1. Back and forth game and IU ran out of gas at the end of OT. That zone still gives us problems.

    Troy is emerging but would have liked to see him more composed towards the end of regulation. Yogi really bailed him out.

    Lesson learned looks to be with our three point shooting we can be in
    any game. It’s just that we need the other team to make their own
    mistakes at the other end to seal a close game.


  2. Georgetown is and has been in the Big East since its inception and they not only play St. Johns and Seton Hall (NYC area schools) but the Big East Tournament is at MSG every year. Sure they have a following in the NYC area but I heard a lot of IU noise too when things went well. Yogi saved IU at the end of the 2nd half. They need at least one other ‘go to’ guy in crunch time but there wasn’t one today. Georgetown inside and outside was pretty good at the end of regulation and in OT. They’ll do well in the Big East.

  3. i had my doubts about the IU basketball team this year but they truly play with a lot of heart and grit….they played a very athletic Georgetown to the wire!!! if IU consider to play this well in the big 10 i expect IU to make the NCAA tournament and create some difficulty for some teams….GREAT game today IU…..continue the great work Tom Crean.

  4. Maturity and experience won this game for GT. They had four seniors on the court in overtime, and it showed. The other factor was GT’s mastodon in the middle. Have the refs forgotten how to call the 3-second violation? That young man camped out in the paint for most of the second half. If there is such a thing as a good loss, this was it.

    Troy just gets too excited and loses control at key situations. He needs to stop making mistakes in crunch time. He’s a great athlete with a phenomenal engine and talent, but he tries to do too much some times.

  5. Crean got out-coached once again…Pollyanna posts continue to be the norm…Of course, the sparks of individual displays of an athlete or two that may play at the next level, is all their really is for claims a “fun team” to watch..Personally, I don’t think it’s fun to watch teams self-destruct in crucial stretches.

    We should have won this game by double digits….

    For all of Williams schoolyard stuff that went in the bucket, he made some damn costly mistakes in crunch time…
    I thought we were the far better team….Just no answer for the zone(big surprise) as the offense grew more and more stagnant in the 2nd half….

    Watch Crean’s Dipo and Troy get their minutes and showcase their talents…Watch teams befuddled as they disintegrate in crucial stretches against teams with superior coaching and defensive tenacity…

    Watch the truly premier guards from the state of Indiana(Rivera….Gary Harris) go to schools with coaches they know understand the game as much as individual talent..

    It’s going to be the same old song with the preacher….Hard to stomach such poor play and poor decisions when games are on the line(e;g. Hartman getting lost on a backdoor cut/switch…Blackmon chucking up a quick three after making a nice steal)

    Perea does his best, but he’s far out-classed by centers with savvy….Did Hanner score any points?

    We’ll win our share because of the talent(much like the Cody, Hulls, Watford, Dipo years), but the end result in big games, I’m afraid, well be the same movie repeat…of the same old defunct coaching horror show.

    Happy New Year! Happy same old Crean every year. Did feel bad for his daughter balling her eyes out when the loss was evident…If only daddy could coach.

  6. Failed to mention that I was impressed overall with the way this IU team fought on this stage and against a good physical G’town team. The shooting sight lines at MSG did not seem to bother or rattle IU.

    Hats off to Thompson for taking Blackmon out of the game with that pinched 2-3 zone up on top. They ran that well.

    Troy will get there. He has definitely woken up this past month since a bit of a rocky start. Loved his drive at the end of the first half. He just willed his way to the rim for the score.

    Well, here we go with the B10 season!


  7. Failed to mention that I love an Indiana school once known for basketball acumen now appearing so terribly clueless at the game…And I also failed to mention how I love how the pollyannas continue to support a coach that has managed to destroy decades of such well-earned respect built on the shoulders of knowledge and collective endeavor while his only real contribution to two hours of basketball is the fattening his own resume simply on using our Hoosier brand to put a couple of his supreme, next D-Wadeadipotroys.(those that also use the Indiana stage to get their needed “developmental”: PT they wouldn’t find at UK, etc), in Armani suits for NBA Draft night…..Yippee.

