Adam Sandler to Zander Diamont: “Stop smoking cigars”

Well, this is fun.

The eyes of Hollywood are on Indiana quarterback Zander Diamont, who received a nice message from actor Adam Sandler after helping the Hoosiers to a win over Purdue in the Old Oaken Bucket game last weekend.

Diamont’s stepmom, Cindy Ambuehl, ran into Sandler at some point this past week and posted the following video to her Instagram account on Wednesday.

“Zander, I cannot believe it,” Sandler says in the video. “Congratulations, I’m so happy for you. Keep up the good work. Stop smoking cigars! Very happy for you and the whole family. Way to go, boy. You look like a stud.”

Sandler is referencing the viral photo of Diamont smoking a cigar while holding the Bucket in Indiana’s locker room after last week’s season finale. Diamont’s father, Don, is also an actor, who appeared in the 2003 Sandler film “Anger Management.”


  1. I say let’s hope the IU locker room is smoked-up on a regular basis in 2015. Zander will probably now have to lawyer-up to defend against a citation for violating some Monroe County smoking ban and answer to some university student conduct board. Sheesh, the kid can’t even get a legal drink, get off his back people.

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  5. oops…

    His heart did not stop and [he] began to [breathe] on his own

    Merry Christmas to all….Hope Geoff gets back in his home.


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