Yogi Ferrell on WRTV: “We are embarrassed by our actions.”

Indiana junior guard Yogi Ferrell spoke with a group of Indianapolis television reporters Tuesday, addressing the recent accident involving Devin Davis and Emmitt Holt and the suspensions of Troy Williams and Stanford Robinson.

His comments courtesy of WRTV:

“We the Indiana basketball team have let down fans, family friends, and those who before that have made Indiana basketball what they are today. We are embarrassed by our actions. Even I have made mistakes, and I have owned up to those mistakes. Me being a leaderof the team, I have to hold guys more accountable for their actions and what those actions can do to this proram.

“Coach Crean has emphasized to us that the decisions we make have to be good decisions.
Us being adults, we’ve made bad adult decisions. We have to take full responsibility for these actions. Now that these actions have come out, now what we want to do, we just want to go out there and play basketball, so we still want all our family and friends to support us as much as they can, and we just want to go out there and play the game that we love, and that’s the game of basketball.

“The reason why it’s so easy to make decisions that we make is the society that we live in today. It’s not like it has been before where no one else did that. Now our society and our generation is open to so much more now, just different types of things. We make decisions just because, just impulse decisions I feel like.

“I say the the root cause is our entire team, myself. It has nothing to do with the coaching staff. The coaching staff is great. They get us ready for each game, prepare us as much as they can. I feel like it’s just with the team. We don’t hold each other accountable. Coach always tells us we gotta make sure of our brothers, have each other’s back basically. I feel like we haven’t been doing that.

“I learned a lot. Now I’m doing actions when I’m by myself as if someone is watching me. So I feel like I”ve turned a new leaf and learned from that and told other guys that are going to make that decision not to do it.”


  1. Yikes. This is embarrassing on so many levels. Crean needs to either go on Dakich’s show and take it like a man or just shut up and play the damn games. If he wins, he stays. If he loses, he goes.

  2. I think a big part of the problem is that many of the basketball team’s “leaders,” the older, most experienced players, have left the program early in recent years. I think that has created a leadership vacuum, both on and off the court, for IU basketball. Zeller, VO, and others, for one reason or the other, left the program early. IU basketball is, once again a very young team with no 4th-year seniors (a graduate student transferring in doesn’t really count as a team leader because they haven’t been around). It’s much easier, at that age group, to be a leader if you’re 21 or 22, as compared to being 19 or 20. But when you’re just one year older than your teammate, you’re more likely to be seen as a buddy.

    Let’s hope Yogi and a few others step up and start holding their teammates to a much higher standard of conduct off the court.

  3. Aruss-

    Korman did nail it…Good find.

    “His real mistake — and it is now six or seven years old — was selling a narrative that painted Sampson’s kids as unworthy of playing at a vaunted program like Indiana. It wasn’t that simple. They weren’t villains, just as Crean’s players aren’t always going to be heroes. This is real life”.

    Pretty much the exact thing that I’ve been saying for seven years…He has also wrapped that vilification with symbols of his supreme faith to deflect any criticism with a never-ending onslaught of Joyce, Bible verse, and declarations of locker prayer while chasing the “wreckers.”

  4. Yogi is probably the main reason this will be different…..It’s nice to see him step up for his teammates and make the personal plea to the fans that he’ll do all he can to lead the Hoosiers through the recent turmoil and right the ship…..Very well-spoken…Very poised.

  5. I’m generally not a fan of players talking to the press particularly around these kinds of sensitive matters. Talking about taking a shot in the paint is fine, but not this stuff. So, first order of business is to get everyone to shut up.

    Second order is Glass needs to make university and athletic department policy clear, unambiguous and with a definitive statement regarding what will happen to a student/athlete who runs afoul of policy.

  6. I would bet Yogi had University approval before talking. May have been with IU urging? Your last paragraph is key to the short term for the program. Long term – anything can happen.

  7. 15 miles North, you may be right in that Yogi was scripted but that’s also a mistake. Yogi is a 19 year old college kid. These are serious matters having to do with personal conduct as well as the health and safety of other students as well as possible violations of state and federal law. Now I don’t believe Yogi said anything inappropriate…quite the contrary and I applaud him for stepping up, scripted or otherwise. My issue is we shouldn’t allow our kids to talk to the press around these matters.

  8. These suspensions are a complete and utter joke and will teach these kids nothing. This almost guarantees there will be more problems down the road and I see no way other than a 25-7 type season(not going to happen) that crean will survive past this season. Fred Glass should be the first one out the door but who knows if that will happen. What a complete and utter mess and people thought this year was going to be different.

  9. I agree. After reading his mother’s blog, she commented that she considers Coach Crean a member of the family, plus Yogi being the team ‘leader’ and his resent journey outside the law, almost mandated that Yogi speak up.

    Crean’s loss-of-control of the team. May be true. The deciding factor for me is Luke Fisher. Did he leave because of team member activity such as we see now? Otherwise I’m kind of on the fence on this. All these links to ‘media speaks’ jumping on the Dump Crean train make me more supportive of Crean.

    This legalize grass thing is confusing to an old guy like me. Go out to Chet-land and it’s legal. Here in Corn-land it’s not. In Chet-land, it’s use is probably against the University of Chet-land’s policy but it’s legal. Confusing. And this from a guy who used to hang at Dr. Tim Leary’s ranch near San Jacinto.

  10. We all are “preaching to the choir”; the problem that IU and CTC has is outside the control of both AND CTC’s need to recruit to succeed. Just a couple of months ago,I reported that external perception of IU BB affected recruiting.Pointed to a question that a reader of an online version of a big ten newspaper asked the moderator; he asked about IU basketball and the moderators reply was that tom Crean has had talent here ,but he hasnt done much with it. Now IU has CBS sports and ESPN ,Louisvillr Courier and Indianapolis Star making comments. External opinions that can have a very bad effect on recruiting.

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