make or break season for Wilson, they had to continue the momentum not matter how slow it was. He hasn’t and now it is time to go.

  14. I hope Stevens enjoys the bench… IU needs another pocket passer like Sudfield. Diamont mixes up the pass and run and we win this weekend against Rutgers! Go IU!

  15. Sorry, Aruss, but the minute you assessed Diamont as the heir apparent and quarterback of the future, you lost all credibility. You had never seen him practice, had no idea why he’d been quickly passed by Covington, and knew nothing of his limitations, yet you continued to talk him up as a future star.

    Please take a seat.

  16. IU needs to go after Kyle Castner of Ben Davis… He seems to be a much better qb…. You cant get it done solely on your feet in the big 10!

  17. Does Danny Ettling transfer from Purdue…NO, Northwestern had 2 or 3 QBs in recent years, did any of them transfer…NO, Ohio State had 5 QBs playing on one drive…will any of them transfer….NO. These players feel it an honor to be a part of these programs rather than the program is honored to have them as in the case of some of the knuckleheads who transfer to Wyoming, Illinois State etc (what do they prove by going lower level-big deal) Lack of love for IU . This is a major challenge that KW and staff faces. KW and staff needs to be allowed to have set backs, re-group, and grow along with the rest of IU football program. Recruits can change their mind to what they consider to be a better deal for them (even though I do not think Stevens is that good = 3 star = ok. In recruiting he can be replaced with an equally good qb even at IU. In past years James Banks QB Mr. football who was alot better than Stevens goes to Tennessee and becomes a wide receiver until he gets in trouble and messes his whole career up (I don’t think Stevens will get into trouble). Jeremy Finch wastes his career in Florida (moves from safety to linebacker and gets hurt) and tries to come back to IU are a couple more examples. Lack of love for IU by some self centered supposedly players/team mates is what KW and staff face and is a major challenge. Love will have to grow into being an honor to play football for IU rather than IU is honored to have me to play football for them which I think it is by most of IU players. Most recently, the QB position not because of Stevens but the 2 idiotic transfers demonstrated the me and lack of love for IU. As a side note both, QBs were given opportunities to play and both showed excellent development under IU coaching staff.

  18. Point of clarification: I think most of IU football players do feel honored to play for IU and are buying into the team.

  19. I have no idea why anybody bashes a kid for transferring to anywhere. “Lack of love for IU” is an idiotic statement. Every circumstance is different for every kid. Each circumstance is like a snowflake – no two alike.

    Does everyone who switches jobs show a disturbing and disgusting lack of love for their former employer?

    It’s a one in a million shot for college athletes to get the chance to play professionally. By the time you hit college – most athletes realize where their talent places them.

    Let me ask anybody this question. If you had son – and he played football – lets make him the QB for arguments sake. You and your family are super proud of him and love to attend all his games. Your choices are this – 1.) he can sit the bench at IU and never play – ever – on a B1G team or 2.) he can transfer
    to a smaller school – lets say Morehead St. – but he will start and play every game.

    In discussing this with your son – he tells you he just loves the game and wants to play. You both realize the NFL isn’t probably in the cards. So – the kid decides to go to Morehead and the family goes and watches him play every weekend – etc.. The kid gets a quality education and has a great college experience. Your family bonds and tons of new friends are made – etc.. The kid plays great – the family has a blast – all is good. What a total a-hole this kid and his family are. They all are scumbags and idiots for their “lack of love for IU”.

    What if Coffman’s grandmother was very sick and had two years to live. She lives next to the Wyoming campus. His transferring would allow him to spend tie with her. What if internally – Roberson thought he was treated unfairly. He tried his best to work things out -but felt it was a no win situation. So – he moved on and put himself in the best situation he could. I’m just giving some scenarios here obviously to make a point. There are a million reasons for a kid to want or need to transfer. None of them make the kid a bad person.

    Not every kid is a coward afraid of competition who transfers and not every kid is garbage because he thinks he has a better deal elsewhere. It’s America.

    Maybe the kids should decide if you ever get to change jobs or move to new neighborhood. Your boss treats you like garbage – to bad – you disloyal scumbag. You’d like to move to a nicer neighborhood – to bad – how dare you show a lack of love for your old neighborhood.

