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Participating as a true club sport, the IU women’s rugby team enters new territory at the Final Four this weekend, Mike writes.

IU freshman Kennedy Goss swam to third in the 500 freestyle at the national championships Thursday, we reported.

Senior swingman Khalil Iverson of Delaware, Ohio, is capturing the attention of Tom Crean and other notable D-I coaches, Steve Blackledge of the Columbus Dispatch writes.

The HT’s Mike Miller guest stars in the latest episode of the Podcast on the Brink with Jerod Morris of Assembly Call, via Inside the Hall.

Indiana will look to maintain its intensity against Savannah State on Saturday, Sam Buishuizen of the Indiana Daily Student writes.

Questions about IU’s post play and more in the mailbag for Zach Osterman at the Indianapolis Star.

Seems like a good pick this morning — The Rugbys with “You, I.”


  1. Saturday’s groupings for 3-on-3…

    Group 1 (pick 1): Robbie J, Yogi, Junior

    Group 2 (pick 1): Holt, Troy, Hanner

    Group 3 (pick 1): Nicky Buckets, Stan, Colin, Max

    OR you can replace a player from Group 2 with a player from Group 4, whose scores are worth TRIPLE.

    Group 4 (optional pick 1): Priller, April, Burton

    Scoring: points (1), assists (1), def rebs (1), off rebs (2), blocks (1), steals (1), TOs (-1)

    Good Luck!

  2. ………and Purdue found …..its…….Eastern Washington….

    (above statement is subject to correction)

  3. I believe Chet won again….Won by default after Geoff “beat him to the punch” for Junior…7 assists for Yogi. Turned out well for Cheeto Chet.

    Price didn’t follow the rules…DQ!! (Picked Burton but still took Troy from Gr. 2).. Picking someone from the triple bonus group had to replace your Gr. 2 pick.

    I’m still not a winner…CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Rhinestones pulling out a Sampson quote…

    I’m convinced that I’m going 0-for-ever….Win one of these things? .I’m probably more likely to be in a 3-way fender-bender with Zoe Saldana and Kate Beckinsale in front of my favorite Red Lobster..

    Until this losing streak ends, I must maintain a sense of humor….How about some fat mother-in-law jjokes?

  5. This is like the fourth time that Geoff has brought up Hammons….

    Note to Geoff….At least they have talent in the middle to waste….or rest like sleeping giant…under the radar…until your A.J. takes the NCAA tournament by storm a la Indiana Mitch and the Temple of Syracuse Doom. Long story short…It’s early.

  6. Emmitt Holt is already a better and more impactful player than Hammons… I’ll take him every day of the week. In fact, as I opined to my brother last week, Holt will be the most impactful big man at IU since DJ White.

  7. Holt will definitely be a stat guzzler….But stats don’t always involve seizing the big game or being the go-to guy when the bucket is a must. I do believe Blackmon is that sort of player. Unfortunately, there will be far too much in the way of power struggles on this team to allow Jr. to evolve into that role before he’s on to the next level….I define “impact” in terms of components to a team and an evolution of roles…Understanding your role on a team rather than just getting your numbers filled up in each stat column. It’s rare to have all the parts working together selflessly…It’s rare to have the truly premier “go-to” talent stay long enough to impact the tournament with a deep run or bring home a banner….

    The turmoil that surrounded D.J.White’s time at IU put a real damper on what his true “impact” could have been…Not to mention his personal battles with foot injuries..

    I have never been very impressed with Hammons…You’re the guy that keeps bringing him up…He’s certainly never going to have the quickness, crisp passing, agility, and floor awareness of a Mitch McGary. Carmel H.S. didn’t provide the speed of practice and play that could have provided great early benefits to his game..

    It’s not a question of Holt vs. Hammons…Different needs on each team. Different benefits…Different factors…Hammons can swallow space and many of those boards going to other guys on the glass are a result of that occupancy of paint. Hammons vs. Perea and still have Holt on the floor?

    I guess the nice thing is knowing that a guys like Holt and Hartman are giving more challenges to Perea in practice…..Not sure how fast that sort of “impact”: can evolve, but it’s certainly an upgrade in talent to emulate/imitate/shadow.defend or be challenged. Impact goes far beyond anything we see in a game or on stat sheet….And then there’s that thing called coaching….How many “bigs” top out because their coach’s expertise in teaching post play or their designs in attacking never allow for much evolution? Is Hammons stymied or slow to develop because of his own lack of heart and his own not-so-challenging h.s. competition or is it also a coaching issue? How many times did we hear critiques on this site talking of how much more Crean should be getting out of Zeller? Personally, I don’t think Zeller had matured into his talent to the point of blaming Crean.for tournament shortcomings….Nor had the team around him meet the ideal…Put Blackmon, Holt, and Johnson on the floor with Zeller and things change….Impact is also a function of the guys around you. We never got to see the sort of impact Zeller could have stamped on the college game because the other components to truly unleash that potential weren’t on the floor. Holt benefits greatly from the guard talent now present.

  8. I agree about Holt albeit I doubt he is in Bloomington for as long as DJ was. For me it was easy to see he had “it” the 1st game he played minutes in after the suspension.

