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IU soccer coach Todd Yeagley says he is pleased with his program’s progress in five years at the helm in the second part of a Q-and-A, I wrote.

Indiana has to get better on the boards, specifically Troy Williams and Hanner Mosquera-Perea according to Tom Crean, Mike writes.

Despite the desire for blood, there’s nothing for Indiana to gain from firing Kevin Wilson or Tom Crean right now, Kent Sterling of KentSterling.com writes.

In the wake of the Louisville game, Indiana is on the brink of being really good or really average, Pete DiPrimio of the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel writes.

Former Hoosier Dan Dakich blocked IU fans on Twitter who were whining about Tom Crean Tuesday night, Dana Hunsinger Benbow of the Indianapolis Star writes.

Former Hoosier Victor Oladipo is showing signs of growth as a combo guard for the Orlando Magic, John Denton of NBA.com writes.

Speaking of blood — The Coasters with “Young Blood.”


  1. Dakich has been negative towards Crean many times….now he’s blocking people for doing the same thing? His feelings towards IU are are perplexing. The one thing that isn’t perplexing is that Indiana Basketball and the hoosier nation have made Dakich. He probably should of had a shot at being the head coach at iu….he deserved it. Listening to his show makes me appriciate who he really is especially when he says things you may not want to hear but are acurate.

  2. Ben; I believe Dakich has blocked the critisizers of Crean because he realizes that IU isnt going to deal with him until he has taken the program to the bottom. That may happen sooner than Crean wants because hes not getting the big men he needs. If the recruits shy away for whatever reason ;he will talent-bankrupt the program.Thomas Bryant’s mom says that she believes IU was recruiting her son under false pretenses because of the issues off the court.Marcus Jackson a jounalist for Champaign newspaper answered a question from a reader last year about Crean saying (paraphrasing) He has had alot of talent at IU but havent done much with it. If “social media” perpetuates those thoughts then this program and Crean is in trouble.

  3. Thomas Bryant’s Mom is looking for a reason to not send her Son to IU. She does not say so but Cuse(Bryants leader)has issues and they run deeper.

  4. not sure where the “chat” is, but here are the results from the UL 3-on-3 game…

    Yogi – 29, JBJ – 29
    Robbie – 9, Troy – 15, Holt – 9
    Colin – 3, Nick – 13, Stan – 0, Max – 8, HMP – 15

    Team Scores:

    Jeremy – JB + RJ + Stan = 38 (NEW LOW SCORE!!)
    HfH – JB + RJ + Colin = 44
    Geoff – Y + Troy + Colin = 50
    DD – JB + Troy + Nicky Buckets = 70

    And the winner is DOUBLE DOWN!!! congrats.


    Chet – 3
    DD – 2
    Geoff – 2
    HC – 2
    oIUg – 1

  5. TODAY’s game groupings for 3-on-3 game:

    Group 1 (pick 1): JBJ, RJ, Yogi
    Group 2 (pick 1): Troy, HMP
    Group 3 (pick 1): Nick, Stan, Holt, Colin, Max

  6. Always enjoyed Texas except for Dallas area. A lot of phonies, goat ropers and shade tree ranchers there. For the rest of the state many good people and for a bonus some real characters.
    Yes Chet I too been to Big Spring Texas and found no reason to dislike it.
    A lot of 10 gallon hats in west Texas.
    Much Native American history there if you are into that sort of thing. Fascinating state as a whole.

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