Ferrell sparks Indiana to 82-73 win over No. 23 Butler

INDIANAPOLIS — Silenced by foul trouble through the first 20 minutes, it appeared Yogi Ferrell’s big day would have to wait.

Ferrell made sure it did’t wait too long.

The Indiana junior took over in the second half, scoring all 20 of his points after halftime to spark the Hoosiers to an 82-73 win over No. 23 Butler on Saturday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. In doing so, Ferrell became the 48th player in program history to record 1,000 career points.

The win is IU coach Tom Crean’s 300th career victory.

Troy Williams added a banner day of his own, tying his career high with 22 points and finishing off a double-double with nine 11 rebounds.

Ferrell played 19 minutes in the second half after playing only nine in the first, making the game his own after Butler took a six-point lead — its largest of the afternoon — at the 13:48 mark.

From there, Indiana outscored Butler 19-8 over the next five minutes and never looked back.

IU outrebounded Butler 48-40, while shooting 42 percent to the Bulldogs’ 39 percent. The Hoosiers added eight 3-pointers.

Indiana sped up Butler through the first 10 minutes, but also picked up five fouls before the Bulldogs earned their first. That margin shrunk by the end of the half, when Butler guard Alex Barlow was called for his third personal of the afternoon.

Butler scored each of its first 31 points either in the paint or at the free throw line until Dunham hit a jumper on the wing with 1:51 remaining before halftime. That basket sparked Dunham to score the next five points of the half, closing what was once a 10-point Indiana lead and tying the game at 38 going into the intermission.

Williams authored his most impressive first half of the season, going off for a team-high 12 points in the first 20 minutes, including his first 3-pointer of the season.

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  1. Does this mean IU should be ranked 22nd in the country. A pretty convincing victory on a “neutral” court against the 23rd ranked Bulldogs. Where’s the appreciation for this big win? Where is the acknowledgement that IU is improving on defense (Butler shoots 39%)? Aside from two of the dumbest plays to ever occur in the last two minutes of a basketball game, IU took over the last six minutes and won convincingly.

    Hanner is greatly improved, but some times he has the touch of a blacksmith around the rim. Yogi showed why he is so valuable to this team during the last five minutes. Williams was outstanding. Let’s hope this gives him the confidence to reach new levels of consistency.

    Good win. Go Hoosiers!

  2. i don’t know how you finish off a double-double with 9 rebounds. would like to know what zeisloft was thinking when he turned a good play into an awful play with 45 seconds left and a 7 point lead.

    anyway, a nice win for the good guys. still, we need more max.

  3. Good post Podunker.

    Our best D is clearly a zone as I pointed out that we should play more of two weeks ago. Our man to man help D is 0. Awful.

    With a 10 pt. lead & 5 min. To go in the 1H I was thinking “this is too much 1 on 1 offense”. This proved to be true for the next 15 min. Then I think we just wore Butler down. I think we wore ourselves down. We’re the NCAA version of the Philadelphia Eagles.

    Williams drives me nuts, but you can’t argue with his effectiveness and the problems he presents the opponents.
    Yogi was unreal in the 2H on both sides of the ball. He was pretty much locked into Dunham & played him wherever he was.
    Blackmon was a no show today. A complete mess including the boneheaded attempted reverse layup with 30 sec. Or so left.
    Hartman was pretty good too today & Crean rewarded it, which was equally remarkable.

    All in all, a damn good win today that we should be proud of. So we’ve beaten Butler, Pitt & SMU. All solid wins. But I just looked ahead at the Big 10 schedule, and we’ll be lucky to go 4-4 to start off. Very lucky.

  4. Good win and a great effort. There is always improvements to be made and always will be. Yes The Big Ten will be a hard road to travel but I think this team may surprise some people.

  5. Good win against a Good team. They’re going to have to be more consistent and smarter down the stretch in the Big Ten. Yogi makes a huge difference but there need to be a few more difference makers and all of them (including Yogi) have to play well for 40 (not just 20) minutes.

  6. Anytime IU can beat Butler in Indy is a good win. However, that is all it is and that is all this win proves.

  7. I am not sure how far north they will be of 15. My guess is closer to 20. I think I was wrong. It seems Crean actually coaches this type of team better than other teams he has coached. Shooters, slashers, and dashers, quickness seem to fit his coaching frenzy personality better. However, I am not sure year in and year out how far this takes IU as far as trying to once again reach elite status conversation with performance to back it up on a yearly basis. It has been a long time.