    Hammons always came off to me as low/no energy even in HS although I admit I figured being too heavy had something to do with it. But now he has slimmed down, no discernible improvement. I think he was Painter’s only option for a “big” and had to take him.

  9. I do know Dakich is very high on Hammons….I heard Dakich pretty much predicting a breakout year and Hammons becoming a real force in the Big 10 this season.. Not that I put a lot of stock in what Dakich has to say(his forever ax of bitterness to grind against IU for being passed on the coaching gig), but it is early. Hammons does have skills and sometimes certain players elevate to the level of competition. I haven’t seen Hammons play this year….I only watch players form the envious bastard basketball school of the state when they’re going against the team with five more banners…..a dozen more Final Four trips….three dozen more Elite 8 trips….six dozen more tournament appearances…….tradition, zero comb-overs, cheerleaders without armpit hair, etc, etc.,etc.

  10. …from a guy who has low ceiling for creative writing, how do you recall and compile all that jazz?…

  11. Opine….? Oh, pine! That’s where Geoff spent most his basketball time…

  12. ah yes, now I remember why I don’t get into debates/conversations with you anymore Harvard. You create the other persons argument for them by putting words into their mouths that generally have nothing to do with their position, and then debate that stupidity you just created out of thin air.

  13. I’m not the one comparing Holt to ex-Hoosier that wasn’t built nor positioned for the same type of “impact” on the floor…..

    Also, what’s really the point? What Holt does on this team is all I really care about….I have no use for how he stacks up in IU history against George McGinnis, Ray Tolbert, Alan Henderson, Steve Downing, Kirk Haston, D.J. White, Landon Turner…Jared Jeffries…Jeff Newton, Steve Green, Al Green, Slick Leonard …etc, etc, etc.

    Not only are you comparing apples and oranges, but you’re comparing their talents within the restrictions and progressions as a function of surrounding teammates and strengths of various schedules….

    Holt looks skilled and he’s playing well. He’s a pleasant surprise to some that didn’t know him from Jack Sprat before coming to IU…To know-it-all’s like you that eat, sleep, and drink every recruit on the U.S.Eastern seaboard, I’m sure it’s of little surprise. It’s a big plus in Crean’s recruiting resume….I say we give him another 6-year extension for recruiting a guy that’s played four college games and is now deemed to have more impact than anyone within 3 inches his height and two standard deviations his assigned position on the floor since D.J. White. For if it shall be opined by Geoff while breathing propane tank fumes in an igloo, for it shall be stone.

  14. kerosene fumes Harv. Get it right…

    It takes an excellent imagination to debate me for approximately 15 paragraphs, when I simply typed 2 sentences. You made up every comparison and assumption of definition of terms. Well done sir. I’m not partaking however.

  15. ‘Holt will be the most impactful big man at IU since DJ White.”

    Assumptions…? Assuming he doesn’t get caught underage drinking or breaking curfews anymore…Or, he could get a lot of his minutes via another big man teammate leaping onto his car at 1:00 a.m. …How many minutes are we assuming his “impact” would have to be shared on the floor with Davis …(assuming Davis is smart enough to not party with a freshman a night before a game and assuming Crean will go into his usual substitution overdrive frenzy trying to figure out how to divvy up minutes between Hoetzel, Hartman, Davis, and Holt)…Can we assume the second year player would get more minutes? Crean has shown a real reluctance to put talent ahead of seniority in the past.

    And I don’t think it’s fair to not wonder(opine/?) just a bit on whether Davis could be equally “impactful” while one opportunity opened a fateful night in October and another player’s potential impact came to an abrupt close.

    There are thousands of assumptions and conditions upon your one cute sentence….

  16. Sometimes one sentence can leak into a lot of ground….It can contaminate with all the potency one tank of kerosene… The soil underneath where other player’s stand gets compromised..One blasted leak of fuel out one hole can cause massive destruction and doubt..Fumes linger for days. Threads, much like clothes, will need sprayed thousands of times with Harvard dry cleaning agents…. Just think of me as the EPA for your one tank, one sentence, leaky bomb in the Hoosier Scoop yard.

  17. Results for Savannah St 3-on-3 Game:

    Yogi – 34, RJ – 24, JB – 23
    Troy – 20, HMP – 6, Holt – 18
    Colin – 16, Stan – 19, Buckets – 10
    Prill – 6, April – 15, Burton – 6

    Individual Results:

    Chet – Yogi + Holt + Colin = 68
    Geoff – JBJ + Holt + Colin = 57
    HC – JBJ + Troy + Colin = 59
    Omega – RJ + Troy + Z = 54
    Jeremy – RJ + Troy + Burton = 50
    HfH – JBJ + Troy + Buckets = 53

    And z winner is CHESTER!!! And I believe that makes 3 total wins and a new leader in the clubhouse. Congrats… one step closer to that coveted gift certificate.


    Chet – 3
    Geoff – 2
    HC – 2
    DD – 1
    oIUg – 1

    I feel like I may be missing a 1-time winner, but with this new format I cannot go back far enough to research previous Hoosier Mornings.

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