  20. I am speaking from the standpoint of a major reason it is such a huge challenge for KW, Staff and IU football to reach stability, and a winning football culture and as far as love for IU goes Me vs. Team concept.

  21. I can’t help but think that Sudfeld’s injury was the jolt for Stevens…just a nagging thought….the minute he got hurt and saw the scramble for QB…or seeing how Diamont is struggling …could be a perceived lack of development…
    I can come up with all kinds of theories, but the bottom line is IU can’t take a hit like this. A Michigan, Ohio State….would consider it like water on a duck’s back….So, if this was a euchre game, we’d be dealt nine and 10’s with an off suit jack…it just sucks.

  22. I think the coaching staff needs to focus on WR position. The drop off this year in that area was huge and it really showing during the time Sudfeld was still playing. I think we saw just how good the old group of WR made our QB look, no matter who played over the last few seasons.

    The true testament to how well this staff develops a QB is where is the Cameron kid in a couple years. The kid has the pedigree and grew up around many offenses. He hardly played QB until his senior year and i think could have a lot of potential.

  23. Jenks, FYI, ZD was passed by Covington mainly because of physical development as Freshman. It was determined he would be a redshirt this season.

  24. He passed him because he was bigger, stronger, and threw a much better ball. Yes, they intended to redshirt ZD, but they were genuinely surprised how much better Covington was as a quarterback than ZD. It wasn’t a close call.

  25. After thinking on it for a while I believe it is pretty honorable of Tommie to switch now so as IU can find a quality QB to replace him. Honorable vs. being TR.

  26. Omega, you couldn’t be farther off on your statement. They have some studs and depth at the WR position, it just so happens that a few of them are freshman and still need to get their feet wet. Dominique Booth, Simmie Cobbs, J-Shun Harris, Nick Stoner, Isaiah Roundtree, Ricky Jones and Shane Wynnn are some tough competitors. In regards to this kid choosing Penn State, it is his choice and he decided he wants to go to a program that has history and wins in football.

  27. Is Tommy Stevens the last of the verbally committed recruits in the class of 2015 to flip, or is he just the first rat off a sinking ship? Those are the key questions! Tommy was gone the day he announced that he was re-opening his recruiting. You don’t re-open your recruiting if you’re happy with where you verbally committed to go in the first place. So today’s announcement is not really news for anyone paying attention.

    The next question is, who is Wilson looking at as a replacement for Tommy? My guess is he’s going to hit the JC ranks hard. He does not need any more “projects” like a converted linebacker or a 6’1″ 165 pound freshman.

    Wilson really has not done well recruiting Quarterbacks. He did not recruit Tre Roberson (Lynch did). He did not recruit Sudfeld (IU’s former OC recruited him to Arizona before Rich Rod took over, and Sudfeld followed him to IU). He recruited Gunner, but we all know how that turned out. So Wilson’s recruits amount to Diamont, Covington and Cameron. None of those guys are likely to create sleepless nights to opposing Defensive Coordinators.

  28. Yesterday, I wrote the following on a different string; “Wilson must turn this around next season, or he risks losing the ability to recruit major-BCS-quality players, and like Lynch, will only be able to sign players being recruited by MAC and/or other mid-major programs. He’s got one more year to turn it around, or the old losing cycle starts all over again.”

    IU’s students and alumni better find a reason to attend games next year, or things are going to get a lot worse for IU football. And for those of us long-suffering IU football fans, we know IU football can get a lot worse than it is right now.

  29. Quite the blend of negative, biased pessimism in just 2 posts. The key Q is a non- issue. Deep thinking around here comes 1/16″ thick and 93 miles wide.

  30. Neither optimistic or pessimistic, just realistic questions and facts! Will other key recruits flip or will they hold to their verbal commitment? If all the other verbally committed recruits hold, then that would be a very good sign. If three or four more of the most highly rated verbally-committed players flip before signing day, then that would be a very bad sign for Wilson and IU. An organization is either inclined upward, downward or it’s flat. And while an upwardly inclined organization’s progress is rarely linear (there are always bumps in the road), there are a few key variables that indicate which direction it is headed. In college football, the quality of a program’s recruits is one of those key indicators. I assure you that Glass, as an alum of IU’s business School (before it was the Kelley School of Business) will be very interested in the quality of IU’s 2015 football recruiting class.