    We should really print some banner toilet paper and supply it to Crean for his personal locker room use….We’ve pretty much become the exit hole for his genius.

  8. Yeah, IU could have won that game, but was impressed with the ‘hanging in’. Two or three plays at the end turned it around for a good Georgetown. Think CTC called a good game plan. KenPom had Georgetown ranked #30 and IU something like #42 as of yesterday, so loss in OT not unexpected. This game should help them going into conference play. Been too many Grand Canyons and Savanna State.

  9. Two prayer shots by Yogi is not “hanging in.” Georgetown went on something like 15-3 run after we were up 10….We were left hung out to dry because Georgetown has a coach that made the proper adjustments.. All we know how to do is run that merry-go-round pointless perimeter weave and drive out of control into traffic…..We had a lot of garbage make it through the well on some playground shots. The gods were kind on some real prayers….

  10. This Crean bashing is getting comical. Every time IU loses, Crean got out coached. The players never fail to execute, or make silly mistakes, or simply miss shots. The other team is never more talented or more experienced. And yet, when IU wins, it’s always in spite of the head coach. Crean has nothing to do with their victories, but he is singularly responsible for all of IU’s losses. It’s always Crean’s fault. It’s always Crean getting out coached. It is simply amazing that his teams have won 300 games throughout his career? Given that he is such a terrible coach, how has Crean’s IU teams beaten so many top ten teams? Funny, I don’t remember ever hearing that criticism of Knight when his teams lost a game, and his teams lost plenty during the last ten years he was at IU. I guess once you hang a banner in AS, all sins are forgiven. One sub-par season, still a winning season, but sub-par relative to IU’s expectations, and some folks have written Crean off for good. From now on, no matter what the circumstances or the condition of the program when he takes over, all future IU head basketball coaches will be excepted to a) win a minimum of 24 games every season, b) win the Big Ten Championship and get to the final four every year, c) win at least one national championship within his first four years at IU, d) sign great players who are brilliant students and who never consume any form of intoxicant or violate any rules, and e) make no public reference or acknowledgement of their Christian faith. Sounds reasonable to me. I’m sure there are dozens of candidates just waiting to step in and take over.

  11. Amen! Po

    ESPN game conversations. Couple of GT fans saying their coach needs to go…is over-rated….can’t make half-time adjustments….

    Can you imagine watching a game like this one and only find negatives to comment about? Sad

  12. Don’t worry too much about the bashing Podunker. The “residents” started popping up right around 2011. And it made this site a bit more interesting.

    I enjoy reading both sides of the crazy. Got to respect the time it takes to write ad nauseum on the fire Crean rhetoric.

    That’s the beauty of the posts, you can just scroll and skim on through. Just like reading the online posts for my MBA class. There are nuggets in there amongst the gibberish but I mostly skim.


  13. Atta boy, Po. We all want to see IU win every game, but that’s not happening, especially in this era of players leaving early and transferring. Few schools are able to sustain excellence from year to year in this environment.

  14. ChHmm..When Geoff bashes Crean(which has been far more regular, unforgiving, and unapologetic than what I’ve put on Scoop in recent months), I don’t remember this much backlash. They love to gang up on the Harvey Buckets..

    It’s Sampson…It’s youth…It’s transfers…It’s environment……It’s mental toughness…It’s speed of game…It’s every excuse they can think of to keep the Christian Right in the Bloomington compound.. The motivation to keep Crean employed has nothing to do with basketball anymore…It’s just a series of excuses upon excuses. This game was in our hip pocket…Georgetown went into a 2-3 zone and there was no answer…Crean’s players may develop their individual games, but Crean’s coaching remains flat as his personality….


  15. I have no problem with Crean as a person. I think he puts out a basketball program that can have sucess and that’s entertaining. I do feel that as a coach he has a ceiling and it may of already been reached at IU. I think that is really where it’s at.