  8. I read where someone thought Steve Alford would be a good coach for our high profile program. Think again..

  9. So IU has two of the total of four wins that the B10 has against top 25 teams so far this year, yet the naysayers still can’t let it go. Obviously this is not a great IU team, but they have played better than most expected to date, and like it or not Crean has them playing smarter than last year’s disappointing collection of free spirits. As for Alford….ha ha and way to have your boys ready to play. How quickly some forget what a lousy job he did at Iowa.

  10. Orlando TV sports guy talking about the Wake Forest/Florida game; “this guy has Cody Zeller like moves running the fast break”.

  11. I read where Alford is the sixth opposing coach to suffer his worst defeat at the hands of Kentucky.

  12. Without Yogi, IU isnt much of a team. If he gets injured, I feel the conversation on here could go just like the Sudfield/football discussion.

  13. not sure that we have beaten a good team yet. as of tomorrow, none of our wins will be against a ranked team. wasn’t butler pretty awful last season? louisville cleaned our clocks, despite local reporters crowing about how we stayed with them for 30 minutes. that’s s.o.p. in the nba. better team coasts along and in the last quarter they put the hammer down. national headlines in the louisville game note an easy win. smu was over-rated and pitt is down. we will see. but when will we see more max?

  14. Last I checked Eastern Washington had an RPI somewhere in the 50’s, and Louisville in the Top 5. Yesterday Michigan State got beat by Texas Southern and U of M loses to SMU. Yesterday I thought Hanner was the unsung hero, I haven’t checked his stats but it could have been the most minutes he’s ever played in a game. People wondering “where was Holt?” must not have seen his brief time early in the game. I’m really liking what Hartman is bringing, his rebound basket in the 2nd half was a big play. My BIG prediction — 11-7.

  15. Texas Southern had two players, Gibbs and Carter that played against Michigan State and didn’t play in the I U game.

  16. For some who may not have noticed, there are several traditionally prominent college basketball programs struggling this season. Let’s see, just recently, MSU lost to a school IU has already defeated. MI is in the midst of a total collapse. UCLA wet their pants and was on the receiving end of a historic beat-down, Syracuse is barely over 500, and OSU just got upset. In relative terms, IU basketball is suddenly looking better and better. Some of you might want to revise your predictions about how many games IU is going to win this year. I don’t see any team, other than Wisconsin, being a juggernaut in the Big Ten this year. I don’t think IU will win the conference this year, but if we stay healthy, I think Crean’s team will surprise a bunch of his early season doubters and critics and that IU will be dancing in March.

  17. Podunker,

    Re: #18. Good post. I agree. IU is going to surprise a lot of folks this year. Each passing game they’re improving. With last year’s players, we had some players who were too self-absorbed. They couldn’t engage in team play. And they lacked toughness, too. Not so this year. These players are playing team basketball. As a result, they’re getting a synergistic effect and maximizing their skills. I, too, look forward to seeing them in the NCAA tournament as they continue to work on their consistency plus mental and physical toughness. Go Hoosiers!

  18. Post 18 is correct: Mike Davis’ team beat Izzo’s team (Crean’s mentor) in East Lansing.

    When did Crean’s team ever win in East Lansing? Never.

    Now Indiana has 11 votes in the AP Poll and has a record RPI of 95 (between Iona and NC Central).

    I agree though that Crean’s team will surprise many this season… It does so every season.

  19. Post #18 is pretty much on point in regards to IU and the lack of B1G teams that are powerhouses. As noted – only Wisky is a real standout. There would seem to be more parity than normal without the top end quality in the B1G this year. It kind of resembles the conference in football in that regard. A lot of good teams that can all win on a given night. I think IU will be a pleasant surprise and finish in no worse than 5th. If TC was not the head coach – I’d go much higher. He can not coach the best team in the country (2012-13)- maybe he can steal some success with one picked to finish near the bottom of the league. Although I still cringe at every time out he calls (even when he should) as it appears the players get a 30 second shot of dumb injected. TC with a clipboard in his hand is like a monkey holding feces. You don’t know exactly what going to happen – but it’s guaranteed to be a mess.

    Anybody notice E. Washington just dropped their 3rd game in a row – one a 24 point loss to Sam Houston St..