  31. Post #31 was the real me. Post #33 was not. It was just another juvenile loser. Mike, you guys have got to start banning these losers from the The Hoosier Scoop.

  32. So we loose 1 yesterday and your looking for the #2 today. The is negative, biased and pessimistic.anywhere.

  33. I challenge post 34 and 35 as well. I don’t say “string”. I say “thread”. Also I like IU Football very much.

  34. The games that Sudfeld played it was pretty obvious that the WR are no where near as good as the last few years. That could be inexperience but that does not change that fact. A lot of dropped and misplayed balls. But to be fair Sudfeld did not look so hot either. Is that a product of him regressing? Lack of WR experience? Or both? But the fact of the matter is WR is not a team strength this year. As it was the previous years.

  35. Not cool, TT. I’ve emailed Pat Beane my displeasure with your comment. Expect to hear from him soon in regards to your status on this site.

  36. That’s my comment and I stand on it. Devoting more time to cleaning up your act may be much more productive for you than bothering busy grown-ups.

  37. Podunker, you confirm everything I ever thought about your comments; and they, in turn clearly characterize you as a Hoosier follower. Stevens or no Stevens, things are in capable, secure hands with Kevin Wilson in charge. If there were a business, as you are fond of asking, I’d be calling folks in a advising them that perhaps this is not the place for them since their attitudes are way too negative and create the danger of sabotaging the overall effort.

    And, if I were still in the military, I’d relieve you of command, send you home before the end of the rotation as I would be concerned (as I am) that your pessimism infect the troops and undercut their morale.

  38. Tsao TsuG, Guess what? This isn’t the military. This is a forum where people are free to express their opinions. People who have a “My way or the highway” attitude tend to think that everyone who disagrees is negative. In business they surround themselves with a bunch of “yes” men because they don’t want to hear feedback. How do you think that affects morale?

  39. Wow…Things sure seem divisive…..

    Here’s the bottom line, folks…Wilson is not resurrecting a football program…He’s trying to build one from scratch. If the average temperature for a Big 10 football program was 62 degrees, we could calculate the IU football program at- 20 degrees when Wilson arrived…This wasn’t stagnancy…This wasn’t a frivolous NCAA investigation that knocked a basketball rich program in a basketball rich state off its tracks for a couple years…This wasn’t finding one or two savior recruits that could bring back temporary winning and give a rather mediocrity coach a shot-in-the-arm of credibility. IU Football was in deep freeze…It’s been in deep freeze in the spring…It’s been in deep freeze in the summer…It’s been in deep freeze for decades upon decades….We left it on deep freeze and made it irrelevant by simply putting on more layers of warmth for hoops…It was easy to see how it became a breeding ground for opportunists and for men not driven to succeed.

    In my humble opinion, you will find no better coach with a sincere desire to earn his paycheck and build something out of a frozen block of ice. You’ll find plenty of opportunists that will fire up some flames that quickly burn out with cheap talk…You’ll find plenty that take the millions we would be willing to throw fro another passing through the revolving door….But I doubt you’ll find one that is more genuine than Kevin Wilson….It’s of my humble opinion that he is the first in many decades to have sincerely brought a positive message along with some authentic desire…He believes in his mission because he believes in himself.. He breathes competence into IU Football,,,,Why on earth are we wanting to undermine that belief? Do we enjoy the deep freeze? Do we enjoy the podium preachers?

  40. oops…

    This wasn’t finding one or two savior recruits that could bring back temporary winning and give a rather [mediocre] coach….

  41. Harvard,
    I happen to agree with you on Coach Wilson.He should be allowed to fulfill his contract and I believe Podunker has stated the same. The notion that the opinions expressed on this site are going “infect the troops” is just plain silly.

  42. Ask the University of South Carolina how to turn around a program with a history of being terrible. There is only one way. They made headlines by hiring the legendary Lou Holtz. Then did it again by hiring Spurrier. There is no other way to do it when you have been as historically bad as IU. You have to get the recruits.

    CKW is a great guy and decent coach but kids in HS have never heard of him. Neither have their parents. No one outside Indiana thinks he is the answer. The appeal just isn’t there. I applaud those of you that are optimistic but the proof is in the pudding. The cycle continues until Fred Glass does something that drops jaws. I’m sorry but thats just how it is.