  16. Harvard, How dare you criticize the Christian Right. You must not be a “Real American”. Repent you sinner.

  17. Here you go H4H: Amen and atta boy to your points.

    We forget how lucky IU is to have TC. Reread above how this was yet another “good” loss for the team. What is more comical than the TC bashing is the TC apologists.

    Take post #12. If I wrote the post entirely the same but inserted “the players” for “Crean” in most instances you’d get a little better twist on the same thoughts.

    For instance. The player bashing is getting comical. Every time IU loses it the players fault. The players got outplayed. The players always fail to execute – always make silly turnovers and always miss shots. The other team is always more talented and more experienced. And yet when IU wins – it is in spite of its players never because of them. The players have nothing to do with IU victories but they are singularly the reason for every loss. It’s always the players fault. It’s always the players being outplayed.

    Well you get the idea. How dare these youngsters not play better for such a great coach.

    IU’s gain is the YMCA recreational leagues loss in regards to coaching. Oh the “participation” trophies TC would have won a the Y.

  18. Eighty percent of the three hundred Tom Crean wins are against cupcakes: the players are responsible for those wins. Comparing Tom Crean with Coach Knight is absolutely ridiculous: Coach Knight did not have a negative conference record in his last ten years of coaching at IU. By comparison Tom Crean’s conference record last year was negative: his tea had the “convenience store” conference record of 7-11. Post #12 is clearly written by a Crean troll.

    Hey Fred Glass: this is Indiana Basketball under your administration!

  19. Interesting how some are ready and willing to criticize Crean every chance they get – even though his coaching shortcomings are well documented – despite his success in cleansing the program from disgrace. Many of these same people were praising him not that long ago, yet they fail to acknowledge that it indeed was the members of “The Movement” who indeed failed to live up to the hype and set the program back. Meanwhile, we have a head football coach who simply can not get his players to execute the fundamentals, makes excuse upon excuse after each loss, and this guy gets a pass. Can’t have it both ways.

  20. In my opinion Kevin Wilson is doing fine. He has decades upon decades of loosing and negativity to overcome. It’s probably going to take him at least 8 years to put a consistent bowl team on the field. Football, especially at IU, is just a different animal.

    Basketball at IU is a different story. IU has had a long history of success. Even in Knights last 15 years he made the NCAA every year. I think many fans are starting to realize how hard that is to do and that as fans we took a trip to the dance for granted. Crean ‘ s cleansing of the team was by his own will. He had members on that team that could of led the Hoosiers to an ncaa bid his first year, but I think as a fan base we all supported. His choice to clean house. We stuck by Crean through some pretty miserable seasons. Getting Cody Zeller and winning the big ten in 2013 despite an 8 win season just a few years ago speaks volumes to what can be accomplished at IU. After Zeller left we filled his spot win another great player in Vonleh, yet still experienced a rebuilding year. This season is on the brink…we have @nebraska…Michigan state….and Ohio State. All 3 are winnable as all 3 are experiencing off years. If iu goes 0-3 and is 10-6 and 0-3 in the BIG…will that be acceptable in our coaches 6th season? Will missing the dance 2 years in a row with 2 McDonald’s all-americans in each team be acceptable? I personally have seen the same faults with all 6 teams he has had. Crean does have something to prove as a coach with this bunch. This is an NCAA tournament team, but it will take coaching to their strengths to achieve that. After this year we may not have blackmon…if he does come back crean must lock in a center to fill our need for size or the results will be similar. I don’t think anyone wanted to see or wants to see Crean fail…because that means IU basketball fails, but at some point as IU fans we have to demand success.

  21. great post Ben… Many of us who are “bashing” Crean are not doing it in a trolling way. It is reasonable and measured logic. I know my criticisms stick to basketball only, and I try (maybe I fail) to give specific examples of his shortcomings so as not leave people thinking it’s a personal agenda.

    Some of us defended Crean for years and were thankful for how he turned the program rightside up again… But now simply realize he has done all he can do. He can recruit talent, but he is simply not a good enough coach to turn talent into a championship… I don’t want that as a foregone conclusion every year until my kid graduates HS.