  20. CRIMSON, you have to remember, Crean is a big part of why IU gets the talent we’ve had over the last five seasons, and the talent we have now. No one disputes that he’s not the best game coach in the NCAA, but he’s probably the best recruiter IU has ever had. Don’t take his success as a recruiter for granted. And as much as it pains me to admit it, IU’s 2012-2013 team was not the best team in the country. Our guards, while very good college basketball players, were not up to beating Syracuse. They were too young, too short, and too banged up when they got to the Sweet 16. Without really high quality guard play, you’re not going to win the championship. If Yogi knew then what he knows now, it would have been a different outcome. But he was a freshman and he had a tough time against those much taller and more experienced Syracuse guards.

  21. Po: It may pain you – but the 2012-2013 IU team in the country. With a high quality U of L team next and a very good Michigan team 3rd. Period. Syracuse isn’t even in the mix of the top 3 I mentioned. If not for poor coaching and I mean that in a couple ways (certainly in game vs. Syracuse as you noted – but the lead up to that game). The Sweet 16 rings – the cutting down of the nets after a home loss to Wisky for the B1G – the no fire in the B1G Tourney again to a lesser Wisky team. Any high quality coach would have realized that he had the best team and pushed them towards focusing and reaching a goal. Instead – TC was happy and failed to cash in on the situation.

    I’m not a fan of the person – but I am a huge fan of his coaching ability. I’m speaking of Rick Pitino (who obviously won it all that year with U of L). I don’t think anybody would argue his basketball I.Q. and his son Richard is right there with him.

    I retired that year at 42 and I happen to have a home in Louisville. I’ve got season tickets and occasionally attend some fund raising stuff they have when I’m around. Sorry this is a long way to go to emphasize my point. I had a chance to dine with both Pitino’s that year at one of these functions in early February or so. We’ve talked before and obviously we discussed IU and the upcoming tourney – etc.. I spent nearly the whole time chatting with his son Richard (U of L asst. at the time). Richard told me straight up there was only one team his dad was worried about and they had already done some things to prepare for them. That team was IU. Meaning that they thought they’d have to come across IU most likely in the Final Four. I won’t go into more detail – but they thought IU would hold and get the Indianapolis Regional bid that U of L ultimately got and took advantage of the home location advantage to ride into the Final Four. Sorry to be long winded – but a whole lot of very bright people would tell you who was the best team in 2012-13. That being the Hoosiers. See – in mid-February Pitino already had his eye on the ultimate prize – how to drive his team to get there – etc.. I ran into him last year and we talked about that season. He’s still shocked he lucked out into the Indy region and said he thought IU would have handled that Syracuse team easily.

    You need to remember this. That awesome Syracuse that beat IU – lost to Temple (our round of 32 struggle game ) – came into the tourney with 9 losses and was 11-7 in the Big East. They were good – but there’s a reason they were a 4 seed and not a 1 seed.

    I don’t know what the future will hold – I hope IU has many more chances year in and year out. But the 2012-13 season will go down in my book like right behind the 75 season ( May’s arm ) and the 92 season ( Henderson’s leg ) in the would’a – could’a – should’a – legacy. Notice I didn’t drop in the 2002 team or others – because they were not the best teams in the country those particular seasons.

    I don’t disagree that TC recruits well. Not a big believer in his in game coaching or player development skills. And frankly – not a fan of him as a person really either. And – I’m really not sure that I can stand to watch the most overpaid college coach out there and wear the same god awful blue and white checked country table cloth shirt with that same striped mismatched red tie. I don’t know what he does with his $3.5 mil. per year – but he isn’t dropping a dime at a tailor. They can not be his “lucky” clothes as he wears them win or lose.

    Merry X-mas early to all.

  22. The 2012-2013 team wasn’t the best team in the nation. Anyone who thinks that should re-examine the season, and re-watch some of the games. It was a great season, but no way was we the best team. If memory serves me correctly, the #1 ranked team kept losing that season, especially later in the season.

    Does it feel good to admit your not a fan of the coaches character?

  23. CRIMSON, I think you’re in a very small minority of people who think IU was the best college basketball team in the nation in 2012 – 2013. We just weren’t. Neither was Syracuse. And that’s my point. The best team in the country would not have lost so badly to Syracuse in that sweet 16 game, or lost in the Big Ten tournament. That was a good and exciting team, but they clearly were not the best. We can debate the reason’s why, but they just were not. As for player development, there are two NBA stars in Florida who would disagree with you about that. One of them is a superstar in Miami with two rings, and the other is an up and coming star. They both claim that Tom Crean helped develop them immensely. Sorry, but I’ll take their word over your opinion.