    P.S. Our WR play has been terrible this season. Wynn couldn’t catch a cold. Stoner only knows how to run in a straight line and the rest are too young. Omega, you are spot on.

  43. Well Tsao, although a day late, let me sincerely thank you, along with all the other veterans, for your service to our country. I mean that.

    But thank God you’re no longer in the military. You’d probably be reporting back to your commanders that everything was peachy just as your unit was about to be overrun. Optimism has it’s place, but baseless optimism and blind allegiance can be very dangerous to any organization that wants to become or remain excellent.

    In spite of Tsao’s continuous efforts to run every participant he disagrees with off the Scoop and turn this into an echo chamber, this is not an IU cheerleading site. And just because some of us are not happy or satisfied with our losing football program, does not mean we’re not intensely loyal IU fans. If you’re happy with the current status of IU football, you obviously have very low expectations. Some of us understand the saying that “you’ll continue to get what your willing to tolerate.” If you’re optimistic about the future of IU’s football program, that’s fine, but please provide those of us with a different perspective the reasons, in the form of hard evidence, why we should share your optimism. You write, “Stevens or no Stevens, things are in capable, secure hands with Kevin Wilson in charge.” Well then, that settles it! We can all relax, knowing that the GREAT and WONDERFUL TSAO has spoken. Based on his edict, we can all begin making travel arrangements to watch IU play in the 2015 Rose Bowl. Tsao, I don’t attack you for expressing your optimism, even if you provide no real basis for it and are having a harder time finding evidence to support your opinion. But if you’re watching IU play and reading the news, you have to understand why many of us, and I suggest it is the majority of IU fans, have developed doubts this year. The facts don’t support your optimism, and just because you say so does not make it true. You could write that you’re confident Western Medicine will find a cure for cancer in the next two years, but how can you justify attacking people who disagree with you, especially when you provide no evidence to support your baseless optimism? We’re just supposed to accept what you write is gospel? And if we don’t, you attack us and call us names like an over-indulged third grader throwing tantrum on the playground? Your optimism is fine, Tsao, but your tyrannical intolerance of anyone with a different opinion confirms you are a soft and arrogant buffoon.

  44. I agree with the Wilson backers, but at the same time Juan Blanco’s point simply won’t go away. South Carolina is one of what seems like a dozen- a dozen – examples of terrible-to-competitive resurrections in college football in recent years that, with each one, deepens they mystery of why IU has been so darn putrid in football for so long (and increasingly in basketball).

    The latest humiliation has been watching Duke – DUKE – become a top-25 football team. There was a time when people on the Scoop pointed to Duke as proof that there are simply schools out there who will always and forever be strictly “basketball schools,” and that we shouldn’t feel bad for being one of them.

    Low and behold, even lowly Duke is now respectable on the gridiron. Where does that leave us in terms of comparables? Are we like Seton Hall now, or St. Joseph’s? A small Philly prep school success rate in D1 sports, except with a 1.5 billion dollar endowment and world-class facilities?

    Just disturbing. The state of major sports at IU just reeks right now, and it’s such a shame for such an incredible university and town. At least there’s Joshua Bell and the music school!

  45. Dear Clarion, i’m glad to report to you that i’ve completed the research you have so persistently asked me to provide you regarding Edward Wright-Baker and Dusty Kiel. Here are the results that I now shamefully disclose. Dusty Kiel was last seen holding a cardboard sign in front of the Target at College Mall in Bloomington. I gave him my pocket change and my free coupon for a chick-fil-a sandwich. He gave me a wonderful gapped tooth smile and said “God Bless You Brother.” I see Wright-Baker every Wednesday morning. He works for Monster Trash in bloomington and though not rich financially, is clearly rich in spirit and heart. It kills me to admit that you were right about these losers that had outstanding high school years and achieved more success as an athlete you or i or anyone else commenting on this site. So there it is. You were right and I was wrong. I know that as I sit here embarrassed and ashamed by lack of knowledge and my pessimism over IU football, it hurts me to know that you are now all warm and fuzzy. I have asked God to forgive for my sins and I hope you will too.