  22. i am amazed by the amount of people here who are impressed and satisfied with this “good” loss. now that indiana is just an average big 10 program, their expectations have adjusted accordingly. we should be a perennial top 10 team, not an “also receiving votes”.

    quit giving credit to crean for cleaning up the program and bringing it back from the pit. there are 1000 coaches who could have done that much, including many high school coaches. that is not an accomplishment.

    crean supporters are obviously just fans who only know how to watch the ball during a game. crean is a bad coach because i see the mistakes his team makes, whether they win or lose. having two guards up top against a 2-3 zone for instance. perimeter players running around against the zone instead of spotting up in the gaps. with this team of great shooters, we should destroy zone defenses and should never see one. opposing coaches must laugh among themselves that playing 2-3 zone is the ironic and obvious way to beat this and all crean teams.

    against man we run no off ball screens for for our bevy of shooters. players jogging around with no real purpose, putting no pressure on the defense. no back cuts. no weakside action. i hold my breath on every inbounds play.

    so you crean supporters should shut up and learn something from people here who know something about the damn game.

  23. Tom Crean lumped every Sampson recruit into one trash can and went on an endless public “bashing” tirade.

    If it’s bashing that Tom Crean is receiving for the hypocrisy in his inability to control his own players via instilling proper deterrents to off-court shenanigans and something other than f “pushover” discipline, then he, and those pretending this is always about basketball, should grow a pair and take the same bashing that was leveled upon 18-year-old kids from circumstances and backgrounds far more difficult than most on this blog have ever known. Tom Crean will never be man enough to admit the public humiliation levied against EVERY Sampson recruit/player was wrong….I guess he should certainly realize that beyond being a fraud that hides behind a Bible, he’s one hell of a hypocrite to go along with being an inept coach…

    Geoff- You are a perfect human being…EJ SUCKS!

  24. One almost has to think there is a bigger picture going on. After Sampson we needed somebody in there to take a major hit on their head coaching record and get Indiana at least somewhat straightened out. Now we are 7 seasons away from a bad taste sampson left. We have cook hall and are completely renovating assembly hall. On top of that we are proving to other candidates that we will stick by a coach through thick and thin. When you step back and look at it…there may be a bigger plan in place to make the job more appealing.

  25. Not to mention he kisses his son on the lips and sends teenagers he’s recruiting very creepy text messages.

    Could I look beyond the “pushover” hypocrisy evident in his discipline for off-court issues amongst his Christian collection of choir boys that can ball and guzzle and toke….? and all the Joyce tweets…? and all the creepy stares at press conferences…?…and the attempts to intimidate journalists via his pious blow shrouded in his perfect doctrines of a perfect faith..?….and his obnoxious nervousness and pacing and energy drinks on sidelines that makes him the brunt of every caffeine joke(which is basically a way the ESPN sports analysts infer that the juiced-up bozo doesn’t have a coaching clue)…?…and the weird inner workings of desperate love letters sent to recruits…? …

    Could I look beyond the quiet joke he has made of Indiana(as we play stupid ball and second fiddle to a Big East we used to bitch slap with one hand tied behind a Kent Benson back or a broken Scott May wrist) if he could merely prove he can figure out a zone against a team we have far more talent? Could I live with candy stripes being clown stripes if Tom Crean could do something other than amassing talent into a classroom with no teacher? You betcha.. I can take the occasional Peter Jurkin if there’s some evidence that a game is more than finding raw talent…..and massaging that individual talent for something beyond college. Maybe I’m wrong…I thought there was supposed to be something in the job description of “successful coach” that focused on making teams stronger than their individual components….

    I could tolerate the creepy professor that could still teach me something beyond quotes from Sunday sermons…To tolerate such ineptitude as a teacher is making a fraud of Indiana University far beyond the hardwood…And that’s exactly what the Establishment hated about Knight…Knight took the hick out of French Lick…Crean has brought us back the backwoods of snake preaching and “prayers” in locker rooms to replace strategies and the execution of gained knowledge from the man that is hired to impart such expertise..

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