    As for having dinner with Pitino (i.e., the “scumbag”) did he try to have sex with any of his employees’ wives in the restaurant after dinner? If you shook hands, I hope you washed yours before eating.

  24. I guess I’ll take a little fire from each camp to build my own. I too thought IU was the best team in the nation in 12 and 13. But I watched Cuse 2-3 times that season and during the 1st quarter of that Swt 16 game realized IU achilles heel was guard play against strong big opposing guards and there was no way to change that. The score speaks for itself. Now as far as L’ville, Pitno was right in that IU was good enough to best them. It presented a whole different match up IU would take advantage of and win the game.

  25. HC: Good points which I obviously agree with – mainly with the fact Syracuse was not an ideal matchup. But the game got dictated by the better coach – not the better team.

    Po: You can have your opinion which apparently you like better than facts. There is a reason for the following things. Preseason No.1 picked by experts and voted on. Not that preseason means anything at all – it just says after consideration by people who judge college basketball for a living – coaches and analysts – the mass thought IU was the best. IU was a 5-6 point favorite to beat Syracuse (would have been 3 or 4 points higher if not for the struggle against Temple). IU was the Vegas favorite to win it all. And – the majority of analysts and coaches picked IU to win it all. Heck – even the President picked them.

    They were not favorites to win it all due to lack of talent or ability. The best team does not always win. Does every top team win their tournament? Was N.C. State the best team in 83 or was Villanova the best team in 85? Not even close. But they are the champions.

    The 2012-13 IU team had no business losing more than half the games they lost. That was a 2-3 loss team with even decent coaching. I blame their failures on TC as I noted. I think looking back you have a scenario were there was such a quick turnaround of success when Zeller arrived that they became satisfied. Instead of realizing what they could actually achieve – that team settled for what they already accomplished.

    If I ever run into either Pitino again – I’ll explain to them how little they know about college basketball and point them your way for advise. I’ll also suggest that Bilas and all the other experts seek out your opinion in the future. LOL.

    Everybody has an opinion – and mine is that the 2012-13 IU team was the best team in the nation who underachieved to their potential.

    If you don’t feel that team was the best in the country – I doubt you’ll feel any IU team is in the future. But I hope some IU team is so good – we can all agree.

  26. My point exactly. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt we’re the best team in the nation. I hold out hope though. Hopefully I can rebuke your “doubts” sooner rather than later.

  27. Gents, Let me add just a bit more. If Cuse would have had only 1 big guard IU would have exploited the other D guard. But with 2 big guys smothering our little guys Jordy could not separate and shoot and Yog could not pass or move. When that happens the inside game suffers just as much. There was no coaching remedy to change that dynamic. Vic is good but could not make up what was needed for that deficiency.

  28. Crimson, I wanted it to be true that year, but having been in Bloomington and having watched three IU teams which were definitely the best teams in the country in their respective championship seasons (74-75, 75-76, 80- 81), I never believed the 2012 – 2013 team was the best. Preseason rankings are totally worthless, or as I described in at the time, they’re speculative puff. HC articulates the problem with IU’s guards going against Syracuse’s superior guards in that game (taller, longer, more experienced). But this is all kind of a silly debate, and ironic as well. On one hand, some people criticize Crean for not being able to coach “the best team in the country” to the championship that year. But those same people do not give Crean credit for assembling that talent on that team. If I accept your argument that IU’s 2012 – 2013 team was the best team in the country that year, I have to give Crean credit for recruiting, signing, and developing that group of talented players in the first place. They did not arrive in Bloomington in spite of Tom Crean. They committed to play for IU because of Tom Crean. So yes, I will concede that Tom Crean is no Bob Knight, Coach K or Rick Pitino when it comes to in-game coaching. But Tom Crean is a very effective recruiter and has demonstrated that he either has an eye for undervalued raw talent (i.e.,VO, D Wade, D James, J McNeal, S Novak, T Diener, ), or the ability to develop raw talent, or both. It’s a national best that three of his players were selected as NBA lottery picks in the last two years. I could go on an on, but it may be that Crean’s IU teams have suffered as a result of his ability to recruit great basketball talent. When great talent leaves early for the NBA, it deprives a coaching staff of the time necessary to blend all that talent into great, high performing teams.

  29. Everybody has an opinion – and mine is that the 2012-13 IU team was the best team in the nation who underachieved to their potential.

    You are not alone CRIMSON. Your opinion coincides with the national press. In contrast Pdnker’s opinion only coincides with Tm Crn’s and maybe not even that.