  46. Boys don’t go down the road the South Carolina pre-Holtz is on par historically in FB with IU. The oncoming traffic will run over you. They have won conference championships, been top 25 numerous times + a Heisman and placed many many many players into the Pros and I’d guess somewhere about 2 dozen bowl appearances. In FB IU is no Gamecock.

  47. xavier, Glad there is some pain, I hope he does too, I may consider it. Damn talented researching skills by the way.

  48. Hoosier Clarion I assume you are at your computer. Try doing a little research. The gamecocks have won 2 conference titles. In the ACC. In 1933 and 1969. They have 1 division title in 2010. They have a longer losing streak pre Holtz than IU has ever had. I live among their fans who constantly remind me how bad they were. So I believe you are the only car on the road you speak of. And you aren’t moving.

  49. Please know that my comments about the current status of Wright-Baker and Dusty Kiel were just a poor joke and weak sarcasm. Have no idea where they chose to continue their education or athletic career. Wish the best for them and hope they had some good memories to take away from their time in Bloomington. Thieir achievements as football players far exceeds that of the average male athlete. I’m sure things didn’t work out as they hoped when they came to IU, but they both have a lot to be proud of. Best wishes to both.

  50. Juan Blanco’s post #47 was, in relative terms, a reasonable example of a traditionally weak program that has been turned into a competitive program. While “IU football is no Gamecock,” neither is any Big Ten football team an SEC-quality program. If Ohio State and MSU played in the SEC, they’d finish in the middle of the pack every year. South Carolina turned their program around in recent years relative to their past and relative to the quality of competition within their conference. I don’t know of any IU fans who realistically expect IU to compete for a National Championship in football, but relative to our past and our conference, it’s not unreasonable to expect that a great University, with an otherwise solid athletic programs, produce a competitive football program that goes to bowl games once every other year or so.

    Duke is another example. Traditionally a college football afterthought or laughing stock, they went to a significant bowl game last year and are headed to another bowl game this year. They are once again relevant in their conference. Look an Minnesota’s football program. Although traditionally better than IU, (who hasn’t been?) their new coach has that program inclined upward, and their coach was hired on the exact same day IU hired Wilson.

    I don’t agree with those who say Wilson can’t turn IU football into a winner. I believe he still can do it and deserves more time. IU’s defense has shown enormous improvement this year, and a healthy Sudfeld would have IU poised to win it’s sixth game Saturday against Rutgers. But clearly, and regardless of the bad breaks, Wilson must produce six wins in 2015, or the recruiting will begin to see a significant decline and what’s left of the fan base will all but disappear. Glass may not fire Wilson if he does not win six in 2015, but Wilson will clearly be a lame duck coach in 2016 if he does not go blowing in 2015. Sooner or later, regardless of the circumstances and bad breaks, a leader has to overcome the obstacles and produce results.

  51. For those IU fans who, like me, are also lifelong Cubs fans, should Theo Epstein have fired Rick Renteria? Why did the Cubs go out and hire Joe Madden? I’m sure that if Renteria had just been given more time, he’d have eventually produced a Division Championship.

  52. If I were concerned with your individual morale,I guess I would have to take it into account. However, my focus would be on the functioning of the entire group and, in a corporate setting we would have goals determining our modus operandi and, once established, there would be little room to debate. Success, or lack thereof, would be the measure, most likely the one and only measure. On the other hand, if in the military, the operations success would be the only relevant issue and I would tell you to compare the figure on my shoulder or count the number of stripes on my sleeve and say yes sir and get your a__ moving ans stop being a moping ninnie and get your bu__ out of my face.

    In neither case would democracy have anything to do with it; and your emotions would definitely be a non-factor. OK?

  53. My bad…the above written to Ram’s #43. Why? Because that is Podunker’s modus operandi. He’ll claim, in writing…”ohh, I support so and so…got his back”, you with his “, and as soon as it gets hard, even a teensy-winsy bit, he begins a “well he’s got to get ride of the defensive-backfield locker room attendant” and slither his way up to the guy’s mom. So if I seem tough on the insincerities that he loves to publish it is because I believe ‘having a man’s back’ extends to the wins but also to the tough moments; especially when we (that is spelled ‘WE’) put him in and recognizes that he was one of the few solid coaches who would even touch us from forty feet away.