    I wonder what Pdnkr’s stance will be after Brad Stevens come to IU.

  30. Tom Crean’s recruiting at Indiana is far superior than Tom Crean’s recruiting at Texas Southern. Is that Tom Crean’s merit? I bet it isn’t. As a recruiter Tom Crean does exactly what he does as a coach: increase the entropy, mix it up, confuse everyone (including himself) and thus for every game we win against a top ten team there’s a game where we lose at home to Penn State because Hollowel does not know how to inbound. Thus for every Cody Zeller there’s an Austin Etherington (and in fact without Austin there would have been no Cody) and for every Noah Vonleh there’s a Bawa, a Tijan, a Luke Fischer, a Johnny Marlin, a Remy Abell, a Maurice Creek, a Nick Williams, a Malik Story. To say that Crean’s the best recruiter in IU history is to admit that you have no brain.

  31. Po: I’ll leave this debate with the following. The number 1 favorite to win the tournament that year was IU. They were a 7-1 favorite at Tourney time ( considering that number rose due to late season losses to Wisky ). Throughout the entire season they were 3.5-1 favorites to win it all. The B1G was the number won conference in the country by a wide margin. IU was the best team in the best conference. The Big East was rated the 2nd or 3rd best conference that year depending on which service you want to use. Syracuse finished tied for 5th in that conference. I won’t even bother to go through the 100 reasons a person would draw the same conclusion as I did/do.

    If you can not see that TC lacked the leadership to create the proper focus – attitude and goals for that team – I can not help you. As I said – they became satisfied instead of hungry for the ultimate prize.

    Your point about losing talented players early is about 10 years out of date. Watch Kentucky or Duke do some quick blending. If you wrote the statement in 1998 it my be true – but not today. And I hardly think IU has suffered from TC ability to recruit great talent as you put it. Yes – that’s a problem here at IU – we have to much talent. LOL.

    My opinion about TC is not really important. I personally would have never hired him and I think he is far from an elite coach. When you consider him as a recruiter are you comparing his gets to Kentucky – Duke or Kansas? I think if TC coached the original Dream Team in the Olympics – we’d have been playing Angola in the Bronze Medal game.

    I’m kidding of course – as the great old pros would have told him to sit down and shut up and get them a juice box.

    HC: I get you thoughts on the game and guard play – size – etc.. No issue with your points – but let me pose it to you this way since we’ve focused on the Syracuse game. If the same exact teams play 10 times – you’re basically saying Syracuse would win all ten times. Think about that. Because as you noted – some things can not be overcome. I think IU would have beat them 7-8 out of 10 times.

    I think the fact IU played poorly that particular day – against that particular team has been overblown. A bad day – with a bad plan and in this case – the better coach imposed his will. If I flipped the script on you – you could wonder how Syracuse could deal with the talents IU had. It just so happens IU shot 33% – 20% from 3 and 62% from the line. Scored 30 points under their averages. I look at it this way. 1/3 credit to Syracuse. 1/3 on IU coaching staff. 1/3 just a bad day where things didn’t go well.

  32. To beat a zone you pass and/or shot over it. Of course Cuse plays zone hard like IU used to play m/m. They smothered our small guards, could not pass, could not shoot over it. Cuse could not beat many of the teams IU beat that year but they had the 2 things IU could defeat, a damn good zone featuring 2 big athletic guards. Game over unless someone can tell me an offense(I’ve only heard IU was out coached) that would neutralize those 2 things. Cuse 8-9 easy out of 10.

  33. Love the picture in post #34…..And most of the observations are also spot on. A few high NBA draft picks are a product of the Indiana label….and kissing up to the Indiana Elite AAU coach that also required far too many choir boys and A-Hope projects that should have never been given candy stripes …Without Etherington there was no Cody…Where’s Austin now? Without Remy there is no bailing out of Hulls and getting past VCU…..Where is Remy now? Without Maurice Creek there is no early breakthroughs into recruiting the East…Did Mo stay four years? When we do land the occasional high caliber talent, there’s tons of baggage recruits to come along for the ride…And those baggage recruits are not treated with one ounce of respect or loyalty for their work ethic and important understanding of the game that often doesn’t come with underdeveloped raw talent that is pampered and wholly invested(though their games can be exceedingly ugly in the early phases)…Do some blossom? Of course…But at what expense?

    The candy stripes don’t stand any higher because of overrated draft picks in down NBA draft years..(Let’s face the facts…If Cody or Dipo are part of last year’s draft, they’re not lottery picks)….