    Loyalty…not his to us, but ours to the coach has a price…it means that sometimes we have to swallow extra hard and be strong and be men and take the pain, even in the case it extra hurts. That’s why I wouldn’t want to be anywhere close to Podunker, in a business transaction, a corporate group effort, a sports team situation and, least of all, when I need him to cover my butt in a life and death moment…I’ve seen too many, too quick moments where he can’t wait to stick his fangs into perfectly good people and, to me, that’s a big, big character defect and I’d rather keep thinking that Hoosiers lack in the area of poisonous fangs. Lots of people who disagree with me and I disagree with them, but few who I see turn and strike fangs as quick and deadly as Po. Sorry, know it sounds hard, but life is hard RAM. (p.s. read the history and his rationalization on your own, but always keep him in front of you).

  54. Podunker, I’ll begin with #57…re: Renteria. Glad you brought that one up, should he have been replaced with Joe Maddon (it is Maddon, not Madden)? Not sure what you think (I could interpret your question either way), …But, Renteria had been told some 4-5 weeks before Maddon ended his stay at Tampa Bay, that he (Renteria) had performed well enough to keep his job for another year. And, everyone was going on along their merry way…

    …When Maddon quit the Buccaneers. And, in spite of their public commitment to Renteria, the Cubs, guided by their GM Theo Epstein (a Jewish guy so I assume he knows of the unfairness of discrimination, biases and bigotry), decided…”nahh…forget it, we can fire the Sp__, (ends with a C and means Spanish guy). Spanish guys are always in more precarious situations than white guys from Florida when it comes to LLB managerial positions because, for too long, if the Sp__ guy wasn’t batting in the low .400’s, hitting close to 70 HRs or pitching damned close to below a 1.00 ERA, they were carrying the bat bags, hanging the uniforms in the locker before games, laundering the jock straps and polishing up everyone else’s gloves. But slow white guys that look like Maddon, they have the hard part, the cerebral challenge in baseball, thus more than 50% of the managing jobs in the Bigs and are, I’d guess, more than 75% of the management jobs and nearly 100% of the money guys who profit from the club;… as long as they keep their secret boom-booms happy and keep them from going crazy in the internet.

    So, Podunker…my soon to be my bestest friend, would I have kept Renteria and expect him to eventually win me a Division?…you bet your sweet bippie. Thank you for supporting Renteria and fairness in hiring of ethnic minorities Po!! Surprised me, but my hat is off and the sound you hear is my applause for your stand. Attaboy!!! (Oops, didn’t really mean boy!)

  55. Blanco,

    The onus of research is on you. I’ve read your post twice and find nothing that proves my facts to be in error. You just got run over. Beep! Beep!

  56. Wow Clarion. Do you know how many Conference titles Indiana has won? I won’t make you go to Wiki. I’ll just tell you now. The answer is 2. Exactly the same as South Carolina. The two schools football history is very similar. Its easy to see. And in case you didn’t know, the Hoosiers place players in the NFL every year. Please, find a Gamecock fan and ask them what turned their program around. I can introduce you to some if you like. They will all tell you the same thing.

  57. Blanco, There you go again but you still have not proved anything I’ve said to be false. I have no doubt there are unhappy Gamecock fans of the present and past but IU FB is no South Carolina. It is easy to see 19 Bowl appearances(alone) castrates your slant. This road is becoming more treacherous for you.

  58. Taso TsuG, I don’t need any lectures from you about a hard life. Furthermore I would never work for you (and would’t have to). I see guys like you all the time fast asleep at a traffic light day dreaming about 1955. Wake up and get yourself some help with that god complex.

  59. I worked in South Carolina for seven years in the late 80s and early 90s. One of the standing jokes among the locals was, “How come Gamecock players eat their cereal off a plate? Because they can’t handle a bowl.”

  60. The comparison between South Carolina and IU has some merit particularly in view of South Carolina’s commitment towards marketing their program while rebuilding. This is an area where IU has largely missed the boat. In addition to coaching which has improved and recruiting which has improved dramatically, we need to redouble the efforts in PR/Marketing. Now, to be fair, we have done some things to enhance the game day experience. Some good stuff like the team entrance, some of the stadium signage. Some stuff not so good: knot hole park—you don’t galvanize enthusiasm for a product by creating a diversion! That is saying to your fan base: “hey, we know our team stinks, but at least your kids can be amused during games.”
    That is not really the right message. I’m not saying we need to replicate the game day traditions of our opponents…no offense to the Buckeyes but if I never again have to watch the dotting the “I” deal, it will be too soon. Nevertheless, we need to devise and incorporate some of that kind of stuff that fans can look forward to. For example, our Marching Hundred musically is peerless, but the routines are mundane and a little MAC like. And, Good Lord in Heaven, can’t we get some consistency in our school colors?

  61. Tilte of this blog refers to Stevens flip to Penn Station….70 comments, now 71 is way to big of response because he is not that good and not that huge of a loss. Should be able to get a better Qb…even though much of the thoughts extended to status of iu football. I doubt Stevens plays much for Penn Station.

  62. I think is is quite reasonable to compare the past performance of Hoosier and Gamecock football teams. The big difference, of course, is that, at least in rivalry games with the likes of Clemson, they could fill eno16rmous stadiums in Columbia and Clemson. Indiana and Purdue could rarely generate the passion that the USC/Clemson game generated. The winning scores would be spray painted on barns and buildings throughout the state.

    It’s a different level of passion down there. Not just in Alabama or Texas or other traditional power states. All over. If you’ve never lived in the Deep South it’s hard to appreciate.

  63. Whats obvious Clarion is that you know very little about football. This is the last 5 seconds I waste on responding to your nonsense.

  64. Juan Blanco,

    You are arguing with a guy who would have this guy quarterback his team.

    23-50, 103 yards, 0 TDs

    Over this guy.

    710-1142, 8,697 yards, 59 TDs

    2239-3640, 26,302yards, 122TDs

  65. Tsao, since you have long since revealed your character, you may be the most cynical person I’ve ever encountered. You seem to always interpret things in the worst possible way, at least with regards to comments you disagree with. And you jump to the most outrageous conclusions imaginable. But what you should be most disturbed about is how you attribute the worst motivations to others. I think that’s the “god complex” that RAM referred to in #66 above. I find it funny, but others find it ridiculous. Maybe it was all those years working as a journalist, or maybe its just self loathing on display.

    Sometimes, things are not black or white. Sometimes, a question is just a question. Sometimes people can see both the positive and negative aspect of a situation and comment on both sides of it. Most people are not all bad or all good, and certainly none of us are perfect.

    You reference loyalty. You’ve never known anyone more loyal to IU than myself. But my loyalty is channeled to the IU faithful, or as we call it, The Hoosier Nation. My loyalty is to the fans who long for the day when they can celebrate and take pride that IU Football is successful, or at least competitive. My loyalty is to the current and future generations of IU students, most of which would love to have something to look forward to each fall weekend. I was fortunate enough to be a boy living in Bloomington when IU went to the Rose Bowl. I want every person in The Hoosier Nation to experience the joy and excitement that everyone in Bloomington experienced during that magical season. I was fortunate enough to be a student on campus when Corso’s team beat a highly ranked BYU team for IU’s first ever bowl victory. Tears of joy rolled down my face when that field goal beat Purdue, allowing Hep’s team to play 13. I want every IU student to experience the fun and celebration that my youngest daughter experienced that night in Bloomington and during our family trip to Tempe to cheer for IU against Oklahoma State. And I fully confess that I am far more loyal to The Hoosier Nation, the alumni, the current and future students, and IU fans in general, than I am to any university employee, including a head football coach. I loved Bobby Knight and had the pleasure to meet and speak with him on several occasions. But I love IU and IU basketball a lot more. I like Wilson and remember how excited I was when he was named IU’s head coach and when he defended his new program against that moron sports radio talk-show host who was mocking IU football. But I love IU and The Hoosier Nation a lot more.

    I hope Wilson turns the corner at IU and gets a big fat contract extension and builds something special over the next ten years. But if Wilson can’t accomplish that, regardless of the obstacles confronting him, then I’ll look forward to IU finding a coach who can. I’m rooting for Wilson to succeed, but until he produces a winning season, a lot of loyal Hoosier fans like myself will continue to have some doubt. Expressing both hope and doubt, as things evolve, does not make anyone disloyal. Whether you approve or disapprove, it simply makes them a fan.

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