    The sign of a great coach is utilizing his bench to the highest potential, building continuity and the understanding of roles that reflect some sort of team learning curve, and finding ways to beat the teams that may be incrementally stronger on paper. I don’t see a Butler team that would made excuses for winning against teams with greater length or more athleticism…while they were on their way to back-to-back Final Fours.. Syracuse was tough…But are players and our coach exhibited very little mental toughness or answers. They were defeated before the tip-off was tossed into the air…..You could read it in body language….It’s never going to happen when your once #1 in the nation roster can’t believe in the basketball IQ of the coach to take them anywhere beyond their compiled individual talents.

    I keep hoping for chemistry and something that matures into a team will rise above the individual parts….Sadly, the talent feels often wasted because it just never appears the knowledge of the game is transferred from the sideline to a degree to ever cross that bridge.

  34. HC: You noted in post 36 one way to beat a zone. There are many other ways. Your premise is that our guard size of 6′ 0″ Hulls and Ferrell could never hang with the taller Syracuse guards and would always come out on the “short” end of the stick. Please enlighten me to how 6′ 0″ Peyton Siva and 6′ 0″ Russ Smith of Louisville managed to spank them. According to your premise they would have no chance. But they dominated them and won it all.

    You’ve now been told – per your request – of a team and offense featuring two short guards the did neutralize them. Of course – their coach is in an elite category – like him or not. I suggest that had a great deal to do with it.

  35. Crimson – the main issue with the Syracuse match-up was not talent, nor the size of our guards. It was Crean. Crean has faced Syracuse a multitude of times and never beaten them. He resided in the Beast for years with Marquette and never figured Boehiem out.

    I’m not sure it would have been 10-for-10 for Cuse, but they probably woulda won at least 8 of 10.

  36. Where’s that guy/gal that kept repeating a prediction of a 15-16 season? He/she honestly believes we’re only going 5-14 the rest of the way through?

  37. Crimson, I easily agree Crean is no RP and will never be. But that means little in this argument. Here is the deal, in the same timeline how many games of 2 on 2 would Jordy and Freshman Yogi win against Russ and Siva. Yogi today is not Yogi 2012 and Jordy would tie for 8th out of that 4. Smith and Peyton are leaner and longer and harassed offensive guards with tenacity. Which also included the 2 from Cuse. The simple fact is those 2 sets of guards were better than Hall and Yog in tandem. Like I said 8-9 out of 10.

  38. Didn’t Hulls injure his shoulder in the first half of the Syracuse game?….Or was he playing with a bum shoulder injured in the previous game?
    Putting a lot of heat on the guards for losing to Syracuse…I think it also had a lot to do with the capabilities of our guy in the middle. We needed more of a face-up center with quick feet and the ability to make the bullet pass. You can’t move your offense slowly through the middle of the floor/top of the paint against Syracuse. You can’t run any quick backdoors or pick up any wings slashing to the hoop with your back to basket….I think that’s why McGary had such surprising success in the NCAA tournament that season…He was far more active against athletic and long teams….He was far better at being patient from the high post….Could face up and offer more options .Very quick around the glass and ferocious on the boards as well…Cody was a very strong rebounder …But as the opponents overall quickness on the floor was increased(more than just your opposing big gobbling boards), I think Cody struggled….Zeller was lunging against Syracuse…It was the most awkward he had looked for months… His limits in overall versatility were exposed.

    Watford was a phenomenal deep threat…and also great at running/trailing on the break….But, again, the weakness in his game was the explosive burst and just the overall quickness/crispness from toes to fingertips…

    The 2012-13 Hoosiers had a ton of talent…They didn’t have a ton of speed and the right set of answers at many positions(not just the guard play)….Yogi may have been enough if we had some true quickness in the middle(or maybe even the baseline to counter all the attention Dipo could command.

    Maybe I’m wrong, …It just didn’t appear Zeller was an “everything hinges” type guy against a full array of quick feet and length. All the hype means zilch when you face a type of overall speed you’re just not used to…The Big 10 doesn’t prepare many teams for a group like Boeheim puts together….

  39. If you could put three of the guards we have today on the 2012-13 Hoosier team(even give Yogi one more year of experience), I still don’t believe it would have brought anymore success against Syracuse…

    Perea is more active around the rim than Zeller….and sometimes he even shows flashes of developing into a far better passer…Perea has much better vision than he is given credit. Hartman and Troy would give us more than Dipo and Watford